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She stared at the clothes on her floor.

They weren't hers. No. The vest and scarf were not hers at all. They were obvious to whom they belonged.

But what were they doing here?

And why was she in her underwear. Not just any underwear either. The most seductive underwear she owned.

Things just weren't adding up here.

She had an enormous headache; she must've drank more than she had ever before to get this kind of hangover. Why were Natsu's clothes in her room? Tossed about carelessly.

She couldn't remember.

Was he here? After a few moments and no loud noises sounded she deducted that he indeed wasn't.

Rubbing her head she slumped to the bathroom to try to clear her head with a shower. She couldn't even think straight.

Well, the questions weren't gonna answer themselves.

Natsu ran a hand through his hair.

Sleeping wasn't an option. He had counted the tiles on his ceiling all night trying to think of something else. Something other than what he had done.

He was so stupid, but it had felt so right. So good.

Lucy was stupid too, for doing that to him.

What was going to happen between the two of them? Was it just going to go back to normal?

How the hell could it?

He sat up abruptly, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration.

Even if Lucy didn't remember he couldn't act normal around her anymore. She would notice him acting weird for sure.

He had never known Lucy to be so damn sexy before. How in god's name was he supposed to just forget how she looked in those pink frilly underwear.

Those stupid god forsaken pink frilly underwear. Why the hell did she have those anyway? What kind of purpose did they serve her?

Was it perhaps for other men?

The thought alone made Natsu spike the temperature in his room. It angered him to no end.

How many other guys had seen those pink frilly underwear?

Letting out a frustrated growl he heard the front door open and something crash in the room.

It was probably Happy back from Wendy and Charle's place. He usually flew in and knocked something over. Not that Natsu cared if he broke anything.

Trying to calm down he pushed all memories of last night to the back of his mind and opened the door of him room, stepping out.

What he saw made his stomach drop so far down it felt like it was in his feet.

Lucy. The Lucy he couldn't stop thinking about was standing in his house. Just standing there holding his scarf and vest.

She even smiled at him like she would any other day.

Oh shit. She didn't remember.

He had such a strange look on his face when he came out of his bedroom. He just stared at her.

Letting a smile out she held his clothes out to him.

"You left these at my house last night…you must've walked me home last night right?" She spoke, noticing how he wasn't budging from his spot she walked up to him.

He wasn't even answering her back, he just gave what looked like a nervous nod.

"Um…I'm not sure why you left these there…but I came to give them back." She continued. Now she was right in front of him.

Yet he still wasn't taking his clothes back.

"Y-you…don't remember…"

It wasn't a question, more like a statement.

Yeah, it was clear she didn't remember.

"Yeah. But if you walked me home I'm sure I had nothing to worry about right?" She smiled at him, pressing his clothes to his bare chest so he would finally take them.

For some reason he looked away from her when she said that. His face looked sad and upset.

"Hey, Natsu. Are you okay?" She reached out and touched his shoulder but he jerked away from her. The movement startled her, not as much as the look on his face.

He looked scared.

What the hell could Natsu Dragneel be scared of?

It made her worry more.

As fast as the look came it was gone. Now there was no emotion on his face. Nothing at all.

"Thanks for bringing these back. I appreciate it." He stated, turning his back in a clear signal for her to leave.

Confused by his reactions Lucy took a step back. Why was he acting like this? Annoyed at the dragon slayer she turned on her heel ready to storm off when her head pulsed angrily.

That was when everything came back to her.

He had walked her home, and she had…gone to the bathroom and gotten dressed in her underwear. The underwear she had woken up in.

She froze mid step.

She had seduced Natsu last night, and Natsu had responded. Natsu had begun to loose control but he managed to gain it back.

Natsu had wanted her.

Her face was so red she was surprised it hadn't spontaneously combusted.

She had drank so much that her true feelings for her partner had come out, and come out strong. Natsu had tried to resist but in a way it pleased her to know he couldn't resist her sexy charms.

That explains why he was acting funny. He probably thought he had done something wrong. Well he had made out with a drunk girl…but it was her original feelings.

Lucy wasn't just someone that got drunk and slept with anyone. She was someone who got drunk and tried to sleep with someone she had been denying feelings for for a long time. But now…she didn't need to deny the feelings. She had thought that someone like Natsu couldn't return her feelings but.

Last night said otherwise.

He wanted her too, and he wanted her bad. Real bad.

A devious smile crept onto her face.

And he thinks that she doesn't know what happened.

Oh Lucy was going to have fun with this one.

"I woke up in my underwear…do you know how that happened?" She had turned back around to see his reaction. His shoulders raised a bit, a reaction like he had been caught doing something red handed.


"Are you feeling okay Natsu? You're stuttering." She purred, walking around to get a good look at his face.

He refused to make eye contact.

"Y-yeah. I'm fine." He seemed to be annoyed at his own stuttering. It was kinda cute actually.

Was he just gonna let her think that nothing happened? Maybe he wanted to save their friendship? Or maybe he was embarrassed at how he had acted the night before? Either way a responsible person would tell her exactly what happened.

She was going to keep going until he did so.

It was harsh but so very fun to finally be the one tormenting him. He often teased her about whatever he could. Now it was her turn and this…this was pure gold.

"Really? You're looking awfully red." Lucy whispered. She only had to whisper, she was right in front of him, her face only a few inches from his own.

And she wasn't lying. His face was red. Really red, especially when she got that close to him. His eyes flickered to hers and then to whatever else it could find.

He had been so passionate last night when he kissed her, he was so fierce and somewhat rough. Lucy wanted to see that side of him again.

She stepped around him, leaving the red faced Natsu behind her.

