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The first thing Leto became aware of upon awakening was the solid mass her arms were wrapped around. As she slowly opened her eyes, blurred from sleep, she looked to see that she was holding Avernus. Her mind was still in that hazy twilight zone halfway between unconsciousness and alertness, and she briefly wondered why the bed felt much harder than normal. As more of her mental faculties came online, she began to grow more aware of her surroundings. She noticed how very bright it seemed, much brighter than it should be during the night, and she noticed that she and Avernus were both naked, and that his erect penis was pressed against her thigh.

Her eyes widened and panicked gasp escaped her, realization jolting her into full wakefulness as the events of the previous night came flooding back to her with perfect clarity. After Avernus removed the barriers in her mind, she had almost attacked him, then left and stalked a trio of human soldiers, killed two wolves, murdered two of the soldiers and gorged herself on their blood, then returned to Avernus and practically raped him before passing out and sleeping away the entire rest of the night.

Judging by how bright it was, it was probably dawn, which meant the sun would be up very soon, but all Leto could think about were her actions last night. Now that she was in control of herself, and could think logically and use reason, looking back on her actions was all the more horrifying. It was as if her body had acted according to its own will, with her mind helplessly trapped and forced to watch. It wasn't her that had done those things. Was this how she would be whenever her vampiric thirst overtook her, a mindless animal incapable of controlling itself? And what would Avernus think of her now? Had she destroyed their relationship before it had even begun? Both thoughts filled her with dread and terror, and a tingling chill swept through her body as the horror of her actions and their possible consequences settled into the forefront of her mind.

However, Leto had disturbed Avernus's slumber and he now shifted in her arms as he drifted towards wakefulness. A fresh wave of anxiety washed over Leto and she found that she couldn't bring herself to release Avernus from her embrace, for fear of drawing his attention sooner. What could she possibly say to him? What would he say to her?

Upon awakening, Avernus became immediately aware of two things: the first was the sharp pain in his leg, and the second was how badly he needed to piss. Of course, he very vividly remembered the delightful events of last night, and he'd definitely need to talk to Leto about it since she acted like a totally different person, but he had to tend to his body first and foremost.

As he extricated himself from Leto, the pain in his leg intensified sharply and a tormented grunt escaped him, and as the pain spread through his lower body, he felt the pressure in his bladder rise as well. Now he was beginning to wonder if all that wine he drank last night was such a good idea.

As he pulled off the one cloak that served as their blanket and reached over for his cane, preparing to lift himself to his feet, he noticed a small stain on the cloak beneath them, between Leto's legs. It was no doubt caused by a mix of their bodily fluids leaking from Leto during the night. Despite the pain he was in, he almost laughed at the sight; the situation he and Leto were in now was just so ridiculous.

As Avernus painfully pulled himself up, his attention was drawn to Leto and her unusual silence. Normally she would greet him as he woke up and help him rise to his feet (indeed, Avernus had become so accustomed to her assistance that rising on his own seemed considerably difficult just now), but as Avernus rose, she didn't move or make a sound. When he turned his gaze towards her, she immediately averted her eyes. He could understand if she was feeling embarrassed after last night, but her behaviour seemed to indicate something else, and that worried him. But he could talk to her in a few minutes; he really needed to piss.

He turned and began painfully limping over to the trees and undergrowth that formed the threshold between their clearing and the rest of the forest. Of course, he was completely naked, but he didn't care. His leg was hurting too much to fiddle with trousers and smallclothes, and his shirt was destroyed anyways.

Once he finished relieving himself, he began his painful shuffling back to the overhang. By now, the sun had crested over the canopy of trees and bathed the clearing in its comforting light. Leto was safe though since the mouth of the overhang opened northwards and the earth therefore shielded her from the sun's rays, due to its more southerly position in the sky.

As Avernus entered the overhang, saw that Leto was now sitting cross-legged with a cloak draped around her shoulders. She was hunched over and staring at the ground, and was drawing shaky, gasping breaths through her mouth. Indeed, she seemed quite upset, and Avernus found that seeing her in such a state was beginning to deeply upset him as well.

