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Chapter 12: The Storm of the Singularity Point to Mirai

"Oh man! Momotaros got ejected by the guy!" Alpha gawked as he looked over at the Kuma Imagin, who was looking at Mirai as she kept herself between him and Plat Form.

"My strength isn't for making women cry," Kintaros informed as he slapped his gold belt with an axe-shaped buckle, "Please move."

"I can't allow that. I won't let you kill Den-O! Never!" Mirai replied.

He quickly pursued the Rhino Imagin. Radome's fins began to glow as lasers shot out of them. Within a matter of minutes, the rhino Imagin managed to escape, though slightly burnt from the shots.

"Musn't chase a lost fish too far, right?" Rod Form noted as he jumped back onto land and released the Henshin, letting the hedgehog pass out.

"Ryoutaro!" Mirai called as she ran over to him, "...Alpha?"

Mirai looked over to see Kintaros walk off towards the setting sun with Alpha beside him, a resting Espio on the Kuma-Imagin's back. The hedgehog and Imagin looked back at them before resuming their walk. It was then Mirai noticed a medical kit was beside her with a note from Alpha.

"'Going to stay with the Imagin. Tell Sonia I've met another Imagin that may be staying with Ryoutaro like Momo-Baka-Os and Uke-taros,'" Mirai read, "Eh?-! He can't be serious!"

"That Kuma-yaro. Next time we meet I'll definitely waste him! Yet for that Midorikuso Cyborg to join him, …that's going too far!" Momotaros shouted as he sat down.

"That's true… Alright" Urataros stated calmly as he was playing with his fishing rod. "That really was amazing."

Amy meanwhile was sitting on the counter with a bigger look of confusion than she ever had before.

"But he protected his contract holder, Espio-san. That and Alpha-kun joined him for some reason," Amy said as she saw Mirai laying Sonic into one of the seats with the medical kit from before in her arms.

"It's just a problem for him if his contract holder dies. Imagin only care about completing their contracts," Mirai explained as she wrapped a blanket around the cobalt hedgehog.

"I think that Imagin is different though, …and I think Alpha feels the same way. …It's just a feeling though." Ryoutaro responded.

"An Imagin is an Imagin. Didn't he attack people?-!" Mirai retorted earning shocked looks from Sonic until his words came back to him.

"OF COURSE NOT! …Well …maybe, but it was the rhino Imagin that attacked people," Sonic spoke back recalling what said Imagin said last chapter.

"Ryoutaro, you're giving the Imagin too much credit. Did you forget their goal? If the flow of time was disturbed, it'd affect you too, Ryoutaro!"


"Enough. I'll go after the Imagin, …and I'll bring Alpha back. Ryoutaro, you rest."

Sonic, however, wouldn't dream of it. Even if he lost his speed from two normal henshins, he wouldn't stay back and have Mirai beat up his twin and an Imagin for no reason. So, Ryoutaro struggled up and suggested something.

"Momotaros, Urataros," Sonic started, "Can you go with Mirai-san? I think we should investigate the situation more, …just like I bet Alpha's doing right now."

The train of time, Denliner. Will the next station be in the past or the future?

Jikan no nami we tsukamaete (Grab on to the waves of time)

*Denliner drove through an opening in the canyon wall and drove across the bridge as the camera zooms out before seeing an hourglass in front of the mess*

Ima sugu ni yukou yakusoku no basho (Right now let's go to that place of promises)

*We then see Den-O walk up to the Denbird in Denliner's engine before the scene changes to a coffee table with an hourglass, a coffee cup, and a Denliner pass sitting on it before Ryoutaro's hand reaches out to grab it. Once he picks it up, we see Ryoutaro looking at the pass before staring off in one direction before leaving the Milk Dipper with Sonia and Manic looking on in confusion at where he was going while Alpha looked on with a smirk ready for some action*

Genkai mugen iza tobikome. Climax JUMP (You have unlimited boundries. In a pinch, jump over it) Ii jan? Ii jan? Sugee Jan? Ii jan? Ii jan? Sugee Jan? (Isn't it good? Isn't it good? Isn't it great? Isn't it good? Isn't it good? Isn't it great?)

*The scene changes to Den-O hopping onto Denbird then inserted his Denliner pass and started up the bike causing some of Denliner's cars to disconnect from some of the main cars as Den-O steered the train to the left allowing the train to enter a portal through time before the title appears*

Kanaitai yume ga aru nara (If you have a dream that you want to come true)

*Burning calendar pieces began falling from the sky as we see images of gameplay from Sonic's adventure burning as well. Some of these fall at Ryoutaro's feet as he stared on at what happened around him*

Shinjinakacha negatta hibi wo (…then there were days when you believed it would come true)

*We see Ryoutaro looking off towards the camera before it switches to Mirai staring walking off into the distance before seeing her face with some tears in her eyes*

Catch the wave!

