Anger and Despair

by: Uzunaru999

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Chapter 2 Return


Naruto, Zabuza, and Hiruzen smiled as they looked on at their students. It had been a long three years but thankfully the Sound-Five and Haku had made it through. And each of them had were now about Jounin to Kage level and had been given a unique weapon from the three gods.

Haku had become more beautiful due to all the physical exercise that Zabuza and Naruto pounded into all of them. Her mastery over her Hyoton bloodline had come by leaps and bounds. Thanks to Hiruzen, his knowledge of the second Hokage, Haku could now take water out of the air to make ice. She also learned more on medical arts thanks to the many scrolls in the hut they lived in. Haku's weapon from Kami was a two butterfly daggers. The daggers had the ability to freeze what ever they touch. They were perfect for assassinations as when they cut their wasn't a splash of blood. She also was now a master of the silent killing thanks to Zabuza, who Haku now called father.

Kimimaro had actually learned to smile during the three years. He also learned to how to do bigger bloodline moves without a huge gush of blood going everywhere. It was to everyones surprise when they found out that Kimimaro had a wind nature affinity. After learning all the exercises he could now coat his bone picks in wind making them even more deadly. As for his weapon Kami made him a sword made from the bone of a wind dragon. It amplified Kimimaro's wind element to that above Kage level.

Jirobo was drilled into the ground so that he turned all his fat into muscle. With the help of Hiruzen he learned many Earth element jutsu. Out of them all Jirobo was clearly the power house, and even though he was muscular he had more weight on him that Gai and Lee combined. When he dropped them he had the speed of Lee opening three of the inner gates. His weapon was from Yami, it was a mace that once belong to a witch king. It could extend to any length and it could expand to cover large areas.

Tayuya had learned her element was fire believe it or not. She still had her flute but now she had more summons that could follow the music. She could also control fires with her flute, she had the control that of Gaara and his sand. She also built up his speed and agility. Her new flute was made of pure platinum, and had a hidden dagger in it in case she would battle a close range fighter. She also toned down her cursing a lot.

As for Sakon and Ukon not everything went according to plan. Once the curse seal was removed they went through a very painful process where the two brothers separated completely. Sakon and Ukon had their own bodies but could no longer fuse with each other. After that their fighting style went down the drain, due to their them not being able to fuse. Luckily Zabuza came in and saved the day, he trained them like the dead Tag-team Demon brothers. Though this time the no-brow swordsman taught how to put up a good and believable genjutsu hiding spot. Not much could be said about their strength, except they use collaboration jutsu, since Sakon was water natured and Ukon was lightning natured.

Kidomaru had studied more on taijutsu and learned to do more tricks with his spider abilities. His sticky gold skill raised so the stuff was now unbreakable. He also studied with Zabuza in swordsmanship, he could now use six broad swords at once thanks to his extra arms. From Yami he got a large sword that was made of six others put together. It was called First Tsurugi, and thanks to his arms and flexibility he could use all the parts of the sword at once. Not only that but he gained the ability to absorb his arms into his body. Now he could blend into the crowd a lot better. He was the teams hunter-nin, he could track anyone or anything he wanted, and with his webbing he could capture them.

Speaking of webbing, it was now upgraded so that not even a Hyuuga could mess with it. He really wanted to get some pay back on that stuck up Hyuuga that killed him. His archery skills had also gone up and could now shoot three arrows at once and control where they go individually.

Now just because Naruto, Zabuza and Hiruzen were training Haku and the sound-five didn't mean they didn't train themselves.

The biggest training was Naruto's, He had done what his past self, Kenpachi, could not. He had learned his swords name. He also gained Bankai, that also went for Kyuubi's sword. Most of Naruto's success was thanks to him relearning the Shadow clone jutsu. He also relearned all the Jutsu he had before he died. He even mastered and completed the rasengan, though he promised himself to mostly use his Shinigami and Arrancar powers.

Zabuza had become a water element master, he could also take water out of the air and now could do most suiton jutsu with out seals. He even modified some of his favorites, like making the water prison able to stay without his hand in the orb. He even mastered his sword a little more. His sword, Kubikiribōchō main ability was being able to repair itself with the blood of its foes. And now that ability has passed onto Zabuza. As long as Zabuza has his blade in his hands he can heal from any foreign blood that touches Kubikiribōchō or himself.