Avernus carefully sat down next to Leto, to her right, and grunted in pain as he shifted his leg into a less-tormenting position. He then grasped the cloak she had draped around herself and pulled it back enough for him to snuggle up against her larger body and wrap an arm around her, before pulling the cloak around both of them. She didn't reciprocate the gesture, but neither did she recoil from it, for which Avernus was glad. He then grabbed her free hand, admiring the dark blue veins and thick tendons that stuck out prominently, and in his opinion beautifully, from the tightly wrapped skin on the back, before bringing it up to his mouth and placing a kiss on it.

"Why are you so upset, my beautiful Leto?"

"Because I'm a monster," cried Leto, "and I acted like one toward you last night."

"You most certainly are not a monster," rebuked Avernus as he caressed her hand, "Why do you say that?"

"Because I lost control," Leto wailed, "Didn't you see how I behaved? I raped you! And you know what I did to get blood? I killed people and fed on them! How am I not a monster?"

"Tell me the circumstances," Avernus gently prompted, "We cannot judge until we have rationally examined the context, can we?"

"Of course that's easy for you to say. You weren't the one who killed people," Leto bit back.

"True," Avernus conceded, not in the least offended or taken aback by Leto's tone, "But nevertheless, let's hear it."

Leto was silent at first. She really didn't want to recall her actions last night, but after a moment of silence, she spoke. "I smelled people, and I couldn't stop myself from following their scent," she began, seemingly calmer now, "Once I caught up with them, I found out there were Stormcloak soldiers. But then a pair of wolves attacked me and knocked me from my cover, and after I killed them, the soldiers staring at me. They attacked, and I killed two of them."

"Well there you go then," Avernus announced cheerfully, "If they attacked you first, then I fail to see how you're at fault. They were the aggressors and you acted in self-defence. That's quite different from murder. You did nothing wrong, Leto."

"Yes I did," she countered, "They were scared of me, and I provoked them."

"Irrelevant," dismissed Avernus with a smile, "They were capable of making their own decisions. To blame yourself for provoking them absolves them from their own personal responsibility and denies their ability to act with free will. They attacked first, so they are at fault."

"I guess," Leto conceded, but not sounding entirely convinced, "Still feel like a monster though."

"Leto, the fact that you're this upset by your actions last night Is proof in itself that you're not a monster," declared Avernus, "A true monstergives no thought to the consequences of their actions, or else takes pleasure in causing harm. You are neither."

"I still raped you. How can you say I'm not a monster after that?"

"In case you hadn't noticed," snorted Avernus, "I participated rather enthusiastically in our love-making." The new subject of debate caused Avernus to recall the wonderful events of last night, and he felt himself hardening again.

"I didn't bother to get your consent first," countered Leto, "and if you refused, I would've fucked you anyways. To me, that's the same as if you had said no."

By now, Avernus's organ was thoroughly engorged with blood. "Wow. You perverted little man," Leto declared in mild surprise after glancing at Avernus's lap, though Avernus detected a hint of amusement in her tone and he laughed in response.

"Arousal isn't always voluntary. It's a subconscious response, an autonomic reflex, and isn't indicative of higher thought processes. Well, not always" amended Avernus, "Anyways. I still don't believe you're at fault for last night."

"Why don't you?"

"Simple. I don't believe you were in full control of yourself," replied Avernus. "Do you think you were you?"

"No, I wasn't," Leto conceded.

"Then how can you be blamed for something you have no control over?" Avernus asked.

"Because I still did it," replied Leto.

"Did you?" countered Avernus, "Like you said, you weren't in control, so it wasn't you doing those things. It was the thirst that hijacked your body and made you do these things."

"That feels like a convenient way to absolve me of blame," remarked Leto.

"But it's valid, too," Avernus reassured her, to which Leto hummed in response, but didn't attempt to counter.

