Title: Drip (1/2)
Pairing: Regina/Emma
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, fairytale or real world

Summary: Emma just had to return Regina's shirt

Emma debated back and forth in her head before mustering her courage and knocking on Regina's big white door. The sun had set a few hours previous and Storybrooke had quieted down for the evening, (not that there was a lot to quiet, but most of the townsfolk would be safely in their homes by now winding down from another monotonous day) Maybe Emma was bored or just looking for trouble as she had been told from a young age that was something she tended toward, but had never entertained the idea that maybe it was true. Mainly, she couldn't stop thinking about Regina, and so she decided tonight was a good night to return the shirt that Henry had procured from his mother's closet, and given to her on the sly. Regina caught her wearing it so there was no sense in trying to hide it, and just maybe she could offer an olive branch by returning it.

Emma took a deep breath and knocked. She saw the light in the foyer flick on, and then the heavy door was pulled open. There stood Henry with a huge grin on his face, "Emma! You came over!"

He said it with such joy that she cringed knowing that if Regina heard she would not let her step foot in the door. Emma smiled back, surprised with herself, realizing that one of the mixed feelings she had been cultivating was longing. She had truly missed Henry for the past few days that she hadn't seen him. No doubt the kid was disturbed, but she genuinely liked him.

"Hey, Kid," Emma smiled back and patted him affectionately on the shoulder, "Where's your mom?"

"You're here now," Henry grinned even wider, pulling Emma by the hand into the house as she grudgingly went along, "Did you come over to hang out with me?"

"Well, I would but you know your mom doesn't want us to. I did want to see you so I came over to return Regina's shirt. Is she home?" Emma asked, suddenly feeling awkward about the fact that she had spent so much time letting her mind wander back to Regina again and again throughout the week. It felt wrong, as she should have been thinking about Henry, but she couldn't deny her odd fascination with Regina.

"She's upstairs in her room," Henry said looking puzzled as he scrutinized Emma, trying to understand her. "Do you really have to say 'hi' to her? I could just put the shirt back in her closet for you. She wouldn't even know you stopped by."

Emma cleared her throat, and her heart began to flutter at the mere prospect of speaking with her. No doubt Emma would be insulted, but the promise of a rush of adrenaline from their impending confrontation kept her on course. She was feeling like such a masochist.

"I… um, want to ask her nicely if she minds if we see each other to hang out," Emma replied, full well knowing it was only partially honest, and also knowing that of course Regina minded. She had made so much abundantly clear in no uncertain terms repetitively.

Henry shrugged as if to say 'dig your own grave' and led her to Regina's bedroom door. He walked in, Emma followed, but the room was dark and empty- the bed still made and nothing out of place. The light coming from under the door to the adjacent bathroom was flickering. Emma's eyebrows shot up as she realized that Regina was in the bathroom with candles apparently.

"She's probably taking her bath. She takes a lot of them," Henry crossed the room over to the bathroom door. Emma hesitated and then cringed before asking, "Wait, are you sure…she's alone in there?"

Henry rolled his eyes at her as she kept her feet frozen near the closest exit and then he bellowed out like 10 year-olds do, "Mom!"

Emma heard a bit of splashing and then a muffled voice, "Henry? What's wrong?"

"Emma is here and she wants to see you," Henry said, causing Emma to wince and brace for the reply.

There was a long pause, and then she heard Regina say, "Send her in, and Henry, go to your room."

Henry walked back past Emma and smirked as Emma walked slowly toward the bathroom door. She turned the handle and slowly pushed open the door. Sure enough, the number of candles lighting the bathroom made Emma wonder if Regina had raided the Yankee candle store. Before she could count them, she peered through the cloud of steam and took notice of the huge whirlpool Jacuzzi bathtub. No wonder Regina took a lot of baths, it looked amazing. Regina was resting her head against the wall, a gold headband with a small crown emblem holding her hair back, and just her shoulders and clavicle were visible above the frothy bubbles in the water.

Regina never lifted her head or opened her eyes, but recognized that Emma had entered and greeted her accordingly, "Miss Swan, what are you doing in my house with my son?"

Emma was starting to sweat, the steam of the bath coupled with her jeans and leather jacket was making it really stuffy for her. When Emma didn't reply right away, Regina cocked an eyebrow and opened one eye to take in her form. She looked her up and down thoroughly before shutting her eye and readjusting her head. The water pitched slightly and Emma stood there dumb.

"Well, did you just come to gawk at me while I try to relax?" Regina scolded annoyed at being interrupted.

"I came to return your shirt that um…Henry had let me borrow," Emma said realizing she had nothing else to say at the moment and how lame that excuse sounded.

"Oh really, Miss Swan? First- what makes you think I want it back? Second, you could have left it at the door or preferably in the mailbox at the end of the drive," Regina hissed, still maintaining her enigmatic smile. '

Emma stole a glance at Regina just in time to see a flash of her nipple surface out of the water, foam clinging to her breast. Emma flushed and then mumbled, "I wanted to ask if maybe sometime I could take Henry to a baseball game or do something fun with him?" Emma was sure she was stuttering like an idiot.

Regina's eyes snapped open and she sat up, wrapping her arm around the edge of the tub and leaning her chin over it. Her eyes were blazing and she snarked back, "Oh, now you're asking me if you can take my son away? How civil of you."

Emma looked down at the black and white marble tile floor, upon which she wanted to curl up and die. She needed to focus anywhere but on the intense brunette, and not think about her rosy foam covered nipples; this was becoming overwhelming.

"Look Regina, I just told Henry I'd ask. I didn't expect that you'd agree to anything. I shouldn't have come, I just…" Emma trailed off shocked as Regina rose from the tub.

The Water cascaded off of her body and there she stood in the bath, naked and not a bit modest in front of Emma. Emma couldn't help but stare at her slim waist, pale creamy skin and perfectly taut abdomen. From the look Regina was giving Emma she did not miss a moment of Emma checking out her body.

"Like what you see?" Regina was oh so coy.

Emma choked for a moment and then tried to reply as cool as possible, "do you do Pilates or yoga…something?" Emma swallowed the lump in her throat, as Regina lifted her leg and stepped out the tub. Emma was sure Regina was over exaggerating her hip movements deliberately to make sure Emma took notice of her slim but curvy form.

Regina advanced closer and Emma tried to back up, but time had seemingly stopped again in Storybrooke because Emma couldn't move, or breathe, or think.

"You will want to remove your leather, Miss Swan, moisture has an ill effect," Regina insisted through clenched teeth and an almost uncertain tone. Somehow she managed to be overtly intimidating, despite being naked and rightfully the vulnerable one. Emma wasn't sure what Regina was getting at with her comment about her jacket. She stood there for a moment, suddenly distracted by the wonderful scent that permeated the room from the bath water. Emma couldn't place it, but the smell was maddeningly familiar yet exotic and intoxicating.

Regina was losing patience and beginning to shiver as the water evaporated off of her glistening skin, she felt her nipples harden painfully in the cooler air. She decided to make her invitation clearer and boldly asked, "Are you going to join me, or are you going to get out of my house?"

Emma was taken aback; she gulped hard and felt like she might pass out. Despite the mayor's lack of romanticism the question was clear.

"What? I didn't come here for…to…that," Emma hated that Regina could tongue tie her and reduce her to incoherent thoughts and incomplete sentences with one direct question.

"But didn't you, dear?" Regina licked her lips waiting for an answer, but betrayed her cool demeanor by trembling in anticipation.