Just before the sun began to rise, a knock on the Hokage's door brought Minato from his paper work. "Come in"

The doors instantly swung open to a man rushing in and falling to his knees. Minato smiled at his student sadly. 'You have grown a lot older kakashi.' Minato thought as he stood up walking around the desk to meet Kakashi. "Stand up kakashi."

Kakashi slowly stood up as his eyes were casted down. He couldn't look in his masters eyes. He was supposed to take care of his son but instead he ignored the boy. "Minato-sama please forgive me... I have no right to call you my teacher because I have not followed any of your teachings." Minato began to notice the tears dropping from Kakashi's face.

"What are you talking about kakashi? What have you done wrong?" Minato brought his students head up so that their eyes met.

"You once taught us to never linger onto the dead. But every day since Obito and rin passed I've been to their funerals. Even today before I've even came I paid respect...And your son! I have been keeping my distance from him because how much he resembles you. I should have never done that to my student."

Minato was quiet as he stood over kakashi. He slowly turned around walking back to his seat. "Stand up kakashi. There's no need to cry about the past... but I guess your use to it now. We aren't perfect kakashi."

Kakashi rose up from his kneeling position. "Your thirty three now kakashi... and you've been wasting your life by worshipping the dead. I need you here with my son. When I'm finally gone I won't be able to protect that crazy boy." Kakashi and Minato chuckled lightly thinking of Naruto.

"You want to know something else kakashi? You haven't been paying attention to Sasuke either. Yes you taught him things but you haven't been caring for his feelings... I have been watching him and I can see him getting darker and darker by the second."

Kakashi eyes widen surprised. "Wait you've been looking at all of the genin teams?"

Minato nodded. "Of course these kids are our future. These kids are clan heirs…I would be stupid if I haven't been keeping note of from them every now and then. And last but not least is Sakura... She seems conflicted about something- You do know why I'm telling you these things right?"

Kakashi shook his head in the negative.

"I want you to fix this kakashi."

Naruto and Shikamaru sat slump to a tree on top of the Hokage monument. They both usually sat on top of the heads when they were kids because of the rush that they would now they sat there to escape their problems. "You're changing Naruto. Why the mask? What happened to the annoying you?"

Naruto chuckled slightly making Shikamaru head turn slightly giving Naruto more of his attention. "Well the reason I wear this mask is because I made a promise to never take it off. It was stupid of me? Yes, but it gave me power that I needed for my future."

"What type of future?" Shikamaru asked.

"Damn Shika! I can't even finish answering the question before you ask another one. I haven't changed Shikamaru. I'm just a boy with more secrets and more problems to deal with. When all of these fights stop that's when I will be that same dumb kid that everyone loves, and my future? I guess I was selfish when I said mine. I mean all of our futures. And I'm also sorry because I won't be able to tell you just yet."

Shikamaru was just about to speak until he heard a loud whoosh that came over his head. "Wood? Naruto what's going-" The sound explosions rocked the dome. Water seeping through the cracks began to make Shikamaru panic.

"Shikamaru!" Naruto shouted his hands infused with the wood.

"When I open the dome I want you to find cover." Another explosion rocked the dome making Naruto grunt in pain.

"You run and find help when you see an opening to-" Like an egg the dome of wood exploded showing a huge man crashing through The shark like face terrified Shikamaru. Kisame huge hands were already around Naruto's throat like snake.

"Run" Naruto gasped. He stared into the man's beady eyes with hate. Kisame brought his hand up ripping the mask off of Naruto.

"When I fight someone I like to look into their eyes." he slammed Naruto into the ground creating spider web like cracks forming around Naruto... who poofed into smoke.

Shikamaru was already on his feet making his way over to the cliff but was stopped by a smaller man in the same cloaks. "I'm sorry I can't let you go and tell your friends. If you're quiet I won't harm you."

Shikamaru slid to a stop looking into the man's eyes. But that was a bad move. Itachi's Sharingan pulsed slightly sending Shikamaru to sleep.

"Where are you Uzumaki Naruto?" Kisame roared. As soon as he spoke the tree in front of him snapped and twisted as the roots underneath came free latching onto Kisame but he tore himself free with his huge sword twigs and branches flying everywhere. He brought his sword up charging the tree. Just when he was about to make contact with the tree it exploded.

Itachi studied the genin that lay in front of him noticing that it was a Nara. 'It's too easy.' as soon as he said it Shikamaru also exploded sending kunai everywhere.

The two genin sat in bushes studying the two intruders. "Who are they?" Naruto hissed his mask nowhere to be found on his face this truly pissed him. The two figures disappeared before reappearing back into the clearing like an after image which made the explosions ineffective.

"I don't know." Shikamaru spoke. "But they don't seem like the regular run in ninjas. Let's hope that the explosions we caused catch other ninja's attention that's in the area."

Kisame was huffing and puffing now. He was angry with himself for letting the Jinchuriki escape from his grasp.

"Don't worry Kisame I found them." Itachi threw a kunai to their left hitting a bush. Just before the explosion erupted Naruto and Shikamaru jumped out escaping the deadly gas rolling into the clearing with the other two.

