The Ninth

Chapter 20: Training Complete


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"Normal Speech"


"Demonic Speech"



It's easy to kill a man with a gun, just point and pull the trigger. Such a simple thing murder is, the simplicity of it being that anyone can do it, young, old, man, woman. Just aim, fire, and you've done it. But it's easy to shoot someone in the back as they run or to fire from a distance. The true test isn't just killing, no... the true test is to see every expression they make, to ignore their pleas, to listen to their prayers, to watch them come to the realization that they were about to die.

Terra's arm shook as she leveled the barrel of a handgun at the head of a dirt covered slob weighing well over four hundred pounds begging on his knees for her not to shoot.

All around her, the mining camp had been destroyed, the shacks housing the prisoners had been destroyed by an RPG as was all the guard towers. The shack used by Biggis had been spared from destruction at first but upon looting it for all it's worth they burned it to the ground.

She hadn't seen everything that happened, the five Apostles had went on ahead in a large transport truck and had the camp under control before they had arrived on a helicopter. It was shocking to see too, five men had taken over the camp of twenty-five armed guards and thirty plus miners without a single wound to show for it.

"Miss Terra," Joseph spoke up from her side, "Is there a problem?"

The girl glanced to the man and shook her head.

"Well then, shoot him."

Biggis tensed up, "Please," he cried, "Please don't,"

Her hand held the grip tighter as her finger slowly teased the trigger.

"P-Please..." was the last word Biggis uttered before a hollow point sprayed his brain matter all over the sands behind him.

Terra held the gun up, still aiming at the spot for a moment before dropping the pistol and covering her mouth in horror over what she had just done.

Joseph knelt down and picked the pistol up, wiping the sand off the sides and holstering in under his suit coat, "You did a good job, Miss Terra," he told the still horrified teen, "The Boss will be proud of you,"

For some reason, hearing that made her feel slightly better.

The man then turned her towards the waiting chopper, "Now, wait for me in the helicopter and we'll head back to the airport. I need to talk to the Apostles real quick."

She nodded and did as he told her.

Joseph walked over to one of the awaiting Apostles and leaned in close, "Load the truck with the guns, money, and the raw ore they have mined, then kill them all."

"Even the miners, sir?" the man questioned, wanting confirmation.

Joseph nodded, "Lord Naruto's orders."

"At once sir!"


Naruto chuckled darkly from his throne, he had just gotten a report from Joseph that his little apprentice made her first kill. Three months had molded her into a killer... a reluctant one but a killer none the less. Soon, he'll have her twisted even further. The little homeless metahuman named Tara was dead and left in her wake was Terra, his little killer.

(Special effect: Screen centers on Naruto's smirking face before the left side of Terra's face fades into view, overlapping Naruto's)


(Special effect: Screen centers on Terra looking out of the window of the plane as they fly back to Gotham with a haunted look on her face. She leans back into the seat and closes her eyes as everything except for her fades to black. When she opens her eyes again, the innocent, haunted spark in her eyes have been replaced with a cold, uncaring glint. Scene changes from black to her standing in front of her master back at the mansion.)

"Your training is complete, I can no longer teach you to control your gift," Naruto told her with a small smile on his face, "You have changed much in the six months that you have been here and I am proud to call you my student."

"Thank you master... er, Naruto," she corrected herself as he had told her to call him by his name before, "Thank you for everything, if it wasn't for you..." she trailed off, thinking of how her life might have turned out had he not brought her in. He was her hero... her role-model.

Naruto smirked, she had been so easy to manipulate, to mold into a perfect vassal. No longer did her morals weigh her down, her conscience had been crushed and now the act of murder meant nothing. The law of mankind no longer mattered, the only law she cared for was his word, to her, as well as the others, his word was law.

"Terra," he spoke, breaking her out of her thoughts, "It is time that you take your rightful place, you have been groomed more than enough and now, you are ready to become my Evangelist."

She smiled brightly, Joseph was the only other person to become Naruto's Evangelist and it basically meant that he saw them as his right-hand man... or in her case, his left-hand woman. The girl nodded and knelt to the ground as his hand began to glow crimson. They looked into each others eyes as he touched her forehead with a glowing finger and despite the intense pain that coursed through her entire being, never broke away from his gaze while gritting her teeth.

