Grimmjow walked towards the same wooden door as last night. He takes in a deep breath before opening it. The club looks different with the morning sun light glowing through the windows he didn't even notice yesterday. He blinks noticing how clean the club now looks, it was strange due to the amount of drunken people here last night. He walks to the bar and slides into a seat.

"Good morning." A tired voice yawns and a second later Rukia walks around the bar carrying a box of clean glasses.

"Mornin'." Grimmjow replies and then blinks noticing how different she looked. Rukia looks even more beautiful with a pair of light denim shorts on and a light blue, long sleeved top. She puts the box on the counter and starts stacking the glasses on the shelves.

"Do you want a drink?" She asks.

"This early?" Grimmjow jokes and Rukia laughs.

"I meant something non-alcoholic." She smiles and Grimmjow nods. She puts a glass on the counter and then runs away with the empty box. A second later Orihime walks around the bar yawning. She looks adorable wearing three-quarter denim pants and a white t-shirt with her fluffy pink dressing gown flung over it.

"Oh good morning? Would you like a drink?" Orihime asks kindly and Grimmjow shakes his head.

"Your girlfriend already offered." He replies with a small smile. Orihime turns slightly red and then jumps as Rukia walks behind her and kisses her shoulder gently.

"Here you go." Rukia says filling Grimmjow's glass with fresh orange juice and then ducking to put the juice in the fridge.

"Morning Ru-Chan." Orihime beams and Rukia smiles turning slightly red.

"Morning princess." Rukia replies causing Orihime to turn the same shade of red as her. Grimmjow gulps his orange juice and then gives them both a warm smile.

"Are you always open or something?" He wonders.

"Nope, we just open really early. I like the idea of people being able to come here whenever they want. We don't serve alcohol until after six though." Rukia admits. "Hey you're a new customer right?"

"Yeah last night was my first time. I wanted to know why everyone avoided this place." Grimmjow jokes and Rukia grins.

"A lot of people around here don't like the idea that we 'encourage' homosexual relationships. But we just say love is love, right?" Rukia asks and Grimmjow nods. "By the way, we serve breakfasts here, do you want one?"

"I'm not sure…"

"First timers get it free… Full cooked breakfast." Rukia smiles and Grimmjow sighs but nods.

"I'll go start it right away." Orihime smiles before skipping back through the door both Rukia and herself came through earlier. Grimmjow and Rukia make brief conversation as Rukia tidies up the bar and prepares the morning breakfast menus which she scatters on different tables.

Both Grimmjow and Rukia look to the door on the other side of the bar as it opens and Byakuya walks out behind the bar wearing a pair of baggy black trousers and a black hoody. Byakuya's left hand is clasped gently around Gin's who is wearing a pair of grey baggy trousers and a white shirt which is open revealing his pale chest. Gin rubs his eyes as Byakuya guides him around the bar with flushed cheeks.

"Are you ok Nii-Sama?" Rukia asks and Byakuya just nods.

Earlier that morning Byakuya had woke up with Gin's pale arms wrapped around his waist and Gin's smiling face inches from his. Though Byakuya had smiles he then noticed he was naked and quickly ran out of the room. As he came back in wearing long black boxers Gin was waking up with a rather worried expression. As Gin rolled over his expression changed into relief and happiness at the sight of Byakuya.

"Bya-Kun, last night…" Gin started but was cut off as Byakuya sat on the bed and moved a few strands of silver hair out of his eyes.

"Shhhh, keep quiet for a minute." Byakuya whispered leaning down and gently pressing his lips to Gin's. Gin blushed and let out a small sigh as Byakuya pulled away.

"I thought you'd left me." Gin sighed meaning when he woke up to find Byakuya gone.

"That's stupid. I'm not just going to leave you." Byakuya replied softly and Gin smiled.

"Because you love me right?" Gin whispered turning slightly red. At that moment Byakuya had stood up to get some clothes on. Gin has followed after him still wanting an answer.

Byakuya lets go of Gin's hand gently and Gin frowns. He steps closer to him and pushes strands of black hair away from his face gently. Byakuya blinks, his cheeks still red, as Gin smiles with another yawn.

"Bya-Kun loves me, right?" Gin repeats and Rukia raises her eyebrows and then grins. Byakuya looks down.

"Well…" He starts.

