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Day One of The Pact

Kurt's thoughts flittered restlessly in his slumber. The cold air from the open window seemed to taunt him even in his dreams. Like a man with a voice of honey– sultry in an almost indecent manner, eyes of liquid amber, would wish for you!

In his memory, eyes flashed. A glowing ember grew in his chest. Dark lashes framing gold. A voice like honey slithering over his impassioned skin. The earnest glance of a seeming earnest man. The warmth built from the memory seemed to chase back the cold of the winter. Kurt nestled back into a deep slumber. 7 days. Smiling, he fell back to sleep.

Blaine sat comfortably in his well worn office chair. Over the years, though in poor number due to his young age, he had worn this office as if it were a home. There were signed balls from the Buckeyes, certificates from abundant charities and numerous Broadway pictures lined the walls in signed memorabilia of times well spent. His favourite was from a production of STARKID. Smiling, he reminded himself to call some of the cast members that night to wish them a Merry Christmas. They had remained close friends after all.

But none of this could distract him from thinking of a certain man he'd met last night. Kurt Hummel. The name brought that ever present warmth to his throat. God, it was like he was still in middle school! Muttering to himself, Blaine was perplexed at himself. It had been years since he felt anything but lust towards another man. One night stands? Sure. His pay check allowed for the best of suitors – not that it had anything to do with paying them. He was a man of appreciation. Frequently being present on the list of hottest bachelors was a plus he was suitably grateful for.

But, Kurt Hummel. Blaine, a notorious bachelor found it unreasonable to stay with a man longer than a night – and yet... 7 days. He had seven days to prove to this countertenor that he was more than the rumours.

That was another thing; could Blaine even honestly think Kurt hadn't heard about his past? Surely, it was in all the papers... But he didn't seem to recognise him. He saw a player behind Blaine's eyes, sure. But everyone did. He even went as far to say he was EMPLOYED. By himself maybe... Blaine sunk into the office chair and began to slowly seep into his memories. Those eyes stung. They were both blue and green, rather than a mixture like an aqua or turquoise. It was as if two colours had battled violently to take control and neither won. Blaine settled himself with the thoughts that he'd be able to study them more closely soon.

Sighing, Blaine picked up the latest in android phones and went to dial the number of his affections. But wait. Blaine scrolled expertly through his contact list. Directors, famous musicians, actors... But no Kurt Hummel. Scowling, he pressed a single button on the intercom and demanded his secretary's assistance.

Moving languidly through his morning routine Kurt sighed openly. His cold apartment, though an item of his and many others in New York's affections, was cold and dreary. He'd let himself have a tiny Christmas tree he named Daisy in symbolic note to an item of his idolisation let down by reality. He really needed to stop reading the depressing classics of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

First he showered, washing all evidence of his fitful slumber down the sewer. Then he progressed into his skin routine and later hair. Just as he picked the perfect outfit of a long black coat covering a brightly coloured button up and tight-as-skin grey jeans, the door bell rang.

Kurt sighed heavily. After attempting his best bitch face and losing, he realised he'd have to deal with helping his old senile neighbour carry all her –too many- grand kids presents to her car.
Ready to slam the door at any second, though he knew that kind of fight had left him over the years, Kurt finally let the Christmas cold air through the front door.

Where Blaine Anderson now stood.

Kurt was stunned. Someone could have kicked him in the face with the latest season Jimmy Choos heels that no one could even get their hands on and he'd still be less shocked than he was now. Blaine Anderson, with a Cheshire cat smile that both unnerved and thrilled him.

Silence stilled between them for a minute as Kurt tried to remember his 'not a toy' policy and Blaine looked like an overgrown puppy being given said toy.

"I looked everywhere for you. It's almost indecent to assure me we'd be spending the next 7 days together and not even leave me your number. Do you know how many Kurt Hummel's there are in this city? Enough!" The words were misconstrued with the speed their owner was coughing them out. Kurt's head was spinning.

"-I, I... What?"

Blaine was wearing a red suit. Red. He wore a simple white button up underneath, yet with a red vest that hugged him closely. Unsurprising to his kindred spirit attitude, he still rocked street shoes on his feet, and stood comfortably in the obviously expensive red velvet.

