Author's Note: I decided to just make a short fic based on the movieJunior. It's one of my favorite moviesm and it helped me realize my love of mpreg. This takes place after Alex told Diana about his condition, and he is at Casitas Madres. Hope you enjoy. ****I updated it 9/28/12 to fix some spelling errors.

Alex turned the alarm off on his watch before standing up from the bench in the large garden. He walked slowly in the evening sun, up the sloping sidewalk to the main building. The sun was shining a deep orange as it sank lower in the sky, forcing him to squint against the glare.

As he climbed the stairs to his room, Alex braced a hand against his lower back in an effort to ease the aching pain that was building up in his muscles. At the top of the stairs he let out a sigh of relief, knowing it was only a few more steps to the privacy of his room.

Alex was sure to lock the door as soon as it was shut. He crossed the room straight to the dresser, opening the top drawer and removed a small vial of liquid. After quickly drinking the contents, he threw the vial into the trash can and made his way to the cream colored armchair that had quickly become his favorite spot upon arrival at Casitas Madres. His muscles began to relax as he sank down into the chair, and he kicked off his shoes. The wig was the next thing to go, being tossed carelessly on the bed.

Glancing over at the phone, it was obvious to Alex by the unlit message light that Diana had not tried to contact him since their most recent encounter. The sadness he felt was shown instantly on his face. Alex knew that Diana was furious with him. But he had mistakenly assumed that she would forgive him. Now he knew that he had been foolish in his assumption.

For a few months Alex had hoped for a long future with Diana, and had even allowed himself to imagine them raising the baby together. And once he had learned that the baby belonged to her, there wasn't a shadow of doubt in his mind that Diana would want a role in his or her life. It was obvious now, however, that she would not be an active participant in bringing Junior up.

Alex even began to think about the fact that there may not even be an infant to raise. Up until this point he had put such negative thoughts out of his mind. But now they were creeping their way to the forefront. He knew the science. Without an exit, the baby would need to be surgically removed. And that was only the beginning. He worried whether or not the placenta would remain attached. If even a portion of it pulled away from the organs it was attached to, he and the baby would most likely be dead in minutes.

Junior gave Alex a strong kick to the ribs, bringing his attention back to the small life inside him.

"I'm sorry, sweetie," said Alex softly as he fought to hold back his tears. "Daddy is just having a rough time at the moment. "

He brought his left hand up and rubbed circles on the overstretched skin of his abdomen. His skin hurt and itched, his back ached more than he knew was possible, and now Alex was faced with the idea of being alone raising the baby of the woman he was in love with. The silent tears dropped from his eyes uncontrollably.

After a few minutes Alex was able to calm down somewhat, but decided to go to bed early. After finally settling into the most comfortable position he could find, his last thought was that he hoped the next day would be better. It certainly couldn't get much worse.

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