Everyone always go on about how everyone should feel sorry for people that are bullied, they say they're most likely depressed and lonely.

They are exaggerating.

It's not that bad.

Well, it would be if you were one of those stupid people who care about what everyone thinks about you, I guess. But since I don't, it's really not that bad.

I mean sometimes it gets really lonely and boring and I guess it would a lot worse for me if Rose wasn't here. She's not exactly my friend but she always sticks up for me and talks to me sometimes.

She can't stop the rumours though.

I don't really mind them, I don't care what they think of me as I mentioned before it's actually quite amusing to be walking to class and find out that apparently you died your hair pink to try and get attention.

They're saying this as I'm standing right next to them, my hair still the same dark brown it's always been.

I guess it makes sense that they don't notice me there, since I'm probably half their height if not shorter.

Okay I'm exaggerating, I'm not a midget.

But I am still extremely short.

Anyway, back to the point, you're probably wondering why people hate me and make up such, yeah?

Well it could be for a number of reasons..

Like the fact that I'm bitter, sarcastic and don't put up with their bullshit? Or maybe it's because I'm not exactly girly and can't stand gossiping.

It could also be that I spend most of my time outside, looking after the many animals at Hogwarts. Maybe it's because I also have a slight obsession with taking photos of animals.

With a muggle camera which everyone finds weird.

Weirder than having a picture where the people move? I don't think so.

I nearly had a heart attack the first time I saw a wizard photo. (I'm muggle born)

So that is why Rose is the closest thing I have to a friend, but I don't mind. As I said before, it's not that bad once you get used to it. You learn to laugh at their pathetic attempts to annoy you, it really pisses them off.

The latest rumour was that apparently I had a breakdown and then left to go back to a muggle school because I was so depressed about having no friends.

Ruby Clark was telling her little follower Daisy Corner this while I wassitting right behind them, trying not to laugh at their idiocy.

I am ashamed to say that I was failing.


They don't hear me though, they're too busy discussing my apparent departure from the school, blind bimbos.

"I heard they had to drag her out of the school because she was full on bawling her eyes out and begging everyone to give her a second chance."

No way, if I was going to leave, I would at least punch one of them in the face before I did.

Not that I'm violent or anything.

Because I'm not, so stop thinking that.

I mean it!

"Really? I heard she cut off all of Layla's hair while she was sleeping."

I snorted, I wouldn't do that to Layla, she wasn't that bad.

Maybe to her annoying Sister Kayla though.

Kayla was pain in the ass.

And that's putting it nicely.

"Is that why she hasn't been in classes all day?"

I rolled my eyes; Layla wasn't here because Albus rejected her when she asked him out. It was quite hilarious actually, I was lucky enough to witness it.

I wasn't as though he was mean about it or anything, he apologised and everything but she still burst into tears and spent all of yesterday crying in the bathrooms.


I mean, no offence but she didn't have a chance.

Anyone with a brain can see that wearing a ton of makeup and skanky clothes wasn't going to get the sweet, kind, quiet, slightly nerdy but extremely attractive son of Harry Potter to like you.

But it seems as though I'm the only girl who has realised this, thus people like Kayla still try and fail to get his attention by being the idiots they are.

You got to admire his fan club for their persistence though.

I have a feeling if Albus wasn't such a nice person they would've given up long ago, since he wouldn't even be even act even a little annoyed the hundredth time they asked him out. He would politely decline and apologise always looked so guilty and slightly at loss at what to do every time they started crying.

Needless to say, he was adorable.

"Poor Layla. I'll buy her chocolates next time we go to Hogsmeade."

No she wouldn't, the next Hogsmeade trip isn't for another three weeks and she would definitely have forgotten about this ridiculous rumour by then even if it was true.

"That is so nice of you! You are such a caring person."

I had to clap a hand over my mouth to stop myself from laughing loudly and therefore interrupt professor Lupins explanation of the patronus charm.

Which I can't wait to learn by the way.

So I probably should be listening shouldn't I?

"To cast a patronus charm you need to think of your happiest memory, concentrate on it completely. Remember the incantation, expecto patronus."

A massive silver wolf erupted from his wand and started bounding around the room, looking quite adorable if not a little scary.

The bell rang before we even got a chance at trying to cast a patronus which was a bit disappointing but hey, next lesson is in only two days!

I grabbed my camera out of my bag and walked out of the classroom, intending to head to the forest to take some photos of the heard of horses that live there.

I was too busy looking through the photos I need to print off my camera that I walked into someone.

And fell over.

This happens more often than I'm proud of.

But hey, what you going to do?

I picked up my broken, professional camera and fixed it with my wand (thank god for magic) not noticing the worried person standing in front of me.

"Oh shit! I am so sorry! Are you okay?"

Confused I looked up to see Albus Potter kneeling in front of me.

Wait a minute here, am I the only person who's confused?

I, being completely stunned that Albus is talking to me just stared at him blankly.

And no, I wasn't sitting there mentally squealing and jumping up and down happily like some idiot fan girl, I am just confused.

He looked around awkwardly before waving a hand in front of my face. "Umm.. Hailee?"

I shook my head and smiled at him. "Yeah?"

He blushed and looked down at his hands, "I just wanted to see if you were okay... I didn't mean to knock you over and I'm really sorry..."

"I walked into you..." As adorable as he looked right now, he really wasn't making any sense at all.

He looked up at me, his bright green eyes wide. "No, I wasn't looking where I was going... I'm sorry...You're not mad?" He looked at me hopefully and I since I was still pretty confused I just nodded.

That seemed to be good enough for him though as he grinned at me before standing up and offering me a hand.

I was still sitting on the ground, face blank and staring at him.

Just a little pathetic.

Albus leaned forward, looking slightly worried. "You okay?"

I stared at him a couple more moments before taking his hand and getting to my feet, still slightly baffled that someone other than Rose was being nice to me.

Yeah I know, sad.

Keep your pity to yourself, I don't need pity.


"Well I'll see you round then?" I nodded and he grinned at me one last time before taking off down the corridor.

Well that was weird.

so here is chapter 1 which i have edited slightly... :)