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Hijikata winced as he shifted under the futon. His ass was pretty sore from last night's activities with a certain albino, yet he has to get up and do his duty. Sighing, he tried to get up, only to find Gintoki's arm pinning him down.

"Oi. Leggo." Hijikata mumbled sleepily, trying but failing miserably to get the sleeping man to release his grip on the Mayora. In fact, instead of getting him to let go, Gintoki snuggled and tightened his grip even more.

Hijikata groaned and just relaxed into Gintoki's arms, clearly giving up. Then, Gintoki shifted, burying his face into the crook of Hijikata's neck, whispering quietly, "Why can't you just stay in bed, its early." Hijikata shivered at Gintoki's breath on his neck and replied, "I have duty today."

Gintoki rolled over, finally letting go of the Shinsengumi officer. Hijikata then got up, and started to dress but he stopped and turned to Gintoki, who was still lying on his futon. "Oi, Yorozuya, you need to go soon." Gintoki exhaled loudly through his nose. "Ok, ok, I get it. Just let me lie down for a while."

It had always been like this. To protect the pride of the Demon Vice-Commander, their relationship had to stay a secret from the rest of the Shinsengumi. That involves Hijikata getting back early from late night rendezvous and Gintoki leaving the Shinsengumi headquarters early. No public display of affection allowed, whether it's in a closed store or in the headquarters. Gintoki never complained… Ok, so he does complain, about how it's too early to leave and all that, but so far, he hasn't ever questioned about why they had to hide so much. He understood the pride of someone as proud as Hijikata. He had reputation to uphold.

"Ah shit I'm exhausted."

Hijikata got a cigarette out and lit up. Taking a long puff, he said, "I hurt more then you're exhausted. Get your ass off my futon and plonk it back on your own."

They sat in silence for a while. Finally, Gintoki got up and dressed himself. Before leaving, he pulled Hijikata, who managed to wear his pants and dress shirt while Gintoki was wearing his black pants and shirt and yukata, into a small kiss. Hijikata blushed and shrank away from Gintoki when he let him go. "H-hurry up and go!"

Gintoki smiled. "Hai, hai~" I really love times like this. He thought.

Gintoki sneaked out of the headquarters and walked back to his rented-but-not-really-rented (since he rarely pays rent) home, thinking about some things. Every time we do that, it's always me saying "I love you" but Oogushi-kun hasn't replied me. He can't be playing me, right? Maybe he's just shy, yeah!

He reached home and slid the door open, quietly took off his shoes and padded into his room and laid out the futon. There, he managed to snooze for a bit before Shinpachi came and shouted at him to wake up.

Hijikata was walking down the street, looking out for any suspicious monks with long hair and claims that he is Katsura, and not Zura. He kept his eyes moving from left to right, scanning the crowd. His eyes just so happened to land on a particular platinum blue hair, curled at the edges, walking across the street. He just walks by Gintoki, not saying hi, or any gestures of knowledge. We're in public Hijikata's conscience says, but deep down, he feels the guilt of having to ignore him.

He just tries to push it away and continue his duty. It's my day off tomorrow. I can wind down and relax then, but not now.

Gintoki looked up from the crowds, and manages to spot slightly green, black spiky hair. He wants to say hi, but he knows the rules that Hijikata had played out when they entered the relationship. He forces his eyes to rip away from his walking lover and turns so that his back is facing Hijikata walking past. He just so happened to glance at Hijikata, noticing his somewhat worried face. Wonder what's wrong… he wondered, but people jostling and pushing made him snap out of thought and moved to a less crowded space.

Hijikata walked on, not knowing that his worry was showing on his face. He was thinking and wasn't paying attention, thinking about the relationship he had with Gintoki, whether it was fair to have such harsh rules to a rather passionate man because of his own selfishness, and the fact that he hasn't said "I love you" to him at all, made him pass by a monk with long hair, exclaiming to Kagura who was out buying some seaweed that he was Katsura and not Zura without noticing.

Gintoki turned away from the cakes that a shop had on sale, and wanted to check on Kagura, only to see her shouting at Katsura, and vice versa. He also saw Hijikata, being so deep in thought about the worry that he was probably thinking about (or he wouldn't be showing it on his face, wouldn't he?) that he completely walked by Katsura that was out in the open and rather vulnerable to attacks, now that his concentration was focused on the point that his surname is not Zura. Gintoki sighed. Something is definitely wrong. I should check on him later. Right now, he should be fine because Okita-kun is trailing behind him waiting to kill—oh holy shit. Today's such a troublesome day.