Unseen due to her shirt, a demonic symbol burned itself into her back before fading, forever marking her as his.

After what felt like hours, he finished marking her and removed his finger, allowing her to fall and catch herself on her hands while gasping, the first audible sign that she had made to show her pain.

"Rise my dear, for it is time to reveal yourself to the world as well as myself... in a way."

She got off her knees and stood on shaky knees, "What's the plan?"

Naruto smirked, "We defeat the Teen Titans,"

"Not much of a challenge," the girl replied while mirroring his smirk.

"And that, my dear, is what the world will soon know."


Driving down the road, all sitting inside of Cyborg's custom made car that was as high-tech as him, the Teen Titan's listened to Beastboy attempt to tell jokes. As usual, they weren't all that funny and Starfire was more perplexed than anything while the others simply shook their heads at each bad joke.

Stopping at a stoplight, they all sweat dropped as he tried once again to tell a joke, this time asking why ducks were so funny and answering, 'Because they were always 'quacking' jokes'.

When the light changed, Cyborg pressed the gas to speed up and just as they got to the middle of the intersection, a large bolder the size of a smaller car slammed into the driver side. The five screamed at the sudden impact that had the car flipping, rolling on its side twice and landing right side up in the middle of the surprisingly empty streets.

The entire car was engulfed in a green orb before the back driver side door blew off and skidded across the street, allowing Starfire to step out and rub her head.

Cyborg opened his door and stepped out, only to wince as it fell off.

The others got out of the car and looked to where the bolder had come from, only to see that same blond girl that Ivy and Harley had kidnapped half a year ago, only... she had looked a lot different before.

Her hair was still long and partly covered her right eye. She wore a pair of black boots over her feet and had on a pair of tight black cargo pants on that hugged her still slender yet developing hips. Her shirt seemed to be made out of a fishnet and over that was something like a blood red sports bra that showed her belly.

But it wasn't her clothing that got their attention, it was her weapons.

Around her waist was a wide tactical belt with a few different pouches on random spots and another strap connected to a holster that clipped around her thigh. Inside said holster was a monasteries nickel plated Desert Eagle with a black grip. It was a bit large for her but she had wanted to use it and had been able to hold onto it when shooting. She wore a pair of fingerless gloves with a metal plate in the shape of knuckles over her real knuckles to give her punches an extra boost. Lastly, from what they could see, hanging at her sides, slightly angled out was a pair of knives, they weren't sure what kind as they were partly hidden behind her back but they were dangerous either way.

The girl smirked and without words, attacked them. Her hands glowed yellow and small pointed shards of asphalt broke from the street and shot at them like bullets.

Starfire and Raven flew out of the way, Beastboy ran to the side and jumped behind the bolder that had been used to hit the car in the first place, Robin shot his grappling hook and reeled himself in to safety, and lastly, Cyborg copied Beastboy and ran.

The shards hammered into the car relentlessly, busting the tires on the driver side, breaking through the already shattered front glass, denting panels and even bending the reinforced roof support.

Beastboy held his arms over his head while leaning against the bolder only to suddenly find his cover gone. Falling onto his back, he gaped as it slammed into the car with enough force to make it explode then turned to see the girl smirk and levitate the ground under her, giving her a floating platform to work with.

Robin landed on the street with the other titans arriving with him, "Titan GO!" he called before a sudden appearance cut him off with the bottom of a boot to his face.

Robin flew back, slamming into Cyborg as the new enemy punched the green titan in the mouth before picking him up and throwing Beastboy into Raven.

Seeing this, Starfire charged up a star bolt and threw it at the man only to gape as it was slapped aside with a backhand, shattering a sixth story window of an adjacent building. She had been so distracted that she never saw the large rock flying her way until it slammed her into the ground.

The blond man hummed, dressed in similar clothing at the other blond, he had on a short-sleeved fishnet shirt with a white tank top over it, matching black pants, and boots. But unlike Terra, he didn't carry any weapons but did have a half-face mask, that connected to his shirt. (Much like Kakashi's)

Naruto smirked and turned, walking slowly over to where Terra was standing on the floating rock and jumped up next to her.

