A Bloody New Start

Chapter 5: An Answer, First Training, and the Orb

By: MM

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***** (Flashback)

Yugao stepped up after, "Team Three passes, due to an observant Nara, figuring out the point, they still all worked together nicely."

Itachi stepped forward shocking the other members of the room, "Team Two Passed, they showed promise for a batch of rookies."

And then the Bomb Shell, Sensei for Team One Naruto Uzumaki passes his team under the facts that they displayed much promise and work very well as a team, I recommend that the team be considered a breaching team, and then a fall back, more all rounded team than anything so escort missions will be in the category.

Kurenia, Asuma, and Kakashi were floored at the presence of Naruto, Yugao smiled over to him, and Itachi chuckled.

"Ahh, the silence of Stunningly Awkward Brain Overload, tis peaceful." Naruto said as it was the Hokage this time that chuckled.

"Yes it is Naruto-kun that it is." The Hokage finished

***** (With Naruto)

After a brief over view of how the teams were going to be formatted, Team 1 ended up with a breach and Intel gathering. Naruto was headed home, when an unnatural shadow in an alleyway.

"Ne, Kurenia-chan, It isn't very polite to spy on people the way you are, and if I was feeling up to my best, I would have call you on it sooner, however I am not, so could you please tell me how long you have been spying on me." Naruto called out.

Kurenia walked out with a smile and a blush on her face, "Well sorry I was curious as to the one who had caused such a ruckus the other day, I have been spying on you since you returned home last night." At this she moved closer and took Naruto's hand in hers. "You should tell Tora, Yes I do mean that there are lots of ladies out there that would be thrilled to know that they all have a chance at being with you." With that said she kissed his cheek and walked away.

With that Naruto was slightly flustered as he stood there with his hand on his cheek, he then chuckled and continued his way home his mind was made up, but he would like to get to know Tora before anything more than that. That's exactly what he said and to say that Tora was Ecstatic was an understatement, she was so happy she was bouncing of the walls. Naruto scratched his head in mirth as he watched the Cat fly around his house. He laughed at the face she made when he said her name should actually be Typhoon.

Now don't get me fooled Naruto was happy too, beyond that, for him to be actually laughing was living proof of it. As he stood there and laughed it was the start of something that he couldn't place yet himself, however the Hokage knew as he watched the scene. A Grandfatherly smile so large that it outdid even a smile a man his age could dream off. Naruto's lost emotions, they were slightly coming back, he knew as a wise man that they never would fully come back to the blond, but just for this much to show this soon was nothing short of incredible. The old man remembered when he started first showing emotion again was way back when he had met Konan and Pein. 'A Story for another time' He thought and proceeded to head home.

***** The next day Naruto

Naruto again decided that he should be there early ad he waited up in a tree, this time however Ino came first. She still looked tired from the other day; however Naruto knew she needed to work on her endurance as did Sakura, so he decided that he would work them hard today also. Ino sat down still gracefully at the bottom of the tree that he sat in. Naruto widened his eyes at what she started doing that fell immediately however, she was meditating. Naruto assumed she went to her father the other day and asked how to get stronger, while he took a different approach in trying to widen her chakra reserves. Sakura came in next looking even more exhausted then Ino; she ungracefully sat near Ino and pulled out a scroll it looked like the water walking technique. 'Does she know that she the technique yet?' He questioned, but got his answer when she sighed aggravated. Kiba and his pup was the last to come this time but when he arrived he looked right at Naruto.

Naruto jumped down from the tree smiled to Kiba. "Well Hello Kiddies, Welcome, from this day forth you are no longer simple children. From this day forth you will be trained to kill, and protect, you are the protectors of Konoha, and she needs Strong protectors, and by Kami that's what she is going to get from me and my team. From this day forth to me you are lower the Civilians, you are lower than Maggots. In order to improve standing with me, you will need to earn it. Also before we begin the hell you are about to endure, I hope you all like the taste of dirt." Naruto said with an evil grin, while two other Naruto's appeared.

***** With the real Naruto

"Alright Kiba you are with me. Now come on lets go, I'm going to build up your strength, endurance, self-awareness. For this we are going to be running, and before you say how dumb this is, without the use of chakra. With that the two ran off, what none of the kids knew was Naruto was making clones and sending them out in-front of them to make traps. As they were running Kiba started getting the jest of it when he had been attacked by a clone for the fifth time in under twenty minutes. Kiba was getting tired and he knew it, but in order to impress his teacher he pressed on. So Naruto started laying traps like trip wire and explosive notes that were laid far enough away that it wouldn't kill, just scare the living shit out of Kiba.

