Chapter 1: The Move

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Ken Ichijouji was busy packing his things away for the move to France. His dad had gotten a new job there and they had to move. Ken was busy teaching Minomon some French so that he would be able to understand if he needed to know something. He had already told the others about the move and Izzy had set up Ken's laptop so that he could open the Digi-port anytime.

"Ken, remind me why we're moving to France," Minomon said in perfect French.

"Wow Minomon, you sure catch-on fast. And we're moving because my dad got a new job there. Unfortunately, I'll be attending a boarding school and so you'll have to hide even harder. I won't be able to take you everywhere with me like in Japan. You'll also have to find a really good hiding spot for when they do dorm inspections, alright?"

"OK, Ken," Minomon replied and crawled into Ken's bag.

"Ken! Minomon! Time to get going!" Ken's mom called up.

"We're coming, Mom!" Ken answered back. He grabbed his last suitcase and the small backpack Minomon was in and went out to the car.

Ten minutes later, the Ichijouji's were standing in front of the airport, saying their good-bye's to the rest of the digi-destined, who were all gathered together, even Joe and Mimi.

"We'll miss ya, Ken," Davis said to his DNA digivolution partner. He leaned in and whispered to him, "Especially Yolei."

Suddenly, a shoe hit Davis on the head. "I heard that Davis!" Yolei screamed. The whole gang, aside from Yolei and Davis, broke out into laughter as Ken waved good-bye to his team-mates.

Ken boarded the plane and opened his bag just enough to see Minomon's face. "France sure will be different, Minomon!"

The plane landed at the airport in France. Minomon gently moved in the bag that Ken was using as a pillow to wake him up without too many people noticing. Ken opened his eyes to see a small little green hand just barely sticking out of the bag and pushed it back in.

"Hello, Minomon," he said sitting up and grabbing the bag.

"Have a nice sleep, Ken?" he asked as Ken's parents woke up.

"Yeah, it was surprisingly comfortable in that chair."

"Sorry to interrupt," Mrs. Ichijouji said, "but we need to leave. Our house is still an hour away."

"Alright mom."

The house was a two-story building with four bedrooms and a large kitchen that, along with the dining room, took up half of the 1st floor. Ken was given the second largest room, his parents got the largest room, and the other two rooms were for storage. There was a little pit by the front door for shoes like in Japanese homes. Ken and Minomon walked up to their room to put away their belongings. The movers had already delivered the furniture and arranged it to the family's specifications. Ken put away his clothes while Minomon put up the rest of Ken's small belongings.

When Ken was finished he walked downstairs to talk to his mom. "I'll be back in about an hour, mom. The others wanted me to meet them in the digital world."

" Alright, Ken. I'll have dinner ready when you get back. Just don't take too long. We need to get some things tomorrow before you leave for Kadic."

"Okay. Bye, mom." He walked upstairs, e-mailed Yolei that they were on their way to the Digital World, and turned towards the computer, Minomon by his side and digivice outsretched.

"Digi-port, open!"

*Music plays as light pulls them into the screen, digivolving Minomon to Wormmon, and pops them out of the television in the desert*

Announcer: What is Ken doing in France? Will he meet others fighting evil in a similar way? Find out next time on The Lyoko-Destined!