Sougo had been silently trailing behind Hijikata, waiting for the perfect opportunity. Ignoring Katsura completely (Hijikata was on the top for the list for most-wanted-dead) and bazooka in hand, stalked behind Hijikata. He did, though, notice how spaced out his vice-commander has become, bypassing Katsura completely isn't what Hijikata would do. However, as he was stalking him from behind, he couldn't see what expression Hijikata had. When the crowd finally cleared and there was little people on the streets, Sougo positioned the bazooka and was prepared to fire.

He was about to press the trigger. YES! Finally, Hijikata-san, your reign ends here. I don't know why you're so spaced out today, but that will be the cause of your death, MUAHAHAHAHAHHA. His plan would have succeeded, if not for a certain hand on the barrel of the bazooka. Sougo looked up to see Gintoki. "Danna? What are you doing?"

"Okita-kun, what are you doing?"

"Clearing this world of insanely huge cockroaches."

Gintoki sighed in exasperation and pushed the bazooka down so that it wasn't aiming at Hijikata anymore. "You should go back before he sees you, you know."

"But he won't. He's so spaced out today. Do you know why, danna?"

Gintoki shook his head. "Either way, just go back first. I think he needs some time to himself."

"I thought you didn't know what's troubling him?" Sougo raised an eyebrow.

"I don't! I just have this feeling that he should be left alone for a moment. Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on him."

Sougo frowned, but he nodded and started to head back. Gintoki however, went and took Sougo's place of stalking Hijikata. He followed Hijikata the whole day, making sure he was safe. That's the kind of man Gintoki is anyways, always there to protect the people he loves (when he doesn't feel lazy after all, but little Hijikata is special)

He stopped following him when he returned to the headquarters and went home. "Gin-san! Where were you the whole day? You completely left Kagura alone, but thankfully Katsura-san was there with her!" Shinpachi started as soon as he saw Gintoki. However, Gintoki just ignored it and went into his room and laid on the tatami mat, thinking about what Hijikata was thinking this morning to afternoon.

Evening came, and Shinpachi went back home, bring Kagura with him because Kagura wanted to go. Gintoki sighed. A nice night without a noisy brat at home. I hope my favourite officer is free. But before he could call Hijikata if he was free, someone knocked on his door.

Gintoki slid his door open, wondering who the hell would want to see him late in the night and was pleased. There he was, his favourite officer in his black yukata and scarf (it was a chilly night), slightly blushing but still looking rather spaced out.

"Oogushi-kun, what a wonderful time to drop by~" he greeted cheerfully.

Hijikata fidgeted, clearly feeling uncomfortable. Then he suddenly pressed his body against Gintoki's, wrapping his arms around Gintoki's waist. Gintoki was startled, and moved a few steps back, but he managed to snap out of it and wrap his arms around the shivering smaller body. "Come on, let's get inside, it's cold out here." And Gintoki carried him bridal style into his room and laid out the futon, making sure that Hijikata was snuggled in and warm.

"So what's with the sudden sign of affection?" Gintoki asked when Hijikata wasn't shivering anymore, wrapping his arms around Hijikata, acting as a backrest for the man in his laps.

"I… I have just been really…" Hijikata trailed off. Gintoki snuggled closer. "I don't think you want to talk anymore, so tell me with your body, hm?" he whispered in Hijikata's ear, enjoying the reactions that came out of it. He nibbled his ear first, since he was already there, and slowly made his way down his neck, licking and sucking at the delicious, warmer then ever skin. Hijikata gave out a soft moan but it was cut short because his mouth was covered with Gintoki's. Gintoki slowly nibbled on Hijikata's lower lip and licked it, seducing Hijikata to open up.

Once opened, his tongue plunged into the warm cavern, dancing and sucking on Hijikata's tongue. "Mmph," Hijikata gave out a muffled moan as his tongue and mouth was being abused by his lover's own mouth and tongue. What seems like could last forever finally ended. Hijikata broke apart, panting for breath that he needed so much, saliva dripping down from his chin, eyelids heavy with lust and a soft blush covering his cheeks. Gintoki drank down that image hungrily, wanting to take him more then ever, but then, he realized something.

