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Naruto sat at the end of his bed looking outside his window. It was hard for his twelve-year-old mind to catch the thoughts and feeling that were coming in his mind. "I hate them all" he muttered. Naruto remembered the whole situation. Naruto was talking about this new jutsu that he created to kick Sasuke's ass. It was better than that damn sharingan!


"Whatever Naruto you have no natural talent." Sakura said.

"You can't even touch Sasuke now. Ive seen his training and I have to say. You won't even be able to see him." Ino stood there listening to the conversation with a frown.

"Whatever Sakura!" Naruto whined playfully.

" This jutsu... No you will see when I fight Neji in the exams tomorrow." he yelled. Sakura rolled her eyes turning around.

"Your nothing Naruto." she called making Naruto cringe in hearing those painful words. Ino's eyes widened in shock and horror seeing how the blond cringe like that. But no Sakura continued with her cold worlds.

"No one will remember you Naruto!" Her laughter filled the streets.


Today was the day that Naruto will show Konoah-no the world who he really was. Naruto rose out of his bed slipping his jumpsuit on. "Great I'm late." he muttered. He took off the weights that was around his arms and legs placing them up against the wall. He brought his hands up clapping them together.

"Kai!" he muttered. Instantly his ocean blue eyes turned to a dark forest green.

"I'm ready now," he said confidently disappearing in a wisp of smoke leaving the now quiet room.

The stadium was huge. thousands of people were filling the seats. Their conversations that they had among themselves came to a buzz to the combatants that stood there in the clearing where the trees were spreaded apart.

"The jounin that was hosting the exam noticed that two of the combatants were not there.

"Where is Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke?" He asked.

"Right here!"

The green-eyed boy called loving the expressions he was receiving from everybody.

"What happen to your eyes?" Shikamaru asked. All of them waited for an answer but all Naruto did was look straight ahead. The jounin looked at Naruto with concern if anything dangerous was to happen he would stop it immiedtily. He couldn't just stop the exams because something unordinary was to happen.

"Will everyone that isn't in the match go up to the competitors booth." he said watching as they all ran up the wall taking there seats. Sakura, Ino and hinata were also there.

He turned his head back to Naruto and Neji. The paled-eyed boy was frowning as he stared at the green-eyed boy who sat there motionless.

"Begin." the man yelled.

Instantly Naruto did several hand seals catching Neji and the man by surprise.

"Suiton: Suigandan" Huge water bullets shot out of Naruto's mouth homing in on Neji.

Taking action Neji jumped high in the air throwing kunai at the blond. At the end of the kunai explosive tags were sizzling. Naruto smirked slamming his hands onto the ground. Huge blocks of woods shot out of the ground like a protective semi circle protecting the blond from explosions the wood was being ripped from the force. Neji's eyes widened in horror.

"What?" he yelled activating his dojutsu? There was no way Naruto can do a jutsu at this level. No one is able to do this. Neji saw the crouched position of Naruto his chakra pathway's going haywire.

The Kazekage's eyes widened slightly. " I didn't know you had that kind of talent hidden around here Sarutobi." The Hokage was speechless as well.

'How did Naruto activate it? That technique he just used is gonna get us into a lot a trouble.' He continued to watch ignoring the kazekage's ranting

Sakura looked over the edge gasping for breath. She was cheering for Naruto causing everyone around her to edge away looking at the maniac until a loud 'thoom' echoed the arena revealing huge pillars of wood rose high protecting Naruto from the huge explosion that rocked the arena.

"Naruto?" she whispered. What he just did was simply amazing how-when did he have this kind of power? She looked over at Neji's position and realized that he was gone. She turned her gaze at the blond seeing that he was huffing and puffing his hands on his knees.

"Watch out Naruto!" she screamed. Her voice was shaking the quite arena slowly making the people around her to start talking again.

Naruto felt a presence behind him and instantly dashed to one of the pillars of wood running with Neji behind him. Naruto slid to a stop fast and hard trying to knock Neji off trying to use his own speed against him. But Neji twisted to the side seeing that Naruto's backside was opened. He shot his fingers to the blonde's spine but out of no where Naruto's back another pillar shot at Neji.

"KAITEN!" Neji yelled. The dome of chakra shield roared as the wood was shredded. The now small piece of wood receded back to Naruto's back. Naruto swept Neji's legs from under him, slamming his fist into the Hyuga's chest sending him back to the ground. Neji was out cold.

"Uhhh... winner Uzumaki Naruto." the people in the audience did not cheer nor did they yell in protest. Naruto was happy. He was so happy! That deal he made with that orange masked guy was worth it after all.