Smokin' Hot

Summary: In years to come, her children would ask, 'how did you and Daddy meet?' and she would blush and say, "I burnt down my apartment complex."

Epilogue; Full Circle

A young boy with messy black hair and what appeared to be a permanent scowl on his face, crouched down on his haunches and stuck his arms out in front of him, "come on then," he muttered grumpily as a tiny blue haired girl stumbled slowly towards him.

Her lips puckered in determination as she took two wobbly steps forwards before falling onto her bottom and landing on the soft grass.

"Da!" she cried, happy with her movement.

The boy shook his head, "no good Leah," he said sternly, "you've gotta reach me."

The girl, Leah, frowned at her brother, "da?"

"Into my arms," he sighed in answer to her obvious question.

Her mouth fell open into a little "o" as she realised what he wanted from her. Putting on her determined look again she slowly pushed herself up into a standing position and moved her chubby legs forward.

"There you go," he said as he watched his youngest sister walk slowly towards him.

It took a while, and she fell over two times, but eventually she reached him.

"Yaaaaah," she laughed, allowing her tiny body to collapse into her brothers outstretched arms.

"Good girl," he said with a small smile, wrapping his arms around her and picking her up with ease, "you can have that chocolate now."

Leah squealed with joy as she allowed her brother to carry her back into their house.

"Why do you always do that?"

Another voice spoke out once they had entered the kitchen. The boy looked up and found his other sister sitting at the table with a bowl of chocolate ice-cream doused in chocolate sauce in front of her. Her long blue hair was pulled into a messy ponytail and she had specks of ice-cream dotted messily around her mouth.

"Do what, Kaida?"

Kaida scowled at her brother and waved her spoon accusingly in front of his face, "make her work for everything! Just give her the chocolate, Ryos!"

Ryos ignored his twin sister and settled Leah into her high-chair around the table.

"And stop ignoring me you butt!"

Ryos continued to ignore her as he moved to the fridge and plucked out two pieces of chocolate. He unwrapped them both and handed one to Leah who gurgled happily before sticking the bar in her mouth.

He then slipped into the seat next to Kaida and slowly nibbled on his own chocolate bar.

Frustrated at his lack of response Kaida grunted and lashed out, kicking her brother under the table.

"Ouch," he grumbled, rubbing his shin, "what was that for?"

"Stop ignoring me!"

"Stop being annoying!"

"Da! Da!"

"You tell him Lee," Kaida whooped, deciding that Leah's outburst was in her favour.

"She was agreeing with me," Ryos snapped, deciding that the outburst was in his favour.

"Girl power," Kaida sniffed, "you're outnumbered little bro."

"We are twins."

"I was born before you, Momma told me so."

"Daddy told me I was first."

"Daddy lied."

"Momma lied."


"Thank you Lee."

"She was agreeing with me."

"I hate you," Kaida huffed, "you're always acting like you're a adult."

"You're always acting like a baby."

Screeching in fury, Kaida dropped her spoon back into her bowl and lunged across the table, pushing Ryos to the ground.

In seconds the two eight-year-old twins were rolling around on the kitchen floor, throwing weak punches at each other.

"Staaaa, staaa!" Leah cried, her eyes welling up with tears quickly as she watched them fight, "M-maaaaaa-maaaaa!"

In seconds, light footsteps could be heard making their way downstairs and soon enough an extremely frazzled Levy appeared in the kitchen. Her hair was dripping wet and she had only a thick towel wrapped around her petite body.

"What is going on in here?" she moaned, upon seeing her two eldest children scrapping on the floor, "Ryos! Kaida! Stop that right now, you're getting your good clothes dirty!"

Sighing, she bent down and plucked them apart,

"Oh Kai," she groaned, "your dress. And your hair! It took me forever to get it into that ponytail! You had to stay neat for just ten minutes whilst I got ready, what happened?"

Kaida glanced down sheepishly at the yellow dress she was wearing, which now had great big chocolate handprints and drips down the front.

"I forgot…"

"And you, Ryos," Levy shook her head disapprovingly, "why do your trousers have grass stains on them?"

"I was teaching Leah how to walk…"

Sensing the worse, Levy turned to her youngest and almost wept. The pretty light red dress she was wearing was riddled with large grass stains and her chubby face was smeared with chocolate.

"Da!" Leah gurgled happily, unable to read the situation in the room.

"Five minutes," Levy sighed, walking across the kitchen to pluck Leah from her high-chair, "I leave you guys alone for five minutes and this happens?"

She wiggled about so Leah was safely positioned in her arms and then whirled around and pointed at her twins, "alright, upstairs with me."

"But Momma I haven't finished my ice-cream," Kaida cried.

"Upstairs Kaida Redfox!"

Kaida huffed and spat her tongue out at Ryos before flouncing up the stairs, careful to stomp as hard as she could.

"You too Ryos," Levy said sternly, "we're going to have to change your trousers now."

"Sorry Momma," he said quietly before following his sister up.

"And you, little miss," Levy cooed, jiggling Leah in her arms, "I'm happy you were walking but not today of all days."

"Da, da, waahhhh!"

Sighing once more, Levy dashed up the stairs behind her children, feeling very wary of the fact that they were running late.

"Kaida get off your brother!" she groaned upon seeing Kaida pin her brother down, stick her finger in her mouth, and then attempt to ram it in his ear.

Huffing in annoyance, Kaida reluctantly rolled off her brother, "he called me a jerk."

"You are a jerk!"


"Enough!" Levy ordered, "why can't you two just get along? Me and your Aunt Rianne were never like this."

"That's because Aunty Rianne is awesome," they both said with grins as they thought about their favourite aunt.

"Well at least you can agree on that," Levy mumbled, "but you two should be nicer to each other. What kind of example are you setting for Leah?"