If I don't ask now, I'll never ask.

Gintoki breathed out through his nose loudly and leaned down so his forehead was pressing on Hijikata's shoulder. His body had changed position during the intense kissing for more comfort. "Toushi." Gintoki said quietly, but in a rather firm voice.

"What?" Hijikata replied, quite nervously, because Gintoki wasn't one to pause in the middle of things like these.

"Do you love me?"

Hijikata froze, his heartbeat went faster, and he started to feel oh so cold.

What do I do? What do I say?

"It has always been me confessing, you know that. But, I really want to hear your confession, Toushi."

Shit, shit shit. Don't call me Toushi. Don't talk to me like that. I love you, I want to tell you, but my body won't move.

"Toushi?" Gintoki sat back up and looked at Hijikata's face. His hair had shadowed over his eyes, and then he turned his head to the side.

"I'm sorry, I can't…"

"So all this time, you've been playing with my feelings?"

Hijikata snapped his head back to look at Gintoki with pure horror.

"No! That's not what I—"
"Then say it. Say you love me."

Hijikata looked down.

"I can't…"

When he looked back up, his heart started breaking. He loved Gintoki, but he isn't ready to say it yet, even though they made love many times. He just wasn't ready yet, he is a rather shy man, and the expression Gintoki had on his face wasn't helping either. It was full of pain and sorrow; things that he never wanted to see on his loved one's face.

A tear trickled down Hijikata's chin. "G-gin—"

"Don't. Don't say anything. Don't talk to me again. Ever."

Hijikata couldn't take it anymore. His heart had been broken cleanly in two. He quickly got up and ran out of the house, his tears streaming behind him, in his mind, he was cursing and swearing a colourful rainbow at himself. When he finally reached headquarters, he just laid down his futon and buried his face in his pillow, which was slowly soaking up with tears.

Morning came painfully quick. Hijikata felt as if he didn't sleep at all. He spent the whole night quietly crying to himself, and that can wear a man out.

He heard a knock, but didn't move. Sougo slid the door open. "Hijikata-san. It's time to get up. Breakfast will be served soon."

Hijikata didn't move. He refused to. He didn't want to do anything. The only thing that was ever so important to him has left, and now he feels like shit.

Sougo closed the doors again, but opened them again 15 minutes later. "Hijikata-san, you're really going to be late for breakfast."

"What's wrong, Sougo?" Hijikata heard Kondo ask.

"Kondo-san, Hijikata isn't waking up."

"What?" and shortly after, Kondo stepped into his room and sat down beside his futon. "Toushi. Wake up. You're not someone who sleeps in, even though it's his day off."

But all Kondo could see was a mess of hair, so messy that it managed to cover Hijikata's eyes. Kondo stood up. "Maybe we should leave him. It is his day off after all. It's meant for him to rest." And with that, they left.

However, the whole day was strange. Not once did Hijikata get up from his futon, or out of his room. Not once had he ordered or gotten up to get some food. He was inside his room the whole day, lying motionless on his futon. Kondo thought that its' because Hijikata was very tired. "If he still doesn't move tomorrow and the day after, it means that something is wrong." He told Sougo.

The next day came, but he didn't get up for breakfast either. He didn't go out for duty. He didn't eat a single thing. The next day after this was the same. Kondo is really worried now.

"Sougo, what do you think happened? Do you know anything that could affect Toushi so severely that he isn't even eating?"

Sougo thought for a while. "Well, at least he's being smart and is drinking the water I got Yamazaki to lay out. Maybe danna knows something. I'll go ask." Kondo nodded and said that he should, so Sougo headed out.

Sougo reached out a hand and knocked on the paper door. "Danna!" He called out, and Shinpachi opened the door. "Gin-san! Okita-kun is here! He wants to see you!"

"Bring him in." A voice from inside shouted back, and Sougo went in. Gintoki was sitting at his desk, head propped on his right hand, staring off into space. "Do you think you can leave us alone?" he said to Shinpachi. Shinpachi nodded and went out. Kagura was out with Sadaharu, so Shinpachi went to go find her.

"Danna. Did you know? Hijikata-san has been acting really weirdly these few days." Sougo said.

