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Chapter Two: What Doesn't Kill You...

The thunderous bolt of electricity drew the attention of the other league members who stood a good distance away. All of them gaped in astonishment at the now empty graveyard. The spot where Sawyer had stood only moments ago was now charred black.

Almost in unison the four companions bolted for the blackened earth. Mina was the first to reach the sooted spot with inhuman speed. She knelt down beside the grave in horror and unbelief. Within moments Nemo and Jekyll joined her.

"He is gone," she said bluntly. It was obvious to her companions that she was in shock.

The good doctor looked around the field in bewilderment for some sign that would reveal what had happened to the young spy. In the distance he spotted an elderly native sitting in the vast field about a hundred yards or so from the graveyard.

"Well this doesn't make a bit a' sense," the invisible man was saying just behind Henry, "He couldn't have just up an disappeared."

Mina seemed to regain some of her composure as she said, "Even if the lightning killed him then there would have been a body left." There was a ting of hope in her voice that the youngest member of their team had not met his mentor in the afterlife.

She cringed at the thought of losing another member of their team especially the ever optimistic American. Seeing her shudder, Captain Nemo placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Dr. Jekyll decided that the stranger could not possibly have any relevance to the events that had just transpired and instead turned his attention back to the charred earth her shoulder.

Henry frowned as he looked from the grave to the area where the spy had stood just minutes ago. "Curious," the doctor mumbled to himself before turning to the other league members, "Come look here." Rodney Skinner quickly moved over to investigate the doctor's discovery.

Henry motioned to what was left of the gun that Sawyer was holding for the duration of the ceremony then to the point just a few feet away where it was supposed that Sawyer stood.

"Look at the way Tom's rifle is melted and how the earth is darker here than where he was standing," Henry informed them.

The invisible man looked at it for a long moment. "He's not wrong," he stated plainly to Mina and Nemo, "But what does it mean?" The captain exchanged a knowing glance with Mina.

"What it means dear Skinner is that Tom would have only been hit by the energy surge from the lightning but was not hit by it directly," the sole female member of the team explained, "If this is true then Tom could have still been severely injured but there wouldn't have been enough energy to consume a body."

Doctor Jekyll looked back at the ruined rifle and knelt down to examine it better, "That storm came out of nowhere," he observed. Without thinking he instinctively reached out for the twisted metal and wood, "What are the chances that it would - Ahh!" His hand jerked back immediately as it contacted the still red hot surface of the gun.

In the back of his mind he could hear Hyde laugh at the good doctor's pain and Henry was glad that for once the monster was at least keeping quiet. Skinner Knelt next to the physician to retrieve the tangle of wood and metal with his gloved hand.

He grabbed what was left of the stock of the rifle when suddenly a hand shot forth from the grave seizing the mangled weapon. Skinner nearly had a heart attack as he screamed and stumbled away from the grave.

The other member's instinctively stumbled back upon hearing their companion's outburst and Captain Nemo drew his sword ready for the worst.

Slowly the hand was followed in suit by an arm covered in the familiar beige sleeves before finally the face of the great hunter emerged. They all stood in a mixture of amazement and unbelief as their fallen leader struggled to free himself from the earth. He looked up at them in frustration, "Well don't just stand there you buffoons help me up!"

The first thing the spy became aware of was a pounding in his head that threatened to cast him back into the dark void of unconsciousness. He kept his eyes tightly shut in a vain attempt to shut out the penetrating light that only managed to worsen his pain, hoping that it would soon pass.

After what seemed like an eternity the pain in his head lessened slightly to a dull throbbing. The young man's mind finally kicked in as he opened his eyes to a small room.

It didn't take long at all for him to figure out that he was lying on some sort of thin bed in the middle of a white walled room. There was very little in the room aside from a small armchair set next to the only window.

His mind went into overdrive as he desperately tried to figure out where he was and how he came to be here. As he looked around the room he spotted a tall metal pole with a bag of clear liquid hanging on it standing just to the left of where he was lying.

The bag had a small tube running from it and apparently went into his left arm just at his elbow. He tentatively reached up to take it off just as a young woman dressed in dark blue pants and matching shirt entered the room. "Hey don't do that," she said seeing her patient awake, "If it's bothering you just let one of us know."

She proceeded to show him a red button that would do just that as well as a remote for the device called a TV and for the bed as well. "Where am I?" the young man asked forcing himself to focus past the pain in his head.

"You're in Cornerstone Hospital," the woman smiled warmly at him, "My name is Grace and I'm the RN in charge of this hallway. Don't worry the doctor will be in shortly to talk with you." She scribbled a few things down on a small board that she had brought with her. "I'll go tell the doctor that you're awake," and with that she left the room closing the door behind her.

The young man sighed and leaned his head back down onto the thin pillow and waited patiently for the doctor to arrive. Before long there was a rapping on the door as a large, portly man with grey hair poked his head in. "Good to see that you are awake, Mr. Sawyer," He said cheerfully, "My name is Dr. Kent Lacasse."

He stepped in and started to wash his hands as his patient stared at him quizzically, "How do you know my name?" He sat up gingerly maneuvering the control pad that moved the bed so that he now rested in a sitting position. "You were admitted here last night and the girl who found said that was the name you gave her just before you lost consciousness."

The doctor paused for a moment to put on a pair of white gloves, "Now I do have a few questions for you if that is alright." While Dr. Lacasse spoke his young patient was working furiously to try and remember what had transpired last night but again was disappointed in fact he was finding that he couldn't remember much at all.

He sighed, "I'm not sure I'll be able to answer 'em but I'll try."

"Don't worry," the older man told him, "Just answer them to the best of your ability." He dug around in his breast pocket and produced a pair of glasses and took at seat next to his patient's bed. "Is there anyone that you can think of that we can contact and let them know you are alright? Any relatives or friends in the area?"

Sawyer closed his eyes trying to think. For a few minutes the young man racked his mind trying to remember if there was anyone he could recall someone that might help him. Eventually he gave up informing the doctor that no one had come to mind so that he could continue with his questions.

Most of the questions were simply making sure that he wasn't in any pain or having any dizziness. After the questions the doctor briefly explained that Sawyer had been struck by lightning which accounted for his headache and loss of memory. A young woman had seen the whole thing and called the paramedics who brought him into the hospital.

Just as he was about to leave the room Sawyer inquired, "Dr. Lacasse you keep talking about this girl that saw me last night?" Intrigued the portly man nodded and waited for him to continue. "Is there any way that I could talk to her?"

He offered his patient a small smile, "According to the paramedics the girl claimed that she had never seen you before. She did, however, leave you her phone number and said that she has something of yours. She wanted us to call her when you get out of the hospital to come get it." He pulled out the slip of paper and handed it to Sawyer.

"Once you have recovered a bit more we will see what we can do," Dr. Lacasse said as he washed his hands once again, "For now I want you to rest and don't hesitate to call the nurses if you need anything. Trust me they won't mind at all" He gave the young man a sly wink and with that the older man left.

Sawyer chose to ignore the doctor's last comment and instead focused his attention on getting some rest. The pounding in his head was returning now with a vengeance and for now he wanted a reprieve from everything. I hope someone comes looking for me soon, the amnesic spy thought to himself as he drifted off to sleep.