"Come on beautiful, where's that sassy diva I met last night?" Blaine grinned triumphantly, letting himself in to Kurt's abode. "So since I have 7 days to appreciate everything Kurt Hummel, why don't you show me through your place? It looks utterly marvellous!"

It had been 15 minutes of Blaine shuffling around the apartment in his over grown puppy mannerisms and yet Kurt was still flabbergasted.

"Blaine, not that I'm not remarkably... enthused that you are here, but don't you have Christmas with your family?"

Blaine looked down at his shoes for a minute, losing his thoughts midway between rambling about how beautiful the monochromatic apartment scheme was and how nicely Kurt's hair would be laid against those white sheets.

"How silly of me. I was so excited to get here I didn't even consider that you'd already have plans! I'll just..." Moving to the door, Blaine's face dropped from its thousand watt light bulb intensity.

Kurt hurried to catch his arm, throwing himself off balance by the feeling of small fires lining his skin at the simple touch. Removing his hand, Kurt attempted a strong smile.

"No family plans, Anderson. They are way back in Lima, Ohio. Just me this Christmas. I was thinking more about YOUR family plans."

Blaine's Cheshire grin doubled in brightness.

"Why, Hummel," Was it just Kurt or did that grin turn into a smirk when Kurt returned to his diva self? "How nice of you to ask! However, I will indeed be seeing my family today and you will be joining me!"

Kurt blanched. Instantly dead panning, he gasped, "Isn't it a bit soon for me to be meeting your family?"

As if Blaine's grin could be brighter.

"Well pretty eyes, I'm taking that as a positive as you are admitting that there may be a time you will actually be meeting them." Winking, Blaine took his hand and led him out the door and into a waiting car.

"For the record, you are joining me for a very different kind of family gathering at my very own house." Kurt went to tug his clothes, obviously questioning the logistics of such a 'family gathering. "Before you ask, yes you're perfectly dressed. Almost indecently so. No one should be able to fit into jeans that tight. A teenage dream."

Smirking yet again, Blaine took a blushing Kurt's hand and began their 7 day adventure.

The car ride was a hum of infectious chatter. Blaine mused over Kurt's interests as if they were pure gold. As it was now, Kurt was telling of his countertenor joys of Glee club back in Ohio.

'We won Nationals in our last year. It was one of those experiences you know? One in a life time? I mean, obviously I'll never be in high school again – but that feeling of winning? I had a solo, and I was singing this song that I wrote about being bullied for being gay..." Blaine looked at him vexedly for a minute, silently letting Kurt know this conversation was far from over. "Anyway, it was just this feeling. That burning sensation in your chest, that glow in your cheeks. I probably looked better that day than any of the days I'd perfected my morning facial routine."

Kurt gazed into the New York traffic as he was drifted into the memory just by the sights. They passed Central Park and he smiled fondly, thinking of the groups singing numbers as they danced around in it.

Meanwhile, Blaine was struggling with himself. Kurt. Gorgeous Kurt, was sitting next to him, only barely not touching his leg to his own. Those skin tight jeans showing the best of his shapely and toned thighs – not to mention other things. But it wasn't just this that had Blaine fighting his unbridled emotions. It was another type of feeling. It built from the tips of his fingers that had accidently brushed Kurt's earlier and progressed in cascades throughout his body. He felt as if his body was humming with energy for the first time in his subdued life. He felt himself coming out of his skin. Kurt. What are you doing to me?

Kurt broke himself from his thoughts, looking to Blaine with eyes sparkling. "So Anderson, where are you taking me? If this is some weird Beauty & the Beast fetish..."

Blaine smirked, silently ecstatic that Kurt liked Disney. There's my diva. "Are you implying I'm a beast? I shaved on a Sunday for this, See!" Blaine took Kurt's hand and brought it to his face, feeling him tremble slightly as their skin collided. Kurt rubbed his cheek tenderly, gently laying an innocent kiss on Blaine's nose.

"The beast was just a big softy on the inside. I get the feeling, despite your womanising ways, or should I say manising, you're just an overgrown puppy."

Blaine blanched before a giant smile grew across his face. This was what he had hoped for.
"And if I was?" He asked, taking Kurt's hand, still brushing his cheek and bringing it to his lips.

