Title: Drip (2/2)
Pairing: Regina/Emma
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, fairytale or real world

Emma was struck by realization as a tremendous wave of arousal washed over her body. Was this the real reason why she had come to Regina's tonight? Emma's mind raced back through the week and how many times she had walked into Granny's diner scanning the room hoping for a chance meeting with Regina. Regina was onto her motives before Emma even knew she was lusting for her, and that disturbed Emma a great deal. She'd have time to ponder those thoughts sometime later, (preferably guided by a licensed therapist), but currently she had a decision to make involving the naked, dripping, woman standing anxiously before her.

Emma noted wryly that her body had already decided on the verdict, it had gotten her this far already and she was powerless to refuse. Emma slowly shrugged off her jacket, never breaking eye contact with Regina.

Regina visibly exhaled, taking the hint that Emma was really going to stay with her. Why was it that women in the real world were so much more complicated and difficult to read than her conquests back in the haven of her castle? It was maddening, but certainly the end game would be more rewarding, she hoped. Emma had exited the bathroom, presumably to disrobe, so Regina reheated the water, added more bubbles and crawled back into the tub to wait.

From here she wasn't so sure how this was going to work and Regina could only guess that Miss Swan had little to no sexual experience with women. She hoped it was true, as it turned Regina on considerably thinking she was taking her "virginity" in a sense. She'd at least have more power over her, which was an exciting prospect as well. Regina snarled, annoyed at the hold up, those goddamn boots Emma wore were probably taking forever to unlace. She was so worked up, that if Emma didn't get her ass in here soon Regina was going to be forced to touch herself.

Then there she was, opening the door timidly and deliberately walking in, wrapped in a towel. "I locked your bedroom door," Emma said meekly as she maintained her distance.

Regina rapped her fingers on the edge the tub, "That shrinking violet act doesn't wear well on you, dear. Leave that for Mary Margaret and come to me now."

Emma's eyebrows rose on their own at Regina's blatant annoyance, but it wasn't surprising. What was surprising was that Emma was actually about to get into the bath with her and more surprising yet was how badly she wanted this.

"Drop your towel," Regina growled the command in such a way it resonated through Emma's whole body. She did as she was told and Regina looked incredibly pleased. Emma stepped one foot up and placed her hand against the wall for support, as she gingerly tested the water with her toe, but Regina yanked her arm so she lost her balance, and crashed into the water, sloshing it everywhere and landing hard in Regina's submerged lap.

The shock of the fall and the hot, bubbling water combined with the suddenness of being wrapped in Regina's arms caused Emma's breath to hitch. She felt as though she was drowning without even being under water, then for another instant the thought that Regina might actually take the opportunity to drown her crossed her mind, but the sound of Regina giggling brought her back to reality. It was a sound that Emma never expected to hear come from her or from anyone within miles of this woman. As Emma adjusted to the water and the strange sensation of the brunette's arms wrapped around her waist, and the feeling of breasts pressed into her back. Regina's hand reached up to lightly squeeze Emma's breast and brush over her nipple, and then her palm came to rest between her breasts right over her heart.

Regina's whisper was ragged, tinged with excitement as Emma felt it hotly pouring over her ear, "Your heart is racing!" Regina cupped her hands and brought two handfuls of water up over Emma's chest and let it waterfall down her body. She rested her chin over Emma's shoulder and watched the water drip with rapt fascination.

"You're quite the specimen of feminine beauty, I must say I can't help but admire your body, and can't wait to enjoy all it has offer," Regina tangled her fingers in Emma's hair raking through it, tugging lightly before she unabashedly smelled it. Emma heard her sigh in pleasure, "I love your hair. It reminds me of straw spun gold, so fair and glowing."

"Mmm, thanks," Emma murmured letting the pleasant feelings of warmth lull her into a peaceful state. Her body was still wired, but despite her initial trepidation, Emma began to relax, enjoying the attention (especially the strangely positive attention) from Regina.

Just as Emma's eyes slipped shut, she felt a slight shift and then soft lips sweep across her own. Regina was softly stroking her neck simultaneously delivering pleasant kisses. Emma responded quickly and parted her lips allowing Regina to gain access with her tongue. Emma had never kissed a woman before, (except during a drunken dare on a night out once) but she was enjoying the easy intimacy, unexpected tenderness, and if she didn't know better she would swear that Regina really liked her. Soon she felt Regina's hands snake down her body and rest on her thighs where she pressed in order to get Emma to open her legs.

