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I leaned my head against the side of the car and stared out the window and watched as all the trees zoomed by. My step father sat beside me looking at his phone and muttering to himself.

I sighed and checked the time on my phone. We were only ten minutes away from the school.

My mother had died right before the beginning of summer. I was left with my step dad and for a man of business he wasn't exactly good at the whole dad thing.

So he pulled me out of the public school I'd been attending and enrolled me at Dalton Academy, Private School for Girls.

It was a boarding school not too far away from where we lived but my step dad, who really wasn't all that bad of a guy, he just had his priorities. While he would never abandon me, he loved my mother too much, he couldn't be the dad that I needed.

So here I was being taken away from the few friends I had and being sent away to school.

It was hard trying not to allow myself to think about how much I wished that I could just wake up and all this would have been a terrible dream and I could just go downstairs and snuggle up with my mom under a blanket on the couch.

But it had been real, and now here I was.

The entrance to the school was guarded by a big iron gate. After a moment or two the gate sung open and we pulled up to the door.

There was a woman waiting outside with a big smile on her face, her shoulder length red hair bounced up and down as she ran towards the car waiting to greet us.

I waited as our driver walked around the car to open my door. Taking another deep breath and putting on a fake smile I stepped out of the car.

"Hello you must be Brittany Pierce, and Mr. Pierce hello.." she said as he walked up pausing to shake his hand.

"Hello" I answered trying to sound polite and my step dad just nodded.

"My name is Miss Pillsbury. I'm the guidance teacher here at Dalton. Would you like to see where you'll be living from now on?" she asked her voice just radiating happiness. "And of course Mr. Pierce you may come along as well."

He shook his head slightly, "No, I must be going I have to get to work." He looked towards me and smiled a little. "Here..." he said reaching into his pocket and pulling out a shiny plastic card.

"Use it for anything you need, don't worry about the money." He handed it to me and then placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Call me if you need anything." At least he was making a little effort. He cast one more glance toward the woman, climbed back in the car, and he was gone.

I looked down at my luggage piled up in the road. My step dad's drivers were always different; I never bothered to learn their names, no point. I threw the smaller bags over my shoulder and grabbed the handle of the bigger suitcase, the one that held most of my things, and pulled it behind me as I followed the woman up the stairs.

We entered the door and I looked around at the big entry way. It had wooden floors and a big chandelier hanging from the ceiling. There was a big wooden staircase in front of me leading to the upper levels of the school.

"Now down each of these halls are the classrooms." She said pointing to my left and then to my right. "Up the stairs are where most of the bedrooms are."

She waved for me to follow. "Everyone shares a room with one other girl, classes are going on at the moment so you will meet her later, but I will take you up to your room right now so you can put down your things before I show you the rest of the school."

We walked up the staircase and down the right hall making one turn to the left and down a couple doors until she finally stopped. She pulled something shiny out of her pocket and handed it to me.

"That's your room key" she said. I looked down at the single silver key that was hanging from a Dalton Academy crest key chain. "Go ahead!" She smiled motioning toward the door.

I stepped forward and slipped the key into the lock and walked in.

There was a big window on the back wall and even from where I stood I could see there was a small courtyard below with a rather large bell sitting underneath a small overhang.

The two twin beds were placed on opposite sides of the room. One side was decorated nicely, her deep red comfortable matched the red of the school's colors. To the wall on my left was a desk filled with papers and books and a small table lamp. I looked to the right; the set up was identical except the comfortable on the other bed was a dark royal blue.

I walked over to the empty side and threw my heavy bags on the bed sitting down for a moment beside them.

Miss Pillsbury walked over to the closet beside my desk and opened the door. "All students are required to wear uniforms." She pointed to the rack of blue and red color clothing. "There are quite a few things to choose from and you can mix and match. Any clothes you brought from home can be worn on the weekends."

"Class begins at 8am and there will always be breakfast available to you from 7am to 7:45am. Lunch is at noon and dinner at 7. There are a few other extracurricular activities that you can choose from if you don't like the ones you were assigned to. Here is a packet that will list all available courses and clubs we offer here at Dalton." She handed me the packet her smile still never having left her face.


"And of course everything I'm telling you is in the packet and the full schedule will be on the back of your class list. Which reminds me, the headmaster is waiting to meet me you, he will give you your schedule."

She turned around and headed to the door.

As we walked down the hallway and down the stairs she told me more about the school. "Right out there you can see the soccer field." She pointed out the window.

We got to the top of the stairs and she pointed to a door below the stairwell. "Behind that door is the kitchen and there" she pointed down the hall off to the right "down and around that hall is where the dining hall is. But we are going this way." She guided me off to the left.

"The door at the very end of this hall is the headmaster's office. He's expecting us,"

We stopped in front of the door and I waited as she reached out and knocked quietly.

"Come in." A very loud masculine voice echoed out from behind the door.

Miss Pillsbury reached out opened the door pushing me in ahead of her.

"Headmaster" she said nodding him a greeting. "This is Brittany Pierce, our new student."

"Hello Miss Pierce" he said reaching out and shaking my hand. His grip was firm and powerful and he had a presence about him that simply demanded respect. He was tall with a light brown skin and short dark black hair. He had broad shoulders and his eyes were hard and a deep dark brown.

"Hello Sir." I said talking the seat he offered me. Miss Pillsbury continued to stand near the door.

