Seymour's heart froze. This was it. The big moment. Seymour had dreamed of his for three years. Her soft pink lips were moments away from being placed on his own… he had to do this carefully. Take his time, be romantic…

He plunged. What else could he do? He was too overcome!

Her lips were what he expected: soft. But… they were really soft. Audrey had relaxed her face (after the initial shock of Seymour's… 'bold advance'.) And… she was sweet. She tasted so good. This was so much more than he expected! Who would think, having lips on yours would be such a sensation? And having a sensational woman be the owner of said lips… Seymour felt his heart pound with every pucker, every movement. She even once kissed… JUST HIS BOTTOM LIP! Seymour felt a slight (unmanly) moan escape his lips as she did this.

"Oh, Seymour…" she said in response, while placing a soft hand on his cheek. Seymour felt a stirring in his gut. He wrapped his arm around her slim torso and gripped it, almost too tightly. He felt as if he had to force himself to do these things, or else he would chicken out. But…

...she loves me, too.

His grip softened to a natural embrace, and his other hand felt for her open one. They sat together, lips softly experimenting, hearts hammering, entwined. Audrey's thumb gently caressed Seymour's cheek, and he squeezed her hand in response. Seymour could do this for hours! Seymour had never felt so happy. So content, so free, so… at home.

Audrey pulled her face away slightly, catching her breath. Seymour's mind slowly drained away while he said, "Wooooow." This time, it came out as the word. Somewhere down the road, Seymour would still consider this moment 'not very cool', however. But in the moment, how could he help it? Audrey sighed in agreement.

"Audrey…" Seymour began. She looked up at him, eyes sparkling. He smiled, and continued.

"Audrey, I'm really glad you came over here tonight." She giggled.

"Me, too. I felt like tonight I… I needed you," she confessed. And she cocked her head to the side, closing her eyes. Another kiss! She wanted another kiss!

Seymour made sure to do it right this time. He closed his eyes, inhaled deeply, cupped her face with his hands and gingerly placed his lips on her own awaiting mouth. He felt her head and lips surrender to his hands, letting him take over. Seymour imagined that she had never done that before… that she had never wanted to give herself to someone… the thought made him shudder. But feeling Audrey's soft acceptance of his kisses turned his heart back to its main focus. He wanted to… but do he dare? He gently prodded his (eager) tongue at her lip entrance. Audrey giggled and accepted it. She tasted so sweet. Seymour felt his excitement building, his anticipation growing. Where would this lead?

Audrey answered his question.

"Seymour…" she said softly, looking deeply into his eyes. He was about to ask why when she gently pulled him on top of her.

"I love you," she whispered, and kissed his earlobe. His eyes flew open and he was aghast. Something new was about to happen.

"I love you so much, Audrey."

Some time later...

The two of them lay side by side, catching their breath. Seymour was tingling, with one eye half-closed and a goofy smile planted on his face. Audrey was next to him, eyes wide and toes curled. She grabbed his hand a squeezed.

"Seymour!" she breathed. "Oh, Seymour!"

"You're so beautiful, Audrey," Seymour gushed. "I didn't get a chance to tell you-"

"Shh," said Audrey, placing a finger on his lips, and keeping it there this time. "Let me say something first. Seymour, that was really wonderful," she enthused. "I've never felt so… so… good! Being with you is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I love you, and you took care of me… you focused on me… I'm… I'm talking too much," she added apologetically.

"Oh, Audrey!" Seymour cried for the seemingly millionth time. He pulled her into a kiss. Granted it was a bit sweaty from their earlier tryst, but satisfying none the less.

Seymour had done it. Achieved manhood. But best of all, he had made love to the love of his life, the woman of every man's dreams. He had held her soft skin against his, felt her curves under his hands, and even… squeezed her boobs! But it was better than just squeezing boobies. It was fulfilling. They were a part of Audrey's beautiful body, her beautiful person. He gazed up at her, and she said, "You must be sleepy."

"I'll need some rest for the day I'm going to have tomorrow, Audrey," Seymour yawned happily, gathering his Audrey in his arms. She looked at him quizzically.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I've gotta go beat up a certain jackass, don't I? With you by my side, Audrey, I can do anything! And I'll do everything I can to protect you from that jerk. Please let me help you, then we can be together for as long as you want, Audrey!"

Audrey was slightly frightened, but she knew, somehow that Seymour could do it. She loved his meek traits and his shyness, but she knew, when the times had presented themselves, that he was strong inside.

"Forever, please," she said, snuggling into his chest.

Seymour could have roared like a lion. He gripped her form as they both drifted into dreamland.

Thank GOD for a not-so-typical Friday.