Let us get on with this!

I woke up to Glaedr screaming in my head.

Eragon! Get your butt up and look at the things attacking you!

I looked up and saw four giant snails, and one that was huge but not nearly as big as the others.

Saphira! There are huge snails coming to attack us! I mentally shouted.

Eragon, why would you wake me up for something as puny and pathetic as a snail?

Look at it and say that again!

Saphira opened one of her big, shining, blue eyes, and looked at the huge snail.

That's pretty big. She said. She then blew blue fire at the five snails. They all retreated to their shells as they roasted. Saphira brought her huge tail down on the snails and cracked one of their shells in half. She stretched her neck and ate the roasted snail. This is delicious! Want some? She asked me.

I'm good. I told her, not wanting to have snail very much.

"I have dealt with ghosts in the shape of puppies, but never in my life have I seen a giant snail." Daniel said.

"Ghosts can't take form." I told him.

"Where I come from the can. Or I wouldn't exist."

"Well the ghosts here are orbs of light. But, they're not really dead people. Well I guess we don't have them here."

"Well that's different! Wow, that would make my life so much easier." Daniel said. He laughed. "Do you have an extra set of clothes?" He asked.

I nodded and walked over to Saphira. I opened one of her saddle bags and took out a tunic and a pair of pants. I threw them to Daniel, which he caught.

"Thanks." He said as he walked behind a tree.

He is an odd one. That is the reason I chose him. I heard a voice say. It sounded kind of like Saphira, but much younger.

Who are you? I asked.

Who do you think? Why would I sound like Saphira if I wasn't a dragon like herself? Of course,she is older therefore we sound different. Also, we are different dragons. Dragons have a way of sounding alike. Ebona.

How do you know this? You hatched yesterday!

I have shared a few chats with Glaedr.

How did you learn to speak so quickly? Saphira asked.

Glaedr thinks it's because I connected with Danny.

Who's Danny? I asked.

You three know him as Daniel, but he likes to be called Danny. Apparently some crazy, evil man named Vlad calls him Daniel, and his crazy and evil older self is named Dan, so he just sticks with Danny.

There are a lot of crazy men in his life aren't there? Saphira asked.

Saphira! I mentally exclaimed.

I'm still mad at you for the snail.

Oh and how about when you got drunk with the dwarves!

You know they brought me all of that alcohol!

You got drunk with a bunch of dwarves? Ebona asked, mentally laughing.

He let me! Saphira argued, pointing her wing at me.

Oh, so now this is my fault!

We continued arguing. At one point I started speaking out loud, but when Saphira started breathing fire we stopped.

If you two are done bickering like children, we can discuss the reason you're here! Glaedr growled.

Sorry Master. Saphira apologized. I couldn't help but notice Saphira was very out of character. She was probably trying to look younger in front of Ebona.

I then saw a bright flash of black-blue light in the corner of my eye. I turned my head and saw a white dragon on the floor.

"These dragon are appearing like mad! Is this one's rider a werecat?" I said angrily.

What are you talking about? Ebona asked. The only dragon in this clearing besides Saphira is me!

Then why are you white? I asked. This concept of spectral beings was becoming very frustrating.

"Eragon what are you yelling about?" Daniel exclaimed.

"Danny! Why is your dragon white?" I asked angrily.

"How do you know about me being called Danny?"

"Ebona told me! Why is she white?" I said, trying to calm down.

"Hmm. I'm guessing she has ghost powers like me."

I could not help but put my head in my hands. "You know what," I said. "I'm done talking about this. Ebona, turn black again. Danny, sit down. Saphira, Glaedr, I can't tell you two what to do, so go ahead and do whatever satisfies you."

Flustered, I turned back to Danny and looked him in the eye.

"Alright, I know about most of the stuff in your life. I just have to ask, why tell me?" I asked, calming myself.

"Well, I'm in a new world, and I need somebody to be able to talk to or else I'll go insane within my own head. And plus, everyone in my old world knew about me anyways, and I've already been dissected, so what do I have to loose? My innocence, lost that years ago. My life, I already lost half. The love of my life, I haven't see n her since the ghosts kidnapped her. " He looked down at the ground, obviously in deep pain. He looked back up at me. "She meant everything to me. The ghosts took her to the same spot they dumped me through the portal. I hope I can find her here."

"I know how you feel." I told him. "The love of my life is over fifty years older than me, and she says we couldn't be together even though we are both practically going to live forever."

"Fifty years? You're in love with an old woman?" He asked.

"No! Arya is over fifty years older than me, but looks younger than me because she's an elf!" I said.

We paused for a long time. I couldn't help but let my mind wander off to thoughts about Arya every once and a while.

"Is there anything you want to know about me?" I asked.

"Well it's only fair I know most of the things about you, since you have seen practically every part of my life." He said. I hesitated.

"I need to share something else with you first, for I cannot tell you unless you join my side of the war." I said.

"Not another war!" He said. "Alright, what's going on in this world?"

"There are two sides in this war," I began. "The Varden, and the Empire. The Empire is Galbatorix's side of the war, and he wants to be king of Alagesia and control all the dragon riders like you and myself. Although, there are only four of us at the moment, you, Galbatorix, my half brother Murtagh, and me. The Empire is mainly humans, shades, and Ra'zacs. The Varden is the group of people that are fighting against Galbatorix. So far, I am the only dragon rider in the Varden. I am the leader of the Varden now that Nasuada has been captured but the Empire, and my brother. We are composed of humans, elves, dwarves, and urgals." I concluded.

"So I'm guessing you want me to pick your side, or you're going to have Saphira burn me to a crisp." Danny said.

"No, even if you did refuse, I could kill you. If you die, your dragon dies with you, and therefore, with you being one of the only riders in the world, I would rather have you alive, and you and your dragon well with the Empire, than have you both dead and risk the extinction of dragons. Well, your dragon doesn't exactly die, it just turns into an Eldunarí, and is at the risk of going insane with depression and loneliness because you don't exist anymore. " I told him.

"Either way, I wouldn't commit myself to some controlling jerk. I want to join the Varden." He told me.

Finally! That took to long. And we all knew what the outcome was going to be so why didn't you just make him join the Varden? Saphira asked, bored.

"You may join the Varden. Now that that's settled, I started out as a baby, living with my mother and my uncle for the first few weeks of my life. My mother left me with my aunt and uncle to protect me from her husband. I lived in Panlancar Valley until I was fifteen. While hunting in the Spine, I found Saphira's egg..." I began. I don't think Danny was ready for what he was going to hear at the time.

After at least an hour, I ended my tale. "Sounds like you've been through a lot." Danny told me. I could only nod, and accept the fact that what he said was true.

"We should start searching." I suggested. Danny nodded, and we stood up.

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