"Oh no, where did you get those marks from?" She stated, gesturing to his scratch marks that she had given him last night. She even went as far to run one of her fingers down one of the marks. To her pleasure she saw him shudder until he spun around quickly, his eyes wide as they met with hers. Natsu was breathing heavily, he ran a hand through his hair.

Don't laugh Lucy…don't do it. It was so hard. He was so panicky!

"Uh-um…oh I dunno…I guess my last mission I got thrown into a tree?" He burst out quickly.

A tree? Lucy had a hard time not bursting out in laughter. She bit her tongue at his reaction.

"Oh Natsu, you have to be careful. You know how dangerous those trees can be. Those scratches look bad…real bad."

She whispered the last part, it came out seductive and the look he shot her was amazing. He was so confused but he recognized that tone of her voice, that much was obvious. Like an open book.

It was so hard not to laugh Lucy had to turn away for a brief moment just to release a huge smile.

Don't make a sound and give it away.

She would get him somehow.

"So…why did you take your clothes off in my house?"

She absolutely loved his reaction. His mouth opened for a moment and she could see the gears turning in his head to try to think of something…anything.

"It was hot?"

Lucy almost died inside. Why the hell had he made that a question?

That was the best he could do? It sure was hot wasn't it? Steaming hot.

Don't laugh!

"Yeah, I remember last night being really hot for some reason." He actually bit his lip at that, staring intently at the wall. "But when I woke up in my underwear I was freezing. I wasn't even under my sheets." Lucy stated staring him down. "Did you not tuck me in?"

Natsu stared at her, she could tell he was thinking about what had happened.

Why hadn't he tucked her in? Oh yeah, she was too busy seducing him to be bothered with being tucked in that's why.

"…I-uh I did. You must've gotten up sometime in the night and taken off your clothes or something?"

Oh? Not bad Natsu. Well played.

"Hm. Well that doesn't make any sense either since my sheets were still tucked in underneath me. I'm pretty sure I didn't make my bed in the middle of the night when I was drunk." Lucy countered.

Ha. Take that one Natsu. Let's see what you do now.

"You must have."

Now she couldn't help but smile at him.

"Did you see me in my underwear last night Natsu?"

It was obvious by his reaction that he had, he was an awful liar, especially with his face that red. His ears even turned red. Yes he had certainly seen her in her underwear last night.


Oh and don't forget that stutter. It gives him away so quickly.

"Are you sure? They were pink and they had these little frills on the side he-"

"No, I did not see anything."

Bad Natsu. She narrowed her eyes at him.

"Well that doesn't make any sense because I remember changing in the bathroom when I got home. Then I walked out and you were still there. Then I don't remember anything else."

Okay that was mean.

But so much fun. She had never seen Natsu squirm so uncomfortably like this before.

"So…you did see me in my underwear last night didn't you?"

It almost broke her heart to see how his head dropped in defeat. Almost.

"Natsu would you stop lying to me. Tell me what happened."

Once again she was right up to his face, looking into his eyes that were focused somewhere else in the room. He seemed so ashamed.

She was being to mean, she'd have to make it up to him later.

"N-Nothing. Nothing happened."

"Natsu." She said his name quietly but through in a hint of sadness for good measure.

Even her face looked sad as he looked back up at her.

His eyes narrowed like he was in some kind of pain and Lucy was seriously thinking of just pulling out of the joke when he looked at her like that.

He looked like he was suffering.

It made her regret everything and she opened her mouth to take it all back when he began to speak.

"Well…I walked you back home. It was weird cause you were so drunk but…in a way it was kinda funny. It was funny until you came out of your bathroom in your underwear. I tried to leave but you wouldn't let me. You wouldn't just stay in bed either you kept…touching me and you kissed me…you were making faces at me when I didn't kiss back. I swear I tried to do nothing but you kept kissing me and eventually…I had to kiss you back. It sounds so stupid but it just felt…it felt good…I'm sorry I shouldn't have." He couldn't look her in the eyes as he spoke. "Before I knew it things were getting a little heated and I…I just got out of there before I did something stupid. I didn't want you to be mad at me for doing something like that when you were drunk…" He trailed off his eyes sliding shut ready for the onslaught of shouting and kicking and yelling he knew was coming.

"It felt good?"

His eyes opened quickly at her words, staring at her confused.

"You know. I'm not drunk right now." Now it was her turn to blush.

What was she getting into, that sounded an awful lot like an invitation that she had just muttered.

But would he get it?

"B-but…after what I did last night. Aren't you mad?" His eyes were so hopeful it was adorable. So hopeful that he understood what she was saying.

"Mad? If I remember right I was the one who initiated it."

She closed her eyes when she realized what she had said.

"Remember? You remember?" His words were so confused she was afraid to open her eyes and look at him. Afraid to see the hurt.

She was surprised when she opened hers and saw something completely different from what she had been expecting.

A smirk. A devilish smirk played on his lips as he looked at her.

"You were just playing with me? You knew what I did all along and you were just playing with my emotions? That's not very nice Lucy, you know, you have to make it up to me. Especially after that tease last night."

As his sentence went on his voice got deeper and Lucy's heart rate spiked. He took a small step towards her so that their chests were almost touching.

"Make it up to you mm?" Lucy returned his smirk, running her fingers up his bare chest. He sucked in a breath, grabbing her hand on instinct. He chuckled down at her, shaking his head. He pulled on her hand, successfully getting Lucy to stumble forwards into him. For a few moments he stared down at her then slowly, painfully slowly he leaned in.

Lucy met his lips with her own, at first it was gentle, almost hesitant to make sure she was positive about her decision. She had never been more sure in her life. She loved this idiot.

But...she wanted to see the Natsu from last night so she threw caution to the wind.

"Guess what underwear I'm wearing."

A dangerous glint appeared in his eye, his sharp canines showed in a smirk.

"Not for long."

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