The Ninth

Chapter 1: The Ninth's Rebirth


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"Normal Speech"


"Demonic Speech"



Watching through his high-tech binoculars, Batman watched what was going on in the distance while hiding high in one of the old trees in Gotham's oldest and largest park. In the distance stood a large gathering of men and women all dressed in white pants and shirts while some wore red ceremonial robes.

"Be careful Bruce," Barbara said through his communicator back at the Batcave, having been injured the night before. "This is Gotham's newest gang and cult, they call themselves the Order of the Ninth. Information on them is sketchy at best but apparently they've been around for quite some time just not in such large numbers."

"So something has them recruiting," Batman mused while zooming in on the group. There were a few robed figures holding guns in the folds of their clothing, discreetly looking around and patrolling the area. "Some of them have guns..." he paused to see what they were as a cultist moved enough for his robe to flutter slightly, exposing his weapon, "One is armed with an M16 assault rifle."

"These guys aren't joking around," the girl said, seeing the picture that he transmitter to her through the cowl cam, "But it does point us in the right direction, the previous murders were committed with high powered weapons firing 5.56x45mm ammo."

Just then, the group began to back away and kneel to the ground, leaving the robed figures standing, revealing that there were eight of them and one wearing a set of black robes with elegant red designs on the trim while a hood covered covered this face.

Batman moved in closer, as to hear them better with his small directional microphone.

"Brothers... Sisters... for too long has our Lord and Master been trapped, for too long have we, his humble servants been without our Masters true presence while he waited in the hellish prison that the fools of old placed him in." The hooded figure called out to the amassed group, "For years we have searched the darkest, deepest corners of the globe in search of the key to his release! But no longer! For I have found the key to releasing our master and in return for my unwavering devotion, he has seen fit to bless me with this power!"

The man threw out his palms, causing the ground around them to burst into flames for a few moments before snuffing them out, leaving a large spiral burnt into the ground around ten feet wide below him.

"A meta-human?" Batman muttered.

The sound of Barbara typing on the keyboard reached him, "Not anything recently, he could be one of the meta-humans that hide their powers."

The group kneeling near the now burnt spiral never flinched, they only watched with their complete attention on him as if they had seen things like that on a regular biases.

"Today by fellow followers of the Ninth, we will unleash our Master so that he may once again rise and bless us for our service," the man yelled, out as the eight approached, drawing large broadswords from the folds of their robes.

They sank the blades into the ground just inches outside of the burnt spiral before sinking to their knees while one picked up a large container of what looked like red paint. The robed figure quickly and masterfully drew a pentagram over the spiral and retook it's place behind the sword.

"With the blood of the innocent," the lead cultist called out in a chant-like voice "We mark our Lords passage into this realm."

Batman's eyes narrowed, one of the cases that they were being accused of was for murdering a young little girl, painlessly ending her life and draining her body of it's blood.

Another red robed cultist rose to his feet and set a glass jar full of sickly bloody water with a pair of eyes floating inside on one of the five points.

"With the eyes of a child, we give our Master sight to see the passage onto this world."

Once again, Batman connected it with another case, this time a young boy, not even a year old, had died and was found with his eyes removed.

The third stood up and produced a large vial of white powder, setting it on another point.

"Powdered human bones, to strengthen our King for his transition."

Another case solved, this time a man who was found with multiple bones missing, his flesh cut and peeled off to get to them.

A forth stood, placing a human skull on a point.

"The skull of a killer, to show our Lord that we are truly devoted."

That was one of the most gruesome, in the middle of an ally, some passing teens had found the body without a head. But upon inspection, they found most of the skin of his face thrown into a dumpster along with brain matter and eyes.

The fifth opened a bloody rag, unwrapping it multiple times before showing a human heart.

"The human heart, what we completely serve with."

The woman that had been killed had been missing a large portion of her chest, it had taken quite a while for the examiners to find that the woman's other organs were still there, only scattered around the ground, the only thing missing was her heart.

Lastly, the next man rose and drew a sharp dagger before holding out his arm.

The image of him wordlessly slicing through his wrist and severing it with a grunt would forever be imprinted within the two hero's minds.

"The flesh of the servant, proof that we will suffer or die in his name."

As they watched what was happening, Barbara commented, "Are they insane? Do they really believe that this'll work at all?"

"It doesn't matter if it'll work or not, as long as they believe that it will then they will continue to try." Batman replied.

The six whom had placed something on the pentagram (Including the one who drew it) began to chant lowly as the final two another stood. The first walked into the pentagram while the other approached the leader and bent forward.