For a while, the two simply sat and said nothing. They leaned against each other, wrapped in each other's arms, and enjoyed the contact and feel of the other's bare skin against their own. They sat revelling in each other's presence, and as Leto gazed out at the clearing, with the blades of grass and tree leaves covered in dew and sparkling from the refraction of the morning sun's rays, she was overcome by intense feelings of gratitude and affection towards Avernus. To say that her vampiric condition and the situation she found herself in was terrifying would have been a vast understatement, but Avernus was going very far out of his way to help her through it as best he could, despite the risk she posed to him and his family, and not knowing any more than she did. She couldn't even begin to fathom how she would deal with her vampirism without him.

Back underground, the only people to ever show her such kindness were her parents, and they were long dead. Everyone else in her life was either indifferent, or else made it clear that they thought of her as filth, little better than the slaves and monsters on the surfaces. Avernus was the first non-relative to make her feel accepted, valued, and cared for. He made her feel like she was special, and worth enduring hardships for (for what else could this ordeal be called?). Along with these feelings, Leto was struck with a realization: she loved Avernus. It wasn't just a fleeting infatuation, a superficial attraction that was the result of short-lived desire, for she had experienced those before, and knew what they were like. No, she loved him, she realized.

Leto pulled Avernus's skeletal body into a tight embrace for a moment following her realization, before releasing him, placing a hand on his chest and gently pushing to encourage him to lie flat on his back. He looked at her with confusion in his eyes, but complied with her nevertheless. Leto just smiled back before lying down on her side next to him and draping the cloak over their bodies. She then pressed her body against his, draping an arm over his chest, and kissed him. After last night, she was feeling a lot less shy than before. To her delight, Avernus reciprocated, probing her mouth with his tongue, while he slid his arm underneath and around her body to pull her closer. Unlike the previous night, their kissing wasn't frenzied or rushed. It was relaxed, almost lazy, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to them.

Leto eventually disengaged her mouth from Avernus's and, after draping one of her legs over Avernus's (the good one), began kissing a trail downwards, first on his chin, then down the side of his jaw, before making her way down his neck. Leto nuzzled his neck as she kissed, lingering there and inhaling deeply to fill her nostrils with his exquisite scent. Though she wanted only to show him affection and bring him pleasure, she found that she had to resist an urge to bite down on his neck. However, having thoroughly satisfied her thirst the previous night, Leto found that it wasn't hard to resist and didn't bother her at all.

As Leto kissed and nuzzled her way down his neck, Avernus couldn't help sighing in pleasure. Eager to reciprocate, he began rubbing her back with his one hand, and stroking her thigh with the other, caressing the skin and massaging the firm flesh, and was rewarded with a soft moan from her.

Leto lingered at Avernus's neck for a while, kissing and nuzzling and rubbing her face against it, before she resumed her downward journey. As she layered the flesh around his collarbones with kisses, she reached down, grasped his hardened shaft, and began stroking it, giving it a firm squeeze with each downward stroke. Avernus gave a sort of strangled grunt and his breathing became heavier from the sudden increase in pleasure Leto's actions brought, and Leto gave a delighted gasp when he pulled her tighter against him and his hand shifted from her thigh to squeeze and grope her rear.

Leto kissed her way down Avernus's chest until she got the end of his sternum, and then, still stroking him, looked up into his dark ruby eyes. "So if I agree to your logic," she started, "Then that would mean I haven't made love to you yet."

"Ngh, apparently not," gasped Avernus, reeling from the pleasure of Leto's hand stroking him.

"Then we need to fix that, hmm?" she purred. This time Avernus responded only by groaning and nodding.

Leto giggled and sat up, straddling his good thigh and causing the cloak to slide down her back. Still grasping Avernus's member, she smeared the pre-ejaculate onto her palm and wiped it on his shaft. Then, with her index and middle finger, Leto stroked herself a couple times until the digits were wet with her own arousal, which she then wiped on Avernus's shaft as well. She repeated this action a couple times until his shaft was thoroughly lubricated, and when she resumed stroking him, his skin slid against the flesh of her hand with very little resistance or friction.

"Much better," Leto smirked.

"If you keep, ah… you'll – ngh – finish me soon…" Avernus choked out between gasps. The pleasure Leto was bringing him was greatly augmented by the natural lubricants she had smeared on him and he instinctively began thrusting into her strokes.

"That's the plan," replied Leto as she flashed him a toothy grin.