"I am happy to welcome you to our school Miss Pierce. Dalton Academy is one of the oldest school in this region and, I'm sure you've heard of the Dalton Academy for Boys which is not too far from here."

"Yes I have Sir"

"Great. We have very strict rules here at Dalton, we do not allow any drugs or underage drinking on the property, and we expect you to be on time to all your lessons. Here is your class schedule."

He pushed the paper across the desk to me. I picked it up looking at it briefly and put it in my pocket.

"I trust Miss Pillsbury had informed you about our dress code," he waited for my nod and then continued. "Well, then that's all. I hope you enjoy your time here at Dalton."

He stood up shaking my hand again, "Have a good day."

I walked out the door with Miss Pillsbury and I swear I saw her physically relax the moment we were outside and away from the headmasters piercing gaze.

"Classes will be ending soon and then you have a bit of free time before dinner starts at 7. I'll take you back up to your room so you can unpack a bit before dinner."

She remained quiet the rest of the walk to my room. Right before she left me alone to settle in she said, "Don't forget to change into your uniform before dinner." Then with one more smile she backed out the door and was gone.

I went over to my bags and pulled out some of my things, like my alarm clock and my favorite blanket laying it at the foot of my bed.

I decided I'd put the rest of my things away later and went to the closet flipping through the provided clothes.

They were a few cardigans; two of each color, blue and red. There was a pair of black dress pants, and few plaid skirts. There was a hanger holding a tie with blue and red stripes and then one solid blue and red one. The white button up shirts all looked the same and I noticed a couple pair of black flats on the floor of the closet.

I pulled out a white shirt and a blue cardigan. I removed the shirt I had been wearing and put on the white shirt, buttoning up the blue sweater over it. The cardigan had a Dalton Academy crest over the left side right over my heart.

I was about to pull off my jeans when someone burst through the door, two someone's actually.

I looked up at the two girls entering the room. One was a shinny blonde haired girl; she had an angelic looking face and was one of the most naturally beautiful looking girls I have ever seen, doll like with her creamy white skin and smooth features.

The other was a little shorter with dark long hair that fell down her back in wavy curls. Her skin was darker, like she had the most perfect tan; her body was a little curvy and as she walked the red plaid skirt she was wearing exposed her amazingly toned legs.

It was almost impossible to keep my jaw from falling slack as I watched this girl enter the room and finally notice me standing there like a fool half dressed.

"Oh hello," I head the beautiful brunette say. "You must be my new roommate."

"Yeah, Hi, I'm Brittany." I said luckily my voice sounded normal.

"I'm Santana and this is Quinn." The blonde girl stepped forward and shook my hand.

"Hi" she smiled sweetly. "Well San, I've gotta go meet Mercedes, I'll see you at dinner." She hugged Santana and with one more smile to me she left.

"So Brittany huh.." She said walking over and placing her book bag on her bed.

"Yeah, Brittany S. Pierce"

"It's nice to meet you." She said nicely walking closer to me. "Do you need any help with the uniform?" She laughed a little looking at my half put together outfit.

"Yes thank you"

She walked over to the closet looking through the clothes. "The biggest thing is you must always have the schools crest visible. If you wear one of the skirts you must also wear the stockings." She said pointing to the semi see-through black ones she was wearing. "They give everyone a school jacket, kind of like a letterman's jacket, only more formal." She pointed to two jackets, I hadn't noticed before, hanging on the hook on the door.

"You want to finish changing and I'll show you where the bathroom is?"

"Yeah, thanks" I walked over to the closet noticing that the door was big enough that you could use it to shield yourself as you changed.

I pulled one of the blue checkered shirts off the hanger and pushed off my jeans pulling up the skirt. I found some white stockings and put them on underneath, slipping on the black flats.

"Good?" I asked stepping out so she could see.

"Perfect! Now the bathrooms…" She let me out the door and farther down the hall to two door less rooms at the end of the corridor. "Theses bathroom's are for everyone in this hall. That room has the showers and some big mirrors for makeup and stuff like that, and that one has the toilets and sinks." I nodded showing that I understood.

"It's pretty basic I think you'll adjust pretty quickly."

I followed her back to our room; I'd heard the horror stories of people getting terrible roommates and was more than ecstatic to learn that mine was not one of them. I was also happy because she was absolutely stunning.

"So what is your schedule like?" She asked closing the door behind us and sitting in her desk chair.

"Oh I hadn't really had a chance to look yet." I pulled the piece of paper that the headmaster had given me and read the titles aloud.

"Looks like I've got History, English, French, and then Study Hall, Math, and Gym."

"That's great you have 3rd hour French with Quinn, that blonde girl you met earlier, she's nice you'll see her again at dinner. I've got Study hall right after lunch too so we'll have that class together."

"Sounds good!"

I was feeling better about this school with every minute that passed. The situation that brought me here truly sucked but hopefully this would work out alright. I had a great roommate and she was going to introduce me to her friends, so hopefully making friends at this school wasn't going to be as hard as I'd originally imagined.

The headmaster was undoubtedly strict but hopefully as long as I stayed on his good side and kept out of trouble our interactions would be short and pleasant.

All of a sudden I heard a load ringing noise and saw the large bell, right outside our bedroom window, vibrating with sound.

"Dinner!" Santana said with a smile.

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