*A hand flips the hourglass back in the Milk Dipper upside down*

Mayoi sou na toki kanarasu (When you're lost…)

*The scene changes to Ryoutaro holding the pass while pointing his finger into the distance before a zoomed out image shows holographic train tracks appear on either side of him*

Omoi no tsuyosa ga michibiku (you're sure to be guided by the strength of your feelings)

*We see glimpses of Den-O's armor from behind his helmet, then behind him at a shot of his hand before we see a shot of Sonic running in Green Hill Zone before the image shatters revealing Ryoutaro getting ready to execute his henshin*

Kimi ga nozomu mirai sude ni in you hands (The future you wish for is already in your hands!)

*We see Ryoutaro execute his Henshin before we catch a glimpse of Den-O's sword form helmet attach to his plat form face completing his Henshin into sword form. Then Den-O executes his Ore sanjou pose before setting up his Full Charge sword*

Hajimari wa itsumo totsuzen (Beginnings are always sudden)

*We see Den-O sword form swinging his sword around using his charged up blade.*

Unmei wo tsurete yuku time tripin' ride (…Bringing fate along on this time tripin ride)

*We see Mirai making happy expressions in Denliner with Ryoutaro's back to her, before it changes to the Milk Dipper with Airi doing something similar that Mirai did with Ryoutaro's back to her. The scene then changes to see Ryoutaro's reactions to what they girls did before we see him split into his four Imagin possessed forms before a quick glimpse of Den-O's Axe and Rod forms appeared*

Dare yori takaku [Ii jan? Ii jan? Sugee jan?] Kinou yori takaku [Ii jan? Ii jan? Sugee jan?] (Higher than anyone else [Isn't it good? Isn't it good? Isn't it great?] Higher than Yesterday… [Isn't it good? Isn't it good? Isn't it great?])

*With a quick shot of Momotaros, Urataros, Alpha, & Amy in Denliner, the scene changes to shots of Ryoutaro's Imagin possessed forms hanging out in Milk Dipper with his Gun Form Imagin possessed form tossing a pass to the original Ryoutaro before a shot of Den-O is seen of him getting ready to launch Denbird into the air*

Climax Jump! Ii jan? Ii jan? Sugee Jan? Ii jan? Ii jan? Sugee Jan? (Isn't it good? Isn't it good? Isn't it great? Isn't it good? Isn't it good? Isn't it great?)

*Den-O makes the jump before we see Momotaros & Urataros in the four corners of the screen doing a dance while Denliner leaves one time era, gets ready and zooms off to another era*

At that moment, Alpha was explaining things of what happened to the rest of the Chaotix when they were knocked out, leaving out certain details so as to not blow Sonic's cover as Den-O, while K-Espio led the way.

Suddenly, the group heard sirens as police cars drove by and notice some male human with a knife to a woman's throat while holding on to some briefcase. K-Espio opened a nearby gate with Alpha and the rest of the Chaotix on his tail (not literally). Then, K-Espio moved to grab a pillar supporting the spiral staircase tower the crook was on before slamming his palms into it a couple of time.

Getting the idea, Alpha activated his jetpack and waited for something. Suddenly, the movement caused by K-Espio forced the woman back towards the building and for the man to fall over the railing. Then, Alpha caught said crook before tossing him down to K-Espio, who throw the crook into a pole nearby.

"Ouch! That's got to hurt," the rest of the Chaotix reacted in unison.

"This strength can't be suppressed!" K-Espio shouted before tossing another tissue on top of the knocked out crook before he, Alpha, and the remaining Chaotix members walked off.

"Arrest him!"

"Hai!" two police officers ran up and began to handcuff the offender as the others left.

"Oi, Kuma-Yaro," the possessed chameleon and the cyborg hedgehog turned to see a miffed Mirai and a glaring M-Sonic, "That was a fancy show."

"Didn't you go home crying?" K-Espio smirked.

"That was you!" the possessed Hedgehog snapped, "With your Contract Holder on your back, you went home sobbing with the Midorikuso Cyborg! Want to fight?"

"...Next time," K-Espio replied before he walked after the others, "I'm busy."

"See ya at home, guys," Alpha waved them off.

"Tch! I can't string him in like the Kameko..." M-Sonic scowled.

"Wait a moment!" Mirai snapped as she ran to stop the two, "The person you've possessed, Espio the Chameleon, retired ten years ago. Is the Contract to let him do Taijitsu again?"

"Would a man seeking strength Wish for anything else?" K-Espio replied as he looked up at the sky.

"He's not a bad guy, Mirai," Alpha added, "All he wants to do is help Espio, not change the past."

"How do you know he's not lying to you?" Mirai demanded before glaring at the Chameleon, "Either way, you guys have a haphazard way of reasoning. I don't know what you're up to, but I'll definitely stop you!"