That is what happened too, Kiba had run right into the first trip wire, Kiba toppled over and as he got back up the following explosion not only threw him back onto the ground it made him freeze up. Naruto had to get Kiba going again though, "Get the hell back up and keep running, in the middle of a kami forsaken battle field you would have died just now, Your mother and sister would have cried knowing that you died such a pointless death. Get the hell up," Naruto yelled as he pushed him back onto the ground. "I said get up, or are the explosions too much, well TO BAD! You think explosions won't happen on the battlefield you fool." Naruto continued pushing Kiba down every time he tried to stand.

Kiba got it now; he rolled away from his sensei and stood in a battle position. Naruto glared, Kiba didn't falter, Naruto charged at him with another note blowing up right where Naruto last stood. Kiba's eyes flashed for a second, he looked like a burning demon, but Kiba remembered what his sensei was just implied, do not hesitate, or you will die. As his sensei got closer he pulled out a kunai and dodged to the left of the punch and smashed the kunai into his sensei's gut. A poof and his Sensei was gone. "Keep running Kiba." A voice said. Kiba grumbled but continued anyway.

***** With Ino and Clone 1

"Ino sit back down, we are going to meditate for a while and from there we will be going into kunai balancing." The clone said to Ino. After a short amount of time, the clone stood from his place and helped Ino up. "Balance this Kunai on your index finger with chakra, I will proceed to throw practice kunai at you, if you drop the one your balancing or you get hit I will add a five pound weight to you, when you reach your weight in weights you will do 50 push-ups and 10 pull ups from a low lying branch. After you're done with that all weights will be removed and this will start over.

***** With Sakura and Clone 2

Sakura and the clone just starred at each other blankly, "Well time to bring you over to the river. Now as you can see, this river is fast moving. You will be water walking. Back and forth, if you fall in you have 20 seconds to reach the other side by swimming, if you don't make it in the time allotted, you will be running in the slower knee deep stream with 60 pound weights. Let's go chop chop get going." The Clone said.

At the end of the training all three students were panting heavily on the ground, dead tired, with Naruto standing near them. "Congratulations to all of you, you all just improved slightly in my eyes … you're all now Maggots, you can have the day off tomorrow, but after that all three of you will be back here for a slower day. This is how our schedule will work. Sunday we will go over the principles of minor Jutsus and whatever your little heart may desire and I see fit, Monday I will have you doing missions, same for Tuesday. Wednesday we will have light training, Thursday I will see what your skills are, and Friday will be living hell just like today. I will give you Saturday off. You are all free to go."

Ino spoke up, "Umm Sensei, none of us can move." Naruto chuckled a little. He made three clones; from there his three clones picked up his three students and headed off.

"Alright you two, you can come out now, I know you're here and have been since the beginning of this training session." Naruto called out. First Inoichi stepped out from behind a tree, and then came Tsume as she jumped out of her tree, and landed on all fours right behind Naruto. She then stood up.

Inoichi decided to speak up, "Tsume you may begin, I am here not only for personal reasons but The Hokage asked me to speak Mr. Namikaze."

Tsume nodded, "See that you are just starting off training Genin, I am quite pleased to see how you are doing with it, you certainly did not go easy on them like a normal first timer would, You are a fine teacher for my son, and also, Hana hasn't said one ill thing about you, but you better keep my daughter happy or you'll be devoured do you understand." Naruto nodded and thanked Tsume for her complement.

As she left Inoichi basically said the same minus the dating of his daughter. But then he went into what the Hokage wanted, "Now that, that is cleared up, the Hokage came to me wondering if you needed any help mentally?" Naruto nodded.

"If you wouldn't mind, you see I will need your help this once, and you may see things that may question your sanity." Naruto said. However Inoichi started the process anyway already knowing about the Kyuubi and the ill treatment toward the boy. When they entered his mind Inoichi wasn't surprised to see it a very dark and evil place. "Now I should have told this place is like a living hell and you should always be by my side." As they walked down the path way Inoichi was grimacing due to the killer intent was ungodly. They continued to walk until the walked up to a gate.

"Naruto I told you we would talk about this matter later." Kyuubi said as she tried to kick Naruto out of his mind.

"Sorry Kyuubi, you can't kick me out at the moment I am anchored here. Now I WANT answers, this is my body need I remind you, I want to know what is going on with it." Naruto demanded, he hated doing it, but he had had it with secrets especially with it being about him.

Kyuubi stared long at Naruto, "It is not my place to say anything."

"It is mine, and young Naruto is correct we shouldn't hide these things from the boy." The same mysterious voice from earlier, Naruto looked around in mild alarm. A wolf that Naruto recognized as the same wolf that had approached him the day the orb was around him was making its way toward him. Naruto looked at it confusedly, "My name is Darkness, and before you say anything I am speaking a foreign tongue, you will be the only one to understand me as I'm casting my meaning through you anyway. No one in your world will ever be able to understand me. I am here my Child to inform you, you humans use my name in a wrong sense, my sister is the evil one, the light has brainwashed you all. Step over to me my child." With a confused look Naruto looked toward Kyuubi, but she was oddly silent. This alerted Naruto more than anything in the world.

