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Chapter One: Ben's New Smoothie Favourite.

"Okay, this has to be the best smoothie ever!" Ben Tennyson yelled excitedly, jumping up and down on the spot. He'd just bought an apricot and celery smoothie from his favourite smoothie place, Mr. Smoothie, and was definately glad he did.

"Ben, calm down before you make yourself sick." His cousin, Gwen Tennyson, looked on in disgust.

"Yeah, Tennyson. You don't wanna go drinking that just to bring it back up again, do you?" Gwen's boyfriend and Ben's best friend, Kevin Levin, said with a small smirk on his face. Although Ben's taste in smoothies was pretty disgusting, it was funny to see Ben jumping around over a smoothie.

"Guys, you have to try this! It's amazing!" Ben said, waving the smoothie around in his left hand. He'd developed a taste for smoothies from Mr. Smoothie's when he was about fourteen years old. Now, at sixteen, he'd become one of their longest regular customers ever. There was even a photo of him with his hundredth smoothie on the wall inside. The only other longest regular customer was a girl who was about sixteen named Veronica Myers. Veronica and Ben were almost tied for the most about of smoothies bought within a year. Veronica was on two hundred and thirty four while Ben was on two hundred and twenty eight. Wait, two hundred and twenty nine now. He only needed five more to be tied with Veronica.

On top of being nearly tied for the most amount of smoothies in a year, Ben and Veronica were also friends at school as she was one of the only girls who didn't want to go out with him, at least for his fame, as far as he knew. While she preferred to call him 'Benji' the majority of the time, he nicknamed her 'Ronnie' and although she wasn't fond of it at first, she quickly warmed up to it, realising that Ben was only calling her that because he cared about her.

Ben had come to Mr. Smoothie on this day to celebrate his B+ on his math final, a grade that was upped from his C- last semester. It was better for Ben now that his parents knew about his powers that the Ultimatrix granted him. He felt more relieved that they knew so he didn't have to hide his secret from them. Although having the entire world knowing about his secret identity, or identities in this case (thanks to a ten year old boy named Jimmy), was a bit unnerving. He'd already been asked out by at least thirty girls at his school that he didn't even know past the occastional glance in the halls or when they came to support his soccer team.

His girlfriend, Julie, or rather ex-girlfriend, had broken up with him once all the girls started flaunting over him. She thought he was encouraging them to keep flirting with him when he'd only just politely asked them to leave him alone as he was taken and had a girlfriend. But now, it was even harder to fend girls off that he knew only wanted to date him for his fame as he was single.

Anyway, back to the smoothie.

"No, Ben. We don't. Celery and apricot? No thanks," Gwen said, shaking her head. Kevin just looked at Ben with a look that said 'Don't-Even-Think-About-Asking-Me-To-Try-It'.

Ben sighed but gulped down the rest of his smoothie. "Ahh, that's the stuff," He sighed, feeling relaxed and calmed after his daily smoothie.

Well, that didn't last long.

A woman screamed over the other side of the parking lot.

Ben sighed and turned, along with Kevin and Gwen, to see an alien similar to Wildmutt only older slashing at people with its claws. "Isn't that a Wildmutt?" Gwen asked, using her powers to conjure mana shields to protect Bellwood's townspeople.

Ben looked a little closer. "Yeah, it is. But it looks older than Wildmutt did."

Kevin looked around for something to absorb and finally decided on absorbing the red painted metal on one of the nearest cars. The metal travelled up his arm and coated his entire body. "It's a Vulpimancer. Full grown adult by the looks of it." Kevin focused on his hand and made the metal covering his body grow into a ball with spikes to replace his hand. He ran forward and swung it at the Vulpimancer, narrowly missing its head.

A second later, Kevin came flying through the air, skidding on the tar to stop next to Gwen. Gwen, while still keeping an eye out for any straggling people, checked on her boyfriend, relieved to find he wasn't injured.

"Alright. It's hero time," Ben called, turning the dial on his Ultimatrix until he found the right alien he wanted to transform into. Pushing the dial in, Ben was swallowed up by a bright green light.