Hiruzen had lived up to his name Kami no Shinobi, he had mastered all his jutsu so now he only needs one or two hand seals to use them. He even gained a couple new ones. Thanks to his training he knew that he could take on all three his wayward students with one arm tied behind his back. He was also the one to train everyone in more political things. Much to everyones irritation, mainly Naruto. But Naruto learned after Hiruzen told him that he would have to deal with politics when he became a kage.

At the precent though the group of eight heros were gathered in front of Kami, Yami and the Shinigami King. They all stood in front of a large gate that would send them back to the world of Shinobi.

Kami looked at the group, "We will be sending you to different areas due to recent events. Naruto you will be sent to Suna, where the Kazekage has been kidnapped by the Akatsuki." Naruto gave a lazy salute and gripped his swords in anticipation of the coming fights.

The Shinigami looked to Zabuza, Haku, and Kimimaro. "You three will be heading straight to Kiri where you will help the rebels finish the civil war. Just remember what you have to do when you beat the Mizukage." Zabuza gave a sharp toothed grin, while Haku pouted not being able to go with Naruto. Kimimaro though looked nervous about going back to Kiri.

Yami got the attention of Hiruzen and Jirobo. "You two will be going to Konoha to rescue a few of Naruto's supporters, this includes Iruka, the Ichiraku Family, Anko, Konohamaru crops and Hinata." Hiruzen smiled at the thought of seeing his grandson again.

"Where the hell are we going then?" asked Tayuya waving at herself, Kidomaru, Sakon and Ukon. Kami turned to them with a smile, "You four will be going to Takigakure to save the Nanbi jinchuuriki. She is soon to be hunted by two Akatsuki members."

Yami took on a gave face, "The two people you will be facing are Hidan and Kakazu also known as the Zombie duo. Be warned they will be one of your toughest fights." The four teens looked nervous, thankfully the rest of the group gave them the encouragement that they desperately needed.

The Three major gods nodded and then opened the gate and the group charged forward.


Authors Note

The Chapters from here on out will be in different scenes every chapter. This chapter and the next will be about Naruto rescuing Gaara. After that it will be with another part of the group, this will continue until all of them are together again.


A random gate opened in the middle of the Suna desert, out of the gate came Naruto Uzumaki back from the dead. Coming back once again to kick some ass. Naruto stood tall, wearing a black version of Ulquiorra's old outfit with crimson trimmings. His spiked back blond hair waved in the wind. Decorating his face were the two mask pieces that represented his whisker marks. Resting on his left hip was Kenpachi's and Ulquiorra's swords, while on his back was Kyuubi's.

Naruto took a deep breath of the air of the living. He started to look around to get a set on his location. It didn't take him long to see the towering smoke stack rising over the horizon. Naruto grunted, then with a sonic boom he dashed across the desert towards the village hidden in the sand.

Though Naruto was fast he was not fast enough to get there by the end of the day, it was on the second day, around noon that he got there. He stopped about a couple meters from the main entrance. As he was getting a look at the structure a Suna Shinobi came forward.

"Sorry sir but the village is currently under lockdown."

Naruto turned to the shinobi, "Well thats too bad, I have a urgent appointment with Gaara of the sand, I am a old friend of his. A very old friend."

The Shinobi was now very confused, "I'm sorry sir but you will have to stay here while I go get my Commanding Officer." Naruto nodded and waited. It wasn't long till a old familiar face came walking up. It was a man with a turban on his head with a cloth that covered his right eye like a drape. It was Gaara's old jounin-sensei Baki.

"Who are you and how do you know Kazekage-sama?" growled Baki.

Naruto moved his left arm to massage his right shoulder while he talked, "My name is unimportant at the moment I will only reveal myself once I see Gaara."

Something nagged in the back of Baki's mind, he knew this stranger, but from where. He shook his head, "Well you're going to have to wait, Gaara was recently kidnapped. We would have gone after him but many of our shinobi have been injured. We had to call on our ally to help us." Naruto noticed the venom in the mans voice. "Right now a team from Konoha has been sent after the two Akatsuki memebers."

