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This was bad…nice…oh really nice, but bad. Wrong. So very wrong on so many different levels.

Who would've thought that tonight Lucy would've gotten pissed drunk? Usually that was Natsu's forte…but not tonight, oh god not tonight.

On a normal occasion Lucy would drag Natsu's butt home, or to her house to pass out on the floor, or the couch, depending on how drunk he was.

So of course in this situation he would return the favour right?

Well right now he was beginning to wonder if that was the right decision…

'Cause he had walked her home, her arm slung over his shoulder, holding her up as she giggled and tripped all the way to her house.

It was funny at first, even cute if Natsu dared to say that.

That all changed when they got back to Lucy's house though…

He led her to the bathroom for her to get ready for bed, ya know brush her teeth and stuff…but when she came out…in her underwear…well...sleeping wasn't exactly what she had on her mind.

"U-uh…L-Lucy?" Natsu muttered, turning his slightly red face away from her immediately. He had seen her pyjamas before, yeah they were rather skimpy but…these weren't her pyjamas. They were definitely her underwear…her pink frilly...Oh god what was Natsu still doing here?

Immediately he stood up to leave but it was too late…Lucy had already approached him…right up to him. Like really close.

Too close.

So close Natsu could smell the alcohol on her breath.

"W-Where ya goin' dragon slayer?" She questioned giving him a slight wink as her hand reached out to touch his chest.

"Home…you should get some sleep Lucy." He mumbled stepping back out of her reach; she caught a handful of his scarf though.

"Aww, come on, why don't you sleep over? You can sleep in my bed with me." She smiled managing to pull the scarf off.

Was this some kind of a joke? What the hell was going on…who would've thought if Lucy drank enough she'd be like this…all seductive like.

His mind was reeling for the moment, lost in thought he didn't see her come closer. Didn't see her hand reach out and gently run up his abs. Natsu's muscles rippled at the touch as he let out a soft "Oh.".

It felt good, her hand sliding up his chest, the way it caressed every crevice of muscle on its way up.

Wait. No. Bad Lucy.

He grabbed her hand and pulled it away from his skin. This is what he gets for always wearing a vest that reveals his entire stomach…

"L-Lucy. You're drunk, okay? Now come on and go to bed." He practically growled, pulling her hand and leading her over to her bed hearing her moan in disappointment.

Hey, Natsu was a guy too ya know. Lucy was a very beautiful, sweet, and very kind mage okay? A guy would be stupid to not be attracted to her in some way and Natsu knew this.

It didn't help that Natsu hung around her practically 24/7. He knew he had feelings for her, he knew that much. But really, he didn't want something to start out of this, a possible drunken mistake on Lucy's part.

Nope. Natsu refused to take advantage of this situation. He wasn't a gentleman per say, like come on look at the way he eats, but he would never do this kind of a thing.

Although in a way it was very tempting.

Nope. Still not gonna do it.

Lucy wasn't making this easy for him either. Especially when they reached the bed and she shoved him onto it. The dragon slayer was caught slightly off guard; he hadn't expected that…he should've known better.

And there were her bloody hands again running up his stomach and chest again.

Damn it, it was sending shivers through his whole body. He had a hard time suppressing some growls of, what was that? Oh yeah, extreme pleasure…and this was just from him touching his chest?

Geez Lucy.

"L-LUCY!" He hissed, grabbing her hands again. Okay now he was getting a little mad.

Natsu was doing this for her, he wasn't going to take advantage of her drunken state because of her, because he didn't want her upset the next day. Regretting everything. That's not the way it should be.

But damn this was getting damn near impossible with her delicate little fingers running up and down his chest, her eyes enjoying every little reaction that unwillingly slipped out of him.

Natsu had an animalistic side to him, everyone knew that. He could lose control in battle and defeat practically anyone.

But that didn't apply to just battle.

Lucy took the position they were in as an invitation to collapse right on top of Natsu. Her hands still entrapped in his, her body slapped against his, her chest pressing onto his.

Oh god. Natsu was gonna die.

Why did she have to be in her underwear? Her skimpy little frilly stupid underwear that was sexy and cute at the same fricken time.


To torment the shit out of Natsu of course.

One side of his brain was telling him to get the hell out of there…that was the part he should probably listen to.

But the other side…the animalistic side that was telling him to rip those stupid pink undies off, seemed a lot more fun to him.



"Lucy. Stop. It's time for me to go…"

Damn her face was so close to his right now, just staring into his eyes.

Her lips were pulled into that wide beautiful grin that she always had on.

"Lucy? Get off." Natsu could technically overpower her and throw her off but he didn't want to hurt her…was it just him or was her face even closer now?

"L-Lucy…" He managed to mumble out completely dumbfounded. Yeah, she was getting closer…leaning in inch by inch.

"No Lucy. Don't!"

Her smile grew even wider, loving the hopelessness in his voice. Lucy's eyes danced with happiness, full of mischief.

Natsu felt himself pushing his head further into the bed as she neared even closer to him.

Lucy was going to kiss him.

Alright. What was Natsu to do? He was really contemplating throwing her off right about now. For her own safety…he wasn't entirely sure what would happen if she started…to kiss him.

"Stop it Lucy." He tried as much as he could to put authority into those words…but they barely came out as a whisper.

Damn it. He wanted this too.

