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The night was dark and Jerry was just finishing his shift at his newest job, night watchman at a power plant. To anyone looking, he would have made a humourous sight indeed. He had dirty blond hair--left long and holding a surprising resemblance to a surfer-dude's--and wore both a security guard's uniform, and a dumb, slightly vacant look to his eyes. Along with his idiocy, his eyes also held a glimmer of hope and joy. This was his second week and he still hadn't been fired. Best of all, he had not once seen anything too weird, yet. 'Finally' he thought 'a job I can do. No monsters, no Special Unit 2, and the job isn't too hard, either. This job is great!'

Little did he know, his luck was about to change.

As Jerry was walking to his car, he heard the fence surrounding the power plant rattle. He went to check out what the noise was and saw a man standing just inside the fence. The man's back was turned to him so all Jerry could see was the man's silhouette.

"Hey!" Jerry yelled to the man "You're not supposed to be in there. Can't you read? The sign says: 'Danger, High Voltage! NO trespassing!'"

The man appeared not to hear him. If he did, he didn't show it. He just stood where he was, staring at the power lines above him. He looked as if he were listening to them hum. He slowly raised his hands in the air, as if reaching for them. He did so as if he were in a trance.

As this was going on, Jerry had taken out his flashlight and shone it on the man. Or at least that was his intention. Just as the beam was about to reach him, it suddenly went dead. It was as if the man absorbed the energy from the flashlight.

As a bewildered Jerry looked on, the hum of power lines grew louder and sparks started shooting out of them.
"Hey, mister, you should get out of there, it's not safe." Jerry warned the man.

Again, the man just ignored him. The sparking started to get worse, but the man continued to reach out for the power lines. It was almost as if he was trying to grab the sparks. Soon the sparking got so bad that they started to get dangerously close to him, and still he didn't retract his arms. Even though the sparks were lighting up the sky, the man remained shrouded in darkness.

This caused Jerry to get a very uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. He's had enough experience with monsters and other creepy things, to know that something very bad was going on.

The shadowed man was drawing the sparks towards himself, seemingly absorbing them.

At this point, Jerry knew he had to do something. The problem was, he had no idea as to what. Before Jerry could think of what to do, the man turned around. He had one of the ugliest faces Jerry had ever seen.

Just then, the shadowed man stretched one arm out towards him. Sparks flew from the man's fingers and hit Jerry, knocking him unconscious. In Jerry's eyes, all became black.
Opening Credits:


Michael Landes as: Detective Nicholas O'Malley Alexandra Lee as: Detective Kate Alice Benson, Danny Woodburn as: Carl the Gnome, Richard Gant as: Captain Richard Page and Jonathan Togo as: Jonathan

Guest Starring: Mike Rad as: Jerry, and Pauley Perrette as: Alice

All was quiet in the underground headquarters of Special Unit 2. It had been two weeks since Nick and Kate had their run-in with the Revenants at Kate's high school reunion. For two weeks, the only link problem they've had to deal with was Carl's kleptomania.

It was so quiet in fact, that Nick had started to fall asleep at his desk. He lay back in his yellow chair with his feet upon his desk and his head drooped until his chin rested on his chest. His well-muscled arms were crossed loosely over the lower part of his toned chest, and his eyelids slowly fell over his chocolate brown eyes. Just as he began a sweet dream, "O'Malley! Benson! In my office, Now!" came Page's booming voice, waking him from dreamland. The dark-haired detective grudgingly moved himself from his comfortable and relaxing position and followed his blond partner into what could only be compared to a dragon's lair.

Seconds later, he was in Page's office, wondering what he had done this time.

"We have just received a report about Link activity downtown. It's apparently draining energy from the power plant there. I want you two to go and check it out, while Jonathan does some research on what this thing is." Page informed them. Nick sighed inwardly, grateful about the fact that he wasn't about to be chewed out for something by the tall, powerful black man seated before him. He couldn't think of anyone --or thing for that matter-- in their right mind who would not be at least intimidated, if not terrified, by Captain Richard Page.

"Yes, sir, we're on our way." Kate replied, also relieved that both she, and her partner, had evade his wrath.

A short while later, at the power plant, the sky was being lit up with sparks. A tall dark figure could be seen silhouetted. It was facing the sparks, and the sparks were apparently being drawn into it.

Then, suddenly, a black doorway appeared in the space in front of it. The shadowy figure stepped into the opening and disappeared.

"What the hell was that?" Nick inquired in his usual harsh mannerism. Then a little calmer, he added, "Did I just see what I thought I saw?"

"Though I do question your sanity at times, if this was one of your hallucinations, then I must have been dreaming too." Kate responded. She was almost as stupefied as her partner. "I think we had better check in with headquarters, see if Jonathan has found anything out yet about what were dealing with."

"Good idea." was all the response she received.


They spent the entire trip back in not-so-companionable silence.

When they returned to headquarters, they told Jonathan and Captain Page what had happened. Jonathan reacted with his usual enthusiasm, nearly vibrating in place with excitement. His brown eyes twinkled with exhilaration. Page did not look happy, or amused.

"The link you saw was a Gremlin" Jonathan told them in a rather exuberant tone. He was all too eager to share his wealth of knowledge on all things link related. After all, that's what he did as a "scientist", willingly relinquish his affluence of xenobiological information.