"We have about five minutes until reinforcement can reach to the top of the mountain." Itachi spoke. Kisame gave a sadistic smile picking his sword up in a ready position.

"Naruto we need you to come with leader need people like you. If you get my drift." Itachi spoke calmly. But Kisame was impatient he charged straight in.

"Ahhhh it wouldn't hurt if I killed his little friend and chop little Naruto's arm off" He was upon them in seconds. Like a wave his sword arched sideways trying to rip Shikamaru in halve. Naruto was ready though. He pushed off with his chakra meeting with Kisame. He stood inside Kisame's guard stopping his swing. Kisame brought his foot up kicking the blonde in the chest making him roll back like a bowling ball. The Nara jumped back helping Naruto up whose clothes were ruffled and ripped showing his bare chest.

"We need a plan Naruto. That man with the Sharingan he said we had five minutes. That's perfect for my shadow possession. I need you to lure that big one in" Naruto nodded and began to form handseals.

Kisame smiled ruefully as felt the chakra rising off the boy. "Hahahaha okay blonde show me what you got."

"Futon no jutsu: kai!" Naruto let his hands down slowly making Shikamaru worry slightly.

"Naruto! He's coming!" Kisame was right over them getting ready to slam the huge sword into their sculls.

Kisame stopped suddenly like a heartbeat. His muscles straining him as he tried to move.

"Whew! Glad our plan worked. Me slowing him down with wind and your shadow possession is something great! Right Shika?"

Shikamaru held his hands together holding his jutsu together desperately "Naruto! He's too strong!"

Kisame straining muscles instantly slacked as he came crashing down onto them.

'A shunshin isn't fast enough' Naruto thought. The explosion and power of the sword was amazing.

Itachi was stunned. He was shocked that Kisame had that much strength at his side. But for the boy to be able to substitute with a tree. That was damn near impossible! The boy interested him greatly. "I guess I should get into this little fight myself." He muttered as he pulled out his anbu sword with a soft click.

Kisame looked down at the tree that was in front of him and smiled like a maniac. "You are very interesting Naruto-kun. Let's see what else you got" a slash instantly ran through Kisame's back. Making him howl in pain. He spun around but noticed that it was a lot slower than he anticipated. Naruto was right there before him huffing and puffing from exhaustion.

"You are something else you know? Mastering wind manipulation at such a young age is amazing."" Itachi spoke walking towards the two. He was ready to end this fight so they could get the hell out of their

"So you finally stopped watching eh Kakashi?" Naruto whispered. Kisame received another slash across his back making him howl in pain. Like a wounded animal he swung his sword blindly behind where the grey haired ninja stood.

"Why are my arms moving so slowly?" Kisame yelled desperately as kakashi ducked under the blow cutting the huge man's forearm. Samehada dropped from the man's grasp with a soft thud squirming every now and then desperate of having his master back.

"Kisame stay calm. Naruto is using wind to slow your movements all I have to do is..." Itachi was right in front of Naruto instantly his cloak flapping in the wind blinding Naruto.

"Break his concentration." he instantly threw a punch to the blonde's stomach making him keel over in pain. Itachi then spun around slamming his foot into Naruto's face. Naruto flew into a tree instantly knocking him out.

Kisame stood in front of the jonin scowling in anger because even when he wasn't stopped by his movements he still couldn't touch the jonin. Kakashi heard a loud crack to his left seeing that the blond was slumped unconscious to a tree. "Naruto!" He yelled. Kakashi ducked under Kisame's swing facing back to back with man. He stabbed his kunai deep into the man's spine hearing a satisfying crunch and a soft thump when Kisame fell...

He watched as Itachi made his way to the blonde and knew he had only seconds to get there before he did. He began to do hand signs ending on tiger. "Katon goukakyuu no jutsu" a huge fireball spudded out of his mouth rolling down on Itachi like avalanche. Shikamaru watched as he stood over Naruto in the trees noticing how huge the jutsu was. He realized that kakashi was desperate to save Naruto. But in his desperation Naruto can be harmed by the jutsu.

"Kagemane no Jutsu" Shikamaru yelled as his shadow slowly latched onto Naruto's. Naruto still unconscious jumped from the tree just when it consumed the tree like a gaping mouth. Shikamaru dropped the jutsu when he placed Naruto safely into a bush.

"Kisame its time to go!" Itachi shouted from behind kakashi. Water started to swirl forward like a cyclone beside Itachi, slowly settling down revealing Kisame.

"Uchiha Itachi and...That man there are under arrest and will be questioned and executed for their crimes in Konoah." thirty anbu stood beside kakashi, their swords at the ready.

"Do you have enough chakra to run Kisame?" Itachi asked receiving a nod.

"Take care of Naruto for us until we get back?" Kisame yelled before shunshining. The thirty anbu also disappeared in a blur chasing the duo.

Shikamaru walked out into the opening with Naruto on his back and the mask in his free hand. "Who the fuck are they?" He yelled.

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