Continuing to stroke him with her one hand, she inserted two fingers of her other hand deep into her sex and stroked her walls a couple times. She quivered from the sensation of stimulating herself, but abstained from going any further. Right now, this was about giving Avernus pleasure, and to that end, Leto withdrew her fingers, which were now thoroughly coated in her glistening arousal, and held them to Avernus's mouth, the tips of her claws brushing against his lips.

Avernus took her fingers into his mouth and began eagerly lapping away with his tongue, groaning as he did so, and making sure to lick up every last trace of her delicious, musky arousal. Once he was certain he had cleaned off her fingers completely, he withdrew them and placed chaste kisses on her bony knuckles.

As Leto continued her stroking and squeezing him, he began to feel the throbbing, pulsing waves of pleasure shoot through his member, slowly at first but quickly increasing in frequency and strength. Within seconds, his release came and he thrust into Leto's grip, his seed shooting forth in spurts and hitting Leto's breasts, due to the angle she had tilted his shaft and how far she was leaning over him. Leto smiled in joy as Avernus climaxed, and once he finished and his organ began to deflate, she collapsed forward until she lay atop him. She pressed her chest into his, smearing his seed against her breasts and his chest as she did so, and kissed him deeply and passionately.

When Leto withdrew, she looked into his eyes and smiled once more. "Did you like that?" she questioned, already knowing the answer but wanting to hear him say it anyways.

"Very much," answered Avernus, before he brought her in for another kiss. His tongue flicked against her teeth, and danced with hers once she allowed him access.

"You," he said once they parted lips again, "are a goddess."

Leto's heart throbbed upon hearing those words and she felt a gentle warmth radiate throughout her body. She pressed herself tighter against Avernus and began kissing nuzzling his neck. Nobody had ever referred to her like that before, and hearing Avernus say such words made her feel treasured and cherished like never before.

"I love you," she murmured as she continued nuzzling and kissing his neck.

Avernus was momentarily shocked from hearing Leto say that, and he didn't respond immediately. She loved him? On the one hand, he was delighted to hear her say that, but on the other hand, he was a little afraid to tell her his feelings. Years ago he had told a girl he loved her, and he got burned for it. After he recovered, he had retreated into himself and became overly cautious when dealing with his feelings and the possibilities for romantic relationships, which was probably why he was so miserably lonely for several years before he got captured. But Avernus realized that whether or not he actually said the words, his feelings for Leto were also ones of love. He couldn't deceive himself. He also realized that his fears were unfounded and irrational, since Leto already told him that she loved him. Perhaps there was still cause to fear, but it would only be uncertainty of what was to come for Leto and him in such a relationship that would be the cause, which was perfectly normal and reasonable, and not a fear of rejection.

"I love you too," he whispered in her ear as she continued her nuzzling.

Of course, he thought lewdly, it would be much more fun to show her than tell her.

Avernus gripped Leto's shoulders and gently pushed, indicating for her to lift herself off of him. She complied and squatted next to him while he sat up and bent his legs into a more comfortable position. Avernus patted the ground in front of him and Leto obediently sat, wondering what he had in mind. He then wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in for a brief but passionate kiss.

"So," Avernus said as he looked deep into her stunning violet eyes, "How can I please my beautiful, loving goddess?"

"Well," Leto began flirtatiously, grinning lasciviously and revealing her pointy jagged teeth which Avernus found so beautiful, before she leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "She loves it when you play with her tits."

Sweet Mara, it's so hot hearing her refer to her body like that, thought Avernus. Indeed, he could feel himself already beginning to harden again. "Well, who am I to deny you, then?" he asked as he brought up a hand and gave her right breast a rough squeeze while pulling her closer with the other hand. Leto gasped and threw her head back as Avernus began to massage the mound of soft, pliable flesh, squeezing and rubbing it, and running his thumbs over the nipple. While he continued his ministrations upon her breast, he began kissing her neck and collarbone.

"Mmm, that feels so good," she moaned as she leaned into Avernus's touch and caressed his head and back. As she relished his touch and focused her attention solely on the feel of his hand upon her breast, she let out another moan, which quickly turned into a whine of annoyance when she felt his hands release her and move under her arms.

