Chapter 1:

Kagome was out doing her morning exercises by the Goshinboku. It was the only way for her to take her mind off the past. After Sesshoumaru had agreed to train her four years ago, she had dedicated every morning to keeping and improving her form to the best of her abilities. It had become more than just combat for her.

She cleared her thoughts and focused only on her kata. Lost in her deadly dance, she failed to notice when her brother appeared. "Kagome, mom says breakfast is ready."

The blade stopping mere millimeters from his neck as she frowned, "Souta, don't scare me like that. I could have seriously hurt you."

He rolled his eyes, " Sure, Kagome. Come on, get cleaned up so we can eat." He walked back to the house, not seeing if his sister was following.

Kagome shook her head. Things had been tough between them since she had returned from the Sengoku Jidai. She went to her room and gathered her things to take a quick shower.

Ten minutes later found her in the kitchen with her family. Breakfast was silent as she did her best to finish quickly.

She had been planning for three months. When she returned for the last time, her family had been different. Her grandfather didn't spend his time telling her useless stories that weren't true or totally insane. Her brother didn't talk to her unless he had to, and her mother didn't know how to treat her daughter. To them, she was a stranger with Kagome's face. She wasn't the carefree, lively girl they had once known. The fire that burned in her soul had been diminished.

Kagome knew her family just couldn't bare to have her around. The only reason she had returned was because the jewel had forcefully ripped her from the past and forced her into the present two and a half years ago. It had been ten years since she had been thrown into past on her fifteenth birthday.

Here she sat at the tender age of twenty five and she didn't look a day beyond twenty two. Not only that, but she knew that she wasn't wanted with her family. Things had become tense when she returned and she had planned on leaving as soon as she could.

When she finished her breakfast, she went to her room and packed her things. Today was the day she was moving out.

She had been working two full time jobs and one part time job and had gotten not only her GED, but had taken classes to get a degree in appraisals. Her professors had been impressed by her knowledge and the speed at which she had graduated. It had taken her all the time she had been back to get her degree when it took normal humans five years or more to be able to reach her level. This led them to write the greatest of recommendations, thus giving her, her first full time job at a museum as an appraiser. This had paid handsomely, for appraisers for the Sengoku Jidai, as odd as it sounds, were few and far in between.

Her second full time job was at a dojo. While she didn't teach the deadly part of her art, she taught only what would be accepted in modern society with a bit more of Sesshoumaru then she would admit. This was the first of two jobs the family had known about.

Her witnessing job was on her family found out by accident. They had gone out to lunch and happened upon the restaurant she was working at. They had known about the dojo because her mother demanded that she get a job; not known that she was already overloaded with school and two jobs. She had agreed to a part time job, which seemed to satisfy her mother.

Her job at the dojo had paid for all of her bills. Kagome had insisted on paying for herself so as not to "burden" her poor mother. Her cell phone, motorcycle, and insurance were all paid by her. Being the hard worker that she was, she had been paid quite well for her work, skills, and knowledge. Kagome had been smart and cut off from her family, thus allowing her to receive financial aid.

She had decided to move to another city entirely. She felt that as long as she was in Tokyo, she still had a connection to her family and that wasn't something she could stand. She had found a nice home in a small town called Karakura Town.

Leaving a small note that said she was moving out, she grabbed a duffle bad and set off to her new house without ever looking back.

Her family wouldn't find out that she was gone until it was too late. Her time in the past had changed her greatly. Her gentle, motherly nature may not have changed, but the naïve belief that everything would be okay had been forced out of her quickly. Her forgiving nature had been put to the test by a detestable hanyou and she had lost most of it. She not longer forgave the moment it was asked of her. Her forgiveness, Kagome had learned, was something that needed to be earn with hard work, perseverance, and dedication.

Inuyasha had walked all over her for the first three years; the same three years that she had loved him. If not for Sesshoumaru and Kouga, she would still have been that hurting, love-sick little girl that couldn't do a damn thing for herself. If her family wanted her forgiveness when they realized what they had done, she wasn't going to give it to them unless they were truly sorry.

It had taken Kagome three hours to arrive to her new home. It was small an cozy. Three bedrooms, and two stories. While she may have been paid a pretty penny, she didn't have the money to afford this home, so a generous benefactor of the museum had offered to pay difference. She had promised to pay them back, but they had been adamant that she accept the gift for all the amazing work she had done. It had struck her odd that he would this, but after everything had been put in her name, which she changed, she gracefully accepted and had secretly put aside a savings that would repay the benefactor.

She looked at the barely furnished house and smiled. She finally had a place of her own. A place that truly belonged to her. Not her mother, Sesshoumaru, Kaede, or Kouga. This place was all hers. It was going to take her a while to get all the furniture, but she was going to enjoy every minute of it. She all her friends at work heard she was moving, they had offered to help. In her bosses cases, they gave her two weeks paid leave to get adjusted to her new home and have plenty of time. They had immediately stomped her protests.

Her first order of business was to buy a bed, mattress, and a fridge. The rest could wait, but those necessities couldn't. she had been grateful when the couple selling the house said they were leaving the dining table, a desk that didn't go with their new style, and a couch the wife had wanted to get rid of.

As she stepped out to do her shopping, she noticed a bunch of strange people on the roof of her neighbors yard. Not wanting to cause any trouble, she simply ignored it, thinking that it might have been normal since no one else seemed to say anything, and continued on her way.

Her shopping had gone rather well and she decided to treat herself to eating out, since she couldn't get groceries till her fridge had been installed. The sight that meet her, took her completely by surprise.

As she entered the fast food joint, she saw a bald guy with a bokken arguing with a red head with tattoos.

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