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Hi, my name is Higarashi Kagome and I am your average high school student. Well I might have been if fate didn't like to screw with me. You see to those around me I am normal, but only a select few know just how far from normal I am. I'm almost eighteen now, but on my fifteenth birthday I found out that the ghost stories I had heard from my grandfather weren't so out there after all.

On my fifteenth birthday I was drug five hundred years back in time through a well at our shrine. For the next two years I lead a double life of time traveling miko and high school student. In those few short years I made the best friends ever and fell in love. When the journey was over and the Jewel was whole again there was peace. All of us settled down and decided to spend the rest of our lives together. Inuyasha and I were mated, and Sango and Miroku were married. Things became peaceful and well we weren't ready for what was about to come.

Our village was attacked by many demons, and my whole world fell apart. Since my first leap through time I had gotten more powerful. I was no longer a nuisance to my friends, but that still wasn't enough. Inuyasha and I had been fighting just before the hoard of demons attacked. I wasn't on my game and it caused my mate to lose his life. He took an attack meant for me, and it killed him. That is really all I remember from that day. The look of his eyes as the light left them. The next coherent thought I had was nearly a week later when I was being dragged by a certain demon lord out of Kaede's hut.

In the time leading up to the final battle Sesshomaru developed a sort of soft spot for me because I protected Rin once. For some reason he decided to train me so I wouldn't feel useless in the final battle. Well my friends were worried about me after Inuyasha died, so they called the Lord of the West. They had tried everything to break me out of my world of despair, but it wouldn't work. For the next month Sesshomaru put me through very tough training leaving me no time to dwell on what had happened. In the end it was him that got me through the toughest time in my young life. His answer when I asked him why he helped was that he was paying a debt he owed. He had not been the older brother he should have to Inuyasha, so he decided to help me overcome his death.

Soon after I returned to the village, and thanked my friends for everything. I knew I was going to make it, but the pain was still fresh. I didn't really get the chance to grieve so I needed to get away. With a tearful goodbye I went back to my own time. With help from my mother I moved to another town so I could finish high school with a clean slate. I moved into a small apartment near the high school, and started working at a local museum to help pay for rent. That was a year ago, and things are going okay. I still miss Inuyasha, but I am moving on.

So yeah I am a miko that is the guardian of a powerful jewel, but for now I am just Kagome high school student. At least that was the plan until fate decided to step in again…


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