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Normal P.O.V

One day late in the afternoon where the rain wasn't stopping lies a teenage boy standing waiting for the rain to stop.

He looked at the sky and gave a huge sigh, he ruffled his blonde hair and looked at a girl that was beside him.

She was beautiful, she had long teal coloured hair but he heard rumors that she is a person who is really tough to deal with.

It made him feel worried standing next to her, he didn't like her at all.

He stepped a few inches away from her, when she realized that he didn't want to be close to her.

The girl looked at the boy with a stare and made him gulp in fright, she calmed her eyes and bit her lip.

"It's okay, if you don't want to be with me then just go!" The girl said to him in a rough tone

"B-but if I do, I'll get wet..." The boy answered frightened

"Here, just take my umbrella. Use it" She grabbed his hand and placed her umbrella on top of it

"Are you sure?" He asked

"I'll be going then" She said to him while walking to the rain by herself making her wet.

"Wait!" The boy ran to her and covered her with the umbrella

"I said that you should use it!" She said angrily

"You're going to catch a cold if you walk in the rain like this"

The girl didn't say a word to complain back but by looking at the innocent boy's face, she couldn't get herself to yell at him.

"Fine, I'll take you home"

"Thanks..." He said nervously

They both walked silently, the boy wanted to have a conversation with her but she didn't want to talk at all.

She is totally different than any other girls that he talks to, all of them were really happy when he talks to them.

Actually he was popular in his school, he is known to be cute, smart and very kind.

Girls would do anything for him, but this is his first time seeing someone like her.

"This is my house, thank you for walking me home" He said to her

The girl looked away from his face, turned around and started walking to another direction.

Suddenly when he saw the girl leave, his heart feels like it's aching.

But a few moment's later when he wanted to go inside his house he heard a little but clear voice.

"Next time bring an umbrella okay..." said the girl's voice but in a smooth tone

He looked at the direction of the girl that still wasn't far from his house.

His cheek got all red, he quickly went inside his room and jumped onto his bed while touching both of his cheeks

"Why can't I stop burning? have I got a fever?" He asked himself

He snapped out of his thoughts and started changing his clothes from school.

After he finished, he went downstairs to find his older sister sitting on a couch while reading a girl's magazine.

He sat next to her and stared at her for a couple of minutes making her start to get uncomfortable.

She closed her magazine and looked at his little brother that was still staring at him.

"Is there something you want? if you want something then just say it" She said

"Rin-nee, I don't know why but today I feel a little weird"

"Weird how?" Rin asked

"As if my body suddenly feels hotter for some reason"

"A-are you having a fever! ?" Rin asked concerned

"Well, I'm not feeling sick or anything but when I was walking here with a girl that I just met today"

Rin smiled at him while looking at his innocent little brother that doesn't know what it feels when you're in 'Love'.

She laughed making his little brother shocked at her reaction.

"What's so funny?" He asked

"Oh...Len! you're so innocent and never had this kind of experience have you?"

"I guess not..." He answered with a frown

"Come on! don't be sad like that, it makes you feel that way because your in Love!"

"In love?" He asked back

"Yeah! you know when you feel nervous around her, and you just want her to look at you as someone than just a friend"

"T-that's exactly how I feel"

"Really? then tell me how it happened!" Rin asked excitedly

"Um...It was raining today right? she gave me her umbrella so that I could go home, she was walking all wet alone without thinking of

herself, so she decided to take me home"

"That's was very nice of her you should thank her tomorrow, do you know how she looks like?" Rin asked

"She had long beautiful teal hair and was tied into two ponytails, she doesn't seem like a person who likes to talk"

Rin pointed at her head trying to think about a person she might know that fits that description.

When she knew who it was her eyes widen in shock, she put both of her arms on her little brothers shoulder with a worried expression

"Is something wrong Rin-nee?" He asked

"L-Len just to be safe, don't get close to her okay!"

Len didn't know what was going on in his sisters head but by the way she reacted in the description of the girl it might be better if he just

do what his sister told him to do.

"Sure I'll stay away from her"

"I'm sorry Len, this is your first love experience but I don't want you to make a bond with her...maybe you can find somebody else? I'm really

sorry that just sounds so horrible"

"It's okay, I barely even know her" Len said with a smile

"Thank you"

"I'm going to bed okay? good night" Len said as he walked back upstairs

"G'night" Rin replied as she continued her reading

Next day, in school where Len was in charge of collecting the student's homework, when he saw the same figure that he saw yesterday

from the window. The teal haired girl that is sitting under a sakura tree by herself.

He couldn't stop wondering why she was there by herself. He snapped out of his thoughts because his older sister told him to stay away

from her. He walked to the teachers room to give the students books after he went out, he didn't know why but his body feels like it has a

mind of it's own. He speeded to the first floor and out to the school's field where the sakura tree was and before he knew it, the girl was

right infront of him. He stepped closer to her and found her asleep, he sat next to her and observed her face.

When he looked closer, she wasn't frightening at all, I wonder why people don't like her so much? her face looks pretty and nice.

Len carefully placed his hand on her cheek it was soft and slightly pink coloured.

He didn't know why but, he leaned closer to her face and gave her a slow kiss on her lips, when she suddenly woke up and pushed him

away. "What do you think you're doing! ?" She shouted with a blush on her face

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't know what I was thinking!"

While still blushing she turned her back to him and crossed both of her arms

"Look...why do you have to do that?" She asked

"I didn't kno-" Len tried to explain but was cut off

"I meant why did you have to do that with me? why not somebody else?" She asked as her voice softened

Len was totally stuck in his own mind hearing her voice, his heart was starting to beat even faster than yesterday.

Is this what her sister told him? this feeling that just can't be ignored.

"Maybe...it's because I... love...you.." He said slowly while gripping his shirt tightly

The girl clenched her fist as tight as she could and looked at Len with tears flowing in her eyes.

Len didn't know what to do, he wanted to help her out but don't know how.

"Liar! liar!" She shouted

"No! I'm telling the truth!"

"There's no way someone like you would like me! someone must have paid you to do this to me! well, I don't care do what they want and just

stay away from me! Leave me alone!" She shouted again with more tears flowing in her eyes

Len was totally shocked with the girl, she looks so miserable.

He hoped that he could do something, anything to help her but he didn't know what was wrong.

He didn't know anything about her but he knows now that he is totally in love with her

To be continued

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