Naruto growled at the mention of Konoha, "Will you give me a sample of Gaara's sand, with that I will be able to track him. I'll have him back before the end of the day."

Baki narrowed his eyes at Naruto, "Who are you?" Naruto grinned and whispered so only Baki heard, "The first to have ever beaten Gaara."

Baki eyes almost burst out of his skull as he finally realized where he had seen the man before. He didn't ask questions on how Naruto was still alive, he didn't care. Baki saw this as a sign, he quickly took out a vile of Gaara's sand and handed it to Naruto.

"Gaara gives all high commanding officers and his siblings a sample of his sand. All we have to do is break the glass and he'll know somethings wrong."

Naruto poured out the sand into his hand, after focusing his energy he got a lock on to Gaara.

"I got a lock on, rest assured I'll bring Gaara back." Then with another boom Naruto shot out into the dessert following the remnants of Gaara's chakra. But as he got closer he felt seven signatures that were familiar, the chakra's of Team Gai and Team 7. Naruto snarled as he remembered them. Out of them only Tenten was the only one that didn't think him a demon. He remembered her telling him about telling the difference between a scroll and the kunai sealed inside it. Though at the same time she didn't outwardly speak against Naruto's execution.

Though the chakra signatures that brought anger to Naruto was the one and only Uchiha Sasuke. Then Naruto gave a insane grin, he was going to have fun messing with the brooding emo's mind.

He was a about a mile out when he felt a pulse of chakra and then a large crash. As he got there he saw the entrance to a cave and the rubble from a giant stone that he assumed used to be the giant rock that covered the entrance to the cave.

He gracefully landed at the entrance and whispered, "Show Time!"


A couple of minutes earlier

"Shan'naro!" Yelled a pink haired girl as she slammed her fist into the stone. Using good chakra control she shattered the barrier into dust. Sakura Haruno turned to her teammate Sasuke.

"Did you see that Sasuke-kun?" To the surprise of the author and his readers the Uchiha smiled at Sakura.

"Good job Sakura-chan."

Meanwhile in the depths of hell Yami was cursing up a storm because somehow hell had just frozen over.

Back in the Elemental nations Team 7 or Team Kakashi as they were called now jumped in the cave followed by the elder of Suna Chiyo the puppet master.

As they entered the cave they saw the Akatsuki members Deidara and Sasori sitting on the lifeless corpse of Gaara.

"Look what the cat dragged in, un" sneered Deidara as he glared at Sasuke. The blond mad bomber had a deep hate for the Sharingan.

"Kazekage-sama!" cried Chiyo as she wanted to make sure the young kage was alright.

Sasori chuckled from the inside of his puppet, "Sorry but its too late, we've already extracted the Ichibi. All that is left is a husk, sorry grandmother."

Chiyo frowned at the disrespect that her grandson gave her. Kakashi lift up his headband to show his implanted Sharingan.

"Be careful Sakura, Sasuke, these are S-rank criminals. Do NOT take them lightly." All the scarecrow got in response was a 'Hn' from the Uchiha.

Just as Kakashi was about to throw some kunai at their foe's the room darkened. All of the shinobi froze as if they were just thrown into a frozen lake without any clothes. Sakura actually fell to her knees. The air around them distorted from the pressure they felt. While they were frozen a voice that sounded very familiar to a team Kakashi spoke.

"My, my, my look at what I've found. Someone thought they could start the party without me?" It took all Kakashi's strength to turn his head in the direction of the newcomer. He felt something tingle in the back of his mind as he saw the blond that entered the cave.

"Who- no, What are you?", whispered Kakashi being the only one with strength to talk. The blond turned to him with a grin that felt familiar to Kakashi.

"You guys forgot me already? Oh that hurts, right here." Naruto placed his hand on his chest. He started to walk to Kakashi, all the while grinning like Kenpachi.

"Don't you remember me? Kakashi-sensei?"

And the world stopped for Kakashi as the memories of Naruto filled through his mind.

"No! It can't be!" Kakashi franticly tried to move away. Naruto just laughed.

"Oh but it is, don't you remember Hatake? I made a promise the day the village killed me. I promised that I would be back. And guess what?"

Naruto opened in arms wide and yelled, "NARUTO UZUMAKI IS BACK!"