Gintoki raised his eyebrow. "Oh really?"

"Yeah. He hasn't left his room, he hasn't eaten and he hasn't spoken. Do you know anything on why he would be like this?"

"How would I know what goes on with your vice-commander. It could be a tantrum for all I care."

"Hijikata-san doesn't throw tantrums, danna. You and I both know that."

"Yeah, I do. But the thing is that I have no idea why Hijikata-kun is acting like that. Does that satisfy your question?"

Sougo sighed and nodded, then started to head out to ask other people.

Gintoki felt like crap. He saw Hijikata's face then when he asked if he was playing with his feelings. It was pure horror. Does that mean that he actually wasn't playing with my feelings? Gintoki shook his head. No no no, I can't judge too early. I should wait a few days. The behaviour that Sougo told me can actually be pretty dangerous. If he doesn't start eating soon, it's going to be pretty bad.

Two more days went by, and Kondo finally got Hijikata to go on a patrol. Hijikata went reluctantly, his stomach growling, and his body weak. He was on afternoon shift, so no one can jump him without being seen.

Hijikata was walking like he was one of the living dead. He had grown so pale, he had eye bags under his eyes and his pace was slow and sluggish. Then, someone suddenly pushed him into a car and drove off. He struggled of course, but 5 days without food and only water took a serious toll on his strength.

Shit. I knew I should have never let Kondo speak me into going into a patrol. Now I'm being kidnapped with no one to help me, not even myself. Hijikata thought miserably.

There were 3 men inside the car, one driving and at both sides of Hijikata. "Hello there, Demon Vice-Commander. Such a wonderful day, isn't it? I thought that you would have put up more of a struggle but here you are, sitting here like a lamb." One said. Hijikata tried to struggle. He had his arms bounded and he got gagged when they got him in the car.

"Oh don't worry, Hijikata-san. Your suffering will soon be over."

They soon stopped, and they carried Hijikata out of the car and into an empty warehouse. Hijikata had passed out inside the car from hunger. So they carried his unconscious body and laid it on the ground.

"Gather around, friends! The slaying of the Demon Vice-Commander has come!"

People started shuffling towards the center, and a man with a mask walked to the front of Hijikata. "What a shame. Such a capable man. Sadly he has to die from obstructing our business."

"Oh no, I think you're the one who has to die, not him."

Everyone looked behind to see Gintoki at the door of the warehouse. "Who are you?" The driver had said. "Me?" Gintoki said, his face had a serious expression, "Why, I'm your friendly neighbourhood Sugarman, here to save the poor damsel in distress on the floor there."

"Sugarman? What the hell? That's a retar—" He couldn't say anything else, because Gintoki had given him hard swing at his head with his bokuto that had enough power to smash his skull. Thankfully, that dude had a thick skull. He passed out. Everyone was stunned. Then they all started to charge at Gintoki, but they were quickly dealt with, because the Shinsengumi arrived.

They caught everyone, including the masked man.

"Thank you, Yorozuya, for saving Toushi." Kondo thanked.

Gintoki waved his hand at him. "I just happened to see him pushed into a car, that's all. Now, I see your hands are all full, so if you don't mind, I'll take care of Hijikata-kun."

Kondo agreed, and they drove all the prisoners away. Gintoki walked up to Hijikata and took a look at him.

He's in a mess. Pale from not going out; thin from not eating, what the hell was I thinking, waiting a few more days?

He carefully picked Hijikata up and drove him home, where Gintoki nursed him back to health.

Hijikata woke up head groggy and heavy. He couldn't remember what happened after the car. Must have passed out.

"Ah. Your awake." He heard someone say, someone whom he longed to see and hear and touch. "G-gin..to…ki" He croaked. He hasn't used his voice in a few days. Gintoki hushed him. He carefully helped Hijikata sit up and lean against his shoulder. "Don't talk, just have some porridge first."

Hijikata could feel his cheeks getting wet. "Why are you crying? I'm here, so you don't have to cry. Just eat something first." Gintoki wiped the tear away with his finger and offered Hijikata a spoonful of porridge. Hijikata nodded and slowly opened his mouth to eat the porridge. He ate slowly, and Gintoki fed him slowly. They finally finished the bowl of porridge and they were just relaxing now.