"Again; he just wants to help Espio, dammit!" Alpha snapped.

"You'll find out if it's haphazard or not," K-Espio grunted as he sat down on the steps, "A commoner cannot understand a Contract between two who Wish to master their strength."

"Everything you say bugs me!" M-Sonic snapped before he sniffed and looked about, grinning, "He's here. The other one. He's after this one. Good timing! I'll relieve my stress on that one!"

"You're in my way," the Rhino Imagin growled as he pointed his mace at M-Sonic.

"Don't move from there!" M-Sonic ordered as he ran over, "Henshin!"


"Ore Sanjou!" Den-O roared as he slashed a flaming Caliburn at the Imagin, only for the blade to be blocked and moved away by the mace.

Den-O growled as he began to release a barrage of flaming slashes on the Kaijin's torso. All that came off the impacts were sparks and no visible signs of damage. As the two fought, Momotaros realized something.

"He's freaking hard!" Den-O complained.

"Get lost unless you want to be wasted!" the Imagin snapped before sending Den-O tumbling away, making his escape.

"That Sai-Yaro...Where'd he go?-!"

"That yaro...where'd he disappear to?" M-Sonic growled before he began to hear someone shouting.

M-Sonic ran inside to see Valdez was in the dojo. He was going through various kata.

"Tell me your wish."

"What I wished for..." Valdez whispered.

He turned to a nearby shelf with ten trophies. He walked over to it before using a vertical chop and destroyed it. He glared at the trophies as they fell. M-Sonic smirked.

"He's the Sai-yaro's Contract Holder?" M-Sonic pondered before Urataros took over and walked in.

"You are...?" Valdez began.

"Sorry for the fuss yesterday," U-Sonic apologized, "Actually, I was worried about you that time."


"Fish cannot thrive in a stagnant pond. Valdez-san, why not switch with the water of your heart?"

"Will you get back here?-! Wait a moment!" Mirai shouted as she ran after K-Espio and Alpha as they watched a group of kids being taught taijitsu by a Mobian Chameleon instructor, "Alpha, don't let him attack those kids!"

"We're watching, not fighting!" Alpha waved her off, "You're too untrusting to Imagin. Some of them are pretty cool like Kintaros here."


"Charmy gave me the name after the story of Kintaro," K-Espio explained.

"You didn't see him stop a guy from hurting a woman earlier?" Alpha pondered, "Or were you just focusing on him hitting the pole?"

"Besides, my taijutsu is already perfected," K-Espio continued explaining to Mirai as the rest of the Chaotix showed up. "To give Espio taijutsu, I had to master taijutsu. That's why I've been practicing."

"Exactly! See Mirai! There you have it, straight from the horse's mouth… er… or the bear's mouth, rather," Alpha stated before correcting himself.

"This strength would make you nakeru de," K-Espio bragged before demonstrating his… eh… taijutsu?

To be honest, his taijutsu looked a lot more like sumo. Some of the Chaotix sweat dropped as Alpha tried to hold back some laughs and Mirai looked on confused. Then, the kids he was watching were finished as they ran off. However, two of the kids stopped in front of K-Espio and laughed. At first, K-Espio assumed it was cause they were amazed at his "taijutsu," however…

"Weird. That's not taijutsu," the green belt responded to K-Espio, causing the possessed chameleon to look in shock.

"What are you saying?-! This is the ultimate taijutsu!" K-Espio retorted.

"Not at all! It's more like sumo!" the black belt kid shouted back before both students ran off laughing in mockery leaving K-Espio dumbstruck.

"Uh, wha-huh? OI! OI!" K-Espio shouted before looking to those who were with him. "Is that true?"

"Afraid so," Vector, Mighty & Ray admitted.

"Definitely!" Alpha and Charmy howled in laughter.

"I suppose," Mirai stated unsure, all the responses still hurt K-Espio though as he groaned in defeat.

"No way! I thought it was perfect!" K-Espio whined before slapping his hand on the seat of a nearby parked bike, unaware of him knocking the front wheel off said bike, which the rest of the Chaotix rushed of to get.

Later, the Chaotix and Alpha were trying to comfort K-Espio as he sat on a bench by a lake nearby.

"Look, Kintaros. Just because you made a mistake between fighting styles, it's not the end of the world," Alpha reassured.

"How do you know?" K-Espio shouted back.

"Well… I've seen bro fight various Imagin who fulfilled wishes that were only sprouted from spur of the moment pieces, when in reality, the contract holder wanted to find some sort of closure with something or someone from their past. Maybe Espio just wanted to finish something that required the taijutsu."

"Any idea what it could be, Alpha?"

"That… I don't know."

As K-Espio groaned again, Mirai came up to the group and held out a beverage to K-Espio, who looked at it confused, still thinking of himself as Kintaros the Imagin.