"Up, on your knees, love," Avernus instructed as he pushed upwards under her arms gently. Leto complied and raised herself up from her sitting position and onto her knees, while Avernus remained sitting. She felt his arm wrap behind her and pull her close once more, and let out a delighted squeal when his hand returned to her breast, accompanied by his mouth on her other one. As he squeezed and groped her one breast, he sucked on the other one, caressing the nipple with his tongue and gently nibbling it from time to time. The sheer pleasure sent the most wonderful shivers coursing through Leto's body, and as Avernus continued worshipping her breasts, she cradled his head in her arms and peppered the top of his forehead with loving kisses.

After several minutes, Avernus released her nipple from his mouth and latched onto the other one. The hand the had been tending to it snaked around Leto's lower back to pull her close while his other hand came up to fondle the breast he had just released from his mouth. After all, it was only fair her give the same treatment to both of her breasts. Leto made the most delightful little squeaks and moans and all manner of noises that resembled the sweetest of music to Avernus, and she alternated between kissing his head and gently scratching and rubbing it with her claws as he continued pleasuring her.

Leto eventually dislodged her breasts from his hand and mouth after, sat back down on her heels, and plundered Avernus mouth with her tongue as she kissed him deeply. "As much as I enjoy your hands and mouth on my tits," she said once she broke the kiss, "You've been neglecting other parts of me that long for your touch."

"How right you are," Avernus replied with a lustful smirk on his face, before leaning in to steal one last kiss. He then encouraged her to lie on her back by placing his hands on her shoulders and gently pushing. Leto raised herself on her elbows to watch Avernus as he scooted backwards a couple feet, taking extra care not to jostle his leg, and leaned forward so that his head hovered just above the junction of her legs. There, he paused for a moment to gaze hungrily at her sex, puffy and glistening with arousal, and framed by curls as jet black as the hair on her head. It was as beautiful as every other part of her body.

Supporting himself on his left arm, Avernus looked into Leto's beautiful violet eyes, which were watching him intently, as he brought the index finger of his right hand to her glistening folds, causing her to gasp in delight. He very slowly began to brush his finger along the inside of her inner lips, down one side then up the other, and was rewarded with a delightful whimper from Leto. His light touch electrified her nerves, and as wonderful as it felt, it was also torturous how slowly he was moving and how little he was touching her.

After a couple more rounds of his cruel, feathery-light touches, Avernus finally inserted his finger into her opening, sliding it in all the way up to the knuckle and causing Leto to moan loudly. He then curled it upwards and stroked her walls as he withdrew the finger, before plunging it in again. He repeated the action several more times before adding his remaining finger in. The noises that Leto made poured forth constantly now as she whimpered and moaned and gasped in ecstasy.

Avernus then lowered himself further and placed his lips to the apex of her folds as he placed a small kiss on the little bundle of nerves he found there, causing Leto to moan louder as she gripped his head in her strong hands and held him there. As Avernus continued to stroke her walls with his fingers, he ran his tongue along the folds of her entrance, lapping at her arousal and pressing into the moist flesh. As Avernus continued his work, stimulating her from within and without, Leto collapsed on her back and began fiddling with her breasts. She had never had this done to her before and it was just so good!

As she was just beginning to feel pressure build up in her core, Avernus suddenly ceased his licking and removed his fingers from her. Leto let out a cry of frustration and brought herself up on her elbows again to glare at Avernus. He was looking at her with a devious grin on his face when he spoke.

"I have an idea. Look," he said as he held up his index figure, now coated in the fluids of her arousal. As Leto looked, she saw a tiny blue spark leap from the tip and flicker out of existence a couple inches away.

Leto's eyes went wide and she shivered in anticipation as she realized what he meant to do. Seeing her reaction, Avernus's smirk grew larger before he replaced his fingers inside her and resuming his oral ministrations upon her folds. Then all of a sudden, she felt an intense burst of pleasure shoot through her core and send shivers coursing through her body, and she involuntarily bucked her hips into Avernus's face as she screamed in ecstasy. He did it again as his fingers continued stroked her walls and again, an intense wave of pleasure crashed over her.

