At first, Wesley was a weak idiot. Angel didn't think he would survive. But then something changed. What the change was, she had no idea. He became tougher, stronger… his need to kill Cross growing every day. Sloan filled his head with lies, anger and hatred for his own father.

Right now, Wesley was with Fox, going back to his old apartment to retrieve his "fathers" gun. Angel had a new assignment.

John King, a rich, CEO of an expensive computer company. He lived in a mansion, with security camera's everywhere. The man was fearful for his life, she knew this. So there would most likely be extra security measures taken. Why was he fearful for his life? She didn't know. He had everything, the only reason she could think of was that he didn't want to lose his precious money.

She was able to slip in the mansion easily, but as she neared the bedroom, something seemed off. She looked around for any sort of trap, and then noticed a thin glass line, that if broken triggered an alarm. The hallway was laced with them. It was time to put her flexibility to the test. She maneuvered around each of them, some caused her to go in uncomfortable positions, but she did it none the less. Once she to the door, she pushed it open and peered in. There he was, snoring in his bed. She slipped into the shadows and then pulled out her gun, which had a silencer on it. She shot him, then went out a window and was off the grounds in 3 minutes, just as the alarms began.

She walked outside and to her car, when she saw a note stuck on the windshield.

Meet me at the old bridge.


The old bridge was where she contemplated jumping. She began running to the bridge, but she heard gunshots coming from the street below. She followed the sound of the gunshots, until she came to a set of stairs. She silently walked down, about halfway she saw Wesley. She continued walking, but she accidently kicked some rocks off the steps. What happened next was a blur. Wesley shot around… and put a bullet in her chest. She gasped, the pain of the metal penetrating her bone was excruciating. She felt herself slip off the stairs and land on the cold ground. She looked up at Wesley who looked shocked and disbelief was written across his face. His blue eyes widened, and then he ran away. Angel was gasping on the ground, blood choking her. She heard footsteps… she turned and saw Cross walking up to her. Anger and shock flooded his face. He went up to her, knelt down and touched her face. She heard the sound of metal, like someone fumbling trying to put shots in a gun. She had no doubt that was Wesley. Cross heard it to. He looked at the place where Wesley ran, but then he picked her up and slung her over his shoulder. She bit her lip to keep from crying as hot pain shot through her body. He ran back, away from the spot where Wesley was. He gently laid her down. She had tears slipping down her face, and he quickly wiped them away. Then there was a gunshot. The world began to go black… sounds became distant. She could hear Cross whispering to her, but she couldn't respond. Cross then stood up, and she heard gunshots… Cross looked back at her once again. His face was the last thing she saw.

Dying was the price she had to pay. She killed people. This was fate's way of getting revenge. It would soon get revenge on all the Fraternity.