"Not for you, for Espio-san. After what happened recently, I'm sure he's tired," Mirai corrected the Imagin within the chameleon in what he could've been thinking before sitting next to the possessed chameleon.

"That's true," K-Espio admitted before the two of them looked at Alpha, who got the idea.

"Look Vector, Mighty, Ray, Charmy, could you guys excuse the three of us for a moment? I feel there could be some delicate material that shouldn't be heard outside the three of us," Alpha asked the Chaotix knowing full well what would happen in the upcoming conversation.

"Sure," the Chaotix regrettably groaned before walking off.

When the four were out of sight, Alpha gave Mirai the ok to continue the conversation as K-Espio took the beverage and began drinking and sighed.

"What? …Imagin always selfishly rush to grant a Contract Holder's wish. So why are you so depressed?-!" Mirai demanded before Alpha stared sternly at her.

"You have a bad stereotype about most Imagin, don't you Mirai. Just because they successfully destroyed your time, you think that all Imagin are monsters that care for no one but themselves," Alpha started explaining as Mirai and K-Espio looked in surprise at his wisdom, "I've learned many things on the road…and the most recent happened when bro first met me. The Imagin the made a Contract with me without my knowing, it was one that matched your stereotype…but look at Momotaros and Urataros. They don't care that they most likely won't be able to fulfill a Contract with Sonic. They're just glad that they can still interact with the world in some way. Now look at Kintaros. He has a heart others, just like the Taros on our team, even if they have odd ways of showing it. I'm sure the bear can explain the rest."

"I don't know about the others…" K-Espio started from where Alpha left off, "But…Espio wished to do taijutsu again like he did ten years ago. I just wanted to grant that wish. That's all. I was going to use his body to do taijutsu. Since we both seek strength, it would have been the ultimate taijutsu."

"So you destroyed a taijutsu dojo out of enthusiasm?" Mirai asked as she seemed to finally understand.

"NOW you get?-! Sheesh! And here I thought you had a thick skull," Alpha quipped before covering his mouth when threatened by Mirai.

"I don't know taijutsu after all…"K-Espio admitted before continuing to drink his beverage.

"Well at least you tried to learn it for him, using what fighting styles you already knew of…that's one way of putting it," Alpha encouraged the Imagin, who smiled as he sipped away, while Mirai just looked confused, angry, and sorrowful all at the same time.

"You're an Imagin, why are you acting like such a good guy?-! Your goal is just to change the past, right?-!" Mirai demanded again, still trying to prove herself right and Alpha wrong.

"I don't know about the second question, but why do you think Momo-baka-os and Uke-taros put up with Ryoutaro's decisions and his bad luck? Besides, maybe he doesn't care about changing the past," Alpha retorted as K-Espio stopped drinking as he realized something.

"Oh! I forgot that," K-Espio admitted in realization, causing both hedgehogs to gasp in either worry or surprise.

"That can't be…" Mirai gawked.

"You really hate me, don't you?" K-Espio questioned Mirai.

"She hates Imagin in general," Alpha corrected.

"Well did I do something to you?"

"Espio!" a voice shouted out, causing the trio to look and the remaining Chaotix to come back from behind some trees.

The voice turned out to be Valdez, who came running from his dojo.

"Espio! Espio. Thank goodness, that you're okay," Valdez panted as Kintaros got the picture and left Espio's body, leaving the purple chameleon as his true self to talk to his fraternal twin brother.

"Valdez," Espio stated surprised in his own voice.

"Espio," Valdez huffed relieved that he was finally able to see and hear his brother speak.

Alpha then tapped Mirai on the shoulder pointing out something in the distance. Mirai looked with him and saw Ryoutaro somewhat limping their way before leaning against a tree before Alpha and Mirai ran up to him.

"What's going on?" Mirai asked.

"I see you got something of the same idea I had, eh bro?" Alpha chuckled.

"Kinda… the Rhino Imagin's contract holder is him. And Urataros was talking with him… but… while talking he suddenly wanted to see Espio-san," Sonic explained while trying to catch his breath and allowing everyone else to look at the two chameleons with interest.

"Espio, I was a fool. Ever since you retired ten years ago for the detective business… just because you wanted to recover from some of the battle wounds that hindered your victory streak to be in the finals that year… I was on top, but… but… but I didn't get it by beating you, who was always on top. I just repressed it and put up a brave front. When the monster appeared… my wish was to really be on the top. Demo… All he did was attack the others. He's after you, too," Valdez explained, earning various reactions from Espio, and the members of the hidden crowd. "I realized it. My wish isn't to be on the top. I just wanted to do the final round that day."

Suddenly, everyone turned to find the rhino Imagin coming in from the forest, walking in confidentially.