"No." Was the simple response he gave, Darkness's eyes flared briefly.

However to Inoichi it was nothing but gibberish it had started normally which was the confusing part, but after the wolf appeared it had changed into some other form of language. All that Inoichi heard was "Mein Name ist Dunkelheit und bevor Sie alles sagen" After that he had given up any hope of deciphering what was being said, and just watched Naruto's reactions. 'I have a feeling that it, whatever it is, is talking to Naruto and he is able to understand what is going on. After Naruto calmly 'nein' which he figured to be a no, and looked to see the wolf glare, he prepared himself for a confrontation.

The Wolf continually glared until a white light started shooting out of its side. The wolf growled in pain, it then howled and a second wolf, the same as the first was standing there. This one spook in Naruto's language so Inoichi understood what was going on.

"Good job Naruto, now then come to me, the light, instead." This new wolf said.

Naruto's eyes narrowed at them both, "I refuse, whatever type of conflict that you too have does not involve me, keep me out of this. If you two hate each other so much just do what you need to do in order to survive, because from the way I see it, Darkness you need light in order for there to be shadows, and light in a way you need darkness, due to you not being able to be everywhere at once you will always have some type of crevice that will make a shadow and you sister will be born again. I will refuse that foolish never ending struggle and I do not want it taking place in my body." Naruto said officially leaving no room for any negotiation. Kyuubi grinned happily.

As Naruto continued to stare hard at the wolves they both started merging. This time a human looking person was standing before him. It was a man, his face showed no emotion. He then spoke "Congratulations Naruto-sama, I am a servant of Kami's He wore a silvery metal armor all over him besides his head, a staff looked to be hanging on his side, "I am here to inform you that Kami has sent me to give you some of her gives upon to you for the things that you have done for the world, call it a thank you, I will remain here until I have taught you all that you need to know about you new gifts. We will speak shortly on these gift's as I am still placing them into you, so forgive me for not speaking sooner about this but it was urgent in letting you live through the process of having not only your soul and the Kyuubi's but mine also for the time being." With this said the man started walking back from where he first came from, "Also the wolves was a test to see if you could actually handle this type of power, and you succeeded brilliantly. So until I call you again, please do not worry."

With that the man was gone from view, Inoichi looked toward Naruto who was expressionless, "Listen Naruto we should probably go and report this to the Hokage and figure out what to do from there about these new 'gifts' of yours. Naruto looked over at the man and nodded his head in understanding. Kyuubi smiled and nodded her head toward the blonds as they disappeared from view also.

Both Naruto appeared in the outside world again. Naruto looked up to see that Inoichi had sweat running down his forehead. "Are you alright Mr. Yamanka" Naruto asked in concern, it must have taken a lot out of the man to hold that jutsu for the time that he had. Inoichi smiled and nodded and started to just walk toward the Hokage Tower. Naruto was beside him the whole way to the destination, once entering the explained what had happened and Naruto filling them in on what was said in the other language. After which both men were free to go. As Naruto was walking back toward his house another shadow caught his attention, feeling odd as this had just happened the other day, Naruto was not surprised that it was someone that he knew nor was he surprised to see a very tired looking Pein and Konan.

He rushed to their sides just as Pein started to collapse. Naruto moved forward and caught Pein on his back and looked over at Konan, "It is time Naruto" She said his name lovingly, and kissed him on the cheek with a small it's good to see you again and then she promptly passed out with Naruto catching her also.

Naruto disappeared and made his way to the Uchiha residence and was not surprise that Itachi had already sensed their presence, they were headed out. Itachi took Pein and they both took off as fast as they could in the direction of the river behind the Uchiha district outside the walls of Konoha and when they arrived they ran for a while along the stream right to the waterfall at the Valley at the end. The found what they were looking for as if they had practiced this event hundreds of times and rushed to the cave that was half way down the water fall and behind it. When they entered they both nodded and flared their chakra. The genjustu that was making the cave look as if it was just a cave released showing that it was far from a normal cave.

The new cave held several beds and a few boxes with the words that said rations on the side an oven and some counters were all there, combined with a door that lead into bathroom, this was one hell of a hid out. Naruto and Itachi had found it in a training session a year ago, and made the place out to be fortified and ready for anything. Naruto sent two clones as himself and Itachi back to the village and made himself at home; all the plans would start soon.

MM here saying well it's done, the end may seem a bit rushed but I guess it was the excitement from me about to post this ^^. Well nothing much else to say, umm can anyone guess what these gifts will be or what type of plans were made, and what will happen next. Well unfortunately I am terribly sorry but you'll find out this information in future chapters. Well until next time MM says peace.