Wanted: Jelly Belly's Story

Like any other webkin, he was made in a factory from the first stitch to his last until he was roughly packed in a box with his brothers and sisters. The box loaded on a truck bound for any place webkinz are sold. Little did he know was that his journey not only was a long one but it would seem like forever until he was adopted. When the box containing him and other Jelly Bean Puppies arrived at it's destination and was opened, all around for as far as the eyes of all webkinz could see was books as the whole box of yellow puppies with purple ears and tails, blue noses, and colorful patches with bright circular designs on their bodies were greeted by other webkinz of as many different types as could be stocked at a time. The hands of a person in normal clothes sporting a name tag with the name of the store Books-A-Million grabbing each one and roughly placing them on display for sale into a basket on a rack.

In time he would be on his way to fulfill a mission that all webkinz have and that was to be someone's best friend. From the blistering heat of summer til the crisp air of fall he waited and waited as he watched all of his brothers and sisters leave the store in bags or in the arms of a child eager to play with them. However being the only one left, he never could figure out why nobody wanted him. Only one person from the final days of summer to the first week of November would come back only to sadly not walk out with him. Some people may wonder what webkinz do when the store is closed for the night but I would imagine they either slept only to wake up to another day of awaiting adoption, read books by the light of the security lights, or played with wind up toys that are displayed in open clear plastic boxes.

Still he felt unwanted as the month of November began and another night also began, he climbed down from his basket along with the last of another puppy with white fur and pink ears and tail called the Cream Soda Puppy. The other managed to point out to him the reason why no one wanted him. The patch on his back was ripped and now he was afraid. He was now in fear of being tossed in the trash for he remembered a few weeks ago when a Shimmer Bunny living in one of the top baskets above him told him of many webkinz that many times have been removed from the baskets if they were missing code tags or were damaged only to be taken, tossed away, and never seen again possibly on a garbage barge to nowhere. As the first few days of November came and went and new webkinz like the Glitzy Dragon and the Billy Goat arrived it seemed as if he would never be given a home.

On the fourth of November his life changed forever. The same person who he had seen and been seen by many times finally took him home with her. At first she picked up both him and one of the Billy Goats but only had enough money for one of them. The new webkin was placed back in the basket with the others while the Jelly Bean Puppy was placed on the counter to finally go home. There was finally at least one person willing to take home a webkin like him and repair the patch on his back. His past behind him, he has now enjoyed one very happy month with his owner whom happily named him Jelly Belly and with excitement in his heart now awaits his first Christmas and many years to come in his new home.