Now he could feel her breath on his lips, she was still closing in too.

"No…don't…" Natsu mouthed, unsure if the words were even audible.

Then her lips were on his.

Now Natsu would be lying if he said that it wasn't one of the most enjoyable things he had ever experienced.

But it was wrong.

It literally took all his willpower not to kiss her back, and Natsu had a lot of willpower.

She pulled back, looking at him with a little pout.

Fuck. It was adorable.

No. Don't lose control. Natsu would repeat this over and over if he had to.

Then she kissed him again, pushing a little deeper this time.

NO. Don't do it.

It was getting harder to control…

No…no. Don't do it.

Lucy pulled back again, pout still on her face.

Was she aware of how adorable she was? Was it even possible to be simply adorable and incredibly sexy at the same time? Probably not…but that's what made Lucy so weird.

Seriously don't do it.

He watched in horror as her eyes widened and her pout turned into a mischievous grin.

Shit…she just came up with something.

"Lucy! Lucy…ohhh…" Natsu's words melted away into a moan as she licked at his neck.

Oh my god. Don't fricken do it.

He couldn't help but let little sounds escape as her lips and tongue danced along his neck, going down to his collarbone and taking a little nibble. Her hand came up, sliding up the side of his torso. It continued on its way until it found the back of his neck.

Wait…when did he let go of her hands?

Somewhere along the way he had lost himself…between when she even began to touch his neck, which was secretly one of his most sensitive spots, and when her hand had ran up his body.

Oh shit…

Now she was pulling her body up, skin rubbing against skin, until she was sitting on his hips.

Natsu let out a low growl as he tried to contain himself, that one side of his mind trying to gain control over his animalistic urges.

Suddenly Lucy pulled on the back of his neck and slammed her lips into his.

Fuck it.

Hey, Lucy started it okay?

If she wanted to kiss him so freakin' much he'd give her a kiss. Oh yeah he'd give her a kiss.

One big kiss so she'd be satisfied.

It's not like Natsu could hold it back anymore anyway.

His hands slipped onto her back and pulled her into him, not so gently actually. Their bodies slammed against each other, Natsu still not breaking the kiss as she gasped slightly.

In one motion he picked the blonde up and swiftly flipped her onto her back, so he was on top. His pelvis between her thighs in a rather…provocative position.

He pressed his body against hers, feeling every inch of her body on his. Natsu's chest rumbled in another growl as he deepened the kiss, his tongue slipping between her lips.

Ugh. Dammit. This felt so right and ohhh fuck…

Natsu's train of thought was interrupted by Lucy's nails scratching down the entire length of his back.

When did his shirt even come off?

Wow Lucy. She was smoother than he thought.

It was like she already knew everything he liked.

Still not breaking the kiss he let his own hands do a little exploring themselves.

Now…he still understood she was drunk…he still knew it was wrong…so he wouldn't explore the main places that he wanted to.

Maybe later.

When she was actually sober.

But for now, it was just a kiss right? A kiss she instigated. One, big, long, intense kiss.

That's not so bad right?

Well even if it was it was happening anyway.

His hands started on her thighs, squeezing lightly and grinning into the kiss as he excited a moan out of her.

Oh man, he was enjoying this way too much.

It was the first time he noticed that her skin was truly like silk, so soft to touch. He could touch it all day…

His hands traveled up her thighs and past her little undies up the sides of her stomach. This time she bit down on his lip slightly in response.

Shit…he liked that.

Forgetting about running his hands over her skin he pushed himself against her deepening the kiss once again.

He felt Lucy's legs wrap around him, lifting her body slightly to close the already small distance between the two. He felt her grind her hips slightly against him…

Oh Lucy. Don't go there.

Only if you truly want to see this dragon slayer lose control.

She moaned into the kiss at the contact between the two of them. Her arms that had wrapped around his neck tightened even more.

Just a few seconds, a few more moments of pure bliss and Natsu would pull away. He would leave, he would only kiss her once…and this kiss had been a large stretch from 'one'.

Then she rocked her hips with a bit more intensity, this time earning a moan from the dragon slayer.

WHOA. Shit. Shit.

No it's time to leave now. Damn it.

He pulled away from her lips, feeling as disappointed as she looked.

"Luce…" His voice came out husky, almost a growl.

She didn't say anything in response, just stared up at him with those beautiful brown orbs.

Damn it Lucy…why couldn't you have done this when you were sober? Or when he was drunk…he wouldn't have minded that.

Or was it because she didn't actually feel the same way…

That all this was just because she was drunk...

Oh god.

And with what he had just done…

Would she remember everything in the morning?

It's not like they had sex or anything but still…what they had just done was practically foreplay.

He hadn't fought back as much as he should've; he could've gotten her off of him he was sure.

But he was weak. He couldn't help but want this.

This is what he gets when he returns a favour?

Gently, he got off of her, having to unwrap her legs from around him. She fought back but this time Natsu's thoughts were final as she tried to get up he pushed her lightly but firmly so she'd remain on the bed.

She whined as he walked to the door, half-naked and not caring. He turned briefly to see her pouting as she sat on the bed, her eyelids already beginning to droop slightly as sleep began to take her.

"I'm sorry…" Natsu whispered.

Then he turned and left through the door, leaving behind the woman he now knew he loved wholey and entirely, sitting in her stupid pink frilly underwear.

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