Hearing her name mentioned, Leah suddenly clapped her hands together and gurgled happily.

"See, Leah agrees with me," Levy said with a laugh as Leah continued to clap, "now, Ryos, hold your sister whilst I finish getting dressed. Can you do that for me?"

Ryos nodded and reached out for Leah who happily settled herself into her brothers arms.

"Good. Now please, please, please stay put for five more minutes, ok guys?"

"Yes Momma," they chorused, and after staring at them suspiciously for a few long seconds, Levy disappeared into the bathroom that adjoined her bedroom.

"Why do we even have to wear this stuff," Kaida moaned, picking at the dress she wore, "why can't I just wear my normal clothes?"

"Because your normal clothes aren't suitable," Ryos said primly, "this is a special event. Daddy's getting honoured!"

"I know what's happening Ryos," Kaida spat back, "and Daddy wouldn't make me wear this stuff anyway."

Levy could hear the conversation from her bathroom and couldn't help but laugh at Kaida's words, knowing them to be true. It had been enough hassle for her to get Gajeel to even wear his suit.

She emerged from the bathroom five minutes later with her pulled into a loose bun and wearing a lime green halter neck dress.

"You look pretty Momma," Ryos said as she emerged.

"Mmhmm," Kaida agreed, "Momma looks awesome."

She smiled, "thank you sweeties, now. Ryos look through that hamper in the corner and pick out those grey trousers I bought you last month please."

She took Leah from him and in a flash he was bounding towards the hamper.

"Kai, I need you to go in the big drawers in your room and bring me back a white vest and the pretty black skirt you hate."


"This is your own fault," Levy said sternly, refusing to be swayed by Kaida's extremely good puppy dog eyes. Realising that her mother wasn't going to budge on the skirt issue, Kaida flounced out of the room mumbling angrily under her breath.

Shaking her head at her daughter's stubbornness (which Levy knew she had inherited from Gajeel), Levy moved towards the dresser in the corner and pulled out a few items of clothing for Leah.

"Which one sweet cheeks?" Levy cooed, holding up dresses for Leah.

"Tha…waa," Leah chortled, grabbing a cute grey dress with a butterfly stitched in pink on the front. Agreeing that it was suitable for the event, Levy grabbed it out of the draw and walked back to the bed to dress her youngest.

"Done Momma," Ryos said stepping in front of Levy looking smart in a pair of light grey trousers and a white dress shirt.

"Doesn't Ryos look smart," Levy gushed, "you look very grown up, sweetie."

Ryos smiled, he had always had a strange obsession with acting older than he really was.

"Yuck, yuck, yuck," Kaida snapped, stomping back into the room wearing a pleated black skirt adorned with glitter and a simple white vest.

"You look cute," Levy replied, "put on that pink cardigan and those glittery pink pumps please."

"Why can't I wear my boots?"

"It won't match. Please Kaida, just do what I say."

"S'not fair."

"Then sit down at wait for me to do your hair please," Levy said, ignoring her grumbles. She tugged Leah out of the light red dress and slipped the grey one on deciding that the grey one looked better anyway. She ran her fingers through Leah's short blue hair and then placed her in the middle of the double bed so she didn't fall off whilst Levy dealt with Kaida.

Still moaning, Kaida sat down on the floor beside Levy's feet and allowed her mother to comb out the knots she had strangely managed to get in under an hour.

"This is gonna be so boring," Kaida grumbled as Levy combed out her long locks.

"It'll be fun," Levy said, "Sting is going to be there."

Ryos' eyes lit up at the thought of his best friend attending the event, but Kaida simply rolled her eyes.

"Sting's weird."

"No he's not," Ryos said; quick to defend his friend.

"Ryos is right. Sting is lovely, you make sure you're nice to him Kai."

Kaida rolled her eyes.

"And Asuka will be there, I know you like Asuka."

"I guess…"

"Don't you want to support your Daddy?" Levy asked curiously.

"I do! I just don't see why we have to wear these stupid clothes."

"A lot of important people will be there. Your Daddy and the rest of the guys are getting honoured by the mayor. You can't just show up looking scruffy," Levy explained as she wound Kaida's thick blue hair into a neat ponytail.

"It's not rocket science," Ryos mumbled condescendingly.

"Shut up Ryos!" Kaida yelled balling up her fists, "or I'll pound you!"

Despite her violent threat, Levy giggled, "you're just like your Daddy," she mused,

Ryos wrinkled his nose, "she's not. Daddy's awesome. Kaida is annoying."

"Say that again you freak!"

"Daddy's awesome. Kaida is annoying."

"I'm gonn-"

"Enough!" Levy yelled, "Ryos, stop teasing your sister."


"Kaida, stop threatening to beat up your brother."


"I just don't see how she's like Daddy," Ryos couldn't help but mumble and he thought about everything he knew of his father.

Gajeel was cool, calm, laid back, and always let them have extra ice-cream at dinner. He wasn't quick tempered and violent like his stupid twin.

Levy smiled ruefully, "she's like how your Daddy was a long time ago. When we first met he was exactly like Kai. He's still got that side to him, he just doesn't show it to you guys. He's mellowed out through the years, I think that's because of you guys, you've softened him."

"Never, ever, ever, tell him I said that," she added quickly, knowing he would take it horribly wrong.

Kaida smiled brightly at the thought of being just like the man she idolised the most.

"Momma?" Ryos asked curiously, he wanted to know more about his father before they were born. It was fascinating to him that his mother knew a different side to his father that was still unknown to him.

"Mhm?" Levy asked.

"How did you and Daddy meet?"



Kaida turned around curiously and found her mother was a bright red.

"…well…" she swallowed thickly, "I burnt down my apartment complex."


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