Expectations Gone Awry

Summary: In all the ways his life has gone off course, Carlton expected this one the least. Carlton/Marlowe.

"It's so funny how we set qualifications for the right person to love, while at the back of our minds we know that the person we truly love will always be an exception." - Unknown

There's been a lot of things in Carlton's life that haven't gone as planned. Since he was young, he'd had a vision of the way his life was supposed to go, but things...things change.

He was supposed to have that happy ending by now. He was the supposed to be an FBI agent, married, with a son who could carry on his name and a daughter he could spoil when no one was looking. He was not supposed to be second best to a supposed psychic, divorced, and with no real family to call his own.

His expectations have been in-flux for awhile now, but he's adjusted. He's happy enough to be called Head Detective, happy enough to have his partner be nearly family, and has managed to come to terms with the idea that alone doesn't have to mean lonely.

Or at least he had.

But things, well...they change.

And of all the turns his life has taken thus far, he'd expected this one the least.

He never imagined that some of the happiest moments of his life would happen in prison. Never could he have guessed that he'd spend a few hours every week there, smiling like he'd never experienced such a wonderful treat before. He never thought for a second that seeing someone from behind glass could be the highlight of his day, that such a thing could be romantic, or that a string of first dates could occur with guards standing nearby.

For someone who'd spent his entire life fiercely defending justice like it was all that mattered in the world, he'd never expected this was possible:

That he could fall in love with a jailbird.

A/N: I've been waiting for Lassie to get a solid girlfriend pretty much since the first season, and now he has, and she's in jail, and it's a perfect match. Can't wait til she gets out though. ;)