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Ciel awoke still tied to his bed, although a bit groggy and unaware of Sebastian's movement to the side of him. He moaned slightly, but the sound was muffled by what he realised was a ball gag in his mouth, he tried to turn his head upwards when he felt himself start to drool, to attempt to get it back in his mouth, but Sebastian's hand grabbed his hair harshly, forcing his head forward, making him drool on himself, he felt messy and even more humiliated as he looked up at Sebastian, his eyes pleading for something…

Sebastian loosened his grip on the young mans hair allowing him to face him properly before placing a gloved hand on Ciel's length, stroking it slowly, softly caressing the slit, Ciel bucked into Sebastian's hand, he tried to speak, signalling he was nearing release when the butler put a cock ring on, Ciel's eyes widened as he felt the unfamiliar cold presence gripping his manhood, tears filled his eyes when he realised he couldn't release, Sebastian smirked at the reaction and seductively took the glove off his contract hand using his teeth.

He slowly walked over to a the small bag placed next to the leather collar, leash and whips, he removed a small bottle and placed the liquid over three of his pale fingers, he made his way back over to the bed and circled one of his digits against Ciel's twitching entrance before sharply thrusting it in, the moan gained from Ciel was muffled and of pure ecstasy, signally he had hit his prostate first time, he quickly pushed in a second finger making Ciel gasp behind the gag, and again with the third, he began scissoring them to prepare Ciel, then without warning he withdrew them from Ciel making him moan in protest.

Sebastian looked into Ciel's pleading, begging eyes and smirked as he pushed in a rather large dildo, he pushed it in to the hilt and turned it on full. He chuckled darkly at the sight before saying softly to the nineteen year old 'Don't cry you brought this on yourself' he shut the door softly as he left.

Ciel cried, he felt pleasure shoot up his spine as the dildo harshly vibrated against his prostate, knowing he couldn't release. He whimpered pathetically, he didn't think Sebastian would put an object inside him, he had always thought the butler would punish him by taking the earl himself, not that Ciel would mind in fact he had been hoping the butler would take him.

Sebastian smirked as he stood outside the door, he listened carefully to the noises the boy was making, he knew full well that Ciel wanted him to fuck him senseless, which is exactly the reason why he'd bought the dildo. Although he felt a strange sensation in his chest, he almost felt guilty for doing this to the boy even though the boy had brought this on himself, begging for Sebastian to punish him.

He put his hand on the door and slowly opened it, he looked at the pathetic earl and removed the gag from his mouth. 'Has the young master had enough?' he asked in a mocking tone, smirking. 'P-pl-please S-se-Sebastian don't t-torture m-me any m-more p-pl-please...' Ciel pleaded in reply, Sebastian chuckled darkly and said 'Do you want release, my dear Ciel', the boys eyes widened as he nodded desperately, Sebastian smiled at the response and said 'then beg for it, beg like the dog you are Ciel' Ciel whimpered at the tone of the butlers voice and opened his mouth but found no words.

The butler moved towards the door and said softly 'well since you don't want to release then I'll leave' he opened the door when he heard a whispered plea come from the boy 'P-p-pl-please l-let m-me co-come Se-Sebastian' the butler chuckled and returned to the earls side he removed his glove and placed his right ungloved hand on Ciel's length, he made his way down to the cock ring, he removed it carefully, and began stroking his young master's manhood slowly, cupping the young man's balls with his other hand, squeezing them softly, he removed the hand he had on Ciel's length and softly caressed the slit with his tongue and put the young man's cock in his mouth, allowing his skilled tongue to do all the work, his head bobbed up and down on Ciel's hard cock, Ciel moaned and almost screamed 'Co-coming!' he flushed several shades of red when his seed filled Sebastian's mouth, the demon just smirked after he had lapped up every bit of Ciel's cum.

'No need to be embarrassed my dear Ciel' Ciel shivered when Sebastian said that, emphasising that one word, made him feel he was Sebastian's, and that whatever the butler did to him would be alright as long as he was Sebastian's. He smiled unaware of Sebastian's gaze on him, smirking as if he knew exactly what the boy was thinking.

'Se-Sebastian?' Ciel stuttered, the butler looked at him and joked 'Why don't you call me master?' Ciel shot a glare towards the demon, but his gaze softened as he whispered 'M-ma-master?' Sebastian's eyes locked with the young man's, Ciel was aware of the mocking smirk on the butler's features and the amusement filling his eyes and blushed, before looking away.

Sebastian's POV

I didn't actually think he would stoop that low just to appease my sadistic desires I chuckled at the thought maybe I chose a master who was a masochist? Or maybe he just wants me to be happy? I interrupted myself and was confused as to why I cared about the earls feelings, he humiliated me, well not so much humiliated, he thought he was better than me and I have all this sexual energy built up, and a master in love with me, I smirked at the fact he was in love with me, a demon, of all beings!

I turned to Ciel and said 'Yes my pet?', he blushed and asked 'p-please c-can y-you t-take t-the th-thing out o-of m-me pl-please ma-master' I looked at the pitiful figure on the bed and smiled darkly, I walked over to the boy and picked up the discarded ball gag and replaced it in his mouth, I smirked as he whimpered and said 'be a good little pet and stay there'.

As I left the room, I shook my head and sighed, I had let my sadistic nature get the better of me, I felt a sudden pain in my chest, the feeling felt abnormal and human. I shuddered at the thought, It's probably guilt, I told myself no demons don't no can't feel guilty, maybe its lo... no I shouldn't even think that. I shook my head again, my eyes downcast as I returned to my room.

I lay on my bed, I don't usually sleep anyway but there was an actual reason for it tonight, the pain in my chest hadn't subsided yet, I couldn't stop my thoughts from straying back to the word I had almost let into my head, I knew that couldn't be true, demons can't fall in love with humans, my face twisted at the thought. I smiled as I thought humans are only good for their souls, or for torturing.

Normal POV

Ciel whimpered as the dildo made him cum yet again, his already sensitive body, made even more so by the vibrations, surging through his entire body, pleasure taking over his body.

He cried loudly, somewhat muffled, unable to control his extremely sensitive body, the vibrations in his ass were starting to hurt with the amount of pleasure mounting up.

Sebastian could hear his master's muffled but pained cries. He normally would've basked in the delight of knowing he was the one who caused the pain, but he felt even more pained than before and started to wonder whether he should take pity on the boy and say maybe he likes him too, rather than the torture he was making his master suffer.

The butler knew full well that the young man would do anything for him, even if it meant exchanging places, if it were any other person the demon wouldn't of hesitated to make himself the master, but he wanted the boy not to fear him but to love him, he covered his face with his hands and sighed 'I should not be feeling this'.

'The master wont even order me to stop' Sebastian turned on to his side and sighed again, still wondering why he desired the earl, why he was guilty and somewhat reluctant to torture the master more than he already had.

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