Dangerous Disease


It's one of my first translation, be understanding please. Enjoy the story ;)


Chapter 1 : Birthday

The day was begun like the others, in fact, she covince herself that it's just an ordinary day.

She was wake up early, she took many time to dressed up and particulary for thread the corset wich she didn't support anymore. Doing hair, just a touch of makeup, a quickly breakfast and she's ready to leave the house where she live for going on the center's city.

She get of the carriage and cross strangers in the sidewalk. But her eyes are inexorably watched the building besides her. The building where she look more often that she really want.

The Station Four looks quiet, like always. But she can't stop hope seeing him crossing the door. Every morning since some years already, she hope to see the inspector's stature behind the widows of his office. This never happend.

She coming near the morgue's panel and look again for the last one, the place where he put his bycicle. A smile crossing her face. It's here. He must be aroud.

The young woman sighed with lightness and push the door to enter on her office, beginning a new day at work.

She make the autopsy about a man dead two days before, discovered electrocuted in his bath, that they just took to her. A man knocks at the door. She turn immediatly of him, sure to see the one who's in her thoughts at this moment. But her smile freeze by suprise when he make a step to her, a big bouquet of roses in his hand.

-This is for you, said the man with a soft and sweet voice.

-Darcy, what...

-Happy Birthday.


-I have informants, said Darcy with laughting.

-Really, answered Julia, Ruby is here?

-Inspector Murdoch told me last week. I think that he want to boast about knowing which day is and I ignored it.

-I didn't knew that he know this detail, stammered for herself the young woman who can't look nothing else than the flowers.

Darcy didn't answer and looked at her before she spook again.

-Thank you, it's beautiful.

She approached him and take a kiss on his lips before go back and put the roses in a large test tub.

-I have the plan to lunch together but finally i have an important meeting. It will be for this evening, if you want it of course.

-I will be happy,answered Julia smiling.

-So in this case, he took her hand and kiss it, see you this evening my love.

-See you later.

They applied a last look with a smile before that Darcy leave the morgue. Julia stay looking the roses few minutes after he's put them on the desk then, she go near the body again and work at the silence.

It's happens one hour when an officier from the station four breaking the peacefullness of Julia.

Detective Brakenreid wanted the report about this dead immediatly. She gived the last element of it and leave the building to joing the one where are working her colleagues.

She's arriving fast to the office with a strange feeling for didn't find officier on her way. A banner was hanging on the top of the desk " Happy Birthday Doctor" was wrote in red and big letters. Under of this banner was standing the complet team, which she know so well.

A massive cake with one lonely candle was on the desk in front of them. She feels her heart tighten during one second when they beginning to singing a "Happy Birthday" with the same and imperfect voice.

Her smile coulnd't disappear on her face, it became more and more wide when she looked hard at faces of people front her. At last, she's according her attention to Inspector Murdoch and then nothing more around doesn't matter. He had singing with enthusiasm, smiling broadly, all of it was made by his plan, she could bet on it.

When they are finished, she approached slowly and George spoke.

-You must blow out the candle and make a wish doctor.

-Alright, sighed Julia.

She closed her eyes for make a wish in her head during the men, and particulary Inspector Murdoch, looked her. She oppened her eyes again with a smile on her lips and she blow the flame go out while her friends applauded.

Julia looked up at William who applauded as intensely as the others but who propably ignored that her wish concerned him.

The young woman recovered from her feelings, thanking them before Brakenreid coming to her with a gift.

-Do you really think that we didn't have a gift to you?

-Gentlemen, said Julia , it's too much.

-Open it first to see what is, answer Brakenreid.

-All of us put our contribution, add George.

-But Murdoch choose it, so if you don't like it, you must revenge on him.

Julia looked her friend one more time and he send her a shy smile.

-I hope you will like it, said William.

Julia took the package on her fingers and open it silently. She discovered a penholder on nacre and chopped. It costed probably more than they could imagine.

-It's georgous, sighed the young woman, thank you all.

The ten men looks satisfied to learn that the gift was esteemed and quickly the cake was cut by George who took the first part to Julia before deliver to the others.

-So, you like it? Whispered William to his friend when she was finally alone.

-Of course, but William, it would be very expensive.

-As George says, all of us put our contribution.

-And some of you more than others, I don't have any doubt.

-What do you mean? Asked William shifting her eyes.

-Oh please, sighed Julia, I'm convinced the officier's payroll doesn't fabulous to make a gift like this one just for a colleague. You didn't just choice the gift, you paid it almost. Admit it.

-You could become a good inspector. But please, don't tell them, you shouldn't even know it.

-Alright, I don't know, said Julia smiling, but thank you inspector, that's touching me.

He smilled her back and kept his eyes deeper in hers. If he could hear his heart at this moment, he probably approach her and make a kiss on her skin. But he knew that it doesn't allow him, no more today, no more since she have an another man in her life. Today, he must keep his distance, he must accept the fact he can't taste her lips anymore, he can't tighten his arms around her waist. Today, everything had change and he know it, because Julia love an another man, a man who she was preparing to marry in a few months. Julia didn't broke the invisible link that William made between them, she couldn't leave his look where she see the desire born.

Finally the voice of the detective Brakenreid, who ordered the men to go back at work, made them back to the reality. They turn their heads at the same time and didn't exchange any words and looks during the complet day.

The night has come. Doctor Ogden checked if everything was in order in the morgue overnight and put out the lights before leave the room and the building. She arrived on the sidewalk to find Darcy who's waiting her. She hang his arm.

However like every evening, she must look up at the building of the Station Four. Like every evening, her eyes traveled from the widows of inspector Murdoch to the door of the building, then to the place where he put his bycicle. She see him walked on the street with it. Instinctively, he looked up at the building where the young woman work.

Their eyes meet just during one second before Darcy pushed Julia into the carriage. Then William looks down and gets on his bycicle.

...To be Continue...