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Len's P.O.V

A few moments later after Miku or should I say my other self left the room.

I was sleeping in Miku's body which now the pain is me who is experiencing, I swore that I felt like I could've died there if the pain keeps

continuing and I hope I could quickly be myself again, back to Len.

Just then, I heard someone turned the door knob, immediately I woke up and stood sitting on my bed.

I saw a figure of a lady in red which I don't recognize at all.

She gave me a smirk and grabbed my hand forcefully.

"Ow...!" I screamed painfully

"Don't sit your ass like a princess! We need to go home and do some work" She said and dragged me from my bed forcefully again which made me fall

"Get up!" She said again

I got up and did as she said a bit shaky, the nurse suddenly came in to check me weather I needed something when the lady walked pass her while taking me.

"Excuse me madam, but that patient hasn't fully recovered yet" She said concerned

"Well, she'll probably heal as usual when she gets home, so there's no need for special treatment"

"But ma-"

"I'll pay at the cashier, she's not fully healed yet so you better not charge me for a full bill"

The nurse nodded and just stood there holding her files, while the lady continued to drag me to the cash register to pay my hospital bill.

Something caught her eye and she bent down to pick up something that was on the ground.

"What's this? a crystal?" She said as she held on to it

"This is why I didn't want you to go to the hospital, this cost me money! and why can't you just die so that I don't have to waste more money! it'll be much easier" She said as she gave money to the cashier

This lady is scary, is Miku dealing things like this everyday that caused her miserable? she must be her aunt everyone's talking about

The rumors are lies! she not kind even a bit kind, this is why I'm not interested in rumors.

She dragged me off again after paying and went outside to get in to her car.

I also wanted to get in but she stopped me.

"Wait! what are you doing?" She said

"Getting into the car..." I replied softly

"No way I want to be caught with a dirty girl like you! just walk home like you usually do"

"But it's freezing outside"

"So what? You've experienced much worse than this"

"Well, can you give me the address?"

"C'mon! it's right in your pocket EVERY SINGLE DAY HOW CAN YOU BE THAT STUPID! I want to see you home before midnight, and if you aren't there! just watch what I'll do to you!" She said and drove away from me

I grabbed something from my pocket and looked at the note that was in it, where the address was written.

I recognize where it is, the information I knew of that place is where people stay with a low budget.

So it's not a sweet home to live in, maybe beggars or starving people.

I wasn't able to reach home before midnight because I was still experiencing the pain of having a car crash right infront of me, I couldn't

even barely walk right and I wasn't properly dressed to go outside and feel the cold weather, it was definitely a challenge but I was able to

get home even when I'm not on time.

I opened the door to see the same lady waiting for me with a beer in her hand, I had a bad feeling that she might be drunk.

She stood up and started yanking my hair causing me to bend down screaming in pain while she poured her left over beer on top of my head

She drank half of it and spit it on my face, I wanted to fight back but I'm in no condition to fight, so I wanted to run away from her

But she locked the door when I went in, there's no way I could escape this.

"I SHOULD'VE GOTTEN RID OF YOU ALONG WITH YOUR PARENTS! OH HOW I HATED ALL OF YOU! I-I WANT TO KILL YOU RIGHT NOW!" She said with a bottle of glass beer holding it like she would hit me

I quickly got back on my foot and ran to the door and tried to open it by force, I kicked it as hard as I could

It's a good thing this door was pretty old and it could break easily, after that I ran out from the house while hearing her yell

"Don't you dare run away from me!"

Ted's P.O.V

I was so disappointed that I'd lost to the normal kid named Len. What does he have that I don't? Money? Fame? I have all of those!

So why is it that she prefers him more than me? I'd thought that she would fall for me in first sight, I guess she wasn't as easy as the

other girls that I have usually met in school.

I wanted to see her one more time before I really leave from the hospital, and to check weather that Len kid is still around...

I went back to Miku's room and turned the door knob to see she wasn't there but was a nurse tidying up the mess of the used room.

I was confused that she'd left early before fully recovering, has she felt better yet? Only one way to find out.

"Excuse me, nurse?" I said

"Oh! yes, what can I help you with?" She said while turning her head to me

"Where's the last patient who stayed here? has she fully recovered yet? it's Miku"

"Yes, Ms. Miku, she left with a lady just now claiming it was her niece so I had no other choice but to let them go home because she was really demanding for her to be taken home, and no she hasn't fully recovered yet"

"What ! did she left anything here?"

"Well, I saw this weird looking crystal on the ground, so I'd thought it might belong to her" She said and gave it to me

"Why would she leave something like this?" I said while looking a bit closer to it

"Pardon me sir, but the guest has to go home now since visiting time is over"

"Okay, I'll be on my way and thank you for the information" I said and left the hospital

I went to my car for a drive to Miku's house (S: he's a free rich young man so let's just ignore him and let him do what he wants :D)

It was really getting late, but something just keeps me thinking about her if she's alright

I've never been concerned about someone like this in my life, I guess she's just special and I feel like I don't want to lose Len with this kind of standard.

I've finally stepped arrived infront of the house, I stepped out of the car and went nearer t the house which was unpleasant looking.

I saw Miku kicked the door open and bumped to me, she was covered in more bruises than she did in the hospital, I was much more worried now.

"Miku?" I said as I looked at her while holding both of her shoulders

Len's P.O.V

When I opened the door, I ran as fast as I could that I didn't realize what was infront of me.

I suddenly bumped to someone and looked up to see the person that I recognize as Ted.

Not really the person I'd like to see but was glad that I bumped to him.

"Miku?" He said while putting his hands on my shoulders

"No time to talk, wait! you have a car?" please drive me somewhere! quick!"

"E-eh? o-okay hop in!"

I opened the car's door and went in, I didn't look back weather that lady was going to chase me or not but I was glad I got out of there

I leaned to the car's seat and sighed while looking at the window at the scenery of lights passing by.

I was really tired to day...felt like I'm going to lose my consciousness any moment now.

Ted coughed and strike a sudden conversation with me.

"So, why are you in such a panic?"

"It's a long story..."

"Is something going on with you and Ms. Meiko? have you guys got into a fight?" He asked

"Yeah..." I replied and not looking at him

"Yup" I said straightforwardly

"Let's drop by to my house"

"Sure...*moans*" I said sleepily and dozed off

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