"Wait a minute" Nick interrupted, "I thought Gremlins only took stuff apart. Since when do they suck energy out of power lines and then disappear?"

"The Gremlin you're familiar with is the First Stage Gremlin, or FSG for short. The First Stage Gremlins are the ones seen in World War II dismantling planes while they were still in the air. They're the most well known, mostly because they have not yet become smart enough to avoid being noticed."

"Get to the point, Jonathan" Page demanded.

"Y-Yes, Sir. Okay, so there are three stages that gremlins go through:

Stage One- They dismantle things. They then feed off of the energy derived from the objects they destroy.

Stage Two- Their metabolism adapts to allow them to absorb the energy around them, in small quantities. If they consume too much energy at once they will overload. Therefore all you have to do to destroy them is shoot them. Once you give them too much energy, they'll explode. Much to O'Malley's delight.

In the first two stages, the gremlins are pretty easy to stop. But if they are able to reach Stage Three, like the one you saw."

"What, Jonathan?" Kate insisted.

"Well, it's just that. It's just that Stage Three gremlins are able to open tears in the fabric of Space-Time. This makes them nearly impossible to catch if they get strong enough." Jonathan answered hesitantly.

"You mean to tell me that this thing can travel through time?" Nick inquired. "How are we supposed to kill something if it can travel anywhere in time?"

"It can't travel just anywhere in Space-Time." The xenobiologist corrected him. "Its range is limited. I doubt that this one can go so much as five seconds through time. And its range of distance can't be more than five meters. In all likelihood, the STG is probably still in the vicinity of where you last saw him." He emphasized the time and distance with eagre gesticulations

"Okay, so how do we kill it?" Nick repeated.

`"W-we don't know." Upon seeing the annoyed look on Captain Page's face, he quickly added an explanation. "As you know, the STG feeds on energy. That means that the more energy you shoot at it in an attempt to kill it, the stronger it'll get. So you'll have to catch it not kill it."

"And how do we do that?" Kate questioned, brushing a strand of liquid- gold coloured hair from her eyes and behind her ear.

"Well I could probably reconfigure your rifles to produce energy disrupter pulses, which should drain the STG of enough energy to make sure it can't go anywhere while you apprehend it. To do that we'll supply you with a Restraining Ring that you will snap around its neck and will disable its ability to absorb energy. Then all you'll have to do is cuff it and bring it in." was Jonathan's lengthy reply.

"How long will these reconfigurations take, Jonathan?" Page asked him.

"About an hour for the rifles, two for the Ring." Jonathan answered.

"All right, get to it. Benson and O'Malley, I want you two to return to the power plant. See if you can find out where it's headed. Alice, go with them and make sure there are no witnesses." Page commanded.

"Yes, Sir." All four said in unison.

When Nick, Kate, and Alice returned to the power plant, Jerry was just regaining consciousness. It took him a couple of minutes to recollect what happened. As he stood up and looked for the weird guy with the sparks, he noticed Nick and Kate.

He raised his arm and pointed to them. "You guys again." When he said that Nick rolled his eyes. He and Kate have heard him say that many times before. Alice just smiled her exceptionally charming smile and led Jerry

While Alice was talking to Jerry, Nick and Kate went to survey the scene.

"So what excuse do you think Alice will use on this one?" Kate asked him when they were out of earshot.

"Do you really think she needs one?" Nick asked her.

"You're probably right. I mean this is Jerry we're talking about. He's got the tension span of-Look! There's the Link." She said as she pointed to the STG.

"Let's follow him. Maybe we can catch it before him makes another portal- thing." Nick commented.

"Okay, how are we going to do that when we don't have any ammo to use on it?" Kate challenged.

"Now I wouldn't say we don't have any ammo that'll work." Nick said in a nonchalant way as he loaded his spare riffle.

"What are you using?" She wondered warily.

"Tranks. The way I figure, they'll knock him out for long enough to get him back to headquarters. We can keep him sedated while were there. When Jonathan finishes with the Restraining Ring. We can snap it on the STG and throw him in the Hole." Nick explained. The Hole he was referring to was the inhumane jail cells located seven floors below the stationhouse, where they imprison the fiercest Links they catch. Long or short term, some of the Links had been down there for centuries.

"Good idea. One question though, what if the tranks only make it stronger rather than knock it out?" Kate inquired.

"Well, there's only one way to find out." He then proceeded to charge up his gun and shoot at the Link in question.

"Nick, don't you think we should come up with a plan of attack first?" Kate asked him.

"Now why would we do that? By the time we think of something, the STG will have already have gotten away." Nick responded even as he started running and shooting at the suspect.

Seeing Nick, the Link ran away, Nick and Kate in hot pursuit. They chased it around to the front of the power plant. Just when it thought it escaped, it ran into Jerry and Alice. It turned around to run back the other way, only to come face to face with Nick and Kate. Realizing that it had nowhere to run, it raised its hands and drained the power plant dry. Nick and Kate shot at it, but to no avail. The tranks didn't even faze him. When it felt it had enough energy, it opened another spatial rift and went through it.

"You're not getting away that easily." Nick commented. He then acted in a very Nick way. He followed it through the opening. Kate just rolled her eyes and went on in after them.