"Your wish will be granted," the Imagin stated as Valdez retaliated with a roundhouse kick, only to get tossed aside into a tree by the Imagin like yesterday's trash, causing everyone to gasp. "The finishing touch."

Just as the rhino Imagin was about to punch the daylights out of Espio, Kintaros possessed the chameleon again and K-Espio dodged the punch.

"Don't lay a finger on my Contract Holder!" Kintaros demanded through his host as he successfully used some actual taijutsu kicks to defend Espio, causing Mirai to gawk and the others of the crowd to smirk in relief, before the rhino smacked the possessed chameleon aside.

"Brother!" Valdez shouted.

"The Contract is Complete," the Rhino Imagin growled before he 'opened' up Valdez and shot into the past.

Kintaros emerged from Espio. The others ran up just as Kintaros was putting the chameleon beside his brother.

"Hold on, buddy!" Vector shouted, earning a fist to the face by the chameleon, forcing the detective to drop him on the bench again.

"Valdez..." Espio panted as he looked over at his brother, "I've always had that final day on my mind. My wish to do Taijitsu again...was surely so I can finish things with you. Valdez! Someday, we'll fight against one another in the finals, like we were supposed to that day."

"There's a reason why Espio retired that day," Vector whispered to the three hedgehogs, "He had developed an illness that caused his muscles to strain themselves too fast to do Taijitsu. Recently, this doctor we worked with managed to cure him."

"In my dreams, I felt like I was doing Taijitsu once again..." Espio noted before giving a small, barely visible smirk to Kintaros, "Although it was really bad."

"That was..." Kintaros began as he looked away.

"But it's been so long since I felt a kick like that. Thank you, Kintaros."

"Contract Complete," Kintaros cracked his neck before shaking Espio's hand, "Thank you for letting me help you become stronger. Your determination made me cry."

"Wait! You're going to fly?" Mirai gasped as Alpha knocked everyone but the hedgehogs and Imagin out while Kintaros went to the past, "What was that?-!"

"That was Kintaros going to take on the Rhino Imagin," Alpha replied as he held up a pair of cards, showing the image of the Rhino Imagin or Kintaros...both having the same date of '2001-5-21.'

"2001, May 21st?" Mirai examined.

"The day Espio retired," Alpha nodded.

May 21, 2001

"You're retiring?-!" Valdez demanded, wearing a white gi, as he watched as Espio, wearing a white gi, packing things up in a suitcase.

"You wouldn't understand, Brother. This is something I can't refuse," Espio replied.

"I won't be able to if you won't tell me!" Valdez snapped when he collapsed, the Rhino Imagin forming behind him in a small wave of sand.

"Brother!" Espio gasped as he ducked the mace the Imagin had swung, grabbed his brother, and began to run out.

The Imagin's mace began to glow before he swung a fireball from it, destroying the room he was in. Outside, Espio and Valdez managed to get out as DenLiner drove by, dropping off the three hedgehogs. Nearby, the figure in the cloak was watching his watch as normal, showing it to be 3:50, as the Rhino Imagin emerged from one of the walls after destroying it with his mace's new ability.

"Momotaros, let's go," Ryoutaro spoke as he put on his belt, "Henshin!"



"Ore...Sanjou!" Sword Form declared as he posed.

"Then I'll make you taijou (GammaTron A/N: Taijou = opposite of Sanjou. To leave/exit) right away!" the Rhino Imagin retorted as he threw his mace at Den-O and Alpha.

The two ducked as Alpha pulled out the Dengasher parts and put them into sword mode while Den-O pulled out Caliburn Den-O Sword form. At that same moment, the mace changed directions in mid-air like a boomerang aimed right at the duo, who simply knocked it aside with their blades but still knocking it back into the hands of the Rhino Imagin.

"Ikuze, ikuze, IKUZE!" Den-O shouted as the three warriors charged at each other.

"Where is that bear?" Mirai asked herself while looking for Kintaros, still slightly unconvinced of what Alpha and he were saying were true.

Back in the battle, the hedgehog and rider kept dodging the Rhino Imagin's swings, but one such swing hit a pillar of the building, causing some of the structure to come falling off… right over the knocked out Chameleon brothers.

"RUN!" Mirai shouted to the chameleons unaware of their condition.

Suddenly, Kintaros emerged from Espio and grabbed the falling structure frame with his amazing strength, causing Mirai to gawk once more as Espio and Valdez were just recovering to witness Kintaros' act of heroism.

Nearby, coming out of a couple of dodge rolls, Alpha and Den-O witnessed what Kintaros was doing.

"Just as I thought, an Imagin like what Mirai thinks about would never protect the past version of his contract holder!" Alpha exclaimed as Kintaros threw the structure frame away.

"Run!" Kintaros urged the chameleon brothers while trying to get them out of the piece of broken wall they were apparently stuck under.

