Grimmjow had heard of this place. The people around this area avoided the particular club. He never thought to ask why until now. Stood with his back pressed against the door he tried to take in the sight before him.

The long room furnished in black leather and red lining. At the far end is a semi-circle shaped bar and from it was coming the loudest voices he'd ever heard. As he pushes through the groups of people he notices a very strange thing. Everyone seems to be together, kissing, snogging, exchanging numbers, getting ready to go home or dancing. He blinks a few times as he approached the bar and couldn't help but notice the people around it were the hottest he'd ever seen.

"Ru-Chan give us another shot ok?" A young guy says as he climbs over the bar. His orange spikes and amber eyes glisten in the flashing colours of the lights. He taps a small woman and she spins around with a shot glass already full. Her black hair is cut to chin length and a thick strand falls between her indigo eyes.

"How many have you had now?" She asks handing it to the guy who takes it with a dazed grin. He leans forward until his lips are only millimetres from hers at the same time as a girl pushes past Grimmjow. The new arrivals orange hair falls in light waves past her shoulders and her gleaming blue eyes analyse the guy angrily.

"Not enough…" He whispers leaning before the girl just laughs. She puts her hand between them and pushes them back.

"Nice try again Kurosaki. If you haven't forgotten, I'm still happily with Orihime…" She replies and as she does her eyes catch sight of the other girl and they light up. Orihime climbs over the bar wearing jeans and a pink, strapless top which match her heels. Rukia wears dark jeans and a light purple top with black buckled boots.

Orihime smiles wrapping her arms around Rukia's waist tightly and blushing lightly as Rukia grins and presses their lips together gently. They both smile as Rukia pulls away and wraps her arms around Orihime in an embrace. The guy from earlier laughs and then blinks as a thin pale hand ruffles his hair from behind.

"Nice try Ichigo." The man laughs.

"The nights not over yet Gin." Ichigo laughs turning to face the young guy with silver hair falling over his pale blue eyes. Gin smirks as Ichigo brushes a few strands of silver hair from his eyes and reaches up to push their lips together.

"You getting jealous yet Bya-Kun?" Gin asks pulling away with a grin and looking at the tall man, his black hair falling to his shoulders with strands over his grey eyes, who leans back against the shelves of alcohol.

"No." He replies flatly.

"Ok then…" Gin turns back to Ichigo and leans down. "You get your way this time Ichigo. I wonder if you can actually dominate me." He grins and then both guys blink as Gin is tugged away and spun around.

"Idiot." Byakuya hisses with his hands clasped on Gin's shoulders. Byakuya pushes his lips to Gin's and as if automatically Gin's lips part slightly. Their tongues meet but before Gin can even kiss back Byakuya pulls away.

"Byakuya?" Gin whispers.

"Upstairs!" Byakuya orders before grabbing Gin's hand tightly and dragging him towards a back door.

"Works like a charm." Gin winks as he passes Ichigo. Ichigo watches them leave and then glances at Rukia and Orihime who both nod. Ichigo grins knowing there timing couldn't be better. He had noticed their new customer with the amazing blue hair and glinting blue eyes and had luckily been able to keep away from him so far.

"Ok guys!" Rukia yells climbing up onto the black marble surface of the bar flanked either side by Ichigo and Orihime. The whole club quietens down as Rukia grins. "Now we don't always do entertainment for you guys… But considering tonight is my one year anniversary with my beautiful Orihime…" Orihime's cheeks flush dark red as the club cheers. "We've got a treat in store for you guys!"

"Ok well you guys know by now that I don't sing." Ichigo smiles and to Grimmjow's surprise people laugh. "But tonight is a special night for my amazingly beautiful friends and so unfortunately for you guys… We're gonna sing a song dedicated to Rukia and Orihime!"

"That's a lie!" Rukia interrupts laughing. "We all know this is for Ichigo's latest lover really." Rukia grins.

"Shut it midget!" Ichigo hisses and Grimmjow smirks unable to tell whether Rukia was joking or not.

"Hit it!" Rukia yells and the club falls to silence as the music on the speakers' changes. Rukia hands Ichigo a microphone and he takes it gently as if it could shatter any second. He smiles lightly bring the microphone close to his lips and then taking in a deep breath.

"We'll do it all, everything, on our own…" As soon as his lips parted to say the first word the club filled with a silent but incredible atmosphere. Grimmjow couldn't help with lips part slightly in shock from the strong yet gentle voice that came from Ichigo's mouth.

