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Sapphire eyes blinked back at me from the mirror as unsteady hands tried to tame a wild curl. My mother's slender hand entered my field of vision to fix it for me. Smiling softly I allowed her to finish my hair.

"You look beautiful Kagome," she says with tears in her eyes.

"Oh mom…" I say as I stand up and embrace her.

"I never thought I would see this day. I knew that when you were with Inuyasha things would go differently, and when he passed I put away any notions of getting to see you walk down the aisle. As much as I wished for it, I was more worried about you not falling into a hole of despair. I knew how hard losing the one you love is, and for you to be so young. You proved again though how strong you are though," she says.

"My friends are the source of my strength mama. I never would have survived if Sesshomaru hadn't hauled me to the West that day. Moving to Karakura Town was the best decision I made. It gave me the time I needed to grieve, and allowed me to find a path for my future. My life for once is mine and not centered on the dang jewel."

"So it is Kagome, and today is the start of the rest of your life. Are you ready? I believe your dear shinigami is getting antsy. Rangiku already had to notify him some of the guests were speaking of the odd cold front coming through," she says shaking her head slightly.

A small chuckle escapes my lips as we head to the first floor of the house. In the end we decided the shrine was the best place to hold the ceremony. It was hidden away from prying eyes, this way even our more eccentric guests could attend.

Slowly I head downstairs to greet my bridal party. Each of my three close friends is dressed in ice blue floor length chiffon dresses. My own kimono is traditional so we decided to switch it up and have the bridal party wear more modern gowns. Looking for a wedding gown took much less effort than searching for a dress that would keep Matsumoto's assets in check.

I smile at each of the girls and we take our places. As soon as we are ready the music starts and my heart beats in anticipation. Matsumoto is the first to venture down the aisle on the arm of the orange haired substitute and Toshiro's best man. Second down the aisle is my sister figure on the arm of her monk already sporting a red cheek. Rukia is the last of the bridal party down the aisle on the arm of her captain. As soon as they take their places the bridal march starts. Taking slow measured steps I walk from behind the house and am joined by my brothers on the walk to my future.

In a few short moments I am facing the person that has given me such happiness in the short amount of time we have known each other. He pulls the very best out of me, and will stand by me forever. No longer will I stand blindly next to someone. Now I am an equal that no longer needs protecting.


During this entire process I have been forced to take many deep breaths. Today is a monumental day, one I never thought I'd see. More than once I was forced to rein in my powers. Apparently our guests didn't appreciate the cold. I smirk slightly at the thought, but feel my amusement leave when my groomsmen start their antics up the second they are lined up to my left. The damn monk couldn't make it the simple trip down the aisle without a hand print. My thoughts quickly come to a halt as the bridal march starts. My breath hitches in my throat as my dear miko makes her trip down the aisle. She is dressed in a beautiful stark white wedding kimono of exquisite quality. Which is unsurprising seeing as who it came from.

Kagome is flanked by her two brothers. One by blood, and the other by battle ties. Her teenage brother had done a remarkable job assuming the position her father would have taken. Her other brother was an unlikely addition, but the well had allowed her to bring him and her two friends to the present. I have a great amount of respect for the demon lord, and am very great full for his presence in Kagome's life. Not only did he train her, but he is one of the sole reasons she is alive and well today.


All chatter ceased as the bride made her way down the aisle. By her side was her little brother filling his absent father's shoes. On her other side was a powerful demon lord. To an outside spectator the whole affair would have seemed alarming. Guests consisted of both the living and the dead. Some had unique abilities, and others were just plain normal.

The bride is given away by her brothers and the efficient begins the ceremony. The ceremony is emotional and quirky. More than once the crowd of onlookers feels a cool breeze run through. The ceremony is rather short and soon the hat and clog wearing efficient is asking for the rings. A small fox kit hands them off and gives his foster mother a quick embrace. Soon the couple has slid the rings on the others finger and she is leaning down slightly while he stands up taller to seal it with a kiss.

As soon as they are facing the crowd again they are given much applause, and for the first time they are announced as Toshiro and Kagome Hitsugaya. Let it also be known this is the only time anyone will refer to the small captain as anything other than captain.


It is nearing midnight and my feet are killing me! I have not sat down but for a short minute to cram some chicken down my throat. Now that I think about it that little bit of chicken is the only amount of food I have eaten all night. The cake I should have eaten ended up mostly on Toshiro's face. Of course his piece ended up mostly on my face too. I still have people pointing out smudges of icing on my face. Our cutting of the cake got a little brutal. The rest of the night has been relatively calm, and consisted of socializing and dancing. Miroku and Matsumoto have been the life of the party. I'm really glad neither of them can drive. I've had to distract my new husband multiple times from freezing them and half the shrine over.

Said new husband had plopped himself in the chair opposite mine.

"You look rather wound up Toshi-kun. It's your wedding, you're supposed to be relaxed," I say.

"Everyone here, besides a select few, can give me a headache on a daily basis. Now a majority of them are drunk. It is taking every amount of self-control I have to not hurt them," he says while glaring at me and rubbing his head.

"Well given this is our wedding we are only obligated to stay for so long. I'd rather not leave my mother with the job of shoveling snow along with the rest of the mess, so perhaps we should take our leave?" I suggest.

"I was under the impression you would want to spend more time with your friends and family. Are you looking forward to tonight's events more perhaps?" he asks while smirking.

"I was being nice! Get your mind out of the gutter!" I say while smacking him and turning ten shades redder.

"Oh my dear miko you are so cute when you blush," he says.

"I should have known leaving you alone with Miroku and Ichigo for the weekend was a bad idea. I thought you of all people couldn't be corrupted by the likes of those perverts!" I exclaim.

My loud declaration drew the attention of most the reception. Soon said perverts had their arms slung over Toshiro's shoulders.

"Making plans for the wedding night huh Toshiro?" Ichigo asks in a drunken slur.

"And here I thought nothing we said got through his icy barrier," Miroku slurs.

Most everyone present is laughing and Toshiro is turning many shades of red. As much as I am loving his discomfort I decide to rescue him and push the drunken perverts back toward the dance floor. Both are support red marks from their girlfriend and wife.

I take my place next to my new husband and we start rounds. It takes almost half an hour, but we are finally free. Once out of sight of the reception Toshiro sweeps me off my feet and we speed to where we will be spending the next week.

An hour later Toshiro finally stops and sets me down. We are at a small cottage overlooking a crystal clear lake. It is a sanctuary he comes to every once in a while when he needed a break from Soul Society.

"It is perfect Toshiro," I say pulling myself closer to him.

He nods but says nothing as we sit down on the small porch that overlooks the lake. Slowly we both relax and allow the calm of the lake to overtake us. For the first time since meeting that fateful day in the park there is time for peace. The next week will consist of nothing but the two of us. I look forward to it and our future together.

In the silence of night our future is starting. That of the Shikon Miko and the Shinigami Captain that never should have crossed paths.

"Are you ready Kagome?" Toshiro asks while standing up and holding his hand out for me.

"As long as you are there with me," I say.

A small smile graces his lips and we take the step toward tomorrow.


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