"Please be honest Bya-Kun." Gin murmurs teasingly and Byakuya sighs.

"Fine then, you win." He mumbles and then looks up into Gin's light blue eyes with even darker cheeks. "I love you, ok?" Gin blushes bright red and nods slowly.

"Gin loves Bya-kun very much." Gin replies honestly and then buries his face into his chest. "Promise never to leave?"

"Promise." Byakuya whispers and Gin smiles lightly and then wraps his arms around Byakuya tightly.

"Next time I'll get you to sing a song for me." Gin whispers reasonably loudly and Byakuya shakes his head in protest while turning red.

"Never! I refuse to sing for anyone!" Byakuya stammers and Gin just laughs and kisses his nose gently.

"We'll see Bya-Kun." Gin says simply and then pulls away and grabs a glass off the side to get some juice.

"Wow, it must be really nice to have a relationship like that." Grimmjow admits and Rukia nods. "Does that Ichigo guy love Ulquiorra?" He adds and Rukia shrugs.

"They've never said it to each other. Neither of them have said anything about loving the other to us either…" Rukia smiles. "Then again…" She nods towards the door and Grimmjow glances over his shoulder just as Ichigo enters the club stretching.

His right hand is entwined with a set of pale fingers. Ulquiorra appears a second later and the two of them look like they have damp hair. Ichigo smiles softly as they walk to a table in the corner. Ulquiorra sits down and then Ichigo jogs up the bar and orders two cooked breakfasts. Rukia nods as Ichigo runs back to the table and slides into the seat next to Ulquiorra.

"Ulqui-Kun your hair is still wet." Ichigo whispers picking up a lock of Ulquiorra's black hair and smiling softly.

"Considering we had a bath before we came, I'm not too surprised." Ulquiorra says simply and Ichigo nods and then looks down.

Grimmjow pauses eating to watch with a small frown. Two years ago Ulquiorra became friends and a few months later they were officially dating. Grimmjow had been out with guys before but Ulquiorra was different. He didn't show much emotion but Grimmjow always presumed that was just how he acted around people he cared about. Then exactly a year ago Ulquiorra ended their relationship. By then it was too late, Grimmjow was already in love with him but Ulquiorra ended it. He said it was just not working. He said that he didn't love Grimmjow back. Thinking about it Grimmjow always knew he didn't show emotion because he didn't need to. If he ever really loved someone he would truly show it. Watching Ulquiorra with Ichigo now, Grimmjow felt sorry for the guy, it was clear Ulquiorra didn't care about Ichigo really. Grimmjow sighs lightly and then blinks as the food is served to the two of them. Grimmjow almost drops his jaw as Rukia walks away from the table and Ichigo begins to eat slowly with Ulquiorra eating silently next to him. That wasn't it though it was the strange look in those emerald orbs as they watched Ichigo slowly.

Ichigo frowns as he eats, he can't help it, Ulquiorra acted so cold sometimes. He glances to the side and blinks as his amber eyes meet the emerald orbs he knew so well. Ichigo set down his fork and Ulquiorra sighed. Ichigo blinks a few times trying not to show his hurt, Ulquiorra is clearly angry at him now.

"I'm sorry." Ichigo whispers. "I always act so stupid and hypnotized around you but it's just that…"

"Ichi-Kun…" Ulquiorra interrupts and Ichigo blinks looking as the emerald orbs chance ever so slightly to show guilt.

"Ulquiorra…" Ichigo sighs and then blinks as Ulquiorra cuts a piece of bacon off his plate and then rests the fork by Ichigo's mouth.

"Bacon's your favourite right?" He asks and Ichigo nods once before pulling the meat of Ulquiorra's fork gently. Ulquiorra smiles and then waits while Ichigo swallows the food.

"Ulquiorra…" Ichigo starts again but is cut off when Ulquiorra leans towards him slowly and presses their lips together. Ichigo lets out a small sigh as he leans into the kiss. Ulquiorra closes his eyes gently, unable to look into the beautiful amber eyes any longer. Ichigo runs his tongue along Ulquiorra's bottom lip as Ulquiorra had to him the night before. Ulquiorra smiles softly and then pulls away, their faces only millimetres apart.

"Ichi-Kun I'm sorry." He whispers while stroking a few strands of orange hair away from his face. "I know I can act cold but don't ever think you're stupid around me…"

"Ulqui-Kun…" Ichigo murmurs as Ulquiorra presses their lips together again quickly.

