"Tony! Tony!" A hand came crashing down on his shoulder, dragging him away from his work.

"What the f—"

His own worried, tense face looked down at him. "We've got a call. We've got to go."

"Shit." He dropped his tools, shaking himself, adrenaline putting him in Avengers mode. "I was hoping. I was really hoping..."

"We don't have time. My uniform is upstairs. Let's go."

Tony followed him up the stairs, two at a time. Dashing into Steve's room, he stripped his clothes off and fumbled for the uniform, Steve stumbling in behind him to help.

"It's... sorry! It's tricky the first time..." Between the two of them, they'd fumbled the uniform onto Tony. Steve settled the shield on Tony's arm. "Um. Be careful with it."

"Oh Steve. I'll be careful with your baby. Don't worry."

Steve punched his arm. "I know you will. Let's go!"

Grabbing onto him, Tony held his breath and maybe prayed a little while Steve took off—thank god he was a quick learner. It was a little bit of a wild ride, but he found he could hold on well enough.

"Took you guys long enough!" Clint yelled, diving behind a car as he shot the Doom bots.

"Are you kidding me?" Tony whined. "Doom bots?"

"Sorry, guys," Steve said over the comms. "It uh..."

"We're here now," Tony interrupted to keep Steve from spilling their cover. "Fill us in."

"Doom Bots, obviously," Natasha said, "no discernible goal. Causing havoc. Get your asses in gear and help."

Tony ground his jaw to keep from saying something out-of-character in Steve's body. "Thank you, Black Widow," he settled for instead. "Shit," he muttered aside to Steve. "How are we going to do this..."

"I can probably aim pretty well with your suit..."

"Let's do it," Tony said grimly.

"Well, I'm gonna put this nicely," Fury said. "What the fuck happened out there!"

He felt Steve wince next to him. "Sorry, Sir. It just—"

"Oh this had better be good, Rogers. Because I did not expect this from you of all people."

Tony winced. "I just..."

"Listen, Cap needs a break!" Steve jumped in. "He hasn't been on vacation...oh ever."

"Shut the fuck up, Stark. You're the last person I want to be hearing from right now," Fury growled.

"Sir, it was an off day, and I'm sorry. But everyone's okay, and we—"

"Will be paying property damages for decades!"

"Right. Well, we're going to go," Steve said quickly in Tony's glib voice, "before you pop a blood vessel and bleed all over us..." He turned and elbowed Tony out the door.

"Stark! You better hope all I do is bleed on ya!"

"Shit shit shit shit!" Tony said breathlessly as they escape down the hall and into an elevator to escape back home.

"We have got to fix this," Steve agreed, laughing a little as they collapsed back into the plush seats of Tony's limo and were driven home.

"Oh God. Fury's eye. Did you see the vein? We weren't even that bad!"

Steve snorted. "Tony. You hit Banner with my shield!"

"Hey, he finally hulked."

"I can't believe you've turned that into a verb."

Tony grinned. "Whatever. The English language is my bitch."

Snorting, Steve jostled him with an elbow. "You're impossible."

"I'm pretty sure I can fix it soon..."

Steve sighed and slumped against his own solid arm. "Geeze, I am pretty intimidating sometimes, aren't I."


"You got this scary look when you were crushing one of those bots, and I never realised that I could look so intimidating."

"Duh, Steve. You're Captain America. I think it's in the job description."

"Your suit's pretty awesome."

"I know," Tony preened.

"Don't look smug. It's weird on my face."

Snickering, Tony pushed out of the car as it came to a halt. "I'm pretty sure Jarvis is the only one who knows our secret," he said, hip-checking the door open.

"And what secret is that?" Pepper asked from the front hall as they entered.

"Shi—Pepp—Miss Potts!" Tony blurted.

"Pepper!" Steve said smoothly, pushing Tony forward. "No secret. There's no secrets here."

Tony could feel himself blushing.

"Uh-huh. Tony, listen. We nee—"

"Can we talk about it later? 'Cause I really need to uh..." Steve looked around desperately.

"We didn't do so hot with the Doom bots today," Tony admitted with one of Steve's shy smiles. "And Tony and I need to practise getting our rhythm back in sync."

"Oh really?" Pepper drawled with an arched eyebrow at Steve.

It would have been hilarious to see his eyes go so wide, Tony thought, if it weren't for the fact that he never did that.

"Ste—He said it! Not me!" Steve blurted quickly and shot past Tony towards the basement.

Pepper squinted after him. "Hm. That's new. He likes you, Rogers."

"I'm sorry?"

"Tony. He likes you. That was impressive." She smiled. "Tell him there are new details about the Soco merger, and there are plans that he needs to approve before the production team moves forwards." And then handed him a stack of papers. "And those need to be signed. Take care, Steve. Take care of Tony."

