I don't' think I'd ever been more terrified for any event in my entire life. This was easily 100x scarier than facing the whole IHHVC alone, more terrifying than facing a reborn lord Voldemort. I was going to meet Al's family.

All of his family.

As in I was invited to spend the holidays with all of the Potter/Weasley family at the burrow. That's a lot of people. That's a lot of people who mean a lot to Al and people don't tend to like me much. Do you see how this could end badly? I certainly can. I can see 13438463 ways this could end badly.

Why did I agree to this?

"That's it, I'm not going. I'd rather put off the whole 'We don't like you and you're not good enough to date our son' speech for as long as possible, thank you."

Al sighed and looked up at me from his position on the floor of the compartment, "For the hundredth time Hailee, they are going to love you. All my family here loves you so why would they be any different?"

I looked around the cramped cabin full of all of Al's cousins and siblings, all of which were giving me annoyed looks. "I don't know, they don't seem to love me at the moment."

Fred groaned and looked pretty close to murdering me, "That's because we've had to listen to you for the last 2 hours struggle to decide whether or not you want to meet our parents and to be fair it quite offensive."

James grinned, "I mean, you'd think you'd at least think in your own head. Some people like the peace and quiet."

I rolled my eyes, "yes, because you two have always been mindful of people who want peace and quiet."

"It's irrelevant anyway, you're coming to the burrow whether you like it or not. It's too late to back out now, Nan's already made you a Weasley jumper," Rose said. She smirked at Al, "besides Aunty Ginny's dying to meet you after all Al's told her about you."

He blushed, "I haven't told her anything, stop making things up."

"I'm not making anything up! She told me all about it! I could tell Hailee aaall about it if you'd like?"

Unfortunately the train arrived at kings cross before Rose had a chance to tease Al too much, but I could make up for it later. There's never a better time to tease someone than in front of their whole family, right? I'm a horrible person.

While we got up to collect our trunks and get off the train Al quietly murmured under his breath, "she's exaggerating, I didn't talk about you that much. I'm not weird or anything."

I grinned and grabbed his hand, leading him off the train, "oh, I've always known you're weird. And we'll continue this discussion later, I'm sure your mum's input would be very helpful." I laughed at his horrified face as we waved through the crowds of students and their families, searching for Al's gigantic family.

"I swear it's not as bad as she and Rose make it out to be, they just like to tease me is all."

I was about to reply when I spotted Kayla and Layla standing with someone who looked so similar to them that she must be their mother. The only difference being that her mother had a much harsher look about her, and she looked so serious that it made you wonder if she ever smiled. She scowled at them, "stand up straighter, is it really too much to ask that you behave like a lady?" They both mumbled apologies under their breath but that only caused her to scoff, "speak up, don't mumble so much! Sometimes I wish you two would be more like your sister."

I opened my mouth so say something, as no matter how much I disliked them I couldn't stand seeing parents be unnecessarily rude to their children when Al started pulling me away in the direction of his family. Not wanting to cause a scene the first time I meet them, but I keep trying to eavesdrop as I was dragged away.

As I was leaving I heard her speak again, "Is that, that Hailee girl again? With Albus potter? What first you lose Michael to her and now you lose your chance with Harry Potter's son?"

I didn't have much time to think on it though before I was face to face with most of the Weasley/Potter family. Let me tell you there's a lot of them. Sensing my discomfort Al squeezed my hand before introducing me, "Hey, so this is Hailee."

The one who I assumed was Ginny (if Rose's description was anything to go by) laughed, "We know, you've only told us about her 100 times. I'm Al's mum."

Ha! I was right! I smiled nervously, "hi."

She laughed again and stepped forward, giving me a comforting hug. "Don't worry dear, they were all good things. And stop looking so worried, it's not like we're going to hate you and forbid you from seeing our son or anything."

"Told you!"

*hides behind rock*

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