Soon enough, Leto was writhing beneath Avernus and was screaming loud enough to wake the dead when she climaxed. As her walls clamped down hard on Avernus's fingers, he released a continuous stream of sparks that combined with the throes of her orgasm and sent her reeling, feeling nothing but electrified pleasure and ecstasy in every fibre of her being. She clenched her thighs tightly around Avernus's head as she shook and convulsed from her explosive release.

By the time she came down from her climax, she was exhausted and left gasping for breath. That was, by far, the best orgasm she had ever had. Avernus had just demonstrated yet another wonderful application of his magic. As she looked up, Leto saw him cautiously crawling forward, always mindful of his leg.

Stretching her arms out towards him, she smiled and pulled him atop of her when he was close enough and crushed her lips against his in a passionate kiss. She could taste herself on his lips and tongue, and it was admittedly more arousing than she thought it would be. They continued to kiss, and Leto sighed in delight when she felt Avernus press the length of his hardened shaft against her. Avernus broke the kiss to look down and position himself against Leto's entrance.

He looked up to gaze into her eyes and saw nothing but love and affection in them. Sensing the question he held in his mind, Leto nodded and spread her legs, and Avernus pushed all the way into her in one smooth thrust. She gave a relaxed moan as he filled her, and bucked her hips into his to get him moving.

Avernus began thrusting into Leto at a leisurely pace, and Leto would meet him by bucking her hips into each thrust. Unlike when he was pleasuring Leto with his hands and mouth, there was no desperate, frantic need for release, and the two purposely moved slowly, gazing into each other's eyes and revelling in the feel of their bodies against each other. It was very relaxed and sensual.

As the two continued their gentle love-making, Leto's hands wandered and she ran them up and down Avernus's sides and back, over his shoulders, across his chest, and back up again. She felt mostly bone, but she didn't mind; she was content just to be able to feel him and know that he enjoyed her touches. Eventually though, her roaming stopped and her hands drifted down to his rear, where she grabbed a cheek in each hand and began squeezing in time with each of his thrusts.

On top of the wonderful feeling of being groped by the woman he loved, Avernus could also feel the tips of her claws pressing into his flesh in a most pleasurable manner. It wasn't painful in the least, and he found himself groaning from how wonderful it felt.

At one point, Avernus ceased his thrusting but remained buried deep inside Leto. "I want to try something I think you might like," he said before he kissed her. He flicked his tongue against her teeth to gain entrance, but when she opened, he pressed the tip of his tongue against one of her sharp teeth and, while still applying pressure, raked it backwards quickly. Avernus recoiled slightly from the pain, but recovered quickly and engaged Leto's tongue with his own. As soon as she tasted the blood, she moaned and began to assault his tongue furiously with her own. Meanwhile, she squeezed his rear, her claws digging into his flesh, to encourage him to get moving again. Avernus gladly complied, but soon had to break their kiss, gasping for air.

"You taste so good," moaned Leto, before she crushed her mouth against Avernus's and resumed their unique manner of kissing with fervor. Kissing Avernus was already wonderful in its own right, but the taste of his blood mixed in greatly enhanced the pleasure she derived from it, and agitated some of her vampiric urges which manifested as added passion on her part.

Soon, she had wrapped her long legs around Avernus's waist, squeezing him in deeper with each thrust, and she pulled him more tightly against her with her arms. All the while, they continued to kiss, swapping blood and saliva, and Avernus's thrusting gradually increased in pace and intensity. Leto's moans grew steadily louder as Avernus continued thrusting, and her grip on him became crushing in its intensity.

Eventually, the two had to abandon their kissing in favour of being able to breath. Avernus wormed his arms underneath Leto and crushed their bodies together as he began thrusting into her with as much speed and force as his feeble body could muster. Leto's moans grew into full screams and soon enough, she felt her walls begin to pulse and contract. Feeling the walls of her sex clamp down on his member was enough to send Avernus over the edge, and he grunted as he emptied his seed into Leto, whose grip on Avernus became crushing as she climaxed and her claws began to dig into the flesh on his back. Avernus's groans soon turned into a cry of pain as Leto's claws pierced his skin before raking down his back, cleaving the flesh and forming eight searing trails as they went, as Leto rode out her orgasm.