"Well, I'd say I'm going to have an amazing week."

The town car pulled up to a large building that looked almost jazz age classic. Almost like Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Kurt felt as if he were Holly in a world with her gorgeous Fred on a brand new adventure. Blaine took Kurt's hand and led him into the building, waving off the security guards with labels of 'Warbler Enterprise'.

Kurt looked at Blaine with a puzzled expression. 'Blaine, I understand you're all for working – I mean, guessing from your red outfit over there I would say you get a fair bit of income – but work on Christmas? Seriously? Your boss must be a slave driver."

Blaine looked at Kurt easily, deciding lying to him any further would be detrimental.
"Kurt, I don't have a boss."

Kurt mused to himself quietly, "Oh yes, such a bad boy. No one can tell him what to do!"

Blaine smiled, pausing at the elevators. Getting in and pulling on Kurt's hand, he wrapped his arms around the slender boy and lined his nose with kisses.

"Kurt, tell me who owns Warbler Enterprises?" Dazed, by the kisses, Kurt's mind blanked. Blaine continued. "What about runs it?" Blaine progressed his kisses to Kurt's cheek and jaw. The elevator dinged as each floor moved past. They were heading to the top floor. "I-" Kurt keened into Blaine's touch, easily forgetting their placement and all his self promises. As Blaine moved to bite his neck, sucking on the tender spot that made Kurt whimper in anticipation. The doors finally opened.
The voice of the elevator spoke clearly through, announcing their location.

"Level 99. Office of Blaine Anderson, director and owner of Warbler Enterprises."

Kurt stood stoically until Blaine pulled him gently into the office. It was wide and open, decorated only by a handful of personal possessions. The walls were simply glass windows coming to a point. The glass prism allowed Kurt to see deep into the city as well as the sky, overlooking Central Park. At the centre of the room however, stood a gorgeous looking Latino woman who was waiting with a 'bitch face'.

"Getting your wanky on in the elevator Mr.Anderson? You oughta, that boy be fine." She dragged out the last, her eyes raking across Kurt in emphasis. "You gots to get up on dat ass." With that cheerful message, she clasped her arms around Kurt in a cheerful hug. "You know, with that blush that is all around your face, I think I'm going to like you." She turned to Blaine, who was interchanging his attention from his secretary to the blushing boy. "Lunch will be ready soonish. Most of them are already down there, but I'm sure they'll be okay if you're a little late." Finishing, she turned after a rather lustfully enhanced wink and entered the elevator. As the doors shut, Blaine moved Kurt by wrapping his arm around his waist and dragged him across the room.

"So this is my personal collection of musical memorabilia, from our talk in the car I would suggest that this would make you happy to see them." Blaine smiled as Kurt's face showed some light after such a surprise. Kurt's fingers were running across the shelves as if he were handling the most fragile and precious jewels. Blaine continued his tour of his office and placed Kurt into his office chair, taking a seat on the desk in front of him

"I'd believe that you have some questions." It was a statement.

"You," Kurt stopped, having to lick his lips before he started again. "You OWN Warbler Enterprises? Of course you do, you're Blaine fucking Anderson. How could I be so stupid!"

Kurt seemed to be panicking, so Blaine gently massaged his hands, pausing occasionally to kiss his fingers.

"I mean, the suit, the reserved table at the lounge. Hell, the fact your card was black and you had your own tab built just on sight!"

Blaine paused, waiting for the ultimate rejection. His life was too hard for a significant other. He was too busy, the paparazzi were too vigilant. Kurt would leave, just like the others.

But that wasn't the look in Kurt's eyes. It was wonder. "I'm almost flattered it was me you chose out of all those guys. You could have anyone, and you chose me. Why?"

Blaine looked on in equally matched wonder. "You don't see yourself clearly." He kissed Kurt's lips softly. "You're beautiful." He ran his fingers down Kurt's sides, rubbing the fabric until he could scarcely feel the toned skin under many layers. "You're sassy, even behind this submissive front." He kissed Kurt's shoulder blades as his fingers ran up to his back, one hand tickling his spine as the other ran up to brush the nape of his neck. "You're a picture of perfection. I only hope that you can look past this nonsense, the business of my career and both the rumours and truth of my... past, to see that I might be someone worth having you."

