Just a kinda fun story ... Can't have it all be drama :)

"Watch out, Riggs! You're gonna-"

The rest of Roger's sentence was cut off as he found himself slammed into the passenger side car door, Riggs' pickup swerving hard to the left. Straightening back up, he quickly put on his seatbelt - what had he been thinking anyway not having it on? - and proceeded to start yelling at his partner again. "Riggs! You have got to be more careful! With all this rain pouring down, you are gonna hydroplane if you keep driving this way!" Giving up, Roger closed his eyes tightly as his partner threaded the large truck through an impossibly small space between two other vehicles and then gunned the engine, screeching on two wheels, turning just in time to make their exit off the interstate.

"Boy, that was fun, huh, Rog?!" Giggling like a twelve year old, Martin didn't even notice the death glares emanating from Roger.

"Fun?!" Roger shouted back. "There isn't anything about this evening that I would call fun!" He sighed heavily. "You've come up with a lot of hare-brained crazy ideas, but this one is the worse - the absolute worse." Staring glumly out the truck window, Roger gave a defeated shake of his head. "We're gonna die tonight, Riggs. You know that, right?"

"Negative thinking gets you nowhere, Rog."

"I'm serious, Martin. This is a suicide mission."

"We'll be just fine," Riggs sighed as he gave a nonchalant wave. "I have plenty of training on how to handle hostile situations. Don't worry. "

The only response from Roger was a disgusted snort. "I don't care what the Special Forces or CIA may have taught you. This is going to be worse than any Black Ops you ran."

Riggs just rolled his eyes. After all, he was used to his partner worrying about every situation they encountered but didn't he always get them out? Didn't he always take care of it? Okay, maybe there was a LITTLE collateral damage some of the time, but hell, sometimes that was just unavoidable. He slowed down the truck as he sighted their destination ahead. Eyes narrowing, Martin peered through the front windshield, looking over everything as best as he could between the steady motion of the windshield wipers.

Pulled out of his own private thoughts, Roger looked over at his partner for a moment and then followed his gaze out the front window. "So … what's our next move?"

Riggs was silent for a long moment as he accessed the situation then gave a decisive nod of his head. "First thing we do," he said as he whipped a forefinger around in a circular motion, "is go around the perimeter - run a little recon."

"Yeah, yeah, sounds good," agreed Roger. "Let us know exactly what we're looking at here." He was surprised that Martin wasn't just going in half-cocked as he usually did; but then maybe even Riggs wasn't that fool-hardy.

Pressing on the gas slowly, Riggs inched forward, watchful eyes scanning outside the side window while Roger took the right. Focused on the task at hand, neither of them spoke; the only sound was the rain hitting against the truck roof as they continued onward. Suddenly Roger shouted out, "Over there, Riggs!"

"What?!" Riggs' head whipped around quickly, "Where?! Where?!"

"Right there! At three o'clock!" Roger jabbed his finger excitedly in the direction he wanted his partner to go. "Now! You've got to hurry!"

"Don't worry … I'm on it." Yanking on the steering wheel, Martin jammed the pedal to the floor. The big engine roared to life as he jumped the curb, tore across the asphalt, nearly knocked over a gang of loitering teenagers, jumped yet another curb and cut off a nearby vehicle, before finally skidding to a stop. The startled driver of the other vehicle laid on the horn then jumped out of the car, screaming at the top of his lungs as his arms waved about like an irate baboon at the zoo.

Martin rolled down his window as the man approached them but suddenly the other driver hesitated, confused by the eager grin that Riggs greeted him with. His bravado quickly fading, he mumbled something then nearly tripping over his own feet backed off, got into his car and peeled away.

"Hmm… I'm impressed, Riggs," murmured Roger dryly. "You've gotten so crazy you can drive them away by just a look now."

"Well, you ARE always saying I should try and stop pulling my gun so much." Rolling the window back up, Riggs focused his gaze on Roger. "OK, let's go," he said, his smile wide.

Although his voice was as calm as a spring day, Martin's eyes still held a maniacal glint that caused Roger to sigh deeply. Despite the fact that this was the last place on Earth he wanted to be right now, and he had tried his best to get Riggs to give up on this crazy notion, Roger couldn't bring himself to abandon his partner - especially considering that since working together, the man had saved Roger's life on more than one occasion - not to mention his own family's as well on that Christmas when they had first met… No, he had to stick by his side. It was the right thing to do. After all, it was the first time since he'd gotten to know Martin, that the man had shown any interest at all in the holiday season. Normally around this time of year, Riggs was so far down in his depression that it took a concerted effort from the entire Murtaugh clan to keep him from having a breakdown. The fact that he had suggested they come here had to be a good sign, right? At least that's what Trish had said, but then she wasn't the one at the mall with Detective Sergeant Martin Riggs on Christmas Eve either.

"OK, let's get this over with," muttered Roger as he exited the truck and drudged in the rain towards the mall entrance like a prisoner taking that final long walk to the chair. Frowning, he took in the hordes of people ahead of them and sighed again. Surely this would not end well. Things rarely did when Martin was involved.