"Hurry!" Mirai encouraged as she helped the chameleons up and away from the battle.

"What are you doing?-!" the Rhino Imagin demanded as he threw one of his mace's fireballs again, this time towards Kintaros.

The force of the blow affected not only Kintaros, but also Mirai as she was knocked down to the ground.

"Mirai-san!" Ryoutaro shouted within Den-O as the Rhino Imagin got ready to swing again.

"You bastard… What a dirty trick!" both Alpha and Den-O snarled at the Rhino Imagin before rushing back into battle, distracting the Imagin long enough for Mirai to get Espio and Valdez to safety.

Once she did so, Mirai rushed over to Kintaros, who dropped the structure onto himself before his physical body turned into sand. Yet his sand form was still solid enough to push the stone off of him a little.

"Are they okay?" Kintaros asked with concern.

Mirai looked back to confirm this as she witnessed the fleeing chameleons. She then turned back to Kintaros to answer his question.

"They're fine. But why?" she stated before asking with great confusion.

"I just wanted to grant his wish," he started.


"His real wish is for the two of them to settle things. I can't grant it no matter how much taijutsu practice I do. If he lives, he'll settle things someday."

"So you're going to disappear?"

"Can't be helped."

Mirai then sighed as her mind was filled with great conflict while Ryoutaro and Alpha, deflecting attacks from the Rhino Imagin, couldn't help but overhear this touching moment.

"Momotaros! Alpha! That Imagin Kintaros is disappearing! Con't we do something?-!" Sonic asked inside Den-O who was using his forearm to reinforce his sword to block the incoming mace.

"You idiot! Focus on this!" Momotaros retorted as he moved while letting the Rhino release his swing.

"BAKA MOMO! We've lost someone we cared about before, even if we didn't know it! We're not gonna let that happen again!" Alpha snapped back.

"Take this!" the Sai roared as he kept trying to hit the rider and hedgehog duo.

Mirai still couldn't help but look down in pity on Kintaros, even though it was against her better judgment.

"Wait. You can't disappear!" Mirai begged as Kintaros looked at her waiting for the inevitable.

"Don't ask the impossible." Kintaros said with a hint of weakness in his voice.

"That's no good!"

"Why? Don't you hate us?"

"Yeah… I really hate you guys! Mou! Because you guys changed the flow of time… I come from a destroyed future! That time doesn't exist anywhere. That's why you Imagin should just all disappear!"

This last part really caught the attention of the two Imagin in the area that weren't focused on destroying something at the moment, Kintaros and Momotaros.

"But I said wait! Wait!"

"You… But how?" Kintaros said even weaker than before.

"Look here Kintaros! I know you're on the edge, but within death, the impossible can always be possible when you put your mind to it!" Alpha snapped as Den-O held back another strike from the Rhino Imagin.

"Ano… how about entering me?" Ryoutaro suggest, really getting Momotaros' attention.

"NANI?-!" Momo gasped as he released the swing.

Back on DenLiner, Urataros couldn't help but spit out his coffee upon hearing what Ryoutaro, just as shocked as Momotaros was.

"Are you serious?-!" the turtle questioned with the obvious shock in his voice.

Back with Kintaros, he lifted his head up in curiosity at what Sonic stated.

"Won't you be okay if you enter me?" Ryoutaro asked.

"Sonic! You know all things must come to an end! You said so yourself back in Camelot! Why are you going against what you said then now!" Caliburn demanded as Den-O used him to keep blocking the Rhino's assault, followed up by a kick.

"Sword-boy's got a point, even though I have no clue what he's talking about. Just what are you saying, Ryoutaro?-! It's a full house!" Momotaros demanded before heading back into the action.

"What are you babbling about?-!" the one-track-minded Rhino Imagin demanded as well, hearing just what Caliburn and Momo said.

"Him?" Kintaros questioned before getting hit in the face by Mirai. "What are you doing?-!"

"I just don't know!" Mirai shouted not sure what to think anymore.

"Ah mou! What a pain!" Den-O groaned as he held onto the Sai's mace being forced down and Caliburn blade struggling to stay on it's chest before Den-O let go and unleashed another swing. "OI! Come here?-! Or be destroyed by that hanakuso onna?-!"

"You heard the Imagin! Now decide!" Alpha snapped.

"Hanakuso…" Kintaros started before…

"What?-!" Mirai snapped and punched Kintaros causing his body to completely break and revert to it's orb form before going into Den-O, forcing Momotaros out, Den-O back to Plat form, and Caliburn back into his original state which knocked the Rhino Imagin off a great distance and gawk observing what was happening.

"You really okay with this?" Kintaros asked.

"I'm okay as long as bro here is. I'm sure you'll get along better with our siblings than Momo & Ura have been," Alpha said as he put rearranged the Dengashed back into it's axe form while waiting for Sonic to answer.