Gintoki moved his arms so he was hugging Hijikata from behind. Hijikata could feel a tear on his shoulder. "Gintoki?" Hijikata said, with much better ease now, as he had something wet down his throat earlier. Gintoki just held him tighter, burying his face into Hijikata's neck. "I'm sorry." He whispered, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

"What are you sorry about?"

"I broke your heart because of a misunderstanding, a very important and big misunderstanding. I caused you pain and almost got you killed. If you died, I probably would have wanted to join you. Oh Toushi, I'm so sorry."

"It's ok, everyone has misunderstandings. It's partially my fault too anyways. I couldn't tell you because I wasn't ready yet, so when you forced me to say it, I broke down and gave you that misunderstanding."

"So you forgive me?"

"Only if you kiss me first." Hijikata slightly blushed at that.

Gintoki sat there in shock. It was rare that Hijikata verbally said that he wanted something sexual, very rare. "A-are you gonna just sit there? Because I can change my mind."

Gintoki grinned and gave Hijikata his wanted kiss, savoring it like fine wine. When they broke apart, Gintoki didn't stop there. He captured Hijikata's lips again and shifted them so that Hijikata was on his back on the floor, with Gintoki straddling him.

Gintoki finally pulled away and started undressing him. Once undressed to his boxers, Gintoki started nibbling Hijikata's neck, sucking and biting, marking his neck with hickeys. Hijikata was enjoying the attention paid to his neck, but then it suddenly disappeared. He looked down, only to gasp as the attention had lowered to his now hardened nipples, a mouth sucking one and a hand pinching the other. He moaned as his hands moved to hold Gintoki's shoulder, but it was cut short because 3 fingers were stuffed into his mouth. Hijikata could feel his arousal hardening, and all he did was play with my nipples and my tongue. I really miss his touch, don't I? Hijikata had thought. Just then, Gintoki said something.

"Suck." He commanded, and Hijikata obeyed. His tongue went in between the digits, coating it with slick saliva. Then, Gintoki moved the fingers out of his mouth and down to pull Hijikata's boxers off. Hijikata gasped as his hard member was free from its prison and met with cold air. Gintoki pressed a finger onto his entrance, slightly pushing in, earning a moan from the man beneath him.

He decided to stop teasing and pushed the finger in. Hijikata's moan grew a little louder. He had been waiting for this for 5 days, so yes he was starved of sex. While his finger was inside Hijikata, Gintoki had moved so that he was licking his sides, enjoying the wriggling that Hijikata made because his waist was a ticklish spot.

Gintoki soon added another finger in and Hijikata's grip on his shoulder tightened, and he let out a moan. Gintoki started scissoring his fingers to make Hijikata's entrance bigger to accommodate his, well, rather large member. Hijikata meanwhile, was enjoying the pleasure he was feeling, and jerked when Gintoki brushed his prostate, moaning. Gintoki smirked against his skin and kept thrusting his fingers into that one spot. Then, when he feels that Hijikata wasn't feeling enough pleasure, Gintoki added in the last finger, stretching his lover's hole even more. He also noticed Hijikata's moans were louder and more lust-filled then the previous one and was glad on the inside.

At least he's enjoying it. He needs it.

When Gintoki felt that he was ready, he stretched over to his wardrobe near him and got out a bottle lube, and poured some on his hand. He quickly coated his ignored arousal, biting his lip to prevent himself from moaning at the feeling.

"Why didn't you use that to lube your fingers instead of using my saliva?" Hijikata said in between a few pants, and Gintoki chuckled. "I was lazy to take it out."

"You—" Hijikata couldn't continue his protest, because then, Gintoki had thrust into him and fully sheathed himself.

"Aah haaaah!" Hijikata moaned. Gintoki bit his lip at the warmth that was surrounding his manhood.

"Nnh, Oogushi-kun, you're really tight."

"Wh-who the—hnngh hell is-ss Oo—Oogushi?" Hijikata tried to say rather crossly, but the pleasure overrode it. "A-and of cours—se I'm tight. No—oh sex in 5 days would make anyone ti—ight."

Gintoki bent down and licked Hijikata's earlobe. "So you weren't playing with yourself?"

"Aah! D-don't do that! And o—of course I didn't"

Gintoki continued to lick his neck while he moved even faster. He was deprived of his Oogushi-kun for 5 days. It was time for him to binge.

