"Dad, do we really have to go to school?"

"Now, what kind of question is that?"

"… A question that you should say no to!"

The older male shook his head and sighed. "Alfred, you have to go to school. It's not my rule, it's the law."

"Laws are meant to be broken, though! Come on Dad!" The thirteen year old Alfred whined louder, begging his father, Tino, to not make him go to school. He and his brother Matthew had just transferred to a public school in the middle of Boston after having lived in a small town for nearly all of their lives. There was another major difference for this small family: They now lived in a hotel.

Tino had worked for Topton Inc for the past fifteen years. During that time, he had married a beautiful young woman and the two had the twins together. However, when Alfred and Matthew were two, she was killed in a tragic car crash. Though Tino was devastated, he was determined to keep going for his two boys. He had worked in a smaller town where a branch of the Topton was located, but just a few weeks before, he had been transferred to the main headquarters in Boston. Pleased with his work, the owner of the hotel chain had offered Tino a deal he couldn't refuse: So long as Tino became his personal assistant, Tino and the twins could move into a suite at the Topton and only have to pay what would be rent.

"Mattie? I dunno. I ain't his keeper!" Alfred pouted and huffed, mad that his father was making him go to school. A moment later, Matthew came out of the bedroom the twins shared in a sweater vest and khakis. Alfred turned to look at him and smirked. "Dude, you look like a nerd."

"Alfred, be nice!" Tino sighed. Matthew glared.

"I'm trying to make a good first impression on the first day of school." Matthew looked his brother up and down, eyeing the worn out t-shirt and ripped pants he was wearing. "Unlike you."

"Dude, the only people who are gonna care are the bullies who'll shove you into lockers. This isn't Millcreak, bro. This is Boston. The Big Apple!" Alfred said brightly, throwing his hands into the air. Matthew sighed.

"That's New York City, Alfred."

"And this is Boston! Come on, get with it!"

Matthew opened his mouth to argue, but figured that it wasn't worth it. Tino smiled at his boys and then shoved them out of the room, saying they would be late if they stayed too much longer. Alfred, of course, whined, but there was nothing he could do once he was shut outside, so he and his brother made their way towards the elevator.

"This is stupid." Alfred pouted as they stepped inside.

"Alfred, at least give it a chance." Matthew suggested as the doors closed and the elevator started to descend to the first floor.

"What if we do get shoved into lockers? I'm too cool for that!" Alfred said, sounding panicked. Matthew shook his head.

"Oh, come on, Alfred. No one's gonna shove you into a locker. People don't just go up to someone and do that."

Alfred shook his head. "Dude, have you seen the movies? People get shoved into lockers, garbage cans, and toilets. Especially in the city. We're not in Millcreak, Mattie. We're in the real world now! And Boston is gonna suck. Boston is gonna be so freaking awful and bad and—" His words were cut off as the doors opened and a beautiful sight stuck him just beyond the elevator.

There was a boy with golden blonde hair speaking with the hotel manager. His eyes were a vivid green and his lips were beautifully shaped. Alfred was simply dumbstruck as he stood there and didn't even notice that the elevator doors were closing on him until Matthew pulled him by his sleeve out into the lobby.

"Alfred, what the hell are you staring at?" Matthew asked, looking around. Alfred pointed.


Matthew followed Alfred's arm and looked over at the boy who was at the front desk. "Arthur?"

"Is that his name? How the hell do you know it?" Alfred asked accusingly. Matthew put his hands up.

"Unlike you, I pay attention to what goes on where we live. Arthur is the candy boy. His mother is a maid here and he was able to get a job selling candy at the little kiosk—"

"Pff, kiosk is a funny word." Alfred giggled and Matthew glared.

"Anyway, with school starting, he needs to rework his schedule, so that's probably why he's talking to the manager."

"Dude, he's hot!"

"Alfred, he's not your type. He's actually, you know, smart. Not an idiot. Down to earth." Alfred simply pouted.

"He's so gonna fall in love with me."

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