Summary: Before Cardassia joins the Dominion, someone steps in … one-shot for now.

Author's Note: Why? Because there aren't enough B5/DS9 crossover fics out there. Come on, people – they write themselves!

Disclaimer: Shockingly enough, I don't own either B5 or DS9. Apparently, they belong to some guy called JMS and some other guy called Gene Roddenberry, respectively. Who knew?

Dukat steeled himself as he entered the secluded chamber. Joining the Dominion wasn't exactly what he had in mind when it came to restoring Cardassia (and himself) to their former, rightful glory, but as the humans said, desperate times called for desperate measures. And the Dominion's representative, Weyoun, wasn't exactly his favorite person either, but so far, he had made good on his promises, and now, he was finally going to put Dukat in place as the new leader of Cardassia. Still…

He thought briefly of Major Kira. The thawing of her antipathy towards him had been slow and tedious, but there had been progress, especially since she started looking after Ziyal. He knew she would be beyond furious when she discovered his 'betrayal.' Still, he couldn't let that influence his decision. In time, she'd understand. He'd make her understand that –

"Hello, Gul Dukat."

Dukat started. The voice was smooth and unctuous – but was definitely not Weyoun's. Instantly, his hand went to the weapon that rested on his hip.

"You won't need that. We mean you no harm, I assure you. In fact, we're here to help you."

"Who are you? Where's Weyoun –"

"The Vorta … will not be able to make your meeting, I'm afraid." A figure emerged from the shadows, a dark-haired man impeccably dressed, smiling, and …

"You're human!"

The man's smiled widened. "Technically speaking, yes," he said, and though the smile didn't falter, there was a flash of pain behind his eyes. "I know you were expecting to make a deal with the Dominion, Dukat, but what if we could offer you … something better?"

"Who is 'we?' Is this some sort of Federation trick? I'm warning you –"

"I'm not with the Federation." There was a hint of contempt in the smooth voice.

"Then who are you with? Who are you?"

Cardassian hearing was not as acute as human hearing. If it had been, then Dukat might have heard the sharp hiss, followed by a series of soft chirps and clicks. The man leaned to his left slightly, looking as if he was listening to someone.

"Who are you?"

"You really shouldn't keep asking that question!" The man's voice was suddenly sharp, and the smile was gone. "My associates don't like it." Then just as quickly, his smile reappeared; the overall effect was quite disconcerting, even for Dukat.

"Who I am is not important. In any case, you can call me Morden. But more important than any question you may have, is the question I have for you."

Morden strode forward until he was face to face with the Cardassian. His gaze locked with Dukat's and the air seemed to shimmer slightly around him as he asked his question, the only one that mattered.

"What do you want?"

The End.