Gintoki was enjoying Hijikata's moans very much. And because he wanted to hear more, his hand moved down to grasp Hijikata's rejected arousal, earning a half gasp, half moan. He started pumping his hand in tune with his thrusting and Hijikata's eyes, which were previously closed but opened when they were talking but then it closed again, was wide open and filled with lust and his face oh, so flushed.

Soon, Hijikata said, "Haah, G-gin, I can't… anymore…" and Gintoki obviously knew that he wanted to release, so he increased his speed. After a few more thrusts and loud moans, Hijikata gripped Gintoki's shoulders harder then ever and came in Gintoki's hand. A second later, Gintoki came into Hijikata, and rested himself on his knees and fore arms, panting with his head hanging low.

Gintoki chuckled after a while. "I've been wanting to do that for 5 days."

Hijikata looked at his crimson red eyes and just blushed. Gintoki crashed onto the floor with a 'fump', and turned to his side so he could snuggle with his beloved.

"We should get on the futon. We had it there and we didn't even use it."

"Because you went ahead and pushed me onto the floor instead of the futon that I was actually sitting on."

"Because you tempted me! And so I ignored everything else!"

"Hmph. Anyways, can we get back onto the futon?"

Gintoki smiled and carried the tired man and laid him down. Then he got into the futon himself, snaking an arm around Hijikata's waist and pulling him towards him. They stayed like that until the morning.

When morning came, Hijikata thought about leaving when he was somewhat awake, but decided to just ignore it because he was tired. He didn't want to follow the rules that he set up anymore. It was fine like this.

Shinpachi entered the living room with Kagura because Gintoki told him to bring her home with him. When he saw that no one was in the living room, he went towards Gintoki's room.

"Gin-san. It's almost afternoo—erk!"

Shinpachi got quite a shock, seeing a tuft of white, slightly curly hair and short, spiky black hair under the futon cover. He quickly closed the door.

"Uh, Kagura-chan. Gin-san isn't home, so can you go walk Sadaharu first?"

Kagura gave him a quizzical look but still went to walk Sadaharu. Then, when she was gone, Shinpachi opened the door again.

"Gin-san! You have to be careful when you bring a woman home! Kagura-chan almost saw! And… Oh my god. GIN-SAN YOU GOT LAID! YOU ACTUALLY GOT LAID."

Shinpachi dodged a pillow. "SHUDDUP. CAN'T YOU SEE WE'RE TRYING TO SLEEP HERE?" A man that sounded like Gintoki shouted from under the futon cover.

"YOU SHUT UP TOO, YOU PERMED BASTARD. MY ASS HURTS AND I'M STILL TIRED AND IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU." A man that strangely sounded like Hijikata shouted from under the futon covers too.

Huh? What? Shinpachi was confused…



"Ho? Was that a compliment? Thank you, Oogushi-kun."

"T-that… That wasn't… Urgh, uh—wait. W-where do you think you're touching? OI!"

"What, I can't touch the man I was allowed to touch last night?"

"HIJIKATA-SAAAN?" Shinpachi's eyeballs almost fell out of his sockets. Not only did Gintoki get laid, he had sex with a man? Shinpachi definitely could not believe that Gintoki was gay.

"… Holy shit." Gintoki said after a while.

"Your fault. What, did you actually forget that he was there?" Hijikata mumbled.

"How is it my fault? And… well, yes I forgot but that's not the point."

"You started shouting first. That's how. Now hands off."

"I don't think so."

"Hands off or I castrate you."

Gintoki pulled the covers off, but thankfully to Shinpachi, the cover still covered what was unnecessary to be seen.

"With what, your teeth? You wanna fight asshole?"

"I wish I could if my ass wasn't aching like shit. And hell no, why would I want to bite it off when I can just cut it off." A pissed off Hijikata said.

Shinpachi closed the door and quietly walked out of the apartment.

Gintoki and Hijikata stared at the door as it closed and listened to the soft footsteps.

"OI OOGUSHI-KUN. You just scared my employee away!"

"Why is it my fault? Isn't you that he was surprised at?"

"No, he was surprised at both of us!"

"So it's our fault! Now help me up so I can get cleaned."

Gintoki frowned. "No round 2?"


Gintoki chuckled at the reply. It seems like his Toushi was back on track.

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