"I love the way you act around me." Ulquiorra smiles and Ichigo gulps, he'd never said anything close to that before. Ichigo on the other hand had wanted to so many times. The time he spent with Ulquiorra became the only thing he looked forward to, he loved Ulquiorra more than life. For some reason he had the strangest feeling Ulquiorra loved him too.

"Ulquiorra…" Ichigo murmurs and Ulquiorra smiles.

"What is it?" He asks softly and Ichigo turns red. He presses his lips to Ulquiorra's nervously. Ulquiorra parted his lips slightly and Ichigo's tongue gently touches his. The kiss felt nervous and different but for some reason Ulquiorra felt it was his best kiss yet. Ichigo pulls away with bright red cheeks.

"Ulquiorra Cifer I-I-I…" Ichigo stammers. "Ulquiorra I've fallen in love with you." Ichigo says gently and everyone goes silent. Ulquiorra leans away slightly and blinks a few times. Ichigo looks down with bright red cheeks and tears forming in his amber eyes.

"Really?" Ulquiorra whispers and Ichigo nods quickly.

"Yeah, I love you." Ichigo repeats slowly while clenching his fists and digging his nails into his palm slightly. Ulquiorra nods slowly and then lets out an amused sigh.

"That's good then…" He says cupping Ichigo's chin and lifting his head up. He smiles softly at the tears in the beautiful eyes and then leans closer again.

"I'm sor…" Ichigo starts to whisper but is cut off as Ulquiorra sighs. Ichigo looks into his beautiful green eyes and takes in a small, anxious breath.

"Ichi-Kun…" Ulquiorra murmurs. "Don't ever leave me ok?" He finishes slowly before pressing his lips to Ichigo's gently. Tears break out from Ichigo's eyes as he closes them. Ulquiorra runs his tongue along Ichigo's lips, the faint taste of salt from his tears mixed with his minty breath.

"Ulqui-Kun does this mean..?" Ichigo stammers pulling away and sniffing with a slightly worried look. Ichigo searches his green eyes for any sign that he's joking or lying. He blinks away more tears as Ulquiorra lets out a small sigh.

"Ichigo I'm going to say this so you understand." Ulquiorra murmurs and Ichigo nods slowly.

"Ok…" He trembles as Ulquiorra blows a few strands of orange hair away from his blood shot amber eyes.

"Let's try it again, ok?" Ulquiorra says sitting up straight. "Tell me again." He whispers and Ichigo sits up and nods slowly.

"Ulquiorra I've fallen in love with you." Ichigo repeats nervously with a soft voice that causes Ulquiorra to smile. Ulquiorra tips his head to the side, slightly amused at the tears willing up in Ichigo's eyes again. Truthfully he'd never felt like this before and he knew it was love. He wasn't sure how to say it but he had to now, he had to make Ichigo's understand.

"I'm glad you told me…" Ulquiorra smiles. "I've been waiting a while to find a way to tell you."

Rukia, Orihime, Byakuya, Gin and Grimmjow all watched from the bar as Ichigo declared his love. They all stare in amazement at the new way Ulquiorra was looking at Ichigo. He truly looked happy, something not a lot of people had seen before. Ulquiorra was the sort of person who took what he was offered in order to find happiness but so far he hadn't found it. Something changed when he met Ichigo, yet again he took what was offered but this time he was determined to keep it.

"Ichi-Kun I love you too." Ulquiorra says gently and Ichigo blinks and then throws his arms around Ulquiorra and buries his face into his chest.

"You mean it?" He asks and Ulquiorra chuckles lightly.

"I've never meant anything so much in my life." Ulquiorra replies and Ichigo looks up. Ulquiorra's eyes trace over his handsome face and he leans down slowly and kisses his nose. Ichigo blinks and then reaches up and presses their lips together. The kiss tastes of salt from Ichigo's tears but it was like they were kissing for the first time again.

Grimmjow blinks unable to understand what just happened. Ulquiorra, the man who could never love him, fell in love. Ulquiorra owned Grimmjow's heart and stamped on it. This time Grimmjow was going to take the same thing from Ulquiorra. This time Ulquiorra would be heart broken. No matter what, Grimmjow would take Ichigo Kurosaki.

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