"Just like I said, no problem at all." The girl said with a grin towards her master.

Beastboy moaned lightly, "Ow, I feel like I just got hit by a truck," he spoke while sitting up and rubbing his face.

There was a dark snarl from underneath him, "Beastboy, if you don't get off me I'm going to hit you with a truck," Raven growled as the green bean sat on her back.

Standing up in a flash, Beastboy quickly apologized while the cloaked girl got up and floated a few feet off the ground with a less than pleased frown on her face.

Starfire rolled the bolder off of her and got up, "That hurt my grebnack," she muttered while rubbing her rear through her purple skirt.

The team soon got back together and tried again to attack the pair.

Naruto raised an eyebrow and looked to Terra, "Care to show me what you've learned?"

"With pleasure," The girl smirked, eyes turning yellow again.

As the Teen Titans rushed them from the front, Terra opened up a large crack in the ground that headed straight for Robin. Seeing this, the teen tried to jump over it but a large column rose up at high speed and nailed him in the crotch, sending him flying upwards with tears pouring out from underneath his mask.

Turning his head, Cyborg looked at what happened and winced as his friend slammed into the road. His arm turned into his built-in sonic cannon and powered up. Shooting the beam at the pair, he was the blond man take a step directly behind the girl as his cannon cleaved a large chunk off the side.

Terra frowned and sent the chunk of her platform flying at the cyborg before heading towards them on the rock at high speed.

The rock slammed into Cyborg, nearly hitting Beastboy only for him to turn into a hawk and swoop out of the way. Flying at the pair, he changed back and grabbed the edge, thinking that it'd dip forward only to be kicked in the mouth as he found that the thing didn't budge.

The green skinned teen flew off and Starfire caught him while Terra and Naruto flew past them, the man jumping off while Terra flipped the stone they'd been riding over and flipped off, landing right next to a half conscious Robin that was still clutching his manhood.

Raising two large rocks, she started to crush the leader of the team only for Raven to show up, engulfing them with her power, "Don't make me hurt you," the girl growled while her eyes glowed white, stretching her arm out that glowed black.

Naruto appeared and grabbed her arm, "Now, there'll be none of that now little half-blood," he reprimanded her like a child, grabbing her wrist and flipping her onto her back. "I will be your adversary,"

This distraction gave both Robin and Cyborg the time needed to recover and both tried to attack at once. Robin kicked high only to have his leg caught while the other larger teen did the opposite of a uppercut. Dodging Cyborg, Terra used her hold on Robin's leg to steady herself as she planted a firm kick to his chest while swinging the back of her fist at the back of Robin's head, who barely managed to dodge it but felt her fist pass through his hair.

Robin jumped, one leg still held by the girl, and kicked with the other, landing a solid strike to her shoulder and forcing her to release him. Landing on the street with a small huff, he rolled away and scrambled to his feet.

Terra sneered at him and used her powers to raise a large wall of stone between them and turned to face Cyborg.

Glaring at the wall, Robin grabbed a disk shaped explosive charge made to focus it's blast in one direction and stuck it to the middle before he jumped back as it began to beep with the middle pulsing red.

Terra prepared to attack Cyborg, but before she could the wall behind her exploded, throwing her forward and pelting her with fist sized chunks of stone as she slammed into the street.

"CYBORG NOW!" the team leader yelled, seeing the girl laying on the ground.

Arming his Sonic cannon, the half robot aimed it, "Sorry kid,"

She looked up, her hair blocking half her face and half her smirk. Her hand glowed and glowing yellow cracks in the ground raced towards both teens and exploded underneath them, sending both skyward.


In the tall building down the street, a young woman leaned on the desk of her fellow coworker giggling as he joked and flirted with her, neither noticing the pair of teens flying up into the air. Robin could be seen falling into the building across from them and Cyborg vanished.

"And I was like, chill out it's not like the sky is falling," he said before a loud crash reached their ears. Not even a second later the ceiling tiles above his desk broke and Cyborg landed on his back directly on top of the desk, breaking it.