Kurt sat still for a moment, Blaine still straddling his lap and looking into his face as if he were something rare and beautiful. Without a second thought, Kurt lowered his head and brought Blaine into a passionate and temperate kiss.

Blaine leaned into the kiss as they fought each other for dominance. Biting Kurt's lip, Blaine moaned at the feeling of Kurt beneath him. His warm skin caused him to feel almost feverous, making his kisses more pronounced as he slipped his tongue inside Kurt's mouth and felt for the back of his teeth. Kurt conceded to defeat easily, thoroughly enjoying the kiss as Blaine could tell from his occasional moans and whimpers.

Suddenly, the intercom brought the two apart, obviously dazed from their lusts.

"There's only so many minutes I can keep these guys entertained whilst you guys get your mack on. Get your asses down here." The two straightened their clothes, each taking the time to caress the other where they could.

With a small kiss on the lips and some timid yet joyful smiles, the two left to join the lunch party.

The lunch was boisterous. Quinn and Rachel had hands joined and narrowly avoided casual taunts from Santana over their long relationship. Blaine explained from his place next to Kurt that they had been dating since the end of high school, finally realising their affections soon after they entered their senior year in an all girls school near Dalton. Santana had also been at their school, and whilst the girls were bisexual and she was a lesbian, she was without a partner due to a bad break up near the same time. Santana had taken to the snarky comments soon after, her heart turned bitter after Brittany left her for a man twice her age. Kurt had learnt that Rachel ran Warbler Studios whilst Quinn ran the banking side with credit cards etc.

David and Wes, sitting on Kurt's left were lesser partner's of the enterprises. Wes acted as CEO for the majority of the time, and usually kept the others in order. David was head of press management, which also explained his security guard position. Blaine assured him that though their relationship was close to being homoerotic, they remained simply friends. Wes had numerous girlfriends, whilst David was in a longterm committed relationship with a woman named Katie. This didn't stop the crew from calling them 'Wevid'

"So Kurt, if you don't mind me asking, you're on Broadway aren't you?" David asked, obviously calm despite the crazy environment.

"Yeah, I've done a few shows." Kurt added, slowly turning back into the blushing bride.

"He's just being modest. Kurt here has done numerous Broadway shows at THE Broadway theatre for productions such as Wicked, Westside Story, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying..." Blaine mused, obviously proud.

"Gee. And here I was worrying you'd be stealing our Blainey's money." Wes added in a joking voice, yet it also carried an undercurrent as if he was truly concerned. Kurt blanched, obviously caught by surprise with a thought that never crossed his mind. Blaine hurried to glare at his old friend, but Kurt stopped him.

"Not to worry Blaine, it's good you have friends that care about you. But no, I do quite well for myself thank you." Kurt smiled at Wes, obviously making him feel uncomfortable in his accusations.

Kurt met Nick and Jeff, both obviously head over heels in love with each other. The problem? Neither of them realised it, rather seeing their best friend status as a restriction. Kurt noted this for a later date, match maker Kurt in action. They ran the IT department.

By the time lunch was done, Kurt had hat hair from the Christmas hats, pink cheeks from smiling, and a full tummy. He'd met the team and Blaine had gotten him back in the car to take him home.

When they arrived, Blaine stood uncertain before laying a gentle kiss on Kurt's lips. He didn't want to push the boy away, and a passionate kiss would hint to him wanting something far too soon. Kurt took manners into his own hands when he guessed the item of his affection's uncertainty. Drawing Blaine closer, they engaged in yet another steamy kiss before they stood contentedly in each other's arms.

"Will I see you tomorrow?" Kurt asked, tentative for the first time since the awkwardness at lunch.

"Of course." Blaine answered, moving down the stairs and into his car. Winding the window down, he called out to Kurt as the car started moving.

"Make sure you wear some of those damn tight jeans again." He winked, signalling his jest – whilst he also secretly meant it. Masochist, he thought to himself.

Kurt smiled widely before blowing a kiss and hurrying back into his apartment to call his girl Mercedes.

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