It was almost seven as I sat and waited at the living room. Two undead vamps stood beside both sides of the archway. I glanced at the grandfather clock three steps beside the grand piano. Where the hell was he? Once again, as if reading my thoughts, he walked in the room with a smug look on his face. He looked at me and motioned with one hand.

"Look who came earlier. Can't wait for our death date at Unicorn Lane?"

"Like hell I couldn't. Couldn't wait to get the spheres and get the hell away from you."

"Why do you hate me so much?"

"I should ask you the same question."

"I never hated you, you know."

"Right. I'm supposed to buy the craps that you sell."

"You're hopeless. Can't you talk to me without all the sneering and the glaring?"

"Fine. Then tell me why you hate my guts so much."

"I don't, okay? Believe me when I say that me avoiding you is a favor for you."

"I don't buy your shit Cepheus." I said and walked towards the door. I turned around and added.

"Wanna start moving? We don't have time on our hands you know."

Cepheus sighed and followed me out of the huge doors. I continued to walk silently until we reached the stables. I took a look around and spotted a beautiful white mare in the left corner and made my way towards it. I raised my hand close to its nose and it responded with a gentle nozzle. I patted it and it complied to my will. Controlling animals were one of the special talents of the witches which were luckily passed down to me. My mother didn't have them. I was lucky to have the gift. I turned to guide the beautiful mare out of the stables when I came to see Cepheus, wide-eyed.

"What?" I asked.

"That horse hates humans. How did you do that?"

"Witch gifts." I answered with a grin.

"Handy gift to have." He said as he took his own horse and started to ride it away from the stables. Away from me. I grunted and followed him.

Unicorn Lane. The death zone between tech and magic. The moon was full and it served its purpose as an illumination for the path we were going through. Everything around us lay in ruins. Everything was very still. Too still, in fact nothing moved. An eerie silence engulfed us. There has to be something here. Unicorn Lane was seldom quiet. Blowing up and sprouting demons maybe, but quiet? Hell no. We were almost reaching the center of Unicorn Lane. It wasn't that dark, thanks to the moon. There was a small cave with something shining within its little mouth. I tapped Cepheus's shoulder and pointed to it. He nodded and slowly walked towards it. Weird, there were no wards guarding the sphere. There's got to be more to this than meets the eye. Sure enough, something moved behind me. Cepheus was quiet. There were about a dozen and a half vampires at the entrance of Unicorn Lane waiting for his command. We should be just about safe. I also had my double daggers and he had his sword. Cepheus was a deadly bastard. He could pilot those undead vamps while using his sword to slice to his foe. I took a nervous gulp. Something was definitely moving around us. It definitely had a deadly aura. I let my eyes wander around the tree lines then suddenly, something grabbed my arm. I screamed and sliced my blades through it. Cepheus ran past me towards the woods. What the hell? Did he just leave me to this thing? I swung my dagger and the grip loosened. I turned around to face what it was. He was a mist, or should I say it was a mist. It was shaped as a man. It had arms that looked rotten and he didn't have a face. What the hell didn't have a face? Was that even possible? I shrugged the creepy feeling off and charged towards Mr. Creepy. I jumped and aimed one of my daggers towards his chest. Aim. Fire. I landed and ran on the other direction and charged once again. I threw the dagger while in mid-leap and it hit his head. The thing shrieked and writhed. I guess I hurt him. I thought and smiled. The scenery had victory written all over it. The thing slowly dissolved into a thick mist and slowly disappeared, leaving my dagger on the blood covered pavement. I turned to grab the sphere from the small cave. It wasn't there anymore. Well, so much for my so-called great luck. I took a deep breath counting to ten in my head seconds passed, and then I heard a growl in the woods. Cepheus. Dammit he was out there. I ran towards the woods where I heard the sound come from. Another growl. I stared wide-eyed into the field in front of me.

Cepheus was a shifter. No, he couldn't be. He didn't look like a normal shifter at the very least. He had the massive body of a bear, the head of a huge wolf, the claws of a lion, and the power of a navigator. He was just like me. No, he wasn't like me. He was like Bran, Morrigan's hound. My mom once told me how Bran shifted into something that looked like a shifter but was more like a beast in rage. I shuddered at the thought. Was he Bran's son? A loud growl snapped me out of my reverie.

Vampires where jumping out from the trees, attacking the mist-like creatures that where targeting Cepheus while he fought with the ones that were within a closer proximity of his beastly reach. Where was the sphere? Another mist-like creature was closing in on Cepheus. I aimed my dagger and threw it across the woods. It hit the creature on its head.

"Bull's eye." I grinned.

"You look like you're having shitloads of fun kitty." He said in a deep voice that sounded close to a growl.

Something bright appeared amidst all the chaos and blinded our sight for a few seconds. Cepheus roared beside me.

"Look what we have here." A voice within the bright light said.

"Desino." The voice said and the mist-like creatures disappeared slowly.

"I believe you came here for this?" He said and raised the sphere in his fingers.

"Give us the sphere!" Cepheus said in a calm voice.

"Here you go." The cloaked figure said as it threw the sphere towards us. Cepheus caught it and glared at the cloaked figure.

"You are searching for those. I give you the first one, as a gift, a reward for giving me an exciting evening. If you seek the second sphere, heed my words." He paused as if to check if we were listening.

"What always runs but never walks, often murmurs, never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a mouth but never eats. Find what lies beneath and claim what is bequeathed." He finished. Good golly! Am I the new riddle hunter?

"What do you mean?" Cepheus roared. The cloaked man began to vanish. Cepheus lunged at it but just went right through. Another second, everything seems normal again. No more mist-like creatures hovering around us. Beside me Cepheus shifted in his human form, leaving him in all his naked glory. Great! Just what I needed. Not. I took of my cloak and covered him with it.

"Ceraphina." He said.

"Shut up. Let's go home. We'll destroy this sphere, and then we'll talk. Don't worry." I said as I helped him get up. He had a lot of explaining to do. And me? I need to know the truth about him and Bran's son once and for all.