(During Terra's fight)

Raven glared at the blond man that attacked her and used her powers to lift one of the large rocks that his partner had used, throwing it at him from the side as a distraction.

Naruto saw this and back flipped a few times out of the way, allowing it to pass by and hit a street lamp which buckled under the weight. "Now, that wasn't nice," he mused while coming to a stop near the wrecked car that the titans had been riding in. "Lets see how you like it,"

He turned and grabbed the bolder still embedded into the roof, dislodging it with ease and tossing it at her.

Raven caught it with her magic only to gasp as the blond had followed up by also throwing the car. It's shadow neared her and she closed her eyes while also trying to stop it.

Out of nowhere, Starfire appeared and caught the wrecked car, her eyes and hands glowing with her alien power.

Beastboy, who had been looking for an opening, abandoned his plan of attacking and ran over to the still downed Raven. Grabbing her by the arm and helping her up while looking at the flying redhead still holding the car above them.

With a yell, Starfire threw the car as hard as she could at the masked blond before shooting a beam of green energy from her eyes.

Not seeing this, Naruto punched the car as it neared only for the beam to hit and cause it to explode, actually throwing him back where he hit one of those blue mailboxes, denting the side with his back.

"Hmm..." he mused before smirking under his mask, "That tingled."

Watching as the blond stood up without a scratch, Raven, Beastboy, and Starfire glanced at each other before the redhead girl charged first, flying at him with one of her superhuman punches.

Naruto sidestepped her super strong straight and grabbed the arm as it literally flew past his head. Starfire's eyes bugged out as she felt her body change course in flight when Naruto slung her around and right into the ground with her own arm, making her twitch as her upper body dug a tench along the road.

A loud roar got the blond man's attention and he turned to see a green grizzly bear swipe at him with it's massive clawed paw and leapt back just in time to keep his neck intact. But the beast didn't stop, leaping after him, the green bear morphed into a giant green ape and continued to attack only to be dodged time and time again.

Unseen by Naruto, one of the remaining street lamps were engulfed by Ravens magic and pulled from the ground. She directed it towards the back of their enemy with the intent to capture him and gave Beastboy the time to stop and move as not to be caught too.

The thick metal pole slammed into his back, making Naruto grunt as it knocked him off his feet, but the pole bent on its own and wrapped around his entire upper body and even his thighs like a cocoon.

"SWEET!" Beastboy yelled as he changed back, "We got 'em,"

Floating over, both Raven and the recovered Starfire stopped next to their teammate, "I wouldn't count on it," the hooded girl muttered.

"Huh?" The green bean asked, "What'cha mean?"

His answer came from the sound of metal twisting and breaking, causing him to gape at the sight of the ensnared blond breaking through the metal around him.

"Oh come on!"

Naruto broke free and chuckled, "How amusing, but I've still yet to break a sweat." he informed them before noticing that Terra had sent her two opponents flying through the tops of separate buildings, "And it would seem that my partner has yet to do so as well,"

Terra made another floating platform and floated over to him while Robin and Cyborg finally managed to make their way to the ground floor and came out the front doors to run over to the other three titans.

"Terra." Naruto started as he glanced at her, "I'm finished with these weaklings, let us go, these five are wastes of time."

"Your not going anywhere!" Robin yelled, holding his collapsable metal bo-staff in hand.

Glancing at them, Naruto hummed, "Pathetic, Terra."


"I believe a parting gift is in order. As worthless as these five are they still deserve a little something for trying."

That made the girl smirk, "I have just the thing,"

Terra held out her glowing hands, causing the ground to shake and crack even worse than before, even passing by the five and making the three standing on the ground stumble. In front of the blond pair, two large golems made of dirt, land lines, asphalt, and pipe exploded from the ground, standing eight feet tall and weighing over four hundred pounds.

Raven shook and paled, that power had been different from before. It felt like hers almost... it felt demonic.

Beastboy summed up their collective thoughts as the two golems sank into the cracked earth with amazing speed for something so large. "Oh shit,"

To be continued...



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