"I uh..."

"Don't worry about it. Just keep doing what you're doing. He's happier." And then clicked out the door.

"Wow. So not expected that..." Tony smiled slowly and dropped the stack of papers on the table in the front hall before hurrying downstairs. "Oh Ste~eve!"

Steve looked up as he came down the stairs. "Sorry, I—"

"So apparently Pepper noticed we've got the hots for each other."

Steve blushed.

Damn, that was attractive. Maybe he should relearn how to blush. Could he do that? Extremis could probably reroute blood vess— "Um. Yeah. Anything you want to tell me?"

"Wait... Hots for each other?" He flicked his eyes in Tony's direction.

Tony pushed him into the lab. "That's what I said. Jarvis, lab protocol 69, lights 75%."

"Wha—" Steve looked around wildly, catching the door latching, and the glass dimming until it was opaque. "Tony...?"

Tony grinned, looking down at himself. Eyes wide, dilated. Lips parted. Flushed. Steve's weak grunt when his back hit the wall.

"Oh God, Tony. Wait wait wai—"

He cut him off, fitting his lips over Steve's—his own—screw vanity issues, and pressed Steve's body closer to his own.

"Oh my God, are we really going to do this now?" Steve said, inching up against the wall like he wanted to get away.

Tony pulled back. "Do you not want this? Am I—shit—am I misreading things? 'Cause I was pretty sure tha—"

"No, you're right," Steve admitted, dropping his eyes, hands tight against his chest. "I just... Well, you're me..."

"Yeah..." Tony stared at him.

Steve blinked. "You don't have a problem having sex with yourself."

"Always wanted to try."

Steve's face stayed blank.

Tony sighed. "It's you."


"You, Steve. It's you. I know it's you. That you're wearing me as clothes doesn't really matter."

"That's a disturbing image."

Tony grinned, leaned in. Steve leaned towards him. Not away. "I'll show you all the things I like..." he teased.

"Oh God..." Steve said faintly.

"Nah, just 'Tony,' lover boy."

Steve finally grinned a little, letting Tony lean in further and kiss him. "You're such a bad influence..." he breathed in between trading air. "I would never do this—this is so beyond...Tony this is weird..."

Tony pulled back. "Too weird?"

Steve searched his face. "You want this?"

"Hell yes."

"Then I want this."

Tony beamed. "Fuck. I'm gonna make this—this is—Stevethis is going to be amazing." The thoughts run on, from his brain out his mouth, not even stopping to collect 200 dollars at 'go.' Undoing his belt, Tony felt Steve's hands fumble around at the waist of his jeans. "No wait," he said, pushing Steve back, feeling the tension as Steve fought to move. Blood rushed away from any and all higher brain power, and he groaned.


"You can't move, can you?" He felt again, Steve push at him. "You can't. Fuck. Steve. Steve... That's... I can push you around."

Steve went limp against him, face flushed.

"I love it," Tony blurted. "I can't even... I love it..." And buried his face in the junction of his own neck and shoulders, tugging his slacks down so they pooled at Steve's ankles.

Steve squirmed a little, pushing at the jeans that clung on Steve's body. "Come on... Help me here..." But then Steve was gasping into Tony's ear about the way that Tony's hand gripped his cock.

"I wanna..."

"Do it!" Steve gasped out.

Tony growled with Steve's voice and bit lightly at Steve's shoulder, chest pressed against him tightly so he couldn't move. His hands circled Steve's cock—his own—how about that for a whole new level of masturbation... sliding down to tug lightly at the head, thumbing over the slit. Steve gasped, hips making a little abortive jerk. "Steve... Steve, did you take a crap earlier...?"


"Did you shit?"

"N-no...Oh. You wanna... No. No I didn't..." Steve whispered, eyes squeezed shut.

"S'okay. There's other stuff..." He grinned wickedly. "Lick my hand."

Steve was flushed horribly, but gripped Tony's wrist and kept his gaze when he licked a strip up the middle of Tony's palm.

"Again," Tony ordered gruffly.

Steve did, following the contours, letting his tongue dip into the spaces between Tony's fingers.

Tony waited until his hand was damp and then pulled away, pushing Steve's shoulders against the wall with a hand to his chest. Grinned at him and then slid his damp palm up and down Steve's cock loosely, tightening at the base. Back down his length, easing off the pressure as he neared the head and finished with his thumb across the slit. Five passes and Steve's hips were twitching, his mouth streaming nonsense while his hands roamed over Tony—across his chest and shoulders, up into the short-hairs at the nape of his neck, tugging lightly. "Yeah... How'm I doing?"