"Yea… I'm sure we can fight together," Ryoutaro stated with confidence.

"Be glad to!" Kintaros shouted as Den-O pressed the yellow button, activating a yellow light from the buckle and initiating a different tune.

Den-O pulled out his pass and slowly passed it in front of the buckle.


With that, Den-O's sword form armor returned, but instead, the black and gold back armor attached onto the front with gold and red shoulder pads as the usual red and silver armor attached onto the back. Then, an axe with a golden blade slid down the tracks before the blade split and attached over Plat Form's eyes forming the eyepieces with black slits for him to see. The axe's "handle" looked similar to Kintaros' horn from the side and split the halves of the "eyes" down the middle. The energy of the completed form made the armor glow for a moment as tissues randomly fell from the sky.

"Now I know what bro meant when he talked about the time when that genie Shahra made it rain tissues before," Alpha stated before he stared at Caliburn. "Say, that's a good look for you, Caliburn."

This time, Caliburn's hilt and guard were as they normally were, but his blade was reshaped into an axe that was twice the size of his usual blade with bear designs engraved in it. Caliburn observed his changes and almost didn't seem too impressed.

"Well, at least this is close to my original self… and at least you, Den-O, fit the image of a knight in this armor," Caliburn observed before Den-O and Alpha readied themselves for battle again.

"Traitor!" the Rhino Imagin snapped upon seeing these changes.

"Ah shut up!" Alpha snapped back.

"Ore no tsuyosa nii omae ga naita," Den-O said as he entered a sumo like stance with Caliburn in hand.

"Who's crying?-!" the Rhino Imagin roared with rage as he charged back in and focused his strikes on Den-O, who merely parried each blow with Axe Caliburn.

After enough strikes, though, Alpha noticed that the mace began to form cracks between the handle and the ball at the tip, the cracks themselves glowing yellow from being blocked by Caliburn. After one strike, the mace shattered to pieces, shocking the Rhino Imagin greatly. Then, Alpha and Den-O came in and slashed the Imagin with their axes.

After the Imagin rolled out of the way (seemingly), Den-O pulled out his pass once more as Alpha stood next to him with his Dengasher axe at the ready.


Den-O then tossed Caliburn into the air spinning, which Alpha copied, before the belt charged them both with energy before they jumped up several yards into the air to catch their axes as Alpha rotated so that he was several yards horizontally away from Den-O. Then, they both came down blades first onto the Imagin slicing him clean through before exploding.

"That… was… Sugoi! Whaddya call that move?" Alpha said calmly.

"Dynamic chop," Den-O announced with the same calmness.

"So you say it afterwards?" Ryoutaro questioned.

"That bastard...acting so cocky..." Momotaros seethed.

"This might make things easier," Urataros noted nearby.

"But..." Amy pointed at the Oni Imagin, "He's going to go out of control!"

"Let me do it!" Momotaros roared.

The Rhino Imagin's remains reformed as its spirit let out a rising roar. Suddenly, replacing the Imagin was a massive Gigandeath. It resembled a massive bull with gorilla-like upper arms. The body was a solid black with various red parts to its back and torso. Its head was shaped like a fusion of a rhino and a bull with the horns a solid red. It had six red eyes, all narrowed at the Rider.

"The Imagin's out of control! It's a Gigandeath Hell now!" Mirai gasped.

"Let's use DenLiner!" Sonic exclaimed.

"DenLiner?" Den-O repeated in confusion.

Nearby, DenLiner stopped and let Den-O on. He walked into the Engine Room and got onto the DenBird. He slid his Rider Pass into the slot. Den-O quickly drove the train at the Gigandeath. The Kaiju began to unleash a barrage of debris at the Train of Time, causing the Kamen Rider to start using evasive actions.

"Watch out!" Sonic warned as their path was blocked by a large piece of debris.

Just before the train struck, the wall of debris exploded, revealing a white and gold engine going over DenLiner. The sides of the engine had six red parts total while the front resembled Axe Form's DenKamen without the silver 'horn' and a gold one sticking out of the top. The two trains quickly connected on the same track, the gold one taking the lead.

"Which one?" Den-O pondered.

"The green button, Kintaros," Caliburn informed.

"Thank you."

With that, Axe Form pushed the button. The red parts flipped out, revealing six arms ending with golden axe blades. The main part of the train opened up into its Battle Mode.

"Do anything! Just fire!" Ryoutaro explained.

"How impatient. ...Which one now?"

"The red button," Caliburn informed.

"Right," Axe Form nodded.

He quickly pushed the red button. The red parts of the train open fired missiles, lasers, bombs, and the red bird at the Gigandeath. DenLiner turned and began to charge at the Kaiju.

"Hurry and beat him!" Axe Form roared.

