Okay just getting into making fanfictions and this my third one so far. Most characters not mine, but OCs are all mine.

Prologue: Just so you know

Just so you know, I never really thought my life was special. That I would ever meet some "interesting" people and make friends with the new girl. That one day my whole world would turn upside down. That my life would change. Forever.

Nice to meet you, name's Lao, Lao Takahashi. I'm a half Chinese, half Japanese American Tanuki (my great grandfather was a Chinese Shar Pei but lets not get into that), I was born March 12 1996 and I'm currently a junior year student at St. Richard Academy, nice place really not like those other crappy prep schools with stuck up and snobbish rich kids, no it would be the greatest place to go to school, though typically the students and staff faculty have problems like other schools and some have their own clique, but again I won't go into it, there's just so much to explain and I rather get on with my story.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, where my life changed. It all happened three days after I turned 17. And man what a night that was. But that is when I became something popular kids at St. Richard would be jealous of. That's if I told anyone besides my friends, which of course I never did nor ever will.

First let's take it back to the day just after my birthday (heh heh rhyme). Just so you know, I never planned on becoming of what I am now. It all started on Wednesday 13, 2013, two days before I became a legend. Before I became the Black Mask.

Well here it is. Hope I do better in the next chapter. Reviews please and no flames.