"We don't need, anything, or anyone…" Ichigo grins as the club begins to cheer lightly.

"If I lay here, if I just lay… would you lie with me and just forget the world…" He grins and suddenly the music changes. Orihime and Rukia both grab microphones which seem to appear from nowhere as the whistling echoes through the room.

"1, 2, 3, let's hit it!" Rukia yells and the club begins to tremble with cheers.

"Just shoot for the stars, if it feels right!" Rukia sings in a beautiful voice.

"Then aim for my heart, if you feel like." Orihime continues in a softer but still beautiful voice.

"Take me away, make it ok, I swear I'll behave." Ichigo joins in with a wink into the crowd.

Half way through the song the club bursts into dance and song. Grimmjow stands still watching the three on the bar jump around and sin along with the crowd as if they were a real band. As the song comes to an end the three of them jump backwards off the bar into fits of laughter.

Grimmjow approaches the bar slowly and sits down. A second later Rukia appears in front of him and takes his order. She slides the shot of vodka across the bar and then turns around to serve someone else.

"Is this a gay club or something?" Grimmjow asks and blinks as Ichigo turns around and smiles while cleaning a glass.

"Nope…" Ichigo smiles lightly and Grimmjow just nods. "Why are you gay?" Ichigo asks curiously and Grimmjow grins.

"Depends who for…" He says in a slightly flirty way causing Ichigo to smile. Grimmjow downs his vodka but keeps his gaze on Ichigo. Ichigo shakes his head with a small smile.

"Want another?" He asks and Grimmjow nods. Ichigo grabs the glass and turns around to fill it up again. Grimmjow watches his professional movements slowly and smiles. He couldn't deny that Ichigo had amazing looks but it had been quite a long time since Grimmjow had even noticed another guy.

Ichigo spins around with the shot and as he puts it on the counter another guy walks to the bar next to Grimmjow. Ichigo's eyes widen slightly as the man with black locks and gleaming emerald eyes cups Ichigo's chin with a slender pale hand. He pulls Ichigo gently across the bar and brings his pale lips to Ichigo's trembling ones. Ichigo blinks as the guys tongue runs along his bottom lip. Ichigo parts his lips slightly and the guys tongue gently touches his own. Before Ichigo can even kiss back the guy pulls away leaving Ichigo with red cheeks.

"U-U-Ulqui…" Ichigo starts but is cut off as a pale finger presses against his lips.

"Shhhh, I did tell you that I'd see you tonight, didn't I?" The guys asks slowly and Ichigo nods turning even deeper red. Grimmjow blinks a few times sudden recognising the guy.

"Ulquiorra?" He chokes and Ulquiorra turns around and then sighs.

"Grimmjow, it's been a while." Ulquiorra replies.

"Yeah it sure has." Grimmjow frowns and Ichigo blinks before looking between the two of them.

"Ulqui..?" Ichigo whispers and Ulquiorra turns around and tips his head to the side.

"You look worried." Ulquiorra points out and Ichigo blushes.

"Well..!" He starts to protest.

"You look adorable when you worry about me." Ulquiorra admits and Ichigo turns even deeper red. "By the way I saw you sing…"

"You're kidding?" Ichigo protests and Ulquiorra just shrugs.

"I thought it was rather ironic how Rukia described me as… Your latest lover…" Ulquiorra looks at Ichigo slightly amused.

"It was dedicated to the two of them… I swear…" Ichigo mumbles feeling embarrassed.

"Really?" Ulquiorra frowns and Ichigo blinks at his disappointed voice. "I was hoping it was for me. It was really good."

"I, thank you…" Ichigo blushes lightly and Ulquiorra just shrugs.

"Do you finish soon?" He asks and Ichigo nods looking slightly confused. "Good, remember we made that agreement…"

"What?" Ichigo laughs.

"You promised we'd spend my free time together right… That's why I'm staying at yours tonight." Ulquiorra says simply and Ichigo blushes knowing there was no such agreement.

"Hey everyone, we're starting to pack up but as usual, crash out here if you want!" Rukia yells before Ichigo can reply. Ichigo grins.

"We'll get going then." Ichigo grins walking around the bar and then jogging to Ulquiorra's side. Ulquiorra shakes his head with a small amused sigh. Ichigo follows him out of the club and Grimmjow watches as more and more people start to leave. He gets up with a sigh deciding now would be a good time to get going.

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