Chapter Two

I heard the pounding of his paws before he reached me. I knew that there was no reason for me to run. Maybe when I was older, I could have outrun him but not now. Any fully grown male Were could outrun me.

A large black shape burst from the trees to the glade I was standing in. Before me stood a massive smoky grey wolf. I could tell that it wasn't Shay, which was a relief. But, then again, it might as well have been. The smells of snake oil and vinegar assaulted my nose and left a shiver running down my spine. He growled, and sprang. Knocking me to the ground, he pushed me into a submissive position, and howled.

I could hear the pounding of footsteps, and another shape emerged from the trees. It was obviously a Were, but in human form. He raised a gun. From my time with Lake, I recognised that it was only a tranquilliser. I heard a click, and the rush of the dart. A sharp pain in my neck. And it all went black.