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Maka continued to looked at the tiled floor as Keagan dragged her through the school.

Her mint green eyes were full of confusion and sorrow.

The image of Soul's hurt expression, the pain that sliced through the strawberry eyes she loved so much, continueosly replayed in her mind.

"Babe, why are you slowing down?"

Keagan turned around with a flip of his raven-black hair and looked at her with sparkling sapphire eyes.

Maka gasped as a tear dribbled down her cheek, she had really hurt Soul.

The dark boy sighed and patted Maka on the head, "Babe, you don't want this."

The small girl wiped the salty liquid away from her red-rimmed eyes and sniffed, "What?"

"You don't feel the way that I feel about you."

His voice was strained and his long black hair was covering the pain in his eyes.

"You still like that albino guy back there," the boy said tightly.

"Keagan I-"


He cut off the blonde girl before she could say anything.

"Go find him," he looked up through his hair with a forced smile, "Go find the boy you love and fix this mess."

Maka fidgeted with her clumpy black sweatshirt that seemed to overwhelm her small frame, "I can't tell him."

Keagan smiled and put a single index finger under her small chin, "You can, if he loves you then he will understand and his feelings won't change."

Big tear droplets overflowed Maka's emerald eyes and dribbled down her face, "And what about you?"she sniffed.

The boy gave her a sweet, crooked smile, before leaning in and claiming her lips.

The kiss was short and quick, to this day the only thing Maka can remember about her first kiss was that it was soft, kind, and his breath smelled like spearmint as he pulled away from her face.

"There," he said softly, stroking her cheek. "I have a souvenier."

Maka could feel the pain in his voice and see the hurt that sparkled in his eyes through his always-fake smile.

"Why are you still here, Babe?" Keagan laughed, "See me off with a smile." *

The blonde girl sniffed before looking up at him through honey blonde bangs and smiling widely, "Thank you Keagan, for everything."

Maka's black converse clomped down the school hallway as she ran desperately to find her partner, "SOUL!"

Her hoarse voice echoed down the hallways, she didn't care who heard her desperate shouts, she wanted-no, needed, to find Soul.

She cursed under her breath when she ran into something hard that blocked her path.

"You've always been clumsy."

Maka raised her eyes at the sound of the familiar voice to find that the something hard was Soul.

His eyes looked down at her questioningly as he offered her a large, calloused hand.

The small girl placed her small hand into his and smiled at the touch of their skin.

Before he could hoist her up in was as if a damn had broke and Maka franticly launched herself at her partner, tears streaming down her face as she clung to him desperately.

"Maka-what?" Soul's eyes were filled with panic, "It's ok, Maka"

His hand rubbed her back comfortingly and he held her small figure close.

"I'm so sorry Soul!" she sobbed between the flowing tears, "I haven't told you anything."

Soul closed his eyes and continued to comfort her, "Shhh, it's ok Maka, whenever your ready"

"No!" Maka sniffed, "I'm going to tell you everything."

She pulled apart and wiped her red rimmed eyes that turned from fear to courage.

"No more secrets."

"Maka!" Soul's loud voice echoed through the pair's small apartment, "Are you ready to go yet?"

"Yes!" Maka shouted back in a sweet voice to her boyfriend.

Soul's mouth dropped open when she came down the stairs wearing a flowy, white sundress.

"Do I look ok?" Maka blushed at his expression "I can change."

Before she could retreat back up the stairs a strong hand grabbed her's and she was immediately pulled back into a pair of arms.

"You look beautiful."

It had been three years since Maka had last harmed herself. With the help of her friends and loved ones she was able to stop for good.

This white haired angel she now called her boyfriend was the most help though, he was there for her whenever she needed him and helped her get through the darkest stage of her life.

His soft lips kissed each faint scar exposed on her open arms, Maka sighed as he made his way up her shoulder and to her exposed neck.

"Your strong, beautiful, and simply amazing Maka."

He mutter softly against her neck before kissing her on the lips.

"I love you."

Maka flushed as they pulled apart, she can't believe she just said that.

Soul smiled at her, his eyes lighting up like Christmas, "Say that again."

"I love you, I love you, I love you, Soul Evans!" She shouted happily.

Soul kissed her soft, pink lips, and spun her small figure around the room, white dress twirling behind her.

As he pulled apart and set her down, his red eyes that had always been like an open book suddenly reflected a new emotion, one just for her.

"I love you too, Maka."

He smiled crookedly and rested his forehead against her's, "Always."*

* Vocaloid reference! xp

* Harry Potter reference! xp

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