"Yes... Jesus, Tony..."

"Lots of energy into practise," he purred, leaning in again to tug at his ear lobe, blowing cool air over the dampened flesh.

Steve shivered and then moaned, noise coming out of his mouth where he was trying to articulate some need.

"What d'you want, Steve? What d'you want?"

"I need more!" Steve panted, hips twitching into Tony's hand.

Tony groaned and pushed at his pants with his free hand, keeping a loose cradling hold on the dick Steve was borrowing from him. He pushed his chest against Steve's to keep him still, groaning as he freed his own cock and pressed his hips up against Steve's. Rewarded with a groan from Steve, he shifted closer and slotted Steve's cock up against his, the head of Tony's (admittedly) smaller organ pressed up under the head of Steve's. Letting his head fall to meet Steve's forehead, Tony thrust against Steve, controlling all the movement.

"O-oh! Tony...! Tony, come on...!" Steve babbled, hands letting up on their grip on Tony's shoulders to meander down his back and cup his butt closer. "Almost...come on..."

"Yeah..." Tony agreed breathlessly, stroking them faster, smearing his hand over the heads of their cocks before squeezing back down the shafts. "Jesus... This is... Steve, you're gorgeous..."

Steve dropped his head back against the wall with a choked laugh. "Tony, Tony, you're...oh God, harder—talking about yourself... This is..."

"Weird, I know it's weird. Fuck, it's weird as shit, but I love it, God, I love it, Steve...! You're so big, and you could pin me down—I love pinning you, fuck...!"

Tensing up with a cry, Steve shuddered and panted as his release caught him up.

Another thrust and Tony was biting down on Steve's shoulder, pressing him harder to the wall as he let his orgasm take him, gasping out half-formed words. Nothing more than friction holding them, the sweat on Steve's back and four wobbly legs let them slide to the floor. "Oh God."

"I can't...believe we just...did that..." Steve said quietly.

"I know," Tony pulled himself off his body and slumped against the wall, shoulder-to-shoulder with Steve. "But it was amazing."

Steve snorted. "I—"

"Oh!" Tony stiffened. "I know how to fix it!"

Sighing, Steve watched Tony hobble away, pants around his knees, to his table where the Tag-Along was half dismembered. "It'll be done soon then?"

"Uh, yeah!" Tony was already distracted by the parts, separating.

"I'll... Wow. I'll uh...clean u—clean you up over here. Tony, Tony! You're..." Steve broke off, mumbling.

"Sure thing," Tony replied out of habit.

"Alright!" Tony crowed almost two hours later. "We are set to go! Oh shit. This is uncomfortable..."

"I tried to tell you," Steve said, voice laced with amusement as he watched Tony shift in his pants.

"Shoulda tried harder, Cap," Tony said easily, beckoning Steve closer and holding out a bluetooth headset. "Put this on."

"This isn't going to...hurt either one of us?"

"Nope. We'll be good." Tony hooked one over his ear and then grinned. "Ready? Take a seat."

Steve looked down at Tony's body and then at the lascivious grin on his own face and nodded. "Yeah. I'm ready."

"Right. Beam me up, Scottie!" Tony said and then flicked the switch.

The lights dimmed and then went black.

He sucked in air and sat straight up, looking at his own hands. Steve was stirring where he'd sat down to work the Tag-Along. "Sweet."

Steve blinked and then smiled slowly, sweet. "Oh good!"

Stretching, Tony shook his head to clear it, running through systems with Extremis. "Oh yeah. Everything's back in order. Now, since I left you a rather unfortunate hot mess, how about a shower?"

"Huh?" Steve blinked at him.

"It's alright. Still a little slow on the uptake. I get it." Tony hopped up and took off the headsets, setting them next to the machine, eyeing it. "You know..."

"That sounds dangerous," Steve said, running hands through his hair and twisting.

"This would be really entertaining to give to Clint. Or Natasha. Or Clint and Natasha..."

"Tony, no."

"Ooh! What if I reverse psychology Doom into wanting it! Then be sure that... I dunno, the other headset is given to a rat."

Snorting, Steve stood. "I think a shower would be a good idea."

"Oh yeah. Let's go, babe..." Tony swayed up to him, grabbing him by the front of his shirt to pull him down to kiss him.

They giggled up towards Tony's room, ducking into the dining room as Clint ambled by. Clothes half off in Tony's giant bathroom, Tony leaned up against Steve's back.


Tony grinned. "I like you an awful lot."

Steve blushed and turned to undo the buttons of Tony's shirt. "I like you an awful lot too."

"Good," Tony purred, guiding Steve back into the hot spray. "Definitely good."