When it died down, he had transformed into one of his favourite aliens. "Swampfire!" He called out, his voice deeper. Ben sent small seeds flying to land next to the Vulpimancer and within seconds, they were absorbed into the ground and vines grew through cracks in the concrete. Ben manipulated them to wrap tightly around the Vulpimancer.

The Vulpimancer struggled briefly before using its teeth to rip apart the vines and free itself. It growled at Ben, side gills flaring as it caught his scent.

A shadow suddenly flashed across the sun a second before a girl with collarbone length copper coloured hair and bright blue eyes landed in front of Ben. Her bangs covered her eyes. She wore a pair of black tights that went three quarters of the way down her legs. On her feet were a pair of ankle high boots that had a low heel. She also wore a dark purple t-shirt that hung lightly off one shoulder. (1)

Ben looked on as she rose to her feet from her kneeling position in front of him. She looked ahead at the Vulpimancer, which snarled with recognition. Smirking, she turned around, revealing that her bangs actually parted on the right side of her head so most of the bangs were swept to the left side. Her unnaturally bright blue eyes locked with Ben's equally unnaturally bright green ones.

For a moment, the two were frozen in place. It was as if everything around them was at a stand still and they were the only two that were aware of it. But the moment passed and Ben was flung back by a second Vulpimancer that had snuck up to his side as he was staring at the mystery girl.

The second Vulpimancer was a paler orange than the one that kept the girl distracted. It also had a lighter purple tongue than the first Vulpimancer.

The girl spun back around, realising she was now trapped.

Seeing this also, Gwen used her mana shield to protect the girl as the Vulpimancer behind her tried to attack. Kevin ran over and hit it in the face, knocking it on its side.

The girl smiled in thanks, not that Gwen or Kevin could see it. The Vulpimancer in front of her was beginning to falter as it saw in its mind its companion being taken down by Gwen and Kevin. The girl smirked at the creature in front of her. A purple glow suddenly illuminated her hands. She crossed her arms in an X shape, sending two purple discs twirling towards the creature. It hit the gills on either side of the creatures neck, earning the girl a wailing groan for her trouble.

The Vulpimancer took a couple of steps back and shook its head, almost looking like it was coming back to fight the girl but it's companion dodged Kevin's last swipe and howled at it to retreat. The Vulpimancer reluctantly followed, leaving the heroes wondering.

The girl turned around and smiled at the three of them. Walking closer, she used her energy to grasp the overturned cars and place them in the upright position again. Her energy also soothed any damage to the grass surrounding the parking lot. She then came within five feet of the couple and stopped.

Gwen looked at her, feeling as though the girl was familiar but also very powerful. She could also feel that this girl was an Anodite.

"Hey, who are you? Why did you jump in the middle like that? We could have handled it!" Kevin growled, feeling Gwen's hand on his arm even as he raised his weapon arm.

"No, Kevin. Don't. She's not dangerous to us. She's an Anodite," Gwen scolded Kevin, keeping a hand tight on his arm, even as the metal began to melt its way off Kevin as he let his powers rest.

"Still, we could have handled that, with or without her," Kevin argued.

"Um, I am right here and can hear every word your saying ," The girl pointed out, gesturing towards the not-so-big-anymore gap between the four of them, "and I'm not just any old Anodite. I'm a legacy Anodite, just like you. I can sense it within you, even if you cannot."

Kevin at least had the decency to blush. Gwen looked on in awe. She'd never met another Anodite before, apart from her grandmother, Verdona, and her bratty cousin, Sonny. It felt nice to feel a positive and calming aura coming from this girl.

A flash of green light alerted their attention to Ben, who'd been knocked into a pile of cardboard boxes. Luckily, he didn't appear to be injured. He walked over to his cousin, her boyfriend and the girl who'd jumped into a fight between him and a full grown Vulpimancer.

While Gwen's reaction and Kevin's reaction to the girl was expected, Ben's reaction was the most surprising of all.

"Ronnie?" Ben looked at her in shock.

'Ronnie' smiled at the group and waved. "Surprise, Benji."

(1) - Imagine a sort of off the shoulder t-shirt look that's dark purple with black pants. Basically it's almost like Gwen's Ultimate Alien outfit, only the top is slightly changed.

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