First Sev's, then Lily's POV :)

Sometimes… Life is really shitty.

You learn that when you're growing up. Your dad drinks. He beats you. You watch your mother violently raped time and time again. You know you're worthless.

Then you meet someone, and magically… Everything becomes better.

That one person who changes your life… You hold onto that.

Severus often wondered why he'd never just let Lily go. He could've moved on, he could've met someone else. Why had he tortured himself over her? Why hadn't he just forgotten about her?

Because she was his person. She was that beautiful person, inside and out, that had given him a reason to live. She alone had picked him up out of the squalor, dusted him off, and been a lonely boy's friend.

Best Friend.

You hold onto that person, and that's exactly what he'd done.

Lily shifted against him, her warm and magnificently naked body laid like a blanket over him. He sighed. Sometimes life is pretty shitty, then sometimes: God makes up for the shit.

Severus ran his calloused fingers through her auburn locks. He'd been awake for a while, though no amount of money in the world could tempt him back to sleep. This was bliss. This was paradise. This was heaven. He smirked softly as Lily groaned. He could feel her beginning to wake, so he curled his body a little and pressed his lips gently to her brow.

"Shh, Lily… My darling, sleep." He whispered soothingly in her ear, and he smiled when she whispered back.

"But it's such a beautiful morning."

"You know when sometimes you meet someone so beautiful and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later they're as dull as a brick? Then there's other people, when you meet them you think, "Not bad. They're okay." And then you get to know them and… and their face just sort of becomes them. Like their personality's written all over it. And they just turn into something so beautiful." (Quote)

Lily had known he'd been awake for some time. Secretly, she'd been awake too. However, instead of alerting him to it, she'd allowed him to touch her. Funny, if she hadn't been waiting for his touch she'd never have felt it. His fingers were so light, they hardly brushed against her skin. Though, when she noticed, it made her shiver with delight. She'd listened as he whispered secret I love you's against her skin as his soft and gentle lips placed tender kisses all over her face and neck. She'd almost forgotten about first time love making. James had been like this too; completely in awe. He really had loved her…

But enough of that. She didn't want to think about him now.

You've betrayed him. You whore, you've betrayed your husband.

No, he's dead! I- I haven't betrayed him.

You've betrayed his memory. You're replacing him. Harry too.

No. I have a right to be happy again! They're gone and- and I can't be alone.

Whatever, whore. Slut. Adulterer…

Shut up!

She fiddled with the little thread ring on her finger, her body snuggling into him a bit more. Arms immediately shielded her from the drafty dungeon air, from the morning light, from her own guilt.

How can I feel guilty about this?

Severus must've thought she'd fallen back asleep because all of the sudden, there were his lips, pressed to her ear. His voice was as deep and strong as the oldest dragon, and twice as wise.

"I can hardly wait to grow old with you." She couldn't help but smile at that and she forgot her shame for a moment as she looked up into his eyes. Those wonderfully black, which were actually a dark chocolate, eyes.

"Promise?" Her hand lifted a little and she held out a thin pinky finger. He offered her his in return and linked them together, nodding.

"Promise. You're not getting rid of me. Not ever." He chuckled softly and teased, "You're stuck."

"Well, then I suppose I'll have to put up with you." She smirked. This was something she had always missed about him. This teasing.

"Mhm, and maybe even a little version of me… If we're lucky." She smiled and her hand slipped down to her stomach, gasping a little as she felt his hand already there. She hadn't even noticed.

"Sev… I can't believe all of this. I mean," she looked up at him and bit her bottom lip, silence filling the room for a moment before she spoke again, "We're getting married… And a baby… Merlin."

"You are correct, my love." He placed another kiss on her pulse point, his voice feathery soft now. How he changed it, she'd never know. "You know, the more I think about this baby, the more excited I am."

Lily raised an eyebrow and giggled. Sev wanted children? He could hardly cope with the ones he taught. "Really?"

"Yeah, but Lily-… What if- what if I turn out like my father? I've read about abuse and apparently it's usually a circular cycle and I don't want to-…" She cut him off with her lips, and she felt as he let out the breath he'd been holding in. As his muscles relaxed, she whispered.

"Sev, I don't believe that's possible for a single moment. You are not your father."

"But, I-…"

"Sh, Sev. You'll be a perfectly loving father. I know. I mean, look how sweet you are with me. When did you learn to be so sweet?" His cheeks immediately flushed and she smiled. Mission accomplished: distract the poor man from his own insecurities.

"H-How long until we know? I mean, you know… If it worked." A calloused thumb pad stroked her belly gently. "If there's a baby?"

"Well," she whispered back as she laid her head quietly onto his chest, "Muggles take a few weeks, but here… I'd say tomorrow. Do you know how to brew a pregnancy test potion?" She felt him nod, his fingers having returned to her hair. "Good… Then we'll check tomorrow. If I'm not, then we try again."

"Try again… Merlin, we can try again?" She giggled and nodded, her eyes fluttering closed.

"Yes, of course." He didn't say anything for a long while, but she could hear his heartbeat quickening. She had nearly drifted off to sleep again when she heard him.

"Can we-… Can we do that when we're not trying for a baby, as well? Just-… Just for fun?"

Lily let out a soft laugh and yawned as she nodded, her eyes slowly swiveling to look into his. He was so bloody adorable when he was bashful.

"Why? Did you enjoy yourself?" His flushed cheeks looked as if someone had slapped him they were so red.

"Uh-," he nodded slowly, avoiding her eyes, "Yes. Very much."

"Then we can do that whenever you want. I am yours now, Sev. Take me when you want me." She closed her eyes again and she heard him let out a tiny groan.

"I don't know what to say." She smiled softly, rolling to lay on her back as she looked up at the silly shy expression on his face.

"Then kiss me."

And after a moment, he leaned down, and that's exactly what he did.

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