Once Leto's orgasm passed, the strength seemed to drain from her limbs and they went limp, releasing Avernus from her crushing embrace. The after-glow of their mating was beginning to absorb Leto, and she felt light-headedly lethargic and happy, her senses dulled and thoughts incoherent.

As she wrapped her arms around Avernus, who had collapsed on her, Leto was surprised to feel something warm and wet contacting her forearms. The scent of fresh blood also reached her nose and she heard Avernus groan, but not from pleasure this time, and, with a gasp, she was immediately struck with the realization of what she had inadvertently done. She hastily scrambled out from underneath Avernus, who was now lying on his stomach, and crouched over him.

"Oh gods, I'm so sorry, Avernus. I didn't mean to hurt you, it was an accident," she wailed. On his back, she could see two sets of four lightly bleeding tears about the length of her hand-span that began over his shoulder blades and ended just below.

"It's alright, Leto. I'm not upset," replied Avernus as Leto began to seal the wounds shut with healing magic.

Leto remained silent as she concentrated on healing the wounds she inflicted upon him, feeling to embarrassed and ashamed to respond. Once his flesh finished reknitting, there was a small puddle of blood left behind. Its smell was so delicious and despite the shame Leto felt from harming Avernus, even accidentally, she couldn't deny that she felt a desire to lick his back clean, which only served to make her feel even more ashamed.

When Leto didn't immediately move once she finished healing Avernus's back, he spoke up, humour evident in his voice. "Really, Leto? You're not going to clean me up?"

"well, I…" Leto trailed off, unsure of what to do. She wanted to lick the blood off his back, but it just felt wrong after since she had bled him in the first place.

"Go ahead, drink it," Avernus prompted, as if he could read what was going through her mind, "I know you want to."

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Quite," replied Avernus, "Whether you meant to or not, it's already out. No sense wasting it."

"Well…alright then," said Leto, before she leaned down, positioning her face at the middle of his back, and began to lap at the blood on his back. The warm, dark liquid was, to Leto, the most wonderful thing she had ever tasted, and despite her earlier reluctance and shame, she was soon eagerly licking up the blood on Avernus's back. His blood had its own unique taste, different from anyone and anything else's in much the same way that his scent was unique, and Leto relished every drop she got.

Avernus also enjoyed Leto's attentions. He would be lying if he said he didn't find the feel of her tongue sliding across the bloodied skin of his back to be an erotic sensation. While it was fairly painful at first when Leto clawed his back open, he had grown accustomed to far worse torments underground, and once Leto healed him with her restoration magic, the pain dissipated fairly quickly. Even with the wounds closed, the blood was still there and there was no sense letting it go to waste when Leto could use it. Pleasant shivers coursed through him with each stroke of Leto's tongue, and a comforting warmth radiated from her skin to his as she wrapped her arms around him while she fed.

Avernus's wounds didn't bleed much before Leto sealed them, so she finished her feeding fairly quickly. She then laid down next to Avernus, draped the cloak over them once more, and rolled Avernus onto his side so they were face-to-face and pulled him close, cleaving against him and pressing their bodies into one another.

Now that their love-making was over, the chill of the morning air was quite noticeable and as Avernus was still quite emaciated, the cold seeped into his bones very quickly. Leto, on the other hand, radiated heat from her body quite readily, and Avernus pulled her close to get as much of it as possible.

No words were spoken as the two held each other, foreheads pressed together and their eyes gazing into each other's. As with the previous night, their love-making left Avernus with a pleasant feeling of sluggish light-headedness, and he felt his eyelids begin to grow heavier once more. Leto must have felt the same, if her drooping, half-lidded eyes were any indication. But Avernus had no desire to fight it. He felt warm, comfortable, and safe, and a nap would help pass the time much more quickly. As his thoughts ceased, and he focused on the feel of Leto's skin against his as the warmth from her body seeped into his, unconsciousness quickly found Avernus.

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