Ludwig Beilschmidt was the German nation back in World War Two
Formed the Axis with his friends Feliciano and Kiku
Hated for the hell wrought on the world in steel and blood and flame
But the nationkind were really not to blame

Seems their bosses hadn't told them what their countrymen had done
Till the Allies showed and shocked them when the war at last was won
Saw the camps and ruined cities, fell and wept into the mud,
And the Axis swore an oath in fire and blood

Our freighter left New Hong Kong back in two-five-seventeen
And when we reached our port they laughed at what we said we'd seen
But this tale still chills my spirit and I swear to you it's true,
'Tis the tale of Ludwig Beilschmidt and his crew
Yes, the good ship Broken Axis and her crew

Too far from home for help to come, four ships surrounded one,
We would have fought the pirates but the freighter had no gun
Soon we knew the foe would board us, we were sure we'd bought the farm
Till a stranger's ship picked up our weak alarm

First we thought it was more pirates, but we saw that wasn't right
Her shields were up and Broken Axis written on her side
She waited for the first shot, but then when the pirates struck
She fought right back with courage, speed, and pluck

Yes, the skill of Broken Axis has been shown by very few
And we'd never seen a flight the way that laughing pilot flew
Dodging beams and caring nothing for the numbers of her foes
It was really quite a joy to watch her go!

The pirates hit each other's ships, the Axis fired a few,
The burning beams lit up the sky, providing quite a view
Soon the fight was done, the pirates wrecked and not one left alive
And the Broken Axis turned and met our eyes

Old Earth-That-Was was ruined, mankind fled it for the black,
Thought nationkind died with it but it seems that some came back;
When her shields went down we looked upon the bridge and saw the crew
And those faces from our history books we knew
Yes, those faces from our history books we knew

Edelstein the navigator, Gilbert Beilschmidt starboard gun,
Lovi Vargas on the portside beat his shot count three to one,
Feli helmsman, Kiku Honda with a spanner and a smile,
And Captain Beilschmidt watching all the while

Six hundred years atoning and a million lives they've saved
And they'll keep on going till for all their countries' crimes they've paid,
Even Vargas fearing nothing for they're all already dead,
The pirates slain, their prey to safety led

Now instead of flying off the Axis then began to fade,
Captain Beilschmidt tipped his hat to us and Feli Vargas waved,
And as the Broken Axis left, the last to slip from view
Were the smiles of Ludwig Beilschmidt and his crew
Yes, the smiles of Ludwig Beilschmidt and his crew

We've heard stories of the Dutchman, the Red Baron and far more,
Ghost ships of sea and sky and horror stories from the war,
But the tale that I'll remember and I'll always know is true
Is the tale of Ludwig Beilschmidt and his crew
Yes, the good ship Broken Axis and her crew

... yes this is entirely an excuse to turn the Hetalia guys into space pirates shut up and enjoy it. Google the Duane Elms filksong "Dawson's Christian", it's a good song. In my headcanon for this song, the Allies and other nations are also out there, but they're on different ships ;) Also, I included some Firefly references - I believe the original song "Dawson's Christian" was inspired by Star Trek, but I like Firefly much more myself.