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Day 4: Unfinished Business

It had been a bad Monday for Artemis.

She'd slept through two classes, failed a pop-quiz and now as she trudged home from detention and noticed the fancy black car sitting in front of her apartment all she could think was: Oh God its DSS, as she raced up the stairs. The door practically flew off its hinges as she threw it open.

Instead of DSS, her mother was hosting two guests who were sitting on the couch in perfectly crisp black suits as if they were government agents or something. The only reason she knew that they weren't with Social Services was because of the happy smile that graced her mother's face.

Artemis looked from the men to her mother in quiet shock just as her mother announced: "Artemis, you're home! You never told me you had such nice friends before. We've just been ironing out the details in your contract."

"Friends?" Artemis asked incredulously as another word passed through her limited understanding of the situation, "Contract?"

"Yes, honey, this is Bruce Wayne and Richard Grayson. The ones who hired you for the cosplaying job?" her mother supplied, pointing to the men.

It was then that Artemis recognized Dick sitting on the couch. He looked so different in a suit, without his glasses on, that Artemis hadn't recognized him at first.

"Dick- You- Richard Grayson?" she stammered, "The richest heir in America?"

Dick nodded, pulling his sunglasses back over his eyes, "Yup, and now you know why I wear sunglasses. Otherwise too many people recognize me."

"But if you're so rich then why are you so obsessed with making money?" she said accusingly as she entered the living room, dropping her backpack to the ground.

Dick shrugged, "Its not like I have anything else to do. I needed a hobby."

The man beside him nodded approvingly.

"And you," Artemis said rounding on the older man as a fragment of recognition stirred in her brain, "Batman?"

The man tensed, "Don't call me that," he said a midst Dick's giggles, "Ever."

Artemis nodded, "Alright, whatever, but if you're really Bruce Wayne then that means-"

"That he own the convention center. That he created the comic convention, and that he's the richest man in the country," Dick nodded, "and you wondered how I had so many connections."

It all suddenly made sense to Artemis as she stared between Bruce and Dick and her mother. Wait, her mother, why were they in her house to begin with?

She glanced at the coffee table where a contract was lying with a pen beside it.

"Wait a second. Why are you here?" she asked.

Dick pointed at the contract, "We're signing you on to our team. We needed your mom's signature because you're a minor."


"There was an idea," Bruce said slowly, meeting Artemis' eyes, "to bring together a group of remarkable teenagers. So that when we needed them they could attend comic conventions everywhere as Young Justice."

"Huh?" Artemis asked in confusion.

"What Bruce is trying to say is that you're now officially a member of Young Justice!" Dick announced, "We're gonna tour conventions all over the country. We'll do advertisements, posters, we're even considering a live action movie-"

"Hold it, so, more conventions?" Artemis asked warily.

"Don't worry about the details, Artemis. Let the adults sort things out," Dick said, waving her off as she attempted to sit down, "Why don't you just go outside and play?"

"What, but-" she protested.

"Trust me," Dick said with a smile, "Go."

As Artemis stepped outside her head was spinning. She almost felt like throwing up.

More conventions? Advertisements? Movies?

What the hell had she gotten herself in to-

She faltered as she looked up from her front steps to see Wally standing in front of her.

He was wearing regular clothes, thankfully, and in his hands was a paper bag.

He looked up at her sheepishly, "Want a whopper? I got us extra fries."

"Wally?" she said incredulously, "But didn't you go home?"

He shook his head with a slow steady smile, "Nope, I thought I'd hang around for awhile. Dick's putting together his group so we'll be on the road a lot, touring conventions."

"Touring?" she said, her eyes practically bugging out of her head as he smirked at her.

"Yup, touring, and you know what that means?"

She shook her head.

"It means, beautiful. That the convention isn't over, and if the convention isn't over…," he said, sitting beside her on the steps, "Do you think- Maybe we could give this thing a shot?"


"Please say yes," he chanted, "Please say yes. Please say yes."

"Wally, you know that-"

"Oh, come on, Artemis!" he said, throwing his hands up in the air, "I come all the way over here and spill my heart out. I even bought whoppers! Just to tell you that I like you and-"

She placed a finger over his lips.

"If you would shut up for just one sec Wall-Man, I was going to say: Of course I'd love to go out with you," she said with a smile, "And, um, Wally... You have ketchup on your lip."

He stared at her appalled, "No, I don't. I-"

Then she kissed him, and his lips did taste like ketchup but she hardly cared because at least he was hers and for that one moment everything in her life was perfect.

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