Emma complied as much as she could given the limited space. Regina signaled for her to rest one of her legs over the edge and then guided her pussy right into the jet stream. Emma squirmed and broke out of their kiss in order to inhale deeply. Regina pulled back and started sucking gently on Emma's neck and throat, all while holding Emma against the pulsing jet of water. The intensity and feeling of the whirling water thudding on her clit was wonderful.

Regina's hands were holding Emma's hips in place, and Emma heard herself moan. Soon the pulse of the water was hurting a bit, her body was extremely sensitive, and she tried to pull back, but Regina wouldn't let her, grasping her hips more firmly to keep her still. Emma let out a yelp as the water continued to pummel against her, "Just another second or so. Trust me," Regina said her voice dripping with delight as Emma writhed in her arms.

Then, just when Emma was sure she couldn't stand another moment of it, she felt herself go weightless as the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced hit her body and sent her floating out into the big vast ocean, all while Regina anchored her to shore.

Regina almost came just from holding the younger woman in her arms and listening to her as she climaxed. Emma was limp against Regina's body, slowly recovering. Regina shifted and Emma sat up becoming more alert, "That was…," Emma had no words, but she certainly recognized the look of unbridled lust in Regina's dark eyes.

"Emma, I want you to touch me- touch me the same way that you touch yourself," Regina asked her throat was dry, and the depth of her need was spreading like wildfire through her body.

Emma smiled at being acknowledged by her first name for the first time by Regina, but she was no longer laughing- she was gasping and her eyes were pleading for Emma to touch her. So Emma turned onto her knees and faced her fully. She pressed her hand against Regina's chest, taking her turn to feel the rapid pace of her heart. Regina sat back and let her head loll to the side. Emma straddled Regina's leg in an effort to get as close as possible. She trailed her fingers down her body, tracing the subtle indentations of her ribs and the lines of her abs. Her fingers moved lower still, and Regina pitched forward when they reached their destination. Emma was amazed how her simple touch had caused such a strong reaction in the brunette's tightly coiled body.

Emma ran her fingers up and down, and then slowly circled the mayor's clit. Regina was surely enjoying herself, her eyes were tightly closed and she was squeezing her own breast, pinching and rolling her nipple. Emma slipped a finger into her, and Regina's hips bucked in time with Emma's light thrusts. Regina wet her lips with a sweep of her tongue and forced her eyes open, without losing her momentum, she asked, "Is this how you touch yourself?"

"Yes," Emma breathed out in a long purr, memorized by the feeling of the mayor's muscles squeezing her fingers and by the bright flush that was quickly climbing her chest and neck.

"Harder, dear!" Regina pulled Emma down on top of her causing them both to slip under water. Regina captured Emma's lips and they kissed until they ran out of breath. Emma continued to pump her fingers into Regina, and as they resurfaced Regina threw her head back and opened her mouth, but didn't scream. As she came, her body jerked around for a moment as if she had been electrocuted.

Regina took a deep breath and drew Emma in for another kiss, and Emma slowly slid her fingers from Regina's spent body. They touched and kissed for a few minutes, until they exhaustion took over and they felt a chill.

Emma stood up on shaky legs and carefully stepped out onto the flooded bathroom floor, and then turned to take Regina's hand and help her as well.

"What a lady you are," Regina commented at the gesture. She offered Emma a towel and then wrapped herself in one before throwing another on the floor.

"I think there is more water out of the tub, then left in," Emma remarked.

"You are certainly wet," Regina deadpanned in a sexy drawl.

Regina blew out the candles, some of which had burned down to the quick, and as they re-entered the bedroom an awkward silence grew between them both. Emma couldn't tell what Regina was thinking now. Emma would have just as soon threw her down on the bed and ravished her all night as she had the strange feeling that they had barely gotten started. Comically, she also had the thought she didn't want to overstay her welcome (as if she had received a welcome to begin with).

Regina toweled off and then slipped on a black silk robe. It was still and dark and quiet. Emma could only guess at the time. Regina went through a drawer and found Emma a tank top and shorts. She moved to hand them to her as Emma stood dripping in the middle of the room; her hair felt thick and tangled. She slipped on the shorts and pulled on the shirt, while Regina stared at her body unapologetically, openly showcasing her desire for the blonde.

Without a moment's preamble, Regina moved closer, wrapping an arm around Emma's waist, and kissing her like she was making good on a promise, "Good night, Miss Swan. I do expect a prompt return of my clothing, tomorrow night perhaps?"

"Perhaps," Emma couldn't help but grin widely, as she agreed, knowing she'd be back the next night, as she sauntered out of the room, down the stairs, out of the mayor's house, and into the night.