Chapter 5: TheDigi-Egg

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"So this is the Digital World?" Yumi asked, being fluent in Japanese.

"Yeah," Tai spoke, a little confused, "but who are you and how did you get here?"

"Well, I'm Yumi Ishiyama, Ken's childhood friend. Ken goes to our school now. As for everyone else, the guy with the glasses is Jeremie Belpois, the Einstein of the group, the one in the army green outfit is Ulrich Stern, the school's all-star, the one with the hair spike is Odd Della-Robia, the class clown, and the girl dressed in all pink is Aelita Stones, Jeremie's equal in knowledge."

Ken then spoke in French so the Lyoko Warriors could understand. "Well, on to introductions. The one wearing the goggles is Davis, the one with the yellow hat is Yolei, Kari is over there with the camera around her neck, TK's wearing the white sun-hat, Cody's the short one, that's Kari's brother, Tai, with the brown spikey hair, TK's older brother, Matt, is the guy with the 'Rich Boy' look, and Sora is the red-head over there. Their Digimon partners are next to them. There's Davis' partner, Veemon, Yolei's partner, Hawkmon, TK's partner, Patamon, Kari's partner, Gatomon, Tai's partner, Agumon, Matt's partner, Gabumon, and Sora's partner Biyomon. Now, how many of you understand at least enough Japanese to understand what we're saying?" Everyone raised their hands into the air. "Alright, good enough," Ken said, speaking in Japanese again.

"So, you never told us, how did you get here?" Davis asked again.

"Well, after Ken left to come here, Jeremie's computer started to glow and five lights shot out, one flying to each of us and turning into our D-3's," Yumi said, as they all pulled out their digivices.

"So one of you should be able to lift the Digi-egg!" Cody said.

"Digi-egg?" they all said together.

"We'll show you. Just follow us," Ken said. They led the warriors to the cave where they found the Digi-egg. The group looked at the item in awe as they drew closer. After looking at it for a few minutes, Ken said, "Well? Somebody try and pick it up. Only the chosen person can pick up a digi-egg. All of us have already tried, but we couldn't lift it. When I tried, your digivices came out and were given to you. So, who's first?"

"I'll go first," Odd said. He walked up to the pedestal and pulled as hard as he could, but it didn't work.

"I'll go next," Yumi said, standing up from the rock she had been sitting on. She yanked quickly on the object, but it stayed as still as the rock it was placed upon.

Ulrich was next to try. He yanked up hard and fell back, surprised at how easily it was lifted. He examined the Digi-egg, as if it was supposed to turn into a digimon or something. It was a yellow-orange color with a strange red design on the front and had what looked like the hilt of a katana on the top. As he looked closer, the design started to glow. A crest with the same design appeared from it and floated into Ulrich's hand.(You can see a poor drawing of what I envision them to look like here: http:/ As Ulrich was looking at the Digi-egg and crest he was given, the pedestal began to move into the ground. The Digi-Destined(When I say Digi-Destined, I'm talking about the 02 Digi-Destined. I'll refer to the Code Lyoko group only as the Lyoko Warriors or by name.), who were standing closest to where the pedestal once was, peered into the hole and saw a digimon, glowing the same color as the Digi-egg, shot out of the hole and landed in front of Ulrich. It spoke while bowing in front of Ulrich.

"Hello, Ulrich. I am honored to meet you. I am your digimon partner, Kotemon." The digimon's legs and tail looked similar to a purple dinosaur, while it's upper body was clad in kendo armor. His arms remained hidden in the sleeves and only his eyes could be seen behind his men. A Shinai was strapped to his back for easy access in quickly needed situations. "I have been waiting a long time for you to retrieve the Digi-egg and crest of swordsmanship." The digimon looked towards the back of the cave and placed one hand on the hilt of his Shinai. "I sense trouble!"

The rest of the Digimon got into a fighting position and the tamers readied their digivices to help their partners.

Announcer: Ulrich now has a digimon partner, but what is this danger that Kotemon senses? Find out next time on The Lyoko-Destined!