The leader pulled a small wooden case from his robes and opened it, carefully pulling out bluish green jewel the size of a thumb attached to a black cord in the form of a necklace. He hooded cultist removed the hood, revealing his bald head to the world as the necklace was placed over his head and around his neck.

As the others chanting got louder, the other cultist reached up and lowered the hood of the robe, showing that the cultist was a young woman around the age of 19 or 20. Then to the two hero's shock, she opened her robes and revealed that she was nude underneath them.

The bald man stood in the center with her, their backs facing each other before the pentagram began to glow and let off smoke. With a deafening bang and a blinding flash, everything froze.


To the young girl, she suddenly found herself standing in a vast dark void, completely nude and bare. But it didn't bother her as she soon leaned back and felt herself bump into someone.

Turning, she expected to see the bald man whom entered the pentagram with her but instead, she saw the back of a muscular, shirtless man with spiked blonde hair.

The man slowly turned to her, looking at her with soul-stealing blue eyes above whiskered cheeks before looking down at her nude form and smirking.

He was a bit taller than her and looked just a little older, maybe a year or two. But what caught her attention was the jewel around his neck, the jewel of the Ninth.

"M... Master!" she squeaked out, as this... man began to emit a crimson aura of pure primal power.

The blonde reached out and touched her cheek, "Yes... my servant." She leaned into it, his aura surrounding her like a lovers embrace, making her feel like melting.

"Master..." she sighed out breathlessly, "It's such an honor to be in your presence."

The blond simply smiled at the woman.

The girl started feeling light headed and dizzy making her feel embarrassed. Was she really about to pass out just from his touch? As the feeling continued, she suddenly found her legs beginning to shake while her beating heart started to slow.

"What... what's happening... to me?" the girl whispered, quickly finding herself being held up completely by the blond that was her Lord. She looked into his eyes and saw a cruel glint forming as they turned red, "M-Master? What's..."

She lost all of her strength, not even able to finish her question as she drooped and hung from his arm like a rag doll, not out cold but extremely weak and nearing unconsciousness.

"Sleep my servant," the blonde told her, "Your part is almost finished, soon your life force will complete my resurrection."

"But... But..." she murmured, only to pass out in his arms completely.

"Shh." he whispered, "Hush now. Your part is over, now is the time for my return,"

Leaning towards her, the blonde kissed her softly on the lips before laying her down in the void. "You have earned your eternal rest, now pass on,"

With his words, the body started heating up before catching flame and burning to ash.

Slowly, the man began to glow, lighting up the light less void and throwing his head back, "Shatter the chains of bondage and release me onto the world of humans!" he roared out, causing the void around him to shudder while parts of the darkness crack like glass.

Inhaling a large breath, the blond felt his lungs swell just before a large pulsing crimson orb started forming over his open mouth, "BIJU BOMB!"

The orb exploded outward towards the cracks above him, the wave of power completely obliterating his longtime prison.


Grunting as the shock wave caused by the explosion knocked him out of the tree he had been crouched in, Batman felt himself crash into the ground and made a mental note to invest in some shock absorbers for his suit.

The cultists weren't much better, being closer to the blast, most had been killed at the pressure/shock wave liquified or battered their insides to the point of death. Every cult member wearing red robes got atomized by the blast, leaving small pieces of body and clothing while the swords they had were now melted on the ground.

The cult leader, like the recruits, suffered internal damage as he laid on the ground, coughing and hacking up blood. But when he saw the smoke clearing, he let out a bloody, weak grin before trying to crawl towards the figure.

"My... Lord," he moaned, choking on some blood and hacking it out onto the ground, "Master!"

Hearing this, the shadowed figure turned and slowly headed towards the man, revealing the blonde man with blue eyes and whisker-like scars on his cheeks.

"Are you the one I have to thank for releasing me of my bonds?" the blonde questioned, only to get a weak nod. Reaching down, the blonde grabbed the man and roughly lifted him up by the neck, "You are the one who dares parade around as one who received my blessing, using your parlor tricks to inspire fear and loyalty. I've seen what you've done, using my image and name to further your own perverse satisfactions. My necklace allowed me to see the world around it and I've watched as you sullied my name to have your way with the women you bring into the cult."

The leader choked as the blonde squeezed down harder on his windpipe.

"You have outlived your usefulness, you and these ignorant, mindless sheep. I have no need for one such as you nor a group of fools in need of daily instructions." he continued, ignoring the blood that fell on his hand as he leaned forward to whisper in the dying man's ear "My name is Naruto Uzumaki, The Kyuubi-no-Kitsune, remember it as you burn,"

To be continued...


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