With that, the bottom of DenLiner was exposed to the Gigandeath. The train proceeded to start pummeling the Kaiju with its axes, not giving the beast a chance to retaliate. The train threw the Gigandeath away and charged once more. The 'horn' on the top of the train flipped ahead and grew to the size of the gold and white engine in an energy form. DenLiner proceeded to slice the Kaiju down the middle, causing it to explode in a gold light.

"Alright, guys!" Alpha whooped as Axe Form cracked his neck inside the engine.

"We were able to get enough information," Vector noted as he looked at a file.

"I still say we should wait," Ray replied as he looked over at a nearby bench, Valdez coaching his fraternal twin do a rep of pull ups.

"Yeah. Just like that. Hang in there, Brother!" Valdez coached until Espio was able to finish them, "Great job!"

Espio just chuckled at his brother.

"Man...It's gotten more crowded here," Momotaros complained, "I wonder if there's less air, too."

"But what kind of image is he supposed to be?" Urataros pondered as he played with his fishing lure.

"I thought we went over this. He's Kintarou. Kintaros...Kintarou-chan!" Amy cheered, earning a laugh from Momotaros.

"Amy, well said. Oi, Kuma-Yaro. We're the three 'Taros' now," Momotaros stated before Kintaros sat across from the other female hedgehog on the train.

"Mirai...Your scream of love made me cry," Kintaros stated, earning a powerful left hook from her.

"I...come from a destroyed future because you changed the flow of time. My time doesn't exist anywhere."

"Destroyed future..." Sonic whispered nearby, "Why is Mirai-san..."

"She was a Singularity Point," the Owner explained, suddenly popping up beside the standing hedgehog twins, startling Alpha.

"Seriously, man, do you use Chaos Control or something?-!" Alpha demanded as Sonic looked at Mirai in shock.

"No matter what time she's in...it will have no effect on her Existence," Mephiles continued, ignoring Alpha's question, "But that does not mean she's immortal."

"Mirai-san is..." Ryoutaro began.

"Right now this place is her Time. That's good enough."

"Ano...Demo...But I'm also..." Ryoutaro began.

"So, everyone. Ladies and gentlemen, banana new shoe," Mephiles declared as he spun his cane, getting everyone's attention, "To welcome out new passenger...I treat you with special pudding with a flag!"

"Pudding?-!" Momotaros gasped before Amy pulled out a tray with eight large servings of pudding with a star-shaped flag showing a picture of a yellow bear, a red oni, and a blue turtle on them, "Alright! Pudding! Pudding pudding pudding!"

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Kintaros," Sonia smiled as she, Manic, Alpha, and Ryoutaro were near a lake in the park, enjoying a family picnic together.

"Thank you," Kintaros, currently possessing Sonic-giving the hedgehog a yellow fighting kimono with brown spots and a gold bear design on the left side of the chest, gold eyes, and his quills extending to his tail and done in a ponytail with gold highlights in them, nodded as he stood on a wooden bridge near them, "My strength can make you cry."

He put his right sandal-wearing foot on a log that was part of the bridge. He suddenly gasped in shock as the logs fell off, nearly sending all of him into the water. Alpha and Manic held each other up as they laughed while Sonia helped K-Sonic pull himself out of the water.

"What BS! Ah! Ite-ite-ite!" K-Sonic complained as he held his right leg.

"Oh dear...even when possessed, Ryou-chan's bad luck is leaking through," Sonia noted as she began to use a medical kit on the leg.

"Nakerude," K-Sonic chuckled before seething in pain as Sonia applied alcohol.

"I think this is one guy that won't end up in the blender," Manic noted.

"Most likely, he'd break the blender and the coffee grinder," Alpha added, the two still laughing.

"What's a coffee grinder?" K-Sonic asked, overhearing the two.

"You'll find out later," Sonia replied as she gently wrapped the cuts, "There."

"Oh...It feels better," K-Sonic noted, "Can you teach me that?"

"Really? But of course! It's so nice to know Ryou-chan's made a concerned friend for his health," Sonia smiled.

Kamen Rider Den-O!

Mirai: Kobayashi Kasumi.

Sonia: She's a famous model and top in the class.

Mirai: So you're that Kasumi person?

Alpha: Can I get an autograph?

Mirai: Baka!

Alpha: Could it be an Imagin's going?

Kasumi: My otou-san has separated me.

Kintaros: Wait before you get on a big ship.

Stop: 13: Madness * Delusion * Baby's Breath

Sonia: Nice to get a kind Imagin friend for a change.

Momotaros: What's that supposed to mean?

Manic: You're a sucker for fighting- no… a fighting maniac-, and Urataros is a flirt… just like that Bartleby.

Urataros: You…

Alpha: Why do I feel like saying anything like Naku will be bad around him?

Kintaros: Naku?

Sonic: That's not what he intended! Look forward to the next one!

Kintaros: NAKERUDE!