A Bloody New Start

By: MM

Rated M for language, violence, and lemony goodness in later chapters

This is for the people that have voted on for what type of story that I should write so here it is with some minor adjustments to what some of the people wanted. This story is a Naru/Anko/Kure/Yugao/Hina/Konan/Hana/Temari/Hanabi

To explain the people: Hana is the same age as Naruto who is a year above his classmates (in the actual series) Anko and Konan are older but not by a whole lot give or take a few years. As some of my readers may know I do not hate Sasuke, don't like his choices in the series but I DO NOT HATE HIM. I can take some bashing put to just desecrate his character in my mind ruins a story. In my stories he will probably always be a good guy; it fits him better that way. Anyway I'm getting off topic. Hinata will be strong like after the Pain Invasion, Hanabi will be slightly older and have less of the Superior complex.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, nor do I want to it's just too troublesome.

Chapter 1: The Bloody and bloodied New Team


A bloody outline was seen in an ally way off the main street. 'Damn, why is it only me that is getting beat someone; anyone please for the love of all that is good on Kami's Earth please help me' Thought the bloodied up person. This had been a frequent occurrence, besides the one person that walked away. One out of fifty people had finally given up on hurting the 'Demon Brat' as he was known. That wasn't all though this time he had to protect a slightly older girl that for some reason wasn't running away from him 'yet' the boy thought. He had gone through worse but it still always hurt, but now after six years of this torment he knew that screaming in pain and suffering would only lead to the satisfaction of the others and he knew that he did not want that at all.

So when spear was thrown at the girl that was standing not three feet from the boy, he knew that she had done no wrong to him so he decided to protect her. He also knew of the demon that resided in him, but just the year before it was like he had given up on everything, with daily beatings, derogatory words thrown at him, being shunned and hated, he broke. That's right everyone Naruto Uzumaki broke from all of his torment. He didn't care anymore if he lived or died in these savage beatings, he had truly given up all hope. So he took five steps to his left and turned facing the crowd, smiled flipped them the bird and waited for the sweet embrace of death.
There was a clang and a crash and the boy heard some footsteps and some running. The boy weakly opened his eyes to see some kind of ANBU forces protecting him, he knew that there were only two or three ANBU but this was a whole squad and a half. Naruto lost interest however as he felt a wave of pain from his previous wounds, it hit him full force. Naruto fell back and hard. He smashed into the stone ally way beneath him.

Naruto never saw the look of shock on the girls face or the fact that she started crying over his limp body. Naruto never saw the symbol on the ANBU masks or the fact that they had picked up the boy and young girl. Naruto never saw the ANBU member make a lifeless copy of him. Naruto did however feel like he was waking up in some water though.

***** Naruto's Mind

Naruto rose from the watered down surface of flooring. He stared for a few seconds at the cage with the seal on it. 'Well time to meet my tenant. "Hey Kyuubi, you in there, scratch that I know you're in there, all I want is to talk."

A giant red slitted eye opened in front of him. "Hmm, what do you want boy, I'm trying to heal your wounds."

Naruto showed no emotions at all. "Just let me die, I don't want to live, and you would just come back in like five years so there is no point."

The Kyuubi growled and glared, "Shut your mouth, you fool, you are a weak container at the moment and I will not have that. Shut up and grow a pair. Naruto was shocked at the statement. "Now foolish container I will help you train your body and muscle mass and train you into a killing machine to get you prepared for the real world boy.

Naruto smiled slightly; "You know what even if there are risks to this I don't think that I will care to much thank Kyu-" However Naruto was cut off.

"The names Apollo kid, so stop calling me Kyuubi or fox, fox I don't care too much but Kyuubi, just no." Apollo said with little room for argument, and Naruto figured he shouldn't even try.

***** 2 years later

Heaven's Fury, the name of an ANBU squad Captain, became famous starting last year. He was trained by the best. The best Sword masters, Fighting experts, Apollo, and the creator of ANBU ROOT (Before killing him for his corruption). ROOT was dis-banned after Danzo was killed off, for 'mysterious reasons'. Heaven's Fury had a mask that started Black at the top, then had red curving down from the top like a meteor shower would look like (Picture the flaming rocks falling back to Earth from Naruto vs. Pain.) He also never mended the tears and holes that were scattered all over his uniform. The blood was gone but not the holes. He looked like he had just come out of a horror film. However behind all the regular clothes and armor the ANBU wore was blond hair that was straightened into a ponytail, and hid in his clothes. His blue eyes were emotionless; however he had lost many of his emotions during his fights. They were rare but he had them. The one partner that he had maintained was Uchiha Itachi. Through him he made friends with his brother Sasuke. This reminded of Naruto of one his first missions as an ANBU.

*****Flashback one year

"Hokage-sama we're here to report for duty." The raven masked ANBU said from the other side of the oak desk. The Hokage sighed, how he knew that he hated the way Naruto was, and how this mission was going to affect the three people that would remain.

"Itachi, Naruto, I hope you are ready for this. We have already picked up Sasuke at the academy and told him what was going on; he said that so long as he has you guys then he will be fine. Mission: Preserve is now in effect. You know what to do you two. Make sure none live from the experience." Hokage demanded and told them with a heavy heart, he had tried to negotiate with the remaining Uchihas but they didn't have any of it and continued with what they were doing, they had to be taken care of. That brought this upon themselves.

"Hai" Both ANBU said passively and disappeared. From the point on the Uchiha Clan was utterly destroyed, Itachi had taken care of the people that he didn't know as much were as Naruto took out his family so that Itachi wouldn't be burdened with the thoughts of killing his parents and fellow Uchiha friends. It took all night, but at least now Konoha would be safe.

*****Flashback over

Naruto was walking along with his comrade Itachi at the moment headed back to Konoha after a very gruesome fight with the Oto. "Hey Raven, it's been what four months since either of us have even seen the inside of our homes."

The Raven masked ANBU continued walking with a thoughtful silence. "I believe it has been at least that."

Heavens Fury nodded, "I hope Hokage-sama gives us at least a few hours of time off."

The Raven masked man looked at the ground then looked back at his partner, "I couldn't agree more." With that it was silent again. Itachi knew that he and Naruto took the brunt of all the major conflicts ever since Naruto had killed Danzo. They were both exhausted, mission after bloody mission, he hadn't seen his brother in such a long time and was wishing that he wasn't in ANBU anymore.

Naruto's thoughts were more on resting and training than anything else. Naruto only had Itachi and Sasuke as friends, not because he didn't want any it was because that he never had any time any more, that and he was sure that people still hated what he was and who he is. He looked around watching the woods. Then out of nowhere a wolf walks up to him. Itachi would have been surprised, if he hadn't known about Naruto's strange ability. He attracted wildlife, it wasn't surprising to see Naruto with any type of animal, dangerous or not. The wolf wasn't the biggest animal he had seen, but definitely one of the meaner things that they had come across. Not that Naruto cared at all he pet the wolf like a person would a pet dog. They both were shocked when it started to growl at the trees nearby.

"Heaven's Fury something isn't right, no animal has ever showed any type of aggression near you, even the animals that have been trained to kill us." Itachi stated. Itachi knew something was wrong, no animal ever growled near Naruto unless he was getting injured, but even then they wouldn't growl they would attack silently and deadly. Itachi looked at Naruto and knew that there was a puzzled face behind his mask.

Out of nowhere the shadows of the forest started to move at super-fast speeds right toward Naruto. Before anyone could do anything even the wolf was to slow to do anything, the darkness surrounded him. When Itachi looked at the ball of black he couldn't see anything. Then Itachi noticed that the Wolf was also getting pulled into the black ball 'What the Fuck is going on!' Itachi screamed in his head. Then he heard a scream of pain come from inside the ball, he knew it was Naruto's and for him to scream in pain meant that he was indeed in a lot of pain. Then it was all gone Naruto was standing there his head facing the sky mask on the ground. He stayed looking at the sky and that was when Itachi noticed the seal mark that was flaring on his neck, it was glowing red and it was huge, it looked like a typhoon. Naruto then fell to his knees; Itachi quickly moved forward and caught his partner.

"Shit, I got to get you home now, fuck that I'm bringing you to the hospital." Itachi then grabbed the headgear and started running towards home.

*****Konoha (Red Dragon's Dango shop)

Anko was enjoying today she had spent the day like any other normal day for her, torture a few dirt bags, go to training grounds 44 and train a little and lay around and be lazy. She is now eating her favorite food by herself with a friend of hers that just got back from a mission two hours ago.

"Hey, Gao-Chan, how come you dropped ANBU?" Anko asked genuinely confused.

Yugao sighed. "Fine I will tell you it happened a few years back" Yugao began.

*****Flashback one year ago

"Raven-san, who is going to be your partner today?" A cat masked ANBU asked. Itachi sighed,

"Why does it matter?" The girl was slightly shocked, but then remembered what he had given up for his Nation.

"Now Itachi please be nicer to your fellow squad mates," said a tiger masked ANBU. The fourth member was just sitting on a branch of one of the trees nearby with his eyes shut.

"It's Raven, Tiger." Itachi demanded. Tiger merrily scoffed. Itachi was trying to figure out how this man had even become his ANBU Captain. Itachi looked up to the other ANBU that hadn't said a word. "He will be my partner, he has once before, and I respect him a lot." Itachi said.

The cat masked woman looked over to the other ANBU sitting in the trees. "Why him, he hasn't even said a word this whole time?"

"Probably because I have nothing to say to any of you, you are all bickering like children, besides Raven-san, by the way Tiger-san that was a rookie mistake, that could have endangered the lives of not only Raven, but his loved ones, if you make that mistake again I will have to report you, and throw you into ANBU prison and interrogation. I will only listen to your orders because I have too, however I will not listen to you any other time. You have not proven yourself yet and yes I have viewed you record, and I bet you think your hot-shit don't you? You went on one SS-ranked mission, and now you think you can order everyone around, get over yourself, I've done more SS-Ranked missions then you have." Everyone besides Itachi was floored.

"I order you to apologize, ANBU-san" Tiger said clearly annoyed.

"Take your views and shove them up your ass Tiger-san, we are in enemy held territory and you want to act like a pissed off teenage girl. Go fuck yourself." The ANBU said.

"ARE YOU ASKI-" Before Tiger could finish the ANBU he was yelling at disappeared and reappeared behind Tiger and had him in a chock hold. "Shut up you moron, are you trying to get us located and killed. Raven, please check our perimeter, I'm taking charger here, this fucktard obviously doesn't even belong in ANBU." Itachi nodded his head in understanding, and looked around using his sharingan.

"Damn, they know where here, we need to pull back." Itachi said. The fourth ANBU was pissed.

"Are you fucking happy now dumbass, way to blow this mission, you are unfit to be in the ANBU. Raven-san I'll hold them off for a bit and will catch up with you guys near the Valley of the End's waterfall. Go now." With that said the ANBU turned and faced in the direction of the enemies stood there waiting. Cat was about to protest, until Itachi grabbed her arm along with Tigers and disappeared. About twenty minutes later they were back and at the Valley of the End.

"Raven why the hell did we just leave him there, he's going to die!" Cat yelled more then asked.

"He knows his duty, if he dies that makes him a hero, he knows what he is getting himself into, he signed up to be in ANBU for the sole reason of serving, no other reason, he is strong and will not die that easily, however, your emotions are playing too big a part in this, if you continue the way you are you are unfit to do high rank missions as an ANBU, do I make myself clear. Tiger, you are being detained, you one not only said my name out loud, two you let your emotions cloud your judgment, three you endangered us all, that is considered treason.

"I can't stand this anymore I'm going back for him; I can't just leave a comrade behind." The Cat masked woman said.

"As the highest ranking officer on the field I order you to remain." Itachi said gritting his teeth because he too wanted to go back to help.

"Then I QUIT." She started running toward the forest which they came from after ripping her mask off revealing Yugao. 'Whoever you are ANBU-san I'm coming for you.' But before she reached the forest a hand grabbed her arm and stopped her, considering she thought it was Itachi she turned and delivered a shot to the side of his mouth, she caught sight of a mask falling to the ground and then noticed the height of the man she just hit. She turned to see Naruto with two or three shuriken in his left and right arm. She noticed that there was now blood coming from his mouth from where she had just hit him. It was the person that startled her the most; he was the kid that she had to protect once in a while when she was a stand in ANBU. She thought that he was dead.

Naruto sensed her confused look and noticed that his mask had come off with the shot to the face he just took. "Forget you saw me, it would be better if you didn't know who I am." With that he let go off her arm, and walked over to his mask and started picking it up. That's when she had time to look at his mask. Her eyes were wide open now and he had a few tears in her eyes. 'Oo Kami, he's Heaven's Fury, what the hell happened to the little boy that I used to let play with my hair and had some fun together.

"D-d-do you r-remember me?" Yugao asked. He picked up his mask and sighed, he placed where it was supposed to be and walked over to her and whispered in her ear.

"My old self remembers you … ANBU-chan … but that Naruto died when he was attacked when he was five years old, nobody protected me that day besides some root officials, they took me to Danzo … I killed Danzo for his ill deeds … I grew up and obviously don't need protecting now … but if it is means something to you … Thank you." Naruto said as he started walking over to Itachi who told him what happened. "I'm sorry Yugao-chan, you did in fact quit, you will be returned to Jonin status, your assistance while an ANBU is thanked, and now good day madam." With that said the three men disappeared. Raven-san and a restrained Tiger turned to birds. Heaven's Fury stayed a few more seconds before fading into nothing and now she was alone. She walked home from there and two days later was contacted by the Hokage.

*****End of Flashback

Yugao left out the names of the men involved and just told Anko that she used to be close to the Ninja known as Heaven's Fury and that Ravens name was called out. As she finished the story both women heard calls coming from outside, so the rushed toward the door to see what was going on.

"Move out of the way people we have a man down I need to bring him to the hospital, get the fuck out of my way." Said a man carrying a man in ANBU clothing, that was when Yugao noticed the masks, it was Itachi and the other one she saw was being carried by Itachi, it was Heaven's Fury's mask. Yugao froze. She jumped in front of Itachi and started shoving people out of the way, Anko soon followed.

"MOVE YOU MORONS" Anko yelled. Anko knew that no matter what if an ANBU was freaking out about a fallen one